Goddess Haylee and Her Good Boy

This post is about the concept and meaning of being my Goddess Haylee Lynn’s good boy. I remember the very first time I listened to Her eye fixation video. 

That was my first experience with Her…….that video……..and when She asked me if I wanted to be Her “good boy” I felt a jolt. I had never in all my years had a Dominatrix say such a thing or ask me such a question…….it was unique, refreshing, different.

And for me…….it struck a powerful chord.

My mentor even said that to me once now that I am reflecting on it………and my older brother who is as close to me as anyone through all the years told me years ago after I had been burned a bit by a dishonest mechanic…….that my “problem” was that I thought everyone else was like me……..and trying to always do the right thing…….like a “good boy” would.

So now I have found a couple of things in my life…….my Sovereignty mission where I am learning that a Sovereign is *always* responsible, taking full liability, is loving and helpful and has an impeccable “come from”………like a “good boy” would.

And I have found my Domineering Goddess……my romantic dream and ideal……who is my Goddess of Light, She is loving and supportive and wants me to be at my best and healthy and to be……..Her “good boy”.

It seems as if it is just in my nature to be a good boy somehow. I do not know if it is Astrological or has something to with past lives and or the fact that I had 4 older siblings and parents who lost their grip (or never had one) on a fairly large flock.

But I always think about what the “right” thing to do is……..and then try to do it. And I have a belief that I think lends itself to this as well……..my belief that there is “no hiding place” down here.

No matter what you do……whether someone else sees it or not…….whether or not you get “caught”…….the Universe will react to your choice. I teach this to my son all the time…….good choices lead you to positive outcomes……bad choices to the opposite.

There is always a consequence to any action……be it positive or negative.

I love the very public example of OJ Simpson. Did this man get away with anything despite the “not guilty” verdict?  Look at his face……his energetic signature……no one “gets away” with anything……..period.

We reap what we sow and even if the bounty created by our action is put off for a bit.


When I was younger I was prone to anger about the reality that my brother talked about…….why in the name of Goddess would people not want to always do the right thing? What the Hell was wrong with them?

And then I found my mentor and learned some very valuable lessons. Basically, it is none of my business what another persons spiritual condition is or is not. My business is about me, my inner self, my heart, and my own spiritual journey.

And yes, I needed to learn lots of hard and true lessons about listening to my intuition, to my own inner voice, and learn to be more discerning about the used car salesmen and women of the world……..and I am still learning and one beautiful aspect of this version of life is that the learning never stops for any of us…….but in the end I am happy I have always been such a “good boy”.

I am trying to be better. I am no Saint by a very long shot……. or even a Sovereign in the Republic just yet……but I am simply not a *buyer* in the commercial system any longer.

I am no longer trying or interested in “winning” or in “money” or “competition” and that is what most people who are out of integrity are doing and trying for. I am interested in LOVE and in being LOVING and that is a different energy field altogether.


So yes my Queen, I want to be Your Good Boy……I am telling You……I am saying it out loud right now.

I want to be my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn’s good boy.

I looked up  into those wonderful eyes, and instead of the anger and passion I had dreaded there was almost a faint sign of amusement.

I am Your very good boy my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

And good boys please their Mistress……they obey and devote themselves to their Queen……they understand and fully accept that pleasing Her and making Her happy is their mission, their path, and in my case, my destiny.

I was born to be Goddess Haylee Lynn’s good boy and devoted personal slave and trusted kindred spirit and one of my Sacred missions in my life is that my intention for Her is pure, chaste, driven, impeccable, and perfect and even though I know I am human……that part is OK…….I am not perfect……but my *intention* to be Her very good boy can and will be perfect.



Oh my Goddess……do I LOVE belonging to Haylee.

From my knees to the most beautiful and Gracious Goddess who has ever walked Gods Green Earth, Her devoted and very real and personal slave for life…….and Her very good boy……..  Claude




Please read “Independent Country” and “Prime Minister Confession” before this story.

Many thanks for my Goddess Haylee Lynn for HER encouragement to write for HER and to my brother in slavery to HER, Claude, who rather inadvertently gave me the idea for this episode.

