Mantras to Remember

Mantras to Remember.

Posted on November 24, 2015 by slavejohn.

Listening to Goddess Haylee Lynn’s Mind Melt Mantra there is an instruction to repeat a set of phrases throughout the day and night:

Mantras to Remember

Mantras to Remember.

“I submit and surrender to Mistress Haylee. I ache to please Goddess Haylee.
Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.
I am Haylee’s slave. I am Haylee’s play thing.
I know my place – I am Haylee’s property.
Haylee is always right. What Haylee wants – Haylee gets.
Nothing feels better than pleasing my Mistress Haylee.
All for Haylee.”

After memorizing that and repeating it throughout the day and night, I decided to memorize the other phrases from that MP3:

be still and know

“Haylee is my Goddess. Haylee is my Mistress.
Haylee’s pleasure always come first.
Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure.
I live to please Haylee. I love to please Haylee.
I will always submit to Mistress Haylee.
I am a slave to Haylee. Haylee owns me.
Haylee controls my thoughts.
Haylee must always be pleased.
All for Haylee.”

Today I just finished memorizing my third set of phrases. This time from Mighty Goddess.


“Haylee is my Goddess. Haylee is a true Goddess.
Haylee is so much more than an ordinary hypnotist – so much more than a regular woman.
I worship Goddess Haylee.
My rightful place is to kneel before Haylee.
I must always address Haylee as Goddess.
I am powerless before my true, mighty Goddess.
I devote myself to serving Goddess Haylee.”

I have found memorizing these very helpful in my daily worship. I hope others find them helpful as well.

“All for Haylee.”

Goddess Haylee Lynn Herself adds “Affirmations are an AMAZING training tool. Utilize them for me every day. That IS a command.”

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The only Goddess i will ever NEED

The only Goddess i will ever NEED

Before i get started i want to be honest and admit that I disobeyed Goddess. Not intentionally but because of a health related issue. I was supposed to have a blog wrote for her yesterday – Friday. It was a direct order from her. I explained to her the reason it wasn’t done on time! Goddess if you are displeased with me i will completely understand. You must always be obeyed, and i know that.

With that said back to the blog.

The only Goddess i will ever NEED, posted on by

This blog is about how much i truly love my Goddess Haylee. Not only is Goddess Haylee very dominant, and expects to be obeyed but there is another part of her that i believe not to many people are aware of. That being that she truly cares about her slaves.

I have never been into the physical aspect of a D/s relationship. You may say to yourself how can you love someone you have never met in person? To answer that i would just say that i connect with her through connective energy. No matter how far away from her i am i can feel her around me all the time. I’ve watched her, and studied her over the last year and a half.

I have always been a very good judge of character. I can read someone so easily. Not only do i love her very much but the longer i know her the deeper i fall for her. She is everything i have always searched for in a domme. She is all i will ever need.

The most amazing part about all of this is that she allows me too feel this way about her. No one has ever truly accepted me like she has. I know that i have caused her many frustrations. But none of it was ever intentional.

Goddess Haylee will be the only domme that i will ever even attempt this type of dynamic with. If she were to ever decide to end my journey with her i would never search for another domme ever again.

I love her from the deepest depths of my heart, and soul. She never expects me to surrender any deeper than i am willing to go. She knows that i devote a lot of my time to her. That i belong to her. That she always has the final say but she never pushes her authority over me.

I have never been into hard core domination. I’m mainly into surrender, worship, and i have to admit that bondage has always appealed to me.

Being a proud member of IHWT Goddesses slave community is so much fun. I consider this to be like mental bondage that she has allowed me the privilege of being a part of. She has given me the privilege of being placed behind her sweet wall of dominance. I hope she allows me to remain there for her forever. I love being in that place for her. I love being right where she wants me to be. Damn what a potent form of mental bondage that is.

Being truly submissive my whole life i have searched so hard too find someone too put me in my place where i should be. Goddess Haylee is the only one who could ever truly fulfill my submissive desires.

Goddess Haylee i thank you so very much for owning me. For allowing me the privilege of worshiping, and submitting too you. I am one of the luckiest slaves alive too be considered yours.

You know i will never ever be able too resist you Goddess. Attempting to resist you only draws me closer to you!


