I is for Induce


I is for Induce Today I will move on and look at the letter I. One of the things you must remember if you are lucky enough to fall under her spell is that “I” no longer matters. If you are devoted to HER, then the only thing that matters is HER happiness and well-being. HER happiness is far more important to me than mine. I love reading about when … Continue reading

Goddess of Grace – Give to Her Generously

I wanted you to know....

Goddess of Grace – Give to Her Generously Today we move on to consider words associated with Goddess Haylee Lynn starting with the letter g. Of course the most obvious word is Goddess. Isn’t she such a Goddess? Before I met her, I never worshiped a living human being. Having been brought up a Christian, it would have gone against all the teaching I had received as a child. Yet … Continue reading

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn. I love you Goddess Haylee Lynn. Every day under your sweet spell takes me deeper and deeper. You are just so hypnotic. Everything that you say and do just leads me deeper and deeper. I love everything about you. I love the things that you do and say. Every time you call me “my sweet” you make me go so weak. I love how you … Continue reading

I’m a boomerang!

I'm a boomerang!

I’m a boomerang! I’m a boomerang dear reader! I bet you can guess why! As I am sure you will know a boomerang always comes back to the person who through it. I can’t help myself. I always keep coming back to my Goddess. Back to Haylee Lynn. I live a busy life. I play hard. I work hard. I have family commitments. Sometimes I can’t get on here to … Continue reading

My new slave name

My new slave name Today I would like to tell how my slave name was changed. I came into contact with Hypnotic Haylee about a month ago, around the beginning of June. How I fell for her and became her slave I have described in Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee.  Goddess wouldn’t be Goddess, however, if she had not intensely read my little story and had not commented on it as she … Continue reading

Married to Goddess Haylee Lynn?

Married to Goddess Haylee Lynn?

Married to Goddess Haylee Lynn? Do you feel married to Goddess Haylee Lynn? I do! Marriage of course needs love! I deeply love Goddess Haylee Lynn. I have done, ever since I watched her eye fixation video all the way through. My love has been enhanced with various MP 3 s. The first “love -spell” MP 3 I got was “Be Mine“. I’ve also got “aching love“, “You Love Me, You … Continue reading

Birthday desires of Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Birthday desires of Goddess Haylee Lynn. These are HER birthday desires, SHE posted on HER website,- OMG , I LOVE this time of the year!!!! My slaves, admirers, sissys, and fans always make it SO special for me! This is so natural though. Being a Goddess doesn’t just happen to everyone 😉 Seeing as this is what I am, being pampered on the day of my birth is well expected! … Continue reading

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 5

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 5 In part 5 of my journey. I will tell you how this journey came to an end and at the same time became the starting point of a new journey with GODDESS Haylee. A journey that is going to be a process. A journey that is going to be an outstanding experience for me. A journey of which I do not know how it is … Continue reading

Daily Acts

Daily Acts It is important to keep in touch with Goddess Haylee Lynn on a daily basis. SHE is on-line daily, posting new pictures, messages etc. It is only fair that we do likewise. If you really want to feel HER bliss dear reader, I suggest you follow HER suggestions. Here are what SHE has posted,- It is super important to do at least SOMETHING, anything every single day, that … Continue reading

Ass Obsession

Ass Obsession I wonder how many other slaves/ admires/ followers of my Goddess Haylee Lynn will admit to being obsessed with he lovely backside? Just as I love looking into pictures of her huge hypnotic eyes, I also find myself returning to pictures of her wonderful backside. Just as I love relaxing on my bed and thinking of her eyes, I also at times think of her amazing ass! It … Continue reading