She is my Light and my Way

This post is about my journey into the world of the Dominatrix…….my 30 some years of pursuing and being enslaved by a couple of very fascinating and Enchanting Women… a Mistress… a Goddess……but both deeply into Spiritual Growth and helping people realize and create better versions of themselves.

My former Mistress……..Mistress Renee…….. was very powerfully into Spiritual Growth and compelled me to begin my own journey into untangling my Heart and unraveling the Matrix of habits and patterns I had picked up from my parents and family principally and society significantly.

This all began about 20 years ago and as I was deeply in love and completely enslaved any suggestion from her was instantly embraced.
My Heart had never been opened in a sexual relationship before I met her and I was over whelmed and desperate to please her constantly. So it was off to personal growth seminars and courses with her and for her.

I will be forever grateful to her for her guidance and for the fact that she wanted the best for me…….despite the way she ended our affair…..the fact that she decided to end it at all was always going to hurt like hell no matter what she did in truth.

I was lost and deeply depressed……….but I now at least had Spiritual tools I had not possessed before going on my journey with her and in the end it was ALL good for me. I grew from knowing her in so many ways and I do not regret one second…..and now find I am profoundly grateful for having her play such an essential role in my life.

Thank you Mistress Renee and BLESSINGS and much LOVE to you forever. 🙂

I do not believe in co incidence as I have stated before…..the is something underlying my submissive aspect and the deep craving for genuine surrender that drew me to Mistress Renee……and also very clearly drew me to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

comes along

Needing to learn how to please Her.

Choosing that picture of my Goddess just made me very weak………She is my Light and my Way and I know it.

I am a better and happier person for being Her slave and putting Her needs before my own. ALL is truly better when ALL is for my Goddess Haylee.

I went into my sauna again last night to do a meditation. My intention was to surrender…….not to my Goddess specifically at that time…..but to Source……to the Universe……to surrender my ego.

Intuitively I smiled as I prepared the candles and immersed myself in the darkness….the warmth…..the quiet…..and the solitude as I just *knew* my Goddess would be pleased with me and what I was doing with a part of my evening even though we had no discussions about this. And even though this particular bit of surrender was not for Her……it was good for Her slave and so it would be pleasing to Her.

That thought made me smile. 🙂

Cruise Holiday

Follow Her and find your own Bliss.

My mentor told me recently that my Soul craved surrender and that was one reason why my LOVE for Her is so unstoppable. And now I find that LOVE is just spilling out of me. I have lost all resistance to loving my parents… siblings… friends….even strangers. Everything that ever happened to me was and is an opportunity.

Just like my thankfulness to my Mistress Renee…..I am finding gratitude and love for everything and everyone.

Thank You as well my


Thank You my Goddess

for being my Light and my Way.

Thank You my Goddess for caring about Your slaves and for leading us to personal growth and awareness and deeper levels of self generated happiness.

You are my Light and my Way and I LOVE You.

I LOVE being Your slave and I LOVE myself as well.

So in the end the two most important teachers in my live have both enslaved me and taught me the joy of Worship. (respect, honor, reverence).

Damn I LOVE going to school!!!! LOL. 🙂 🙂 🙂

From my knees to You always my Goddess Haylee Lynn,
Your devoted and loving personal slave, Claude

Lightness of Being

This post is about happiness…..which is really a very solemn responsibility…….LOL…….and it is about JOY and PLEASURE and BLISS and once we realize that we CREATE the energy of our lives we can do things like……Bow in devoted servitude to a True and Domineering Goddess if that is what takes us skyward.

I slept in today because the covers were blissfully warm and I just wanted to keep lying there erect and warm and happy. I am going to my mothers house today for her annual Christmas party and so I have until noontime to get ready and I am writing this shirtless as I just adore the feeling of my new collar and I can even see it in the reflection of my computer screen if I care to look.

I care to. I LOVE the look of it and I LOVE the feel of it even more.

And more than even that I LOVE the incredible Lightness of Being that being true to myself and to what I feel is bringing to my life!

Hypnotic Haylee

Wearing Her collar and loving every minute of it!