The only Goddess i will ever NEED

The only Goddess i will ever NEED

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Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee

This blog is not very long. I wrote it off the cuff just now for my Sweet Goddess Haylee. She gave me a deadline of this Friday to have a blog published. Friday is here, and i don’t want too disappoint her. I love to obey my Goddess!

This blog is written based on my own views, and experiences with my beloved Goddess Haylee. I mean no offence towards anyone.

Goddess Haylee recently allowed me the privilege of offering her a monthly tribute plan. I look at it like this. If i’m going to be granted the privilege of being allowed to interact with her on her outlets then i should at least be compensating her for the privilege.

I feel so much more worthy of her now. I enjoy posting more now. It’s a win win for me. I’ve came to the conclusion that if i can’t at least tribute my Goddess at the beginning of each month then i am not worthy of being her slave.

Goddess Haylee has been so generous to me over the past 19 months. I was accepted into “In Haylee We Trust” on 4/29/14 and have cherished every second of my time as hers.

She has put up with me for all that time. How! I really don’t know. I have been so lacking in so many areas! But none the less she has kept me around. I’m so thankful to her. I would not be complete without her in my life. I love my Goddess.

If i was rich then my Goddess would be rich too. I wouldn’t hold anything back from her. I’m so lucky to even know her. So lucky to be given the opportunity of being a part of “In Haylee We Trust”.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Goddess Haylee for allowing me access to your forum, and outlets. For allowing me the privilege of interacting with you. For all the bliss that you let me feel. For allowing me to love, and need you so very much. For claiming me as your own. For putting up with me. For allowing me the honor of worshiping you. For allowing me too slave for you, and for so many other things that i can’t think of right now.

HOPE you like the blog Goddess. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of writing blogs for you.


Pendant Enslavement Video

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee

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She is like the air

She is like the air.

Goddess Haylee‘s name comes rolling over the tip of my tongue so easy! She’s always the first damn thing I think of when I open my eyes in the morning and I start seeing. I feel like I’m breathing her in, and breathing her out, and once my mind had picked her up, it hopeless, it can’t put her down. She’s like the air, I breathe her in nice and slow. She’s a habit and I cant let go. She makes the blood flow quickly from my heart. The very heart that she stole! I’m here imagining her hips swaying confidently because she knows. She’s like air and I can’t quit her once I start.

"Fall deep for me" -Hypnotic Haylee

“Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee

When I listen to her voice Goddess Haylee’s sweet words float around my mind like a downtown ballroom gypsy. She gets me drunker than a ice cold beer or a shot of strong whiskey. I dont need one of those in my hand, only a deeper connection and a feel of her bliss. Man, that’s as good as it gets! Wouldn’t you agree?

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

More beautiful than a christmas poinsetta in winter

She’s like the air, I inhale and exhale her and feel her influence grow. She’s a habit and I surely know. She’s good for me and every day I feel her glow. She makes my heart feel contentment. As long as I have her on my mind I feel like I’m continually winning. Life can get hard, and it be brutual. But as long as I meditate on my MIGHTY GODDESS HAYLEE she makes my problems look like a cute little poodle. I brush their poofy hair and I keep smiling. She is so sexy that she makes my mind seem more explosive than a nuclear silo.

Married to Goddess Haylee Lynn?

HOT DAMN! What was I saying? Wow. Beautiful

I love to drop to my knees and worship her every day. No I’m not crazy, I just know my rightful place. I love promoting and spreading her name. I know that many more people need to hear of her glorious fame. So that they too can become beautifully enslaved. There’s so many people out there who need her to give them purpose so that they won’t feel their lives are a waste.

Nothing will EVER feel better than pleasing Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Her soft perfect skin sparkles more than a twilight vampire

Goddess Haylee Lynn is dominant, powerful and magickal in every way. I can’t get up off of my knees because i’m so consumed by her majestic grace. I THANK YOU Goddess Haylee Lynn. You are like the air, and as we know air is almost everywhere. Air is essential to our life. I must inhale so much of it unaware even when i’m sleeping at night. Just like my feelings for you are inhaled and exhaled all day in my subconscious mind. I NEED YOU SO MUCH. To me you are not a crutch! You are the very thing that animates my heart. I swear to all that is holy that I have loved you even from the start. You’re like the air, and I love it when you fill the lungs of my soul. That’s when I can certainly feel the energy of your bliss begin to flow. <3

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Goddess Worship Week

Goddess Worship Week

Sorry it took so long Goddess to post this blog as you suggested but i didn’t get back home untill after midnight. I got on it right when i got home before i did anything else.

