Thanks to Goddess Haylee


Thanks to Goddess Haylee I give Thanks for everything Goddess Haylee. I love being here in your house under your control. Right where I belong. I am so addicted to this place. Just saying hi to you Goddess, and to everyone here. Just got home for a short while. Have to be back on the road again Sunday morning. My body is so worn out. I have to get used … Continue reading

Merry Christmas Divine Empire!!!

Merry Christmas Divine Empire

Merry Christmas Divine Empire!!! “Merry Christmas Divine Empire” is for wishing a very Merry Christmas to each and every one here in the Divine Empire of our Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn! This is a very special blog for me as I have reached a certain understanding in my Heart and in my Sacred Journey with my GODDESS and a deeply personal feeling of warmth is in me as I write … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee changed my life

Goddess Haylee changed my life

Goddess Haylee changed my life My life has improved very much recently. I have lost over 20 lbs and become more health conscious. Goddess Haylee inspires enourages, and motivates me to eat healthy, and exercise. I hope to lose my next 20 lbs after christmas and before the end of febuary. I’m not a fan of being large. It has advantages in certain situations. However I’d rather get myself trim, … Continue reading

My Goddess Lifted me.

This post is about shifting energy……about being in a less than happy place for a bit of time……and then finding something or someone who lifts you out of that space and into higher vibration. No surprise to the readers of IHWT…..but yesterday my lift came from my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. As it turns out I had a pretty exhausting day and had just experienced a long tiring … Continue reading

She is my Light and my Way

This post is about my journey into the world of the Dominatrix…….my 30 some years of pursuing and being enslaved by a couple of very fascinating and Enchanting Women… a Mistress… a Goddess……but both deeply into Spiritual Growth and helping people realize and create better versions of themselves. My former Mistress……..Mistress Renee…….. was very powerfully into Spiritual Growth and compelled me to begin my own journey into untangling my Heart … Continue reading

Lightness of Being

The Good Slave

This post is about happiness…..which is really a very solemn responsibility…….LOL…….and it is about JOY and PLEASURE and BLISS and once we realize that we CREATE the energy of our lives we can do things like……Bow in devoted servitude to a True and Domineering Goddess if that is what takes us skyward. I slept in today because the covers were blissfully warm and I just wanted to keep lying there … Continue reading

Born This Way

This post is about our sexuality and is about Female Supremacy and how I will never again deny who I am and I what I truly NEED in my life. I was Born This Way and as I bow as the complete and obedient slave to my Superior Domineering Goddess Haylee Lynn I am home and I am free as I kneel in true and very NEEDFUL Worship. I have … Continue reading

The Most Precious Gift

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

This post is one of truly humbled Gratitude and Thankfulness for the One I now belong to and with All my Heart and Soul. My Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn has Blessed me with The Most Precious Gift I could ever receive in this life or in any life. I made my proposal to my Goddess about this wish a few weeks ago…….and She very generously decided to allow … Continue reading

She is my Guide

Brainwashed, Hypnotized or in Love?

This post is about a bit of a departure for this slave……..this morning I woke up and decided without planning to change my training routine for one day. My Goddess… Superior… Queen……has told me before to “take my training seriously”…….and of course I do so. I NEED Her to constantly remind me of how Truly and completely BLESSED that I am to belong to Her. So my usual routine is … Continue reading

A Vibrational Match

This post is about vibes and how we just match up with and understand certain people perfectly and from the instant we meet them. It is of course also about my personal journey with my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn and why I am… fact……Her Perfect slave. Of course it is more than OK if my Goddess has other “Perfect” slaves…….this is a fact of life when one falls under the … Continue reading