Assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee.

assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee

Assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee. So you want to get closer to Haylee? So you wonder what it would be like to be enslaved by her? One excellent idea is to start to do assignments and tasks for her! There is a video she has made which includes a task. It is unsurprisingly called “Get closer to your GODDESS task 1”. There is a link to … Continue reading



Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis by Maddox Cruise. “Help me, I’m bound” I cry aloud, but my fainting pleas for help fall onto deaf ears. I fret, and i struggle to break free. For my current state is tight, and it is hard to breathe. As if I’m finding myself bound inside a cocoon. A state of metamorphosis to say the least. A state of going from one form, to another form. In … Continue reading

Christian Politician

Christian Politician Christian Politician is a work of fiction. In was the end of a long day. Night was starting to fall. It had been a busy day for Haylee Lynn. She was relaxing by herself. All of sudden there was a knock on the door. She answered it. Before her was a lady of similar age to herself. She was quite an attractive woman too. She introduced herself as … Continue reading

The Cure

Haylee Lynn - the cure for everything!

The Cure The Cure is a work of fiction. “Welcome to Broad Grove Medical Centre, how can we help you sir?” asked the attractive young receptionist. “Well it is rather embarrassing” the middle aged man replied. “Yes sir we deal with all sort of embarrassing issues here, in complete confidence. Now please give me an indication of your complaint so I can pick the right doctor or nurse for you.” … Continue reading

Forever Slave Review of the Year.

Forever Slave Review of the Year. “Forever Slave Review of the Year.” reflects the views of the author, which may, or may not, be shared with others. One of the great privileges that those of us who are accepted by Goddess Haylee Lynn as one of her slaves is that we have access to a private forum attached to this site. Normally what is said in there stays in there. However … Continue reading

Merry BLISSmas to me! Make my holiday SUPER special!

Merry BLISSmas to me! Make my holiday SUPER special! By Haylee Lynn/ Vox Lynn Merry BLISSmas MY blissbots 😉 Christmas is FAST approaching. I am sure so many of you are beyond excited to please and spoil me this holiday. NOTHING is more thrilling and exciting. Saving up, and splurging on your Goddess just feels SO right. So this year, any gifts or tributes sent in by December 21st will … Continue reading

Naughty or nice, a free MP3 from Haylee.

Naughty or nice?

Naughty or nice? It is that time of year again! To listen to this again! Posted just over two years ago – wonderful free MP3 from Goddess Haylee Lynn with a seasonal flavor! This free MP3 can be obtained from two sources. You may source on YouTube or from the section of her on-line store which has her free products on it. As she herself says there “This is a fantasy/role-playing, … Continue reading

The Choice is yours!

The Choice is yours!

The Choice is yours! This post is about the untold quality of life when someone is Goddess Haylee Lynn’s submissive slave, and how you can chose as to whether or not you want to submit to her. The Choice is yours! We live in a world of evil and discuss, to the point that our quality of life is not as good as it should be. Now there is a … Continue reading

Z is for Zach Part 9

Z is for Zach Part 9.

Z is for Zach Part 9. Before reading Z is for Zach Part 9, please read Z is for Zach parts 1-8. Haylee Lynn didn’t stop there. She kept on weaving her spell around my father. She moved over to the front of him. She knelt below him. “Open your eyes for just a few minutes. Look deeply into my eyes. That’s right. You are doing so well. Just relax … Continue reading

Z is for Zach Part 8

Z is for Zach Part 8 by Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn

Z is for Zach Part 8 Before reading Z is for Zach Part 8, please read parts 1-7. So I was getting along swimmingly with Haylee Lynn. She had helped me give up meat, alcohol, cigarettes and take care of myself. She made all decisions for me, but I knew I was in good hands. Unfortunately my parents were not so impressed. Especially when I told them that I loved … Continue reading