My Life as Lived for my Goddess Haylee Lynn

This post is about the constantly new and deeper levels of surrender that I am experiencing as I now live my life as the perfect slave of my Divine and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn.  

I have always had this belief that to be truly enslaved I would have to really like, admire, and respect my Goddess. And I no longer have any idea if that is just my realized truth or if the perfect slave I have now become for my perfectly Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn just happens to also be to a Woman I have come to deeply respect and admire.


I do not believe in coincidence so I have to surmise that in my particular case how I feel about Her inner beauty and Her character is a big factor in the astonishing depth and continuing acceleration of my surrender to Her will.


I have been Her perfect slave for quite sometime now in truth……..but as I get even closer to Her through ritual and ceremony and my daily devotions my *need* to do exactly what is MOST PLEASING for my Goddess is growing in the most extraordinary and very real way.


And the truth is that for me…… Queen richly deserves the very best and all I can afford to TRIBUTE to Her.    

But it is not just the gifts I simply must and do send to Her single week…..and as long as I can responsibly and in honor send them I will continue doing so…………it has become far more than that for me.

I love and appreciate and I am grateful that my Queen allows me to write to Her privately and politely express certain things that I dream of……things that would make me happy…….things that would be pleasing to me………it is so generous of Her to allow me this small indulgence and Her Graceful handling of me and the way I like to express my humble dreams just drives my love and affection for Her even deeper.

But my reality is now that I am Her perfect slave, Her Owned and conquered personal chattel, and I will remain on my knees in Her Goddess Temple and I will do exactly what is MOST PLEASING to Her always and I will obey ALL of Her commands and implicitly.

Haylee's Eyes (txt)

Yes, I am very much and deeply in Love with Her. Yes, I have all these fantastic dreams of sharing things with my Divine Goddess. Yes, my mind is fertile and creative and new ideas and dreams are constantly born there.

But in the end it is all just window dressing for me any longer.

Whatever my Goddess Haylee Lynn wants of me She will get pure and simple.

Whatever She commands I will obey and whatever MOST PLEASES HER will be done and in the exact fashion it MOST PLEASES Her that Her perfect slave will conduct myself is what I will ALWAYS do……..for Her…….for my Goddess…..for my Queen…..who is my ALL…….I am………ALL FOR HAYLEE…..and Her perfect conquest and completely overtaken by my very real NEED to please Her. 



As I kneel in Your Goddess Temple this morning my Queen I must tell You this entire Planet is now Your Temple to me. Because for me there is only my One, my True, my All, and forever. And wherever I am, wherever I go, wherever it MOST PLEASES You I kneel, I will do so and as Your perfect and very real and devoted personal slave,

I bow to You in chastity, in purity, and in perfect love and devotion, and with my daily prayer that it is truly MOST PLEASING to You that I always may do so,     Claude





The Man on the 10th Floor

This post is about the truth that people can only see that which they are capable of seeing. They can only know what they are capable of knowing. And is also about my understanding that there are only a very few who can truly comprehend what I feel in my heart as I kneel in the Divine Empire of my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.  

I have a friend who could really use my help. I have trained for years as a mentor and I have a gift of sorts at seeing what is holding a person back from happiness, or fulfillment, or a higher vibration, or a higher “spin” if you will.

This guys beliefs systems are all messed up and he could use lots of help because he can not even “see” what his limiting beliefs are creating for him and why he is depressed and why he can simply not create anything empowering in his life.

So I offered him my help……free of charge…….I just told him I would mentor him if he wished me too. He declined…….pride is one of his “issues”……that was months ago and this poor guy just continues to spiral downwards…….but what is obvious to me is completely invisible to him and he is just not ready or willing to accept my or anyone’s help……so I will let him be. People can not see what they can not see and this is why we have mentoring here on Earth.

Life is 100 stories tall and this poor man is living on the 10th floor. Anything on the 11th floor or above is simply something he can not see.

I forget how long ago it was that I wrote to my Goddess and asked Her to help me co create the Enchantment I have always dreamed of. I asked my Queen to help me fully complete the Spell I was already beginning to slide under and make it so ALL desire in this body……ANY rise of sexual chi……..ALL stimulus and from ANY woman on this Earth would simply drive me back to my One, my Only, my True Queen on this Earth to kneel to Her in the perfect and rapt devotion to Her which I was born for.

