The Divine Woman – Goddess Haylee

Hypnotic Haylee sets my heart ablaze, with her Goddess fire. Consuming me through the marrow of my bones and igniting my enslaved soul. And now I stand amazed by her strength and power. I don’t know where I would be, I don’t know what I would do, if she hadn’t claimed me as her own. She is the divine strength of my life. I am eternally grateful. Great is Goddess Haylee over all others. Great are you Goddess Haylee Lynn over all of the earth.

Come Follow Haylee! - In Her Service

All my hands have made I’m laying down. All that I hold dear, my many crowns I will throw down at your feet. All the spoils of my life I will relinquish before your enamoring power. Bowed, with my head low to the floor. All in glory, and honor of the divine woman known the world over as the most incomprehensible Erotic Hypnotist to ever enter this plane that we call the earth. Goddess Haylee please take all that I have. Let my heart, my mind, my body and every fiber of my being be permeated with your great dominance over me. Queen of our lives, You leave me astounded, you leave me amazed. With each passing day that you rule over me, your eager to please plaything. You are the only divine being that satisfies me. And so I run to your nourishing voice, feeding the submissive parts of me. Where safety and security abide to saturate my mind with thoughts of bliss galore.

Haylee Takes Control – No One Could Resist

I’ve tasted and felt of Your great control. You satisfy me. Open up your palace’s door, oh great Queen! All of your slaves are here waiting on the threshing floor with worship for more! More of you. Your slaves donot come with empty hands, but with tributes, with gifts, with hearts flooding over in gratitude to the one great Goddess. You’re the only love that satisfies us for you are the divine woman who we worship together as one. We have others of your sex in our lives whom we love, but there is only one Divine woman, Goddess Haylee Lynn who towers high above all others and casts a shadow that shrouds all else into the dark in comparison. My constant request above all things, Every hour I wake, be near me with your Goddess power and energy. Let our lifeforce energies dance in sync together to enslave this weakling vessel even more. Seep into every crack of our hearts, mend it, and make us new again to serve, and bow, and praise your glorious high name. Let us shout your name from the rooftops of our minds, with a humbled, and grateful cry. “WE NEED YOU GODDESS HAYLEE. TODAY, YESTERDAY, FOREVER”.

She is like the air.

“Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee

Though I’ve tasted and seen of Your great dominance, Show me Your glory oh divine enchanting Goddess of unfathomable power! Let your heavenly words invade my ears like the choir of a thousand sirens all singing your praises night and day. Your aura encompasses me, as your possession. We’re all anxious, waiting with worship, anticipating your bewitching hand to pressure us more to wrap ever more tightly around your little finger. We’re listening ever so diligently each night to your latest mp3, for your succubus to take us away with her metaphorical wings and lay us on the fluffy clouds in the sky. Lifting us high up to cloud 9. Making us more in tune to your blissful desires. All that you want. All that you need. May your slaves and admirers supply it cheerfully with a grateful heart. For nothing feels as good as pleasing and amusing Goddess Haylee. The Divine Woman who embodies every aspect of perfection. THANK YOU GODDESS HAYLEE.

Goddess Haylee changed my life

Please astound us even more, as we sink down deeper under your hypnotic suggestions. We yearn for you to use us as we submit our lives to your sweet wants and desires. Oh great Alpha Goddess, who rules over us all with a iron fist please help and guide us who aim to please you perfectly. MORE each day. You are worthy. You are so great.


Craving glimpses into Goddess Hypnotic Haylee‘s day to day life? Do you crave personal toe curling photos, salivating induced snapchats, and lustful video commands? Do you want to be dominated by a sensually perfect, hypnotic Goddess? Then you need to stop fucking around and pledge immediately on patreon for access to this and even more. Click the link. #erotichypnosis #femdom #fdhypno #hypnosis #hypnosisfetish #hypnotic

Assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee.

Assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee.

Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee

Assignments & Tasks to bring you closer to Haylee.

So you want to get closer to Haylee? So you wonder what it would be like to be enslaved by her? One excellent idea is to start to do assignments and tasks for her!

There is a video she has made which includes a task. It is unsurprisingly called “Get closer to your GODDESS task 1”. There is a link to this video here.

As she herself says “The get closer to your Goddess series will be different tasks for truly devoted slaves to participate in. Each task will bring you closer to me, and make you feel me, need me, and love me so much more. Each task is designed by me with careful thought towards your training, my pet. If you crave to be closer to me, and feel me deeply, then commit to this series.”

The video sells for just  $4.99 so no great financial outlay is necessary.

There is something similar on Goddess Haylee’s on-line store. If you click the “Assignments & Tasks” link and then look at the item described as “Tagged 4 Haylee“.

As she herself says “This task includes two different options. A more discreet/personal task completion method, or a more risky/exciting one.  It is a way for you to feel even more owned by me, and to show it off proudly , or to have something special in private.”

