Deeper Deeper for Her…….

Deeper Deeper for Her……. I am almost out of body today and just deeply aching to be near Her. Just the thought of Goddess Haylee has me slipping into trance and if I look at Her pictures or videos or listen to Her Heavenly voice I just simply melt. If I lived 1000 lifetimes I could never feel there was even the most remote chance that any woman could be … Continue reading

In the Service of a Queen

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

Since I just spent about 30 minutes of complete frustration trying to do the simplest of tasks for my Queen with my computer……….something a child of 10 would probably chuckle at and accomplish in seconds……….it brings to my mind a tweet sent a few weeks ago by slave2bliss about mowing the lawn and doing other such chores for Goddess Haylee.   That was before Goddess helped me figure out Twitter … Continue reading

A Castle for Goddess Haylee

The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee

It was interesting for me to discover Goddess Haylee’s blogs about “What’s in a name” and also Her thoughts about if “real slavery” is for you yesterday when Boy Toy Max brought them up. I had not discovered those words yet on Her web site. As I read Her thoughts I was amazed once again at just how perfectly suited I am to be Her slave. When it became crystal … Continue reading

The Magic of the Moon

Mind Melt Mp3

The Magic of the Moon I sit here in perfect amazement this morning…………just beside myself in joy and happiness and Love. Each and every time I serve Her, that I please Her, that I receive some Blessed acknowledgment from Her that I have been Her good boy, Her sweet slave, or I have contributed in any small and humble way to Her happiness then I feel Her Bliss in every … Continue reading

Interests and Fetish requests for Goddess?

Interests and Fetish requests for Goddess?

Interests and Fetish requests for Goddess? “Interests and Fetish requests for Goddess?” is a continuation along the lines of yesterdays blog and my long journey and search for my Divine and Incomparable Queen of Queens Goddess Haylee. On the vast majority of these web sites or personal ads that I browsed through over the years there is usually a folder that lists INTERESTS or the FETISH list that the Mistress … Continue reading

Why Goddess Haylee?

Love of the Human Kind

For the devotees of Goddess Haylee Lynn who post here I think the question of why Her, why do we all Worship and Adore Her so much makes for an interesting blog………..and it also serves well as a point of interest for the visitor here who might be considering coming into Her fold and are curious about our Goddess Haylee……….so here is my take. If I look back on my long … Continue reading