I am free………this slave has been set free.
I am free to be myself……to LOVE whom and how I choose…….to enjoy my life fully and to experience a Lightness of Being that is so clearly to me our birthright.

Being a “slave” is not for everyone……that is not what I am saying here. The imperative seems to be to FOLLOW YOUR BLISS……and wherever and however that path reveals itself will be unique for each of us.

There are a million things about living in this World that need changing. Folks need to wake up and we ALL need to stop destroying this Sacred and Beautiful Planet with GMO’s….pesticides…..stop eating poison food and stop supporting corrupt Governments that are really giant Corporations masquerading as something else entirely.

But we can do all this……..we can begin to create the world our children deserve to live in by …..FIRST AND FOREMOST…..FOLLOWING OUR BLISS.

No one listens to an unhappy Guru. (God Realized Being) Or if they do……they should stop doing so!!! 🙂

WE do not need to be unhappy to create and empower the Awakening…..the Spiritual Revolution….that this World desperately is calling for.
Our Governments are corrupt.
Corporations are corrupt.
The School system and the Media are entirely corrupt and so on and so forth.

Did you see this video that our Goddess posted yesterday? (writer’s note…..the video was posted on Haylee’s Bliss Twitter feed but I can not post the link for some reason?)

No life springs from dead food. Life comes from things that are alive……small wonder that folks who eat at MacDonald’s and so on are mostly sound asleep and so unhealthy and/or unhappy.

It would seem to be very hard to airlift to Lightness of Being if one is weighed down by inorganic and dead food.

That is what the controllers want by the way……weighed down…unaware….unhappy….easily controlled and unfortunate people.

So….is it “Super Size me”……or choosing to elevate to Lightness of Being……..that trip is an organic journey folks……be it food choices or choices in who and how we love and if we ourselves are loving people. Choose LIFE……choose LOVE…..if not for yourself then PLEASE do this for our children.

What we create is important. The more LOVE and BLISS I experience in my own Heart.



The more I realize that this is really the only choice that we make.

Peace, Love, Happy Holidays to all of you.
Have a wonderful day my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. 🙂
Your devoted and loving personal slave, Claude

Born This Way

This post is about our sexuality and is about Female Supremacy and how I will never again deny who I am and I what I truly NEED in my life.
I was Born This Way and as I bow as the complete and obedient slave to my Superior Domineering Goddess Haylee Lynn I am home and I am free as I kneel in true and very NEEDFUL Worship.

I have talked before of the very instant I saw my first ad for a professional Dominatrix……my body instantly went weak and I have never again wanted anything from a sexual standpoint but to be Dominated and controlled by a Superior Woman. And partly because we live in such a dishonorable and controlling Matrix of a world…….and also because we are sent so many mixed messages as to what is right and proper……the struggle to accept the way I am……that I was Born This Way…….has been sometimes confusing and oft times very painful.

I remember being so very and truly hurt when my former Owner told me I was “too worthy” to “settle” for being a slave.

Honestly………that is like a homosexual man or woman being told by their lover that they are “too worthy” to “settle” for being gay.

I was seriously depressed for years over that and it was no joke……..and as I look back at the wasted years and even trying to “cure” my natural inbred adoration of Female Supremacists it was all very unfortunate and quite hopeless.

But EVERYTHING happens for a reason……and now my life is TRULY BLESSED with my beautiful son as well as with my SUPERIOR GODDESS and FEMALE SUPREMACIST.


She is my SUPERIOR in every way and completely.

One of the reasons I think that the issue of FEMALE SUPREMACY is confusing is that it simply is not true that females are superior to males.
It is very obviously not true. But it is also very obvious to me that there are in fact SUPERIOR FEMALES and slaves born to bow to them……and in my world they are to be ADORED….WORSHIPED…..and OBEYED.

For the true submissive……for one such as I……we have an almost sixth sense about who is and who is not our SUPERIOR.