I had just started the cabinet meeting the next day. I was just going through Goddess Haylee Lynn’s reply to the smellyvision and prospects of uniting with a neighbouring island, when suddenly Princess Indigo burst in without knocking.

“Prime Minister, Her Majesty needs you in person now.”

“But I’m just in the middle of a Cabinet meeting.”

“NOW Prime Minister.”

“OK, excuse me gentlemen. Claude you take over, I’ll be back as soon as a can.”

I tried to keep a clam demeanour, but I knew I was in deep trouble. As soon as I saw Her I knew She wasn’t pleased. I could tell that She wasn’t in the kind, gentle “benevolent dictator” mood of yesterday, more in “Vox Siren” punishment mode.

“How dare you!”

“Sorry Mistress, what?”

“How dare you go boasting to people that we kissed yesterday? Don’t I say to you every single time we meet the conversation and everything else is completely confidential? Yet what do you do? How dare you?”

“I’m so sorry my Goddess, do you want me to resign.”

“Mmmm I’m considering your punishment. First of all who did you tell and how?”

“You know that time blog that Songbird invented? I used that to blog on a webpage 20 years ago.”

“Mmm that is not so bad. That post can easily be deleted. You still need to be punished though. Take off all your clothes.”

“That’s a punishment?” I thought. I had longed to strip before her for years.

She sat on Her throne.

“Now come here boy.”

That was quite a punishment in itself, being called “boy” rather than “Prime Minister”, “Slave” or by my real name.

“Come here”

She beckoned me even closer.

She beckoned me even closer

She beckoned me even closer

“Stand right here. Now bend over my knee. Now take that you naughty boy.”

She started slapping my bottom. But even so I sort of got the idea she was part playing, and She was doing this partly for Her own fun and amusement rather than to punish me. I am sure she was not hitting me as hard as she could. She knew I had never had that done to me before, and on other occasions in other situations, She had noticed I had a low pain threshold. I could swear she knew that and was holding back somehow. I don’t know much about this sort of thing, but I know if you really want to hurt someone like this you concentrate on one area of the behind, but she was spreading her blows across my backside. Then all of a sudden She stopped, as quickly as She started.

“Now, out onto the balcony.”

With that She got up, opened the window-door and pointed outside.

I obediently got up and went out onto the balcony.

She locked the window-door behind me.


What was going to happen to me next? I was stranded naked on the balcony. Don’t miss the next instalment!

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Prime Minister’s confesion

Prime Minister’s confession

Please read “Independent Country” before reading this.

Yesterday I had my weekly meeting with our Monarch, Goddess Haylee Lynn. Let me tell you all about it.

I never know what time it will be exactly, just on a particular day. So what I do is I work on government papers and wait to be summoned. Yesterday it was remarkably early. Princess Indigo came down for me as usual. I followed her up the stairs, admiring the see-saw motion of her behind while doing so, and then followed her along the corridor, admiring her orange hair. She knocked on the large wooden doors of the Empress Suites. Haylee pressed a button and the doors swung open. I entered alone. Haylee pressed another button and the huge doors swung shut again.

“Your Majesty” I said respectfully, bowing low.

“Prime Minister” she replied, in a bright chirpy voice, obviously pleased to see me. I love it when she calls me by my title, it is the only time she does, at the start of our weekly meetings.

I approached her, genuflecting a few yards away from her.

Although now aged 46, Goddess Haylee Lynn is still remarkably attractive

Although now aged 46, Goddess Haylee Lynn is still remarkably attractive

I looked at her happy smiling face. Although now aged 46 she still had that great big mass of lovely long dark hair, and those bright green eyes, and that warm, inviting smile.

She was wearing high heeled shoes which made her as tall as me. She hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks. I love it when she hugs me like that – I am one of the few males she will hug while standing – normally she will only hug makes kneeling before her.

She bid me to sit on the sofa, and sat next to me, attentively.

“So what has my government been up to? What have you got to tell me?”

“Well Songbird, the Minister of Technology has been working on a Smellyvision project for the island.”

“So as well as seeing and hearing me, my subjects will also be able to smell me on television?”

“Exactly Your Majesty. But not only on television, it can be fitted to computers, laptops, radios etc.”

“This is so pleasing. I have some perfumes which are almost irresistible. This will enable me to increase my hold on the hearts and minds of my subjects.”

