So much Better

Happy Early Thanksgiving Goddess Haylee

This post is about the realization of ALL of my lifelong dreams……it is about incredible….sexy…..fulfilling…..warming…..LOVE and devotion for my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and how my life is So Much Better as it is now lived as Her Perfect and devoted and very real personal slave. Each and every morning as I wake my very first thoughts are of surrender to my Goddess…….and I just have to smile as I … Continue reading

My Goddess Always Knows

This post is about the amazing gift that my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn has of knowing me and what makes me tick even better than I do myself. I get confused from time to time…..but My Goddess Always Knows what is best for Her slave. I spoke just a bit yesterday about how She has given me Her Blessings to go and session with a professional Dominatrix if I feel … Continue reading

Finding my Soul Mate

This post is about finally finding my Soul Mate and the end of one Quest…..and the beginning of a new one. Each day as I ache and I Worship my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and my Love for Her and my enslavement to Her deepens and grows…….I realize that finding Her has helped me to in a very profound way to find myself. These last few days have been very … Continue reading

The Light finally Dawned

This post is about a moment in time…….a turning point……almost not noticed…….a subtle but very profound moment……the blink of Her beautiful eyelash and the surrender of my submissive Heart. As much as a puppy bonds with their Master I have bonded with mine……and my life is now a slaves life and is lived in Worship and Adoration of the Goddess I have dreamed of belonging to from day one. I … Continue reading

A Toy Story

A Toy Story This post is about some of the realities of belonging to a True Goddess and about some of the adjustments and understanding it requires when one accepts Her Ownership and the Ultimate Blessings of wearing Her collar…….it is a Toy Story. In the movie of course the boy grows up and no longer really plays with his toys at the level he used to…..and sadly……if not for … Continue reading

So Amazing and Truly

So Amazing and Truly This post is about affection……the tender side of Worship for my True Goddess. As I sit here in the wee dark hours and I think of Her it is So Amazing what has happened to this Heart of mine. It is one thing I suppose to fall into enslavement with a Dominant Woman…….to be collared and sexually controlled by an impossibly beautiful and sexy Mistress. It … Continue reading

The Fear of Flying

Something Princess Wrote

This post is about Gratitude and Acceptance and Love and is written as I kneel so happily living my cherished slave life for my One, my Only, my True Goddess Haylee Lynn and I wonder quite honestly why my level of complete surrender to Her took me so long. I realize that statement might sound surprising to some……..I have been Her collared slave for over a year and a half … Continue reading

Sweet Chastity for my Goddess

This post is about the Chastity aspect of my surrender to my Divine and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn. For me…….Her Ownership of my cock and exclusive right to allow or disallow my privileges regarding orgasm has become one of my favorite games that we play……a game that is not a game but is become my Blissful reality. Yesterday I received Her Blessing to orgasm…..and after over 3 weeks of aching, … Continue reading

A Day for Her Chosen

This post is written as the Sun rises on the most Scared Day of the month for we who are Blessed to be One of Her Chosen. We who are bound to Her Rule by slave contract……by expressed and heartfelt commitment……this is a day of Reverence and Worship and special TRIBUTE for we who live our lives to Worship and support and to serve in Her Divine Empire. This is … Continue reading

Love as Thou Wilt

If you are reading this post……my best guess is you probably have at least a little kink in ya…….and more possibly a lot of kink. So my advice this fine and fair morning my brothers and sisters is to *Love as thou Wilt*…….and do not spend any more of your precious time screwing up by seeking approval from folks with different operating systems. We are taught by the Matrix to … Continue reading