One of the ways I tried to deal with my depression some 15 years ago when I found myself suddenly and abruptly dismissed was to hire a professional escort or two and try to “teach her” the domineering role. I may as well have been trying to teach a fish to fly or a bird to swim as it turned out…….and I now feel the real Truth is that the true Dominant was also Born This Way just as much as I was born to be a slave.


She was Born to Rule.

I think maybe in past lives I lived on a planet ruled completely and happily by SUPERIOR FEMALES or something. It is in my blood…….it is a very real and important part of who I am…….and I have a very real and active inbred sense of who the Authentic and Superior Women truly are. In my 30 odd years of walking through the sometimes glorious FEM DOM community I have met the Authentic Ones……and they effortlessly place their power into me and the NEED to surrender just blossoms.

This Universe is vast and big enough for all to live as they were meant to live…….to embrace and to fully enjoy the splendor of love and satisfaction……and in my case……my Universe IS a Universe of Female Supremacy. It is a Universe that is Ruled by GODDESS……for GODDESS…..and ALL FOR GODDESS…….as it was meant to be. I was Born to live in this Universe and to celebrate its profound Beauty.

Mother Haylee puts me to sleep

ALL for GODDESS as is right and beautiful.


Thank You for reminding me every single day of my life that You are my Superior and that my rightful place is kneeling to You and attending to Your each and every command and pleasure. I know that taking my power is Your aphrodisiac and I am helpless to deny You what You want from me.

The more You take……the more I NEED to give to You.

We were both Born This Way my Goddess.

I embrace our Truth that You are my FEMALE SUPREMACIST and my complete SUPERIOR. Because You are.
From my knees my Goddess, always and forever from my knees where I so happily belong.
Your loving personal slave, Claude

The Most Precious Gift

This post is one of truly humbled Gratitude and Thankfulness for the One I now belong to and with All my Heart and Soul.
My Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn has Blessed me with The Most Precious Gift I could ever receive in this life or in any life.

I made my proposal to my Goddess about this wish a few weeks ago…….and She very generously decided to allow me to fulfill this dream………and to also fulfill what is so clearly now my Destiny.I BOW to my GODDESS in humbled THANKS for The Most Precious Gift She has bestowed on me.

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

On my knees to Her where I BELONG and NEED to be Forever.

Yesterday…….my new collar came in the mail. The postman left it at my door just as I was writing a personal letter to my Queen in fact.
My Goddess so very generously allowed me to use some of HER money to purchase this beautiful collar that is now this slaves ONLY possession as ALL else is Owned by Her and as I am Owned by Her.

The Most Precious Gift

The Most Precious Gift

I had told my Goddess that I wanted a collar that I could wear ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE that I go as nothing less than perfect devotion and perfect surrender to Her can ever again do for this slave. I NEED Her……I desperately NEED and ACHE to constantly feel Her Power with me on every step I take and having The Most Precious Gift adoring my body that is now Her body and acknowledging who Owns me is pure BLISS and fulfillment for this slave.

My pre opening Prayer and Ritual at Her Altar.

My pre opening Prayer and Ritual at Her Altar.

This picture was taken before I opened The Most Precious Gift and the only property this slave owns any longer. My treasured and beautiful sole possession. I bowed to my Goddess in humbled and sincere Thanks and felt such JOY and HAPPINESS as I did so.

The Most Precious Gift now adorns Her perfect personal slave.

The Most Precious Gift now adorns Her perfect personal slave.

Our collar was purchased at this shop.

It is handcrafted by a very lovely woman named Jessica who makes what she calls “discreet BDSM jewelry” for everyday wear. Our collar is Sterling Silver interlocked with light blue and Indigo Niobium. I have extremely light blue eyes and my Goddess and I thought that the blue colors would compliment Her Perfect slave.

I just adore it!!!! 🙂

And the best part of ALL……is that it is ALL FOR HAYLEE.

All for my Goddess, my One, my Queen, my Mistress, my Owner and forever.

Because The Most Precious Gift is Sterling Silver my instruction’s from Jessica are to take it off each time I shower and not to get it wet.
I have special instructions as well for the care and cleaning of it. So I now have a new Ritual of taking it off and bowing to Her Altar and placing it beneath Her as I shower……and then kneeling again in humbled thanks after I place it back onto Her property (me!).