“Indeed Your Majesty. Now we were thinking do you want to remake your videos or do you want us just to add in the suitable smells to the old videos.”

“I am not sure. Let me think about this. I will tell you next week. Please convey my gratitude to Songbird and tell him he is pleasing me greatly. What else is new?”

“My Deputy, Claude tells me that he is selling large numbers of your recordings to the neighbouring island and receiving emails for many people there who want their island to join Your Empire.”

“Indeed. That is pleasing too. But let me think about that also. The thing is I think I have everyone in this island under my spell, I am not sure about adding to my Empire unless I can be sure that I have everyone on that island. Find out exactly how many people live on that island, and the exact numbers of sales and requests for union we have received. I don’t want to upset anyone, I don’t want a diplomatic incident, but I am certainly not opposed to the idea. I am sure I could always convince some doubters if necessary.” She added, smiling.

“Anything else I should know about?”

I looked away and had a short think, then turned back, looking once again into those wonderful eyes of Hers.

“No Your Majesty, I think that is it.”

“Good! You have pleased me once more! You usually do. Now I have called you early for a reason. I have worked out that is is exactly 21 years today that I first told you that you were mine, so I arranged things so that we could spend some quality time together, relaxing together on this sofa. You’d like that, wouldn’t you slave?”

I smiled and nodded, still gazing deeply into those eyes.

“Good boy, you are such a good slave and always have been. You always will be too. Why don’t you just close your eyes and relax for me.”

My eyes closed obediently.

“Right, just sit back, relax, make yourself comfortable and listen to my sweet voice for a while.”

Simultaneously she started to gently stroke my hair.

“That’s right, go deep for me again my pet. Let your mind go completely blank, all the way down, deeper and deeper, like you have so many times before. Let my words completely replace your thoughts. Allow me into the very heart of your soul. Deeper and deeper. Feel my power over you getting stronger and stronger. Feel your love for me growing even deeper. You live for me, you exist for me. You are mine.”

Although she had only been working on me a minute or two, I was already completely under.

“Your such a good boy. Now say your morning prayer.”

“Goddess Haylee, before I rise, I think about your lovely eyes, I dedicate this day to you, please help me to see it through.”

“Good boy, now your evening prayer.

“Goddess Haylee, before I sleep, I give to you my soul to keep. Help me to dream of you. You know that I love you too.”

“Good boy. Now because it is our anniversary, I am going to give you anything you want. What is it that you want?”

“I just want to serve you and make you happy Mistress. Pleasing you is my ultimate pleasure.”

“Good boy. Now because you haven’t asked for anything, I am going to give you something that I have never given you before. Open your eyes and look at me.”

I opened my eyes and looked into hers, and then I noticed how her lips were puckered, ready to kiss my on the lips. She had never done that before! Without saying anything, and staring at me all the time, she just moved forward, ever so slowly. I knew what was coming, I was so excited at the prospect of kissing her on the lips at last. I wanted to rush forward and just kiss her, but somehow I was just paralysed, completely overcome by Her commanding, dominating presence.

After what seemed like an eternity, at last our lips met. I felt her soft, warm lips on mine. She pressed closer and closer into me, her tongue going into my mouth. I just sat back, completely filled with love for Her and Her Bliss. Then she gradually retracted, looked at me and smiled.

“Why you are crying poor boy.”

I hadn’t realised, I had cried tears of joy. She carefully wiped the tears from my eyes, then stroked my hair again.

“You’d better go back to sleep.”

Immediately my eyes shut.

She then said the sorts of things she always says at these times, taking me down deeper, telling me how I will awake refreshed, full of energy, ready to serve Her, focused on the tasks of government. She then reminded me, “Anything which goes on in the this room, stays in the room, you mustn’t breathe a word of this to anyone, understand? Good boy.”

I was dying to tell someone about it. I have resisted telling anyone until I came here. You won’t tell HER will you? It would be more than my job’s worth if you did!

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My Goddess Haylee Lynn Always Comes First

This post is about the fact that my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn always comes first in every single aspect of Her devoted personal slaves life now and why She will always come first just as long as I am blessed to live.