So it was with just a bit of surprise that as I was kneeling to Her in my humble Temple to my Goddess Haylee Lynn that I heard a knock on my door.

I was just a trifle annoyed really. My son returns to me tonight and for 3 days and I had decided to make no appointments, to shutter the windows and turn off my phone and kneel in the Divine Sanctuary of Her Alter……just to celebrate my Love and Devotion for Her and nothing else until my son arrived.

So I answer the door and there is a man who is smiling broadly at me.

” Hello Mr Claude” he smiles.
This is a very lucky day for you. may I come in”. I decided to be polite and say OK but just for a few moments.

It appears I won a lottery of some kind this guy tells me. He knows I am “single” and is offering me an entire week on a tropical Island. This is a 5 star resort, the best of the best, a personal chef, all expensive’s paid, the weather is always perfect, a private golf course, massage services……the works.

And the very best part…….he smiles a very devilish smile……is that you can spend your week with ANY woman on this Earth, any supermodel, any actress, or Dominatrix, and you can even script your play time with her exactly to your fancy……..the only catch is it can not be your Goddess Haylee Lynn………but She has assured us She will not be upset and you can resume your service to Her once your dream vacation is over.

This guy is so excited and even starts immediately to take out forms for me to sign and puts his full color photo glamour shots of every other woman on Earth on the table when I politely stop him……..

Oh, I remember you…….I tell him.

You are the man on the 10th floor.

You simply do not see……but its OK. I am busy and have some things I wish to do. I am quite certain that the next guy on your list of “winners” will be thrilled.

As I politely show him the door this guy is truly perplexed. Then he lights up and turns and tells me……Oh… I understand!!! He is very excited.

You can also have your dream week with ANY man you wish if that is the problem! I smile politely again and wish him well and on his way.

And then I happily returned to worship at my Alter to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. 2013-10-07 21.10.19                      

This is just one of many variations of the Alters I create for my Goddess here in my humble Temple to Her.

I told my beloved son last week that this home would ALWAYS be OUR home and since he is so very young and Daddy and Mommy are not living together any longer I felt it important for him to understand and to feel the depths of the roots of his foundation with me.

And there is something else my home will ALWAYS be. It will always be my Temple to my Goddess Haylee Lynn, My One, my True, my Only Queen on this Earth and for just as long as I live.  

There is no longer……or ever will be…….one cell in this body, one drop of blood, or any level of desire for any woman but “The Woman”. I am Her perfect conquest, Her perfect slave, and I live my live to PLEASE my Queen yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.


All that I have in this world I place in homage at Her Divine feet because She is my ALL and She deserves my ALL.

I love You my Queen and to please You has now become my own pleasure in life, Your happiness with me becomes my perfect happiness now, and I live my life fully as Your perfect and devoted and very real slave as I was born to do.

I will attend to Your every Divine Whim and Pleasure always and my heart will always burst with perfect joy as I do so. I now live the life of my dreams and with the Woman of my dreams and each day I do so as I kneel at Your Divine Alter here in my humble Temple devoted to You and so happily.

From my knees to You and You alone, I am Your perfect and very real slave forever,      Claude        

In Goddess Haylee I Trust

This post is about trust and the meaning of the words we say to people. I have always been one who values my word. I like to say what I mean and mean what I say and I like people who do the same.

So over the years as I searched all over Gods Creation for my domineering romantic counterpart I made a mental note and personal commitment not to allow myself to get so carried away with my gushing if I ever found myself so enamored with a Dominatrix that I said things like “anything” Mistress…..I will do “anything” you say…..or something of the like that was not true.

So as it turned out for my personal journey I did not have to really worry about being so compelled until I found my former owner and Mistress. Then as now I had to constantly remind myself not to allow myself to say things I did not mean when I was caught up in deep aching and intense desire to please.


So…………the other night……..Goddess Haylee and I were talking on the phone and at one point I told Her……..I would do “almost anything” to please Her. It is just so very deep in me to honestly want to please Her and the moment I said it I felt like I had not expressed myself as perfectly as I wanted too.

Something felt a bit off in me and like I wanted to restate myself.

