Happy Birthday Claude.

Happy Birthday Claude, also known as Her Slave Now.

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Happy Birthday Claude

Happy Birthday to my very special slave, Claude.

I just wanted to take this time to wish my very special slave, Claude a very happy birthday!

I would command you to have a wonderful day and night, but I already know you will seeing as you belong to me ;).

I do however want you to light a candle tonight while everything has settled down, and sit in silence staring into the flame. For a few moments I want you thinking about how amazing this upcoming year is going to be. Think about everything you want to accomplish, and achieve. What you want to feel, see, think. Also I want you to think about how you are going to strive to be the best slave to me that you could ever be, and also to think about the journey that is ahead of you, as you fall into sweet surrender to me even more, and become more and more enslaved to me. Once your thoughts are collected, write them down and share them with me by email. Then, as the year progresses, check back and see how your thoughts match reality!

May this be an extremely special day for you, with many more to come~

The days will turn into weeks, the weeks into months, the months into years as you continue to fall deeper and deeper.

Everyone make sure to visit this group Birthday Collaboration, and send your best wishes to Claude~


Happy Birthday Claude!

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