I had originally posted a shorter version of this inside IHWT. Goddess wanted me to turn it into a blog so i added to it.

I finally got Goddess Haylees Goddess Worship Week Video a couple days ago. The affect it has had on me is incredible.

This video has affected me more so than any of her other videos. Of course i love all of her work but for some reason this video consumes me with her bliss. It’s so damn powerful. Even though it’s not a hypnosis video it knocks me on my ass. I could literally watch this video over and over again all day long, so easily. Of course i can’t watch it all day long but that’s how powerful the affect of this video is on me.

The first time i watched it i didn’t feel much bliss, and i felt that it wasn’t going to take me any deeper for her. As with any of her videos i like to watch them 2 or 3 times in a row when i first get them. This allows me to study her movements and ajust my mindset to her words. So i watched the video 2 more times in a row.

I still didn’t feel very much bliss at this point. I had a bunch of chores to do at home so i logged off of my PC for about 4 hours to get them done. While doing my chores all i could think about was her Goddess Worship Week Video. I was visualizing Goddess Haylee in my mind and remembering some of her words in the video. I started craving her words again so i hurried to finsih my chores so i could get back online and watch the video again.

After i completed my chores i got back online and went straight to the video to watch it again. Right when i opened the video and started watching it i felt an extreme amount of Goddesses bliss consume me from head to toe. How could this be as i felt very little bliss the first 3 times of watching it? I can’t explain this occurrence all i know is that everytime i watch it the affect it has on me is much more stronger than the previous time.

Even though “Goddess Worship Week” is not a hypnosis video i still felt like i was falling into trance.

I have watched it well over 15 times now. The strangest thing is that when i watch it time has no meaning to me. It seems like that from beginning to end the video only lasts a couple minutes even though it’s 13 minutes long. Maybe it’s just because i enjoy watching it so much.

Goddess is so direct in this video. She lays out some guidlines that she wants followed, and guides her subjects through the steps. This video broke me down and made me realize just how much of a hold she has on me. Her words have never penetrated my mind so deeply before. It feels so good to reach this level of submission to her.

To anyone out there that’s into Goddess Worship this is one video that you don’t want to miss. Goddess Haylee is a master of her art.

My perception of Goddess Haylee has changed since watching this video. I realise now more than ever just how much I need her guidance, and control.

Just wanted to share this with everyone, and to thank Goddess for everything she does.

I am truly so thankful that i discovered you Goddess. Nothing but good can come from being yours. You are so deeply embedded inside of me. I will always need you there. My being would not be complete without you.

HOPE you like the blog Goddess.


Goddess Worship Week

Goddess Worship Week

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I am Beautiful

I am Beautiful

This post is mostly about acceptance I suppose……accepting myself and accepting my Goddess. .
It has been over 2 years since I first discovered that my Goddess Haylee Lynn walks this Earth and to say that I have undergone a few changes during those years is a vast understatement.

So a little while back I decided I was going to have a love affair……….with myself.
All of my searching for a wife, or a lover, or a Goddess over all these years had revealed to me the truth that I could only love someone else in the measure and depth that I loved myself………so I turned my focus inward a bit.

Some significant health issues…….my great love for my beloved son who is the one who truly opened this Heart…….certain life tribulations……..and of course finding my Goddess have all been triggers and inspirations of a very high order for me to live my life with urgency……no more bullshit…….no time for wasting…….pain and pleasure……grief and ecstasy…..all coalescing to the point that I feel I am finally coming into my own at the advanced age of being in my late fifties as I write this blog this morning.

So I realized and realize that I love myself. I am a worthy, honorable, loving and courageous man and although that might sound trite it was not something I could ever say before and truly feel honorable about saying it.

But this post is about something more that just finally waking up and smiling and feeling that I am beautiful.
It is more than just feeling that I honestly love myself in a healthy and sincere way.