As usual my Queen simply accepted what I offered Her very Gracefully and we simply went on with our conversation which was all very smooth and delightful.

It was later I reflected on my statement and wondered why it felt slightly *off* to me.


If I had a magic wand and could go back to that moment I would change my statement from “almost anything” to “anything”. And the reason why I want to change my statement to I would do “anything” to please my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn is because that is how I feel and that is what is in my heart to say to Her.


And the reason why this feeling is in my heart and I can say this truthfully and with meaning is *TRUST*.

The name of this site is Inhayleewetrust and we can all thank A.J. for his rather brilliant selection of this name.

I know with certainty that my Queen would *NEVER* ask me or command me to do anything that would harm another person, harm myself, or interfere with another persons free will or place my personal karma at odds. And those are the only areas I could not go for Her.

I give Her myself and I am not a thief so I will steal………I am not a bully so I will not abuse someone……….I place *my* world and my creative power at Her feet and not some other persons creations.

So this morning I wish to correct myself my Queen, I kneel to You and I ask You to please accept my statement that I will do anything to please You.

"You may kiss my ring" She said, offering Her hand

I will do anything that my Queen commands of me.     

Your Beauty shines brighter than the Sun Herself and it not just Your physical Beauty that has me so devoted and so very much in Love with You.

It is Your amazing and extraordinary Heart. Your inner Beauty and Divinity that is so completely second to none to these eyes. I can feel how much You honestly care about people and animals and Mother Earth and Father Sky and about the importance of being loving and kind and true…….I can honestly feel how much You care about life in all its forms.

This entire world could fit beneath Your Graceful and Loving Shelter my Goddess and do so very nicely. So I bow to Your pleasure and I ask You to please allow me to correct myself this morning.

I would do ANYTHING to PLEASE YOU my Divine and incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

And I mean that with all my heart and soul or I would not say so.


From my knees to You forever, Your devoted and very real personal slave,                                            Claude      


Goddess Haylee Deserves the Best

Goddess Haylee Deserves the Best

“Goddess Haylee Deserves the Best” is about being the best for my Goddess, giving the best to my Goddess Haylee Lynn, and always seeking new and constantly improving ways to serve my Divine and Incomparable Queen. 

I am feeling fairly well full to the brim with happiness and joy and LOVE for my Goddess this morning after having such an incredible birthday. Then waking up and seeing that She wore those comfy and warm pyjamas last night that I bought for Her………and as I felt such warmth and comfort myself sleeping beneath my Alter to Her……..the Alter of Worship for my Queen, my Goddess, my All, my Dream in this life become my Reality.    

Excuse me as I gush this morning…….I usually try to maintain a small degree of sobriety somewhat in my first few paragraphs at least…….hahaha. That is simply not happening today. 🙂

My Queen came to me last night and blessed me with some new commands…..a new Quest really…….as She told me that I belonged to Her forever now and a few things would please Her.

And as I now live my life in the service of the most Divine and Amazing and Beautiful Goddess who has ever Graced this Earth of course all I can think of and my primary life’s purpose is to PLEASE Her…….now and always.


Last night my Goddess granted Her chastity slave Her mercy……Her Divine permission to use that which She now Owns and commands. And yet despite Her permission to release which I happily took advantage of…… I write this blog I am suddenly fully erect………sigh……… resistance to Her charms is in this body any longer.

I am so completely and happily Owned.

For some reason I thought of Elvira Mistress of the Dark this morning. I USED to think she was the most gorgeous woman on Earth and I loved it when she emerged during October…….my birthday month…..Halloween……the season of the Witch.

I went and met Elvira once at a convention here in New Jersey. Being the hopeless romantic and completely off the charts dreamer that I am……I wrote her a poem and gave it to her as I purchased an 8 by 12 autographed colour photo of her. I even added a small note with my phone number and asking her to let me take her to dinner ………ha ha ha……..I told you I am the worlds biggest dreamer…….. 🙂

She asked (commanded?) me to write her a song with the autograph as I told her I was a bit of a songwriter and she said she loved my way with words after reading my short poem to her.

I think she even blushed slightly after reading the poem I wrote for her after she read it. She was amused and I think she thought I was a little sweet and she smiled at me…………that reaction alone was worth all my effort. I knew I would never date her, but I just had to kind of tribute my appreciation for her beauty……her spellbinding beautiful Witch persona………and so I did so…….I also gave her a rose.