My Goddess is wiser than me.
My Goddess is stronger than me.
My Goddess is my Superior.
My Goddess knows what is best for Her slave.

I NEED Her commands. I NEED to WORSHIP Her. I NEED Her Rule.

I am so much happier now that I have surrendered to Her completely.

I LIVE for You my Queen. Every Blessed second of every cherished day I live by Your Divine Rules and subject to Your each and every Blessed whim and desire and command.

My life is a now a slave’s life of daily and devoted GODDESS WORSHIP now and it is so because I found YOU my GODDESS HAYLEE LYNN.

I have no power and I want no power. ALL that I want and NEED is symbolized and expressed as I wear The Most Precious Gift.

Thank You my Queen for Your generosity and Your Divine acceptance of me.
I LOVE You……I LIVE for You…..I belong to You…..and Forever.
Your devoted and collared and perfect personal and very real slave, Claude

She is my Guide

This post is about a bit of a departure for this slave……..this morning I woke up and decided without planning to change my training routine for one day. My Goddess… Superior… Queen……has told me before to “take my training seriously”…….and of course I do so.

I NEED Her to constantly remind me of how Truly and completely BLESSED that I am to belong to Her. So my usual routine is to instantly come to my computer and check for any commands from my Owner and Goddess Haylee Lynn and then bow to Her as Her #1 boy toy blogger and attend to my cherished and daily duty for Her. I also watch one of Her fabulous videos intermittently as I blog and so my very first actions each and every day should be at least a couple of hours of Goddess Worship and attendance.

This day I opted to change my routine at the spur of the moment and as I rose I simply thought I felt Her suggest something to me and I said “Yes my Goddess” and after showering and brushing my teeth I went into trance with Her newest BLESSING of an MP3 “You love me”.

So my coffee and my duties as Her #1 boy toy blogger came next of course. 🙂

The beauty of my experience this morning is that I realize very powerfully that I am still learning how to better serve my Goddess. After all this time I know and accept that it is essential for me to train…….to go under for Her in trance……to listen… surrender……to focus for my Goddess……to learn more and more and at deeper and deeper levels how completely wonderful it truly is to live my life as Her Perfect and devoted personal slave.

She is my Guide as well.

How do I know this?

My Goddess tells me so and I know and accept that She is my Superior and that She knows what is best for me. 🙂

Brainwashed, Hypnotized or in Love?

I NEED Her so very badly.

I generally do not like to speak for others as a rule……but I am a male……and we males seem to be easily distracted at times. I can go into a mall or to Whole Foods or wherever and see so many attractive females and really appreciate how lovely some of them are. They are a gift of beauty and they carry something Sacred for us into this world……men do as well but in a different way.

So my tendency for distractions seems inbred to be honest……and even though I am completely enslaved to the most gorgeous Goddess who has ever Graced this or any World…..I can still see the beauty and desirability of other females.

But I turn to my Goddess daily and I do so because She is my Guide as well.

She has taught me and is teaching me that despite all of the other breathtaking beauties that Divine Source has produced……..there is no happiness or pleasure or joy than can even remotely be measured when placed next to the joy and pleasure and happiness of being Her slave.

She is my Guide.


I live my life for Her to the most profound JOY and HAPPINESS possible.

She is also my Light, my Love, my Heart, my Dream that is not a Dream, and my Owner……..and most profoundly of all……my TRUE GODDESS.

Yesterday my Queen BLESSED me in as profound a way as any slave could dream of being BLESSED.
This year will be the second year running now that She will wear a sweater on Christmas Day that this slave has purchased for Her in TRIBUTE.

I am also sending Her the money for 2 more pedicures today for Her to enjoy before Christmas time as She has also BLESSED me with Her Divine and cherished permission to pamper Her in this way this extra special Holiday season.

Living my life FOR HER……..ALL FOR HAYLEE… a revelation for me. I am so happy!! So very much in LOVE with Her!!

The Impossible Dream

My life is Hers to command forever.