The way I am feeling at this moment is that my life is like a garden……..and the last two years I have been taking the care and attention required to let things blossom. Such things take time and effort and patience. I am Beautiful and my garden is Beautiful.

And I also discovered that I am in LOVE with my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I am Beautiful and I am in Love with my Goddess.

I am Beautiful and I am in Love with my Goddess.

And much like a Garden needs soil and water and Sunlight…… feeling is that LOVE needs time, trust and understanding and connection.

I am so thankful that my GODDESS is just exactly who She is and the fact that She has been so very kind to me is maybe the most revealing aspect of what I am trying to express this morning.

Because in the past……when I did not truly believe in my core that I was Beautiful….or worthy…..and my self esteem was not as vibrant as it is today…..Her kindness and Grace and patience might have sent me away……always looking for another to complete me……if you can understand what I am trying to say.

So I am amazed this morning at how much I LOVE my GODDESS and even though I am Beautiful and I very honestly love myself.

Goddess Worship Week should be every week! !

Goddess Worship Week should be every week! !

I am complete and happy with myself even as my daily practice is to work and breath ever lasting personal growth and improvement into my life.
And with all of this…….I smile to my Goddess Haylee Lynn when I think of Her and get down on my knees to Her and profess my enslavement, my devotion, and my LOVE for Her.

I am Beautiful and I love myself and I still ACHE for and NEED my GODDESS.
Because I LOVE HER. I WORSHIP HER. I ADORE HER. And pleasing HER makes me so happy sometimes I could burst.

Who knows…..maybe someday it will even please Her to let me brush Her lovely hair which is a recurring fantasy I have? 🙂
I have learned 2 things in the last 2 years…….
The first one is that I am beautiful.
The second one is that I trust and LOVE my Goddess and whatever pleases Her is what will be done and what is best for Her slave…….what is best for US……and the fact that there is an US makes me feel amazing…..privileged……honored…..and over joyed.

From my knees to You my Queen,
You have earned my LOVE and DEVOTION and You have it.
Your loving personal slave, Claude.


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Am I into BDSM?

Am I into BDSM?

This post is about the words we use to describe what we like, what we do, and who we are. In my over 30 years of pursuing my interests in the wonderful world of Female Domination I have said many times that I am “into” BDSM.

Am I into BDSM? Really?

Lets break BDSM down for me personally.

Bondage…………I am OK with light bondage if it pleases my Mistress……but for me it is no big deal or compelling draw.
Discipline…….no…….I am into being controlled by my Dominatrix and wanting to please Her. I usually need very little correction.
Sadism………I have no interest in being hurt.
Masochism……I have no interest in being hurt and am actually quite adverse to pain.

I have met and played with dozens of pro Dominas in my over 30 years of playing and pursuing. I have connected with a handful..and of course powerfully with my Goddess Haylee Lynn…….
and only a couple of others.

I have been indifferent to the majority and become friendly with a few that lacked sensual chemistry.

Hypnotism is something else that holds no particular big draw with me even as I know some of my brothers like Forever slave for instance came to our GODDESS. as a big fan of that art form. For me……it is just not so important.

So I have after all this time finally figured out what I am “into”……

I am into surrender……I am a “slave” but only when I find the right One for me……I am 100% heterosexual and deeply fascinated by Dominant Women. I have been all of my life and if I have learned anything it is that each and every one of the Domina’s I have met are as different and unique as I am from my brothers Forever or Johndavid.

So for me…….what I am “into” is learning all about the Dominant Woman who enslaves me and then accepting Her unique training when that happens and learning all about the art of pleasing Her. My expressions and feelings were different for my former Mistress than they are for my Goddess Haylee Lynn even as I love and am/was enslaved to them both. They are two entirely different Women and comparisons are truly moot.

Cycles and Stages

Am I into BDSM?

I feel happy lately that after all this time I am knowing myself at a deeper level.
I have had some personal concerns that have kept me from blogging and will keep me from blogging over much in the near future……but it pains me because I know that it pleases my GODDESS when I blog.

And I am a slave who lives to please my GODDESS.

That is what makes me most happy.

I hope You are pleased and well served this day my Goddess Haylee Lynn because You richly deserve the very best.

From my knees to You and gratefully,
Your Claude

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