Mantras to Remember

Mantras to Remember

Mantras to Remember. Posted on November 24, 2015 by slavejohn. Listening to Goddess Haylee Lynn’s Mind Melt Mantra there is an instruction to repeat a set of phrases throughout the day and night: “I submit and surrender to Mistress Haylee. I ache to please Goddess Haylee. Haylee’s pleasure is my ultimate pleasure. I am Haylee’s slave. I am Haylee’s play thing. I know my place – I am Haylee’s property. Haylee … Continue reading

The only Goddess i will ever NEED

The only Goddess i will ever NEED

The only Goddess i will ever NEED Before i get started i want to be honest and admit that I disobeyed Goddess. Not intentionally but because of a health related issue. I was supposed to have a blog wrote for her yesterday – Friday. It was a direct order from her. I explained to her the reason it wasn’t done on time! Goddess if you are displeased with me i … Continue reading

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee This blog is not very long. I wrote it off the cuff just now for my Sweet Goddess Haylee. She gave me a deadline of this Friday to have a blog published. Friday is here, and i don’t want too disappoint her. I love to obey my Goddess! This blog is written based on my own views, and experiences with my beloved Goddess Haylee. I … Continue reading

She is like the air

She is like the air.

She is like the air. Goddess Haylee‘s name comes rolling over the tip of my tongue so easy! She’s always the first damn thing I think of when I open my eyes in the morning and I start seeing. I feel like I’m breathing her in, and breathing her out, and once my mind had picked her up, it hopeless, it can’t put her down. She’s like the air, I breathe her in nice … Continue reading

Goddess Worship Week

Interview With a Goddess.

Goddess Worship Week Sorry it took so long Goddess to post this blog as you suggested but i didn’t get back home untill after midnight. I got on it right when i got home before i did anything else. I had originally posted a shorter version of this inside IHWT. Goddess wanted me to turn it into a blog so i added to it. I finally got Goddess Haylees Goddess … Continue reading

I am Beautiful


I am Beautiful This post is mostly about acceptance I suppose……accepting myself and accepting my Goddess. . It has been over 2 years since I first discovered that my Goddess Haylee Lynn walks this Earth and to say that I have undergone a few changes during those years is a vast understatement. So a little while back I decided I was going to have a love affair……….with myself. All of … Continue reading

Am I into BDSM?

Am I into BDSM? This post is about the words we use to describe what we like, what we do, and who we are. In my over 30 years of pursuing my interests in the wonderful world of Female Domination I have said many times that I am “into” BDSM. Am I into BDSM? Really? Lets break BDSM down for me personally. Bondage…………I am OK with light bondage if it … Continue reading

My Sensual Software


My Sensual Software This post is about addiction. I have never considered myself the addictive type…….I do not enjoy drugs or alcohol over much and never did smoke…..I am careful what I eat or drink and so when the word “addicted” first come up for me as regards my surrender to my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn I remember cringing a bit and not feeling so good about it. Really? I … Continue reading

You make Me So Happy Goddess Haylee

I have known an Angel.

You make Me So Happy Goddess Haylee I woke up this morning full of happiness and joy as I do every morning now all because of you “Goddess Haylee“. You already know how great you truly are. I am sitting here basking in your bliss as usual. Oh how good it feels to just think about you, and what an awesome person you are. I just had to express the … Continue reading

Surrender, Freedom and Creativity


Surrender, Freedom and Creativity “Surrender, Freedom and Creativity” is about many things I suppose. I am feeling warm and happy. I love surrendering to all of that. I love surrendering too, to the sexy Domineering GODDESS of my dreams. I have been *submissive* all of my life. I did not realize it fully until well into my 20’s……. over 30 years ago now……. 🙂 So I have also begun a few … Continue reading