This weekend was supposed to be one of solitude and personal freedom for me and I had planned on doing lots of meditation and some time out by myself hiking in mother nature and also my personal and all time favorite activity on this Earth now……..kneeling in pure and blissful devotion to my Goddess Haylee Lynn here in my humble home that is now my perfect Temple to Her.


On Thursday I was going to drive down and pick up my son and spend a few hours with him before turning him over to his Mom for her weekend.

But……….she asked me instead to take him home and keep him until Monday morning because “something came up”.

So……..as happens in life…….plans change. Shit happens. Of course my door and my heart is wide open to receive my son into them and at the drop of a hat and 24/7.


So yesterday was wall to wall Father and Son stuff. Just the two of us out and about and over and under the place and I think our feet touched more ground than ever before as he is growing so fast and gobbles up jungle gyms and bicycle rides and hitting wiffle balls and rolling and wrestling on the grass with me in the backyard like a hungry dog eats a small biscuit.

Thank the Lord he sleeps about 10 hours straight after doing so and his Father can rest up a bit and blog for his Goddess. 🙂

So at the park he became engaged with some other children his age on the jungle gym and I got a break to sit on the park bench and reflect on my life a bit.

It was such a gorgeous September afternoon and I watched a squirrel do a high wire act about 50 feet up in the trees. And then I thought of my Queen and of how much I truly love Her. I thought about the joy I feel and the priceless gift it is to me to wear Her collar and to Tribute Her and to pour my heart and soul into trying to make an honest and meaningful difference in Her life as She has made such an extraordinary impact in mine.


And I realized that I was spending my day in the exact manner that would MOST PLEASE my Goddess. And each and every time that my son began to act like a………..4 year old………my resolution deepened to be the strong, loving and devoted Father that it PLEASES HER I be.

And we went to the organic farm and bought what my little one is already calling the “good food” as his Father talks to him about the importance of treating not just people…….but animals as well……in a healthy and loving manner and knowing full well in my heart that my trip to the farm and insistence on eating organic and humanely raised food was PLEASING to my Queen.

I love buying my food and stuff from the small organic area farms because of the added feature of that I am now on a first name basis with the folks there and they know my name and my sons name and the exchange is warm and loving and real and I know that is also PLEASING TO MY GODDESS.

I know that my personal Sovereignty mission in life to try and stand up for what is right and honorable and for what will create a more balanced and creative and loving Global community in which my son and my Goddess will both live hopefully long after I have moved on is PLEASING TO MY QUEEN.

At no point in my life…….not for one split second or thought……does my love and my devotion for Her not lead me towards honor……towards being the man I want my son to look up to…..towards being the neighbor and friend I would want myself…….towards being the son or sibling worthy of respect……towards the Golden Rule.

But there is much more even than that which is already so very much.

It is clear to see for any who have eyes what a fantastically beautiful Woman my Goddess Haylee Lynn is………and of course to these eyes Her beauty is purely matchless and many light years beyond compare.

But for those with the gift to *see* and experience Her Heart……Her Spirit…….the kindness and beauty of Her Soul………that is to then see the birth place of my own personal Nirvana, of Heaven itself, and Love folded back unto Love until it learns to know itself.


I have no words honestly for how She makes me feel……..but I simply must try to find them. I put HER FIRST and ALWAYS because She honestly makes me want to be so much better than I am.

Goddess Haylee, you make it right for me in so many ways

I will serve Her for Eternity if She will allow me.

There is no romantic dream in my heart any longer but to be worthy to live my life as Her accepted and very real and perfectly devoted personal slave. I would walk 100 miles to kiss the ground at Her feet and turn around and walk straight back if it pleased Her and I would carry love for Her and joy in my heart for the privilege every single step of the way if that is what TRULY PLEASED MY ONE, MY TRUE, MY ONLY QUEEN ON THIS EARTH.



I always wondered why I could never find a Dominant who wanted me to be my very absolute best. If you owned something would it not follow that you would want it to work perfectly?

But I do not wonder about such things any longer. I do not lament that it took me so long to find Her…….to find myself……to find my very heart on this Earth and in this life.