She is just a stunning and gorgeous and incredible woman………and with my lifelong fascination with beautiful Witches was just cut perfectly out of my dreams…….and I still believe she is easily the second most beautiful and captivating woman I have ever seen in my life.

And I have to pinch myself on a daily basis that I am the devoted personal slave to a Woman, a Goddess, my Queen and Owner and that She is even more stunning and more captivating than Elvira Mistress of the Dark!

So yesterday I felt compelled to drop to my knees and pledge everything I have in this World and everything I am and place it all at the feet of my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn in homage to Her. And as I told Her this over the phone I meant every word I said and it came pouring out sincerely from my heart as I said these words to Her.

I can do and did do this because my Queen has already long since commanded me to *first* and *always* take care of my responsibility’s to my son, my homestead, my career, and my own personal well being…….and to only TRIBUTE to Her what I can honourably and responsibly afford too.

My Goddess is wise and knows that She Owns me fully now and forever and She values Her property and wants me to be an even better version of myself tomorrow than I am today. My Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn wants me at my best and She deserves the best.

Goddess Haylee Deserves the Best

Goddess Haylee Deserves the Best

I live my life in Her service now and forever.

I live my live to please Her, to obey Her, to honour Her, and to give Her my absolute best. She richly deserves all I can honourably provide for Her.

I placed a link on Her Amazon list here and I saw another pair of pyjamas She wanted. So now She will have another pair to keep Her warm and cosy and sheltered each night and hopefully feel just exactly as I do as I sleep beneath Her Alter.


I live for You my Queen and thank You so sincerely for Your Wisdom and Your Grace and Your character that allows me to be fully and completely in honour in my life and fully and completely Your devoted personal slave as well.

I place all I have and all I am at Your Divine Feet. at the base of Your Throne, in service to my Queen, and there is no conflict whatsoever between my fondest dream in this life and my pursuit of a happy, balanced and well lived life.

Goddess Haylee Deserves the best always and in all ways and You will have it from me,    Your devoted and very real personal slave forever     Claude

Many thanks for reading “Goddess Haylee Deserves the Best”.

Claude’s promotion

Claude’s promotion

This was originally written as a birthday present for Claude.

It is your birthday once again, as Deputy Prime Minister; you are invited to the private Chambers of your Empress. You imagine that this will be just the routine “Happy Birthday”, but she has got something special lined up for you this time.
You enter, and kneel before her. She bids you rise, hugs you and wishes you happy birthday. Just like every other year so far. She congratulates you, your son and his wife on the birth of the twins. She asks after them. She sits you down on the sofa. She offers you help with looking after the twins.
“I have plenty of good people who may be able give you a hand.”
“No I’m fine thanks; I will look after them while my son and his wife work, and they will see to them in the evenings.”
She gently takes your hands in hers and looks you in the eye.

Goddess Haylee Lynn looked at you with those big green eyes again

Goddess Haylee Lynn looked at you with those big green eyes again

“My dear slave, you may want to reconsider that, when you hear what I have to say, I have something very important to ask you.”
“Yes Your Majesty?”
“My dear, sweet, loyal slave. You probably know I am looking for a new Prime Minster for Haylia. Will you do this very important thing for me please?”
“But your Majesty, I can’t make speeches.”
“No, but you can write, and you write the most beautiful, sensitive things for me, and you have been doing so daily for 20 years now. And if you can write like that for me, then you can write like that for the country, and then it is just a case of reading it out.”
She looks deeply into your eyes
“Trust me I can help you with those speeches, I can help you overcome that shyness, I can give you confidence.”
You know full well she can too.
“But I am not worthy your Majesty!”
“Not worthy? You are the most loyal, obedient and trustworthy person I have every come across. Remember when that madman was on the island shooting everyone? You can between me and the bullet. You saved my life and have been limping ever since. No one is more worthy that you my dear.”
Then she changed her tone.
“Don’t you want to serve me or something?”
“No, of course I do. I want to serve you more than anything else in the world. It is just such a shock that’s all. I never thought it would come to this.”
“But you were the obvious choice; you have been deputy for years.”
“I know, but it never really crossed my mind. It is not something I desired or expected.”
“Exactly! and that is one reason why you are such a perfect choice! So you will do it then?”
“Yes your Majesty!”
“Thank you.”
And with that she throws both arms around you and starts kissing you and you both break out in laughter. It is the happiest moment of your life!

