Sacred words of Goddess Haylee

Sacred words of Goddess Haylee.

Sacred words of Goddess Haylee Regular readers will know that there is a secret forum for the devotees of Goddess Haylee Lynn. Normally everything in that forum is kept in the forum. However I’d like to share some extracts of a thread called “Sacred words of Goddess Haylee”. In this thread devotees share their favourite quotes of Goddess Haylee Lynn. This is the first,- “True bliss comes from accepting me … Continue reading

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 3. Do you remember accompanying me on my journey to GODDESS Haylee? This is Part 3 – the sequel in which I would like to describe how her spell on me became tighter. Above all I began to realize her supreme presence in my life. Desperately Aching became my sort of mantra for a couple of days or – to be exact – … Continue reading

Surrendered to Goddess Haylee

Sacred words of Goddess Haylee.

Surrendered to Goddess Haylee I love being surrendered to Goddess Haylee. She could snap her fingers, and tell me to jump, and i would ask how high. I know everyone has their own unique journey with Goddess. For me i love how much control she has over me as a devoted slave to her. I know this will probably sound strange to most but i love how Goddess controls my … Continue reading

Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee


Addicted to being enslaved to Goddess Haylee Before i get started i would like to thank you Goddess Haylee for allowing us little subbies to write letters/blogs of appreciation to you as one form of pleasing you. I know it’s not the ultimate way of pleasing you but at least it’s something to show our appreciation for you. Anything that might put a smile on your face is so worth … Continue reading

Goddess Worship Week

Interview With a Goddess.

Goddess Worship Week Sorry it took so long Goddess to post this blog as you suggested but i didn’t get back home untill after midnight. I got on it right when i got home before i did anything else. I had originally posted a shorter version of this inside IHWT. Goddess wanted me to turn it into a blog so i added to it. I finally got Goddess Haylees Goddess … Continue reading

Goddess Adoration

One more step along the world I go

Goddess Adoration I adore you so much Goddess Haylee Lynn. I adore everything about you. I always have, I fell for you like a stone falls to the ground, over two years ago now. I’ve been devoted to you ever since. I love even more now. I love you a little bit more each and every day. What “caught” me was your eye fixation video. I still watch it regularly … Continue reading

I am Beautiful


I am Beautiful This post is mostly about acceptance I suppose……accepting myself and accepting my Goddess. . It has been over 2 years since I first discovered that my Goddess Haylee Lynn walks this Earth and to say that I have undergone a few changes during those years is a vast understatement. So a little while back I decided I was going to have a love affair……….with myself. All of … Continue reading

I LOVE You Goddess Haylee. I’m NEEDING YOU


I LOVE You Goddess Haylee. I’M NEEDING YOU I know i wrote a post yesterday inside IHWT Goddess Haylee stating that words would not suffice until i proved myself in that other area but i couldn’t resist writing a blog for you. Staying away from you is like doing without water. The needing gets unbearable. Silly me to think i could ever resist you like that. I feel like i … Continue reading

Am I into BDSM?

Am I into BDSM? This post is about the words we use to describe what we like, what we do, and who we are. In my over 30 years of pursuing my interests in the wonderful world of Female Domination I have said many times that I am “into” BDSM. Am I into BDSM? Really? Lets break BDSM down for me personally. Bondage…………I am OK with light bondage if it … Continue reading

My Sensual Software


My Sensual Software This post is about addiction. I have never considered myself the addictive type…….I do not enjoy drugs or alcohol over much and never did smoke…..I am careful what I eat or drink and so when the word “addicted” first come up for me as regards my surrender to my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn I remember cringing a bit and not feeling so good about it. Really? I … Continue reading