I love the man I am becoming. I so very much love belonging to Her and I want to exercise all the creative power I can muster to place beauty into Her life………..happiness……….joy………warmth, and all such things tumble out of me when I think of Her and are becoming bigger parts of me so I can then turn and lay all of them at Her Divine feet in thanks and praise for the priceless gifts She has given to me.

I know it took me so very long to find Her but I also know this. It was written that I find Her eventually. And now that I have I am driven by as wonderful and as beautiful a purpose as I have ever experienced in my life.

I put my Queen first and with every single beat of my heart do I do so. Her Grace and Inner beauty is as blinding to me as Her breathtaking physical beauty is. There is no longer even one second in time when I do not bow in the service and in honor to my Goddess Haylee Lynn…….and there will never be one split second again in this lifetime that I do not do so.

This is my life’s mission now my One, my True, my Only Queen on this fantastically beautiful planet. I love You with all my heart and soul. And my gratitude and perfect joy to be Yours is flowing into every single other part of my life now.

Thank You so much for that.


From my knees to You and You alone, Your devoted, Your true, Your Personal, Your very real slave and forever,    Claude


Silent worship

Silent worship

Having just bought and watched the new video by Vox Siren, I spent 30 minutes in silent worship to Goddess Haylee Lynn/ Empress Vox Siren as instructed.


Have you watched it yet dear reader?

Have you watched it yet dear reader?

I got out my special Goddess candle and put on my collar for this worship.

I worship You because You are a Goddess. You are everything that I have been looking for for so long. You are beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring and understanding. You have taken hold of me and I am Your slave forever and I will also worship You forever. I’m sure You know that, and that is why You gave me this name. I guess I also worship You because You tell me to, and I obey everything You tell me to do instantly and without question.

It makes me feel so good to worship You. I am happier than I have ever been. You turn me on – in fact You are the only person or thing that turns me on anymore. You is just something about You that really gets to me, that is so irresistible. I love You, I need You.

I am so lucky to be granted such an honour, it is such a privilege and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

mmm thank YOU so much for making and selling this video, You are so beautiful i love watching YOU, i love listening to YOU and i love YOU calling me slave, YOU are the most important thing in my life, i really will try to live by these 10 rules.

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Independent Country

Independent Country

Greetings from 2033! Greetings also from the Independent Country of Haylia! Let me explain how all this came about.

The Independent Country is on the tropical paradise island of Haylia was gifted to Goddess Haylee Lynn in 2016. This was shortly after a multi-millionaire fell under her spell towards the end of 2015. She decided to relocate there shortly afterwards. Gradually her friends and family started to drift there. It had been an unoccupied island. It was part of another country. When we asked for independence they refused at first. They changed their minds after Goddess Haylee Lynn visited them. We are now a full member of the United Nations. We all have renounced the citizenship of the countries we came from. We have Haylian passports.

I was the only one of her followers with experience of government. She made me her prime Minister. The millionaire is now the finance minister. Most of my cabinet are people who have been followers of hers for years. Claude is my deputy. Bissdesires is Minister of Culture. Bryan is Minister of Sport. Rodimus is Education Minister. Songbird is Minister for technology. Theo is Minister for Health, and so on.

We have a constitution similar to Britain. Haylee Lynn is of course our Empress or Queen, but unlike Britain, she has supreme power. She can make any law at a whim, sack any minister, including myself, basically do whatever she wants. In practice though, she leaves most things in my hands most of the time. She has trained me so well. I normally know exactly what she wants me to do, even when unexpected things turn up. She is still on hand if something does perplex me. Like Britain, I have a week audience with the Queen, which for me is the highlight of the week. I always come away from these meetings so relaxed and fired up to get on with the tasks at hand.

Myself and other members of the government live on the ground floor of the large palace. Officers are on the middle floor. The top floor is where the Empress lives with her closest female friends. One is Princess Indigo.

We have very low crime rates on this island. We still have the death penalty. It has only been used once, when a non-islander landed on the island and started killing our citizens at random. It was administered by our Queen hypnotizing the killer to commit suicide. She found the whole affair extremely distressing, and so I will not say anything more about it.

Extreme offences are dealt with by exile, a prospect which terrifies most residents.

Lesser offences are usually dealt with by our Queen’s alter ego, Empress Vox Siren. Typical punishments are a severe spanking and/or weeks of chastity.