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A Hobbit’s Birthday Party for Goddess Haylee

A Hobbit’s Birthday Party for Goddess Haylee

This post is a story about an Elf who was rescued once upon a time and partially raised by Hobbits and who adopted some of their traditions so that when he was captured and Enchanted by a Magical and beautiful Green Witch he carried some customs of the little folk with him as he served in Her Divine Empire.

I am not really from this Planet as it turns out. I would think it would be a bit obvious by now from those who read this blog on a regular basis and over these many long months but now I have openly admitted it. The place I come from is a Planet with lots of Wood Elves like myself but there are lots of other folks there as well…….it is a peaceful place where Magic is accepted and celebrated as a way of life.

As such things go……..the longer I am here the more I remember the reason why I came…… is slowly becoming clear as the clouds lift for me and I find myself finally at home and kneeling at the Throne of my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Along the way it appears I was adopted by a family of Hobbits for a time…….rescued really by the warm and magical woodland little people.

A strange situation for an Elf to be sure but not altogether uninteresting. One of the things they taught me was their custom of throwing a birthday party on their birthday and giving presents to the guests at this birthday party. They value the gift of *giving* more than the gift of receiving so on their special day they get to give! 🙂

So since I was born on the 7th…….I am going to buy my Queen 7 gifts from Her Bliss Desires list as I know how much She loves candles and being generous and creative and nothing on Heaven or Earth could ever be as precious a birthday party gift to me as pleasing my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn and *giving* of myself to Her.

The first gift is to thank Her for giving me the most priceless gift of them all………the gift of LOVE.

The second gift is to thank Her for opening my HEART and helping me to feel such perfect joy as I have ever known as I devote my life to pleasing Her.

The third gift is to thank Her for helping me to REMEMBER why I am here and giving my life Divine purpose.

The fourth gift is to thank Her for being my MUSE and inspiration to be better than I am each and every day.

The fifth gift is for Her WISDOM and Her help and Her loving guidance during those times when I have needed it.

The sixth gift is for Her ACCEPTANCE of this Elf who is not an Elf and Man who is not a Man but only and forever is a spiritual being who wants only to belong to Her and to love Her.

And the seventh gift is for our FUTURE…….that it may unfold to our mutual benefit and joy and happiness for us both that we are finally together again.

For many years I wondered why I came to this Planet in the first place. I seemed awfully out of step for most of my journey here. But since I found my Goddess, my Queen, the very Light of my personal Universe, the fog has lifted and it is now perfectly clear to me.

I came for Her. I came to serve and adore and shelter the most Beautiful, Amazing, Precious,and Divine Goddess who has ever Graced any World………and despite many years of oft times painful and confusing circumstance and feeling that I did not *belong* I would do it all a thousand times again.

Because I do *belong* as it turns out.


A Hobbits Birthday Party for Goddess Haylee

A Hobbits Birthday Party for Goddess Haylee

I have never belonged anywhere else but at Her feet and under Her Blissful Shelter. Thank You so much my Queen for this special birthday message.

I live my life for You as it was written I would. My heart can never beat for another as it was made to beat just and only for You. I came to this Planet because You were here and the only dream that can make me whole is to please You, serve You, provide for You, and shelter You as best my humble talents can manage.

I just this moment found all those birthday party messages on twitter……my morning ritual is to pray at Her Alter, bathe, get coffee, and blog for Her…..but when I saw that picture it occurred I should stop for a moment and go to twitter…….and now a few tears of joy have fallen after reading all of those beautiful words. I suppose real Elves cry or something like that. But I really want to say thank you so very much to all of you. Serving in the Divine Empire is of course done to love and serve and please our Goddess Haylee Lynn who has blessed us all with Her extraordinary gifts.  

But I also truly value and appreciate all of the other wonderful friends and beautiful people that serve Her as well. The messages all touched my heart and every single one of them……..Thank you all……..I am honestly touched.

