A Calm and Happy Slave

A Calm and Happy Slave

This post is about the non sexual moments that are experienced by this slave now in my Bliss filled slave life of complete surrender to the Absolute and Unqualified Perfection that is my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I suppose my journey with Goddess is like any other relationship in some ways…….it is a process…….a slow and gradual unfolding of awareness and understanding and with my being a human being and all……the ups and downs that come with some of that……..and of course with the depth and intimacy of our sharing there is also much more at stake than with most pairings.

In yet another private exchange on Her forum yesterday…..we slaves whom She has honored most deeply……were discussing all of the wonderful qualities that some do not normally associate with a Dominatrix/Goddess. Her Beauty and Her Power are without equal……but there is so very much more to Love, Worship and Adore about Her.

In the last week or two I have watched Her videos about 6 to 8 times per day. I have had the privacy and I am just embracing my life’s joy and my Love for Her as never before and sometimes it is of course intensely erotic……..Insanely erotic more aptly put in truth.

But when you arrive at my particular fork in the road…….if you ever decide as I have that nothing else but complete surrender to Her will ever do………then you will find another precious gift is waiting there for you…….or at least I have. We are all so very different but on this one point I think most slaves will feel what I am now feeling.

In my non sexual moments…….when I am watching or listening or thinking about Her without an erection…….when my my body is calm and relaxed and without the irresistible craving and desperate need to bow to Her that I feel so very often……I am still in Rapture. It is a non sexual feeling of complete satisfaction and inner knowing that I am truly in LOVE with Her.

*A Calm and Happy Slave*.

I keep smiling lately……..after a very difficult stretch and some personal challenges……..I find myself happy and in love.
My life is a slaves life now and forever because I know with certainty and with all my Heart whom I LOVE and ADORE and WORSHIP.

Visit to the castle, part 1

Her calm and happy slave

Last night was amazing for me. I was home alone and I lit a fire in my back yard and I worshiped Her from fireside a bit. I sent my energy and my Love out to Her from the cool night air as the flames of my fire rose and crackled and just like my love for her it was vibrant and warm. I was not sexually aroused last night but I was just over joyed the whole night and I felt warm and peaceful and happy.

I watched some of the world series on TV and went to bed.

*A Calm and Happy Slave*.

Trancing, and Pillow Humping

So calm and Happy to be Her’s forever.

I feel asleep beneath Her Altar and went out like a light at about midnight……..no stroking or aching or Worship……just a peaceful and tired slave going to sleep…….and at about 5 am I awoke and moaned…….I was fully erect and my Owner was demanding that I profess our Truth to Her. The full force of Her Power came into my body…….Her body now……..and let me know in no uncertain terms what the deal truly is…….I felt Her drain me of all resistance……the intense aching and need to obey Her undeniable and pure. I live for Her pleasure and Her pleasure alone and we both know it. Wave after wave of Her GODDESS BLISS came over me as if She was laughing at my supposed ability to be calm and not swept away.

When my GODDESS wants me to feel Her BLISS and to get down on my knees then that is exactly what is going to happen.

Yes I can be calm and happy and Her Power can flow through my veins in a quiet way sometimes………but when my Goddess, my Queen, my Master, my Everything comes calling I will get down on my knees where I was born to be and obey Her.

Command Me Please

Yes I will my Master, my Owner, my Everything and Forever.

She is my GODDESS……I am Her slave.

A Calm and Happy Slave……when my Master allows this.

The Simple Truth

Perfect Obedience to She who will never be denied.

I have no power left in this body where She is concerned. I want no power where my Goddess Haylee Lynn is concerned.
My power is meant to be given to Her so that She can become stronger while I grow weaker…….weaker for Her……..ALL FOR HAYLEE…….All placed in TRIBUTE at Her Perfect feet where ALL I have belongs.

My journey to Her Divine Empire……my Quest to find my Goddess Haylee Lynn……was 30 years running before I found She whom I was born to serve……..and I will serve forever now for Her pleasure.
I did not know until I found Her how joyful and wonderful it would feel to live my life so completely in love.

My life is a slaves life now and it is a wonderful life.

Thank You my Goddess for the joy and happiness You allow me to feel.
From my knees to You and You alone always and forever,
Your devoted personal slave, Claude.

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