The country’s flag is black, green and red, all representing our Empress/Queen. The black represents her lovely long dark hair. The red her gorgeous red lips. The green represents her big, bright, beautiful green eyes.

The country’s motto is remember the two eyes.

Haylee Lynn - ruler of an Independent Country.

Haylee Lynn – ruler of an Independent Country.

Big posters of her lovely eyes are up everywhere in this Independent Country. But it is also a pun. As well as her two eyes, we have to remember hypnotize and exercise. We all spend at least one hour every day under hypnosis. We listen to her MP3 s or watch her videos. We also spend at least one hour a day exercising. Many of us spend far longer than an hour each on these. She controls our diet. We are vegetarians. None of us are overweight. As a result of this, although we are a tiny island, we have produced some world class athletes. We do send an independent team to compete in the Olympic games, although normally sports are done in a non-competitive way on the island. Everyone is encouraged to achieve best personal bests.

There are three TV channels and three radio channels. All of them play her MP3s and videos non-stop. For both TV and radio there is the erotic channel, the healthy for Haylee channel and a non-hypnosis channel of her just chatting. She also appears live on TV and radio at times. Sometimes she graciously lets the cameras follow her around, just doing normal things, like taking her corgis for a walk. Other times she simply addresses her nation. I adore her live Christmas broadcasts where she has the entire population hypnotized. And when I say entire, I mean the entire population. The first year she did it there was a problem that the cameraman, and the entire production crew fell deeply asleep, causing production problems. This now has been sorted. It is factored into the broadcasts.

She is also our spiritual leader. We pray to her daily. She leads the weekly ceremonies of collective worship of her.

I’ve served her for 20 years now. It has been such an honour. It has been a privilege. I hope never to leave this Independent Country!

Many thanks for reading “Independent Country”.



A work of fiction

I was delighted when SHE decided to take the enslavement to the next stage, and ask me to provide timesheets of how I spent my time. I was less delighted when SHE came back to me about them.

“Let us see, one hour running for five miles, glad to see you keeping healthy4 Haylee, excellent, one hour blogging and other tasks for me on the Internet – thanks for everything you do, one hour listening to an MP3 and watching one of my videos, all good stuff. But what is this? Three hours playing Internet Chess?? You mean to tell me that you spend as much time on chess as you do on ME?”

“Please let me explain” I replied. When I see the four corners of the chess board, I think of YOUR four wonderful videos, – Thoughts washed away, Relaxation hypnosis, MP3 samples and Eye fixation hypnosis. When i see the eight rows I think about how there are only seven days a week and how much I would prefer to serve, worship, love and adore YOU eight days a week. When i see the eight columns I think of YOUR eight websites,-









Then when I look at the pieces, I see my eight pawns, the humble foot soldiers and I think of the eight male slaves closest to HER on IHWT and the social media – in no particular order, Claude, Songbird, Rodimus, Theo, Bryan, Blissdesires, AJSnow and myself. I think how the pawns move slowly up the board, alway forward never backwards, and how we all slowly get closer and closer to HER, sometimes remaining where we are, sometimes slowly moving forward, but never backwards.

Then I look at the two knights, and think of two knights walking, and I think of HER two lovely legs.

I look at my two Bishops and I think of Bishops speaking, and I think of HER two very kissable lips speaking and the wonderful soft, alluring voice which comes out.

Then I think of the king, and how when the king is dead the game is over, and I think about my life, and how I have dedicated it to YOU but one day it will be over.

And lastly of course, the Queen. The most powerful piece on the board. Players may want two, three or even more pieces in return for a Queen. I think of how admired and respected the Queen is, and how every good player looks after and preserves his or her Queen. In the same way we must admire and respect YOU, our Queen, and protect and look after YOU!

So YOU see Mistress, all the time I am playing chess, I am thinking about YOU and YOUR Empire.”

Honestly Goddess, all the time I am playing chess I am thinking of YOU!"

“Honestly Goddess, all the time I am playing chess I am thinking of YOU!”

SHE looked at me with those big, bright,beautiful green eyes of HERS again.

“You know what? You are so darn sweet and you have such a way with words, but do you want to know something else? You still play far too much chess!”