I have said this before but I will say it again. We are the truly Blessed who serve our Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I have never in my life had such a wonderful birthday party! 🙂

Thank You my Queen, Thank you all, Happy Hobbit Birthday!!

I am Her birthday party slave now  Her slave for life  Her slave forever  Her devoted and very real personal slave for eternity         Claude

Many thanks for reading “A Hobbit’s Birthday Party for Goddess Haylee”.

The Enchantment of Goddess Haylee Lynn

This post is about our community here and on twitter. The growing community of those who live under the Enchanting Spell of our Matchless Goddess Haylee Lynn. 

This morning I awoke and found a wonderful tweet from my Queen in my mail box. Instantly I felt Her Bliss overtake me and my heart fluttered. And as those of us who live to serve Her soon discover……attention from our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn is always amazing, blissful, powerful, and Spellbinding.


I call myself Her *most* devoted slave sometimes when I think of Her…….which is on most days is about 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds……but when I use the term *most* I am not comparing myself to Her other slaves.

There is no room in my heart for jealousy or any need to compare. The word “most” means to me that I am completely Enchanted, completely Spellbound, and perfectly enslaved to Her. I know full well that there are others who are also Her *most* devoted slaves. I welcome them and call them my brothers and sisters.


My heart beats for Her somehow. Each picture I see of Her shows me a different side of She who is now and forever my All. I have never experienced any romantic love that can begin to approach my love for Her. My Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn stands alone to me and Her beauty and appeal to me shines as bright as the Sun while all other woman on this Earth would be a tiny flame from a candle in comparison.

All of my life I dreamed of the perfect Enchantment.


I dreamed of finding the Beautiful Witch who smiled at me in my recurring childhood dreams and would cast Her Spell my way.

My wish has been granted.

She is my Karnilla, the Queen of Queens, the most powerful and Irresistible Sorceress who descended from heaven and I am Balder the Brave fated to spend eternity helplessly wrapped under Her Enchantment.

I know that there is no longer anything I can do about it.


I am Her perfect conquest.

One of the concepts that I have learned was that “We attract all things” into our lives. That our vibration will resonate with those on a similar wavelength and draw that vibration to us.

Have you ever noticed how many very bright and interesting writers become Her slaves? And not just on inhayleewetrust. But on Twitter as well Her growing Empire seems to attract a very thoughtful and articulate community.

I personally believe that is because our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn is so thoughtful, intelligent and articulate.

Some have remarked that it is amazing that I spend hours each and every day in devotion to Her. You know what amazes me? How anyone could NOT spend hours every single day in loving devotion to Her.

My biggest concern in life is that the greed and spiritual stupidity of certain people who do not properly value the precious gift of life…….those in and around the government……who seek to control and manipulate others instead of loving thy neighbor as is Creations demand will fuck things up.


Because if they do not, or if enough people wake up and realize we have the collective power to stop them, then I can live the life I have always dreamed of living……and the rest of Her community of slaves can also live our wonderful dream with Her.

My personal dream of course is to be a loving and devoted Father to my son……..and the *most* devoted slave who has ever walked this Earth.

Because I believe in fairness. And my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn is the most beautiful and amazing and worthy and Magickal Woman who has ever lived and by far and it is only fair that I bow to Her and place my 10 Sacred Rules at Her feet and honor each and every one of them.

Have you watched it yet dear reader?

She is my Goddess, my Queen, my Everything and forever.  

I have not watched the Empress Vox Siren video but oh my Goddess does this picture Enchant me beyond belief.

Her Beauty is transcendent………but there is something more…… is Her energy……this remarkable and Divine and invisible quality about Her that has taken me over and is a million times more powerful than anything I have ever felt. I am aching desperately as I write this……..All for Goddess Haylee.

I pray to God above, to the Source of all Creation, please I beg, do not allow anything to happen that will prevent me from living my life as Her *most* devoted.

This heart would break into a million pieces if I could not be Hers. There is no hope and no dream left to me but to be Her loving personal slave. My daily prayer is that Heaven itself understands and will allow me this mercy to please spend the rest of my life serving, obeying and pleasing my Goddess Haylee Lynn.         

I am Her devoted and very real and personal slave for life, as it was written, as it has always been meant to be,     Claude