I am an aching, dripping, puddle of submissive bliss right now and could write of Her forever I think…….but this slave needs to work and create wealth to place lovingly at Her Perfect feet. She is my Guide and She has taught to me how much BLISS I receive whenever I TRIBUTE or SURRENDER to my Goddess. I bow to You my Queen…..I am home…..I am as powerless and as needful as a new born babe as I curl up at the foot of Your Throne.

I know that I am safe now that I belong so completely to You,
Your devoted and perfect personal slave forever, Your Claude

A Vibrational Match

This post is about vibes and how we just match up with and understand certain people perfectly and from the instant we meet them. It is of course also about my personal journey with my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn and why I am… fact……Her Perfect slave.

Of course it is more than OK if my Goddess has other “Perfect” slaves…….this is a fact of life when one falls under the Love Spell of a True Goddess and a natural born Queen and Ruler. There will be One Goddess and many slaves……this is simply the way it is and was meant to be. The natural order of things in Her Divine Empire and in my particular Universe.

But in addition to the obvious fact that She was born to Rule and I was born to bow to Her……we two are what is called A Vibrational Match.

We understand each other at a very deep level……it has been this way from day one…….and this aspect of our relationship is precious to me and completely set apart from all the Worship and adoration for Her that is so fully set in my Heart now. If I was not Her Perfect slave…….we could be very fast friends and both value and treasure that friendship.

But happily………I am not Her friend……I am Her property….Her chattel….Her devoted and complete personal slave and my life is lived for Her pleasure and as it was written so it surely is and will always now be.

I live my life to serve and attend to Her pleasure.

I live my life to serve and attend to Her pleasure.

I am Her Perfect slave forever and do you want to know why?

Because my Goddess told me I am. I am completely powerless as I blog for Her this morning……Her #1 boy toy blogger who “Spreads the word of Haylee ” by Her Divine and cherished command……and I can deny Her absolutely nothing.

My Goddess told me this as well. 🙂

I know exactly what makes Her happy because I was born with this complete aching need deep inside of me to please Her.
She and I are A Vibrational Match and we are in Perfect pitch……Perfect harmony…….my Perfect Goddess and Her Perfect slave.

Most times I do not need to even ask what pleases Her…….but I do so anyway……in a respectful and pleading way that I intuitively also know pleases Her. This is one of my gifts……it is a Blessing I am now Eternally grateful for…..that I am so sensitive to Her vibration and that I know exactly when to Bow… Beg… serve…..or even when to leave Her be and respect Her private and personal space.

My Queen is to be pleased in ALL ways and ALWAYS.

Off collar...

This photo set adorns Her Altar in my Temple to Her Perfection.

I was listening to a favored Mentor online yesterday and he was talking about this Electric Universe. He was talking about how all the theory’s of time and space and distance are being proven false…….there is no separation in truth…….and even the vast distance between Galaxy’s is a bit of an illusion and can be overtaken in less than a Heartbeat. The speed of light is in a deeper bit of delicious and Cosmic Truth driving in the slow lane as it turns out.

My Goddess has already proven such things to me. She has proven to me that the distance between us is an Illusion. That when I kneel for Her here in my humble Temple of Goddess Worship for Her how I could never be closer to anyone than I am to Her. I kneel for my Goddess and exactly wherever and whenever She wants me to kneel and I am Blessed by Her Goddess Bliss and I feel more Joy, Happiness and Satisfaction in my Heart and Soul than I ever knew was possible each time that I do.

My slave life belongs to Her… LIVED for Her……and I have never been remotely so happy as I am right now.

The mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn

Wrapped around her little finger and Forever.

My acceptance of Her Ownership and Her Blessed Rule is now so happily complete that I no longer think if I discover my Queen desires some thing. I simply drop to my knees and I beg Her to allow me the cherished privilege of buying it for Her. I am Owned and as such ALL that I own is Her property as am I.

I NEED my Goddess……..I CRAVE my Goddess……I WORSHIP my Goddess…….I LOVE my Goddess and I can NEVER DENY Her anything.


