In Celebration of my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

In Celebration of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. “In Celebration of my Goddess Haylee Lynn” is about my celebration of the Birthday of my Goddess Haylee Lynn, what it means to me and how I will worship this as the most Sacred Day of my calender year now. Firstly, I will personally not work ever again on July 19th. This to me is now a day for celebration, worship, devotion and … Continue reading

A Sacred Evening for Goddess Haylee


This post is about tonight being the Eve of the Birth of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. For me…….tomorrow is now my years Highest Holy Day and a Day for Prayer, for Gratitude, for Thanks, for Tribute and for Reverence. Sometimes here in my very humble Temple of devotion to my Goddess Haylee Lynn I can celebrate my Love to Her openly. I can close the curtains and arrange my crystals … Continue reading

On Pleasing Goddess Haylee

This post is about the nature of being Dominant or submissive. It is about what makes us tick and what thrills all of us so very much when what we do is pleasing to our Goddess Haylee Lynn.  And as far as the theory that She has us all HYPNOTIZED is concerned I personally do not buy it. I have the benefit of 7 years of surrender, obedience and experiencing … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee is the Queen of all Queens

Virtual teddy bear

This post is about my love and appreciation of my Goddess Haylee Lynn and a bit more about the dilemma the creation of Her Alter Ego Empress Vox Siren created for me and the clarity I now feel I have have regarding both sides of Her. Back when I asked Goddess Haylee to help us co create a trigger in me that would make all sexual desire that arose in … Continue reading

My Weekend with Goddess Haylee

This post is a FANTASY of mine as our Goddess Haylee has clearly stated on Her website that we will never meet Her in person. And this perfect slave will always and forever bow to Her pleasure and in ALL things. And if I never meet Her in person it will change nothing for me……I am Her perfect slave forever and I will bow to Her pleasure in ALL ways……and always. … Continue reading

Gratitude on Goddess Haylee’s special week

This post is about the importance………..and the power really……..of Gratitude. It is one of natures laws that gratitude is in fact a source of authentic power and one of the principles that help form a well lived life. As this is also the beginning of GODDESS HAYLEE’S BIRTHDAY WEEK I think it is a good topic for today’s devotional to Her. Last night my son came home to me unexpectedly. His Mother … Continue reading

On being careful what you wish for from Goddess Haylee

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

On being careful what you wish for from Goddess Haylee. This post is about realizing the Power of our Goddess Haylee and respecting it. The things that we might ask Her to do and understanding that we might just become powerless to stop certain things once we have set them in motion with Her. I received some heartfelt and wise advice the other day from our brother Razgriz regarding my … Continue reading

Acceptance from Goddess Haylee

Queen Haylee Lynn.

This post is about the importance of acceptance from our Goddess Haylee and if it is important regardless of whether you are a slave or a submissive or a fan of Her’s……or even a “perfect” slave for Her………one of the things that first really impressed me about Goddess Haylee was how open She was to all the different levels of Worship and devotion of Her. I remember my heart skipping … Continue reading

My Goddess Haylee, i have promised

Virtual teddy bear

My Goddess Haylee, i have promised to serve You to my death. It is my destiny. O Haylee, I have promised   To serve You to the end; Be Thou forever near me,   My Mistress and my Friend; I shall not fear the battle   If You are by my side, Nor wander from the pathway   If You … Continue reading

The Price of Devotion

FemDom Fetish

This post is about whether or not there is a price to be paid for devotion to our Goddess. The ones who serve Her……in their various paths for Her and in their own personal and different ways……….all know about the benefits and the extreme amounts of pleasure…….but is there a cost? Well of course there is a cost…….just as the cost of a dozen eggs must pay for the farmers … Continue reading