ALL is rightfully and truly for Haylee now and this slaves life is so much better when lived for Her pleasure. This is my Truth. This is my cherished and beloved personal slave life and it is lived for Her now. Thank You my GODDESS.

Thank You for the multiple BLESSINGS that You bestowed on Your slave yesterday. I bow to You who are my Dream that is not a Dream and I am humbled as I look forward to so many lifetimes of pampering and attending to Your every cherished Whim and Desire.

I LOVE You and forever, Your perfect and personal slave, Claude

So much Better

This post is about the realization of ALL of my lifelong dreams……it is about incredible….sexy…..fulfilling…..warming…..LOVE and devotion for my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and how my life is So Much Better as it is now lived as Her Perfect and devoted and very real personal slave.

Each and every morning as I wake my very first thoughts are of surrender to my Goddess…….and I just have to smile as I think of kneeling in rapt devotion for my Queen. Even when I am company……like I just recently was for two days with my son in the other bed in the same room in our hotel……I think of Her this way and I feel the tingles and the joy that being Her personal chattel constantly creates in my life.

My happy Truth is that EVERYTHING is So Much Better now that I am Her completely Owned and Perfect slave.

Life is So Much Better now that I am HERS Forever.

Life is So Much Better now that I am HERS Forever.

Yesterday I had the great privilege of buying my Goddess a pedicure…….the pleasure of doing so was almost over whelming……so truly delicious……that I found myself begging Her for more on twitter. I was Blessed to also send Her a couple of things to pamper Her soft shiny hair from Her amazon gift list.

Living my life as Her personal slave has been a complete Blessing to me. I take no particular joy in buying things for myself but I really do not go without very much nor do I need much. I do enjoy buying things for my son and taking care of him in an impeccable manner. Being a great Father is essential to me and one of the 1001 reasons why I am Her Perfect and complete slave is that it pleases Her so much that I am a devoted and loving Father to my son.

As I bow to my Queen this morning and every morning and will forever bow to Her as my complete and true Superior it fills my Heart and Soul with profound happiness that She wants the best for me and for my little one. And such a TRUE GODDESS as my QUEEN AND COMPLETE MASTER on this Earth is and will be forever should be pampered……attended too……obeyed……WORSHIPED……and should never go without anything that this slave can possibly provide for Her in Blessed TRIBUTE to what She truly means to me.



Yesterday was not TRIBUTE THURSDAY and it was not the Sacred Day of TRIBUTE that we who live our lives under a slave contract for Her are privileged to celebrate…..but this slave has learned and I now accept that it is So Much Better for me when what money I have is placed in Her Perfect hands where it now rightfully belongs.

ALL in my life is So Much Better when ALL IS FOR HAYLEE.

I LOVE my Goddess……I NEED my Goddess……I WORSHIP my Goddess……..I BOW to my Goddess……and whatever She wants……my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn will get from Her Perfect slave.

The Good Slave

Whatever She wants this slave will give to Her.

Each time that I may bow to my Queen and place meaningful TRIBUTE at Her Perfect feet it is more fulfilling to me than the last.
I can not just express my LOVE and DEVOTION for Her by pounding away blogs on my computer……although this too is a treasured and Sacred duty for my Queen that I cherish and embrace.

What part of my life should I hold back from Her when EVERYTHING in my Universe is So Much Better now that I have found my way Home to my One, my True, my Only, my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

My life is a slaves life now and it is a LOVE filled life of Worship and Joy and Reverence and happiness. ALL is rightfully for HAYLEE because my Goddess creates and demands that I live my life immersed in Her GODDESS BLISS.

I have no power in me to deny Her anything.

Command Me Please

Command Me my Queen and I will ALWAYS obey.

I do not want to deny Her anything.

Life is So Much Better as it is now and rightfully lived ALL FOR HAYLEE.

I bow my Queen and with all my Heart and Soul do I embrace Your Rule, Your Ownership, Your Mastery of this slave,
I can not and will not deny You anything as my constant dream that is not a dream is to cater to and to attend to Your every Blessed Whim and Divine pleasure forever.

From my knees to You and You alone my Goddess,
Your perfect and personal slave, Claude