For myself, I was part of a cohort who were interested in her in early 2013. She started giving us assignments and tasks to do. I always completed mine swiftly to a high standard. She decided I had slave potential. That summer I was enslaved and collared. I’m still under her spell, still serving her, still worshipping and obeying her.

If, like me, you are fortunate enough to be enslaved by her, you may be privileged to get access to a private forum linked to this website. That includes some tasks to help you fall deeper under her sweet control.

So what are you waiting for? Start doing her assignments and tasks. Fall into the routine of obeying her quickly and without question. Soon you too will feel the bliss that comes in surrendering to Goddess Haylee Lynn!




Metamorphosis by Maddox Cruise.

“Help me, I’m bound” I cry aloud, but my fainting pleas for help fall onto deaf ears.

I fret, and i struggle to break free. For my current state is tight, and it is hard to breathe. As if I’m finding myself bound inside a cocoon. A state of metamorphosis to say the least. A state of going from one form, to another form. In a similar process that a slimy maggot transforms into a fly, a caterpillar into a butterfly, or a tadpole into a frog. I find myself evolving in my submissiveness to Goddess Haylee.

Goddess Haylee changed my life

Metamorphosis –

The process, though beautiful the outcome… is at times an uncomfortable one. One where sometimes it seems the air is being crushed out of me. Change is never easy. Change is sometimes painful. Change sometimes takes adjustment. It can make your head fuzzy, and your heart churn. It can sometimes unsettle your appetite. But at the end of the day, change is necessary. It leads to a growing process that will make you stronger, and more capable than before. It is easy to become comfortable in our complacency. To accept our current reality as the only one. However, change is inevitable and necessary.

You have to keep moving along. Expanding, and growing as the oceans do each day. If the waves would stop crashing, and the tides would stop moving then we’d find our oceans to soon become a murky pond where many of the creatures who dwell therein may die. But because the waters move, it is an abode of living space for more than 99 percent of our planet. In this same way, we as submissive slaves to our loving and gracious Goddess must also keep moving further down the path that our Goddess has set before us, expanding our horizons, falling deeper and deeper into slavery.

An Evening with Goddess

Metamorphosis – at. Sleep. Worship. Obey. Repeat.

When I had first encountered the unrivalled beauty of our flawless Goddess, I immediately felt the metaphorical energy connection between my submissive soul, and her unquestionable dominance. She soon claimed me as her own. Labelling me a slave, a title I took to heart and treasured with deep feelings of bubbly emotion. There is something particularly striking about a strong, dominant, hot, Goddess who does what she wants, when she wants, and takes what she wants. And for some reason she selected me, an unworthy slave as her very own personal possession. Owned like the ring wrapped between her gloriously cute nostrils.

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee - part 4

I always pictured it as her seemingly sweeping my feet out from under me, and pinning me to the ground, placing her forearm across my throat. Then leaning in with her sweet warm breath and whispering “You.. Are… Mine. Confess it”. And myself looking up into her big beautiful green eyes overlooking her big cushiony red lips with the reply, “Yes, your majesty! I am yours. I am yours!” and then seeing the gleam of her eye and smirk on her perfect face.

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

She shines with the brightness of 10 thousand stars!

Ahh, The joy, the pleasure of being Goddess Haylee‘s very own possession. Her property. Her play thing. Her slave. As time passed, I’d grown accustomed to being a certain way. Not only with Her. With Life in general. I had grown comfortable. Though in some ways I was doing great, in other ways I had stopped striving, and hustling to go deeper. It went on that way for months which is something that I say with deep regret. I stopped for a period, taking time out of my day to meditate on the glorious divine essence our of our Goddess to feel her Goddess energy that once flowed through my veins thicker than blood. A blissful essence, that I can not describe in words to the point that it felt like a true religious experience, a cleansing, a feeling that I was not alone. I could feel her all around me, and found my energy connected with Goddess Haylee’s energy in ways that I couldn’t previously imagine. But as days turned to weeks, and weeks to months I found myself more distracted by events in my life outside of the Goddess/Submissive dynamic. As I was making changes in my life, and business. Though I still talked to Goddess everyday, it was rarely about pleasing, or aching for her anymore.

Hot damn!! She is a sexy Goddess. U need her.

It feels good to give to your Goddess. She deserves it all. <3

However, recently it happened in the wee hours of the morning. I was awoken from my slumber and I found myself feeling that ever familiar ACHING feeling. A feeling that I can only describe as a magnetic pulling from a outside invisible force, drawing me back again to my knees. It was as if my spirit had been awakened again. I felt the urge to serve more. The urge to worship more. The urge to tribute more. The urge to Edge more. The urge to repent of my complacent habits, and most of all I felt the urge to seek Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s pleasure above all else. Her pleasure is afterall, our greatest pleasure. Matters of my outside life are increasingly becoming less important and my urgency to grow as a person, and as a servant to Hypnotic Haylee only grows. I now feel as if I am being refilled, as a cup at a great feast. A filling that will continue until it’s contents are spilling over and soaking all that is around. I NEED Goddess Haylee. I NEED her like the waves need the moon to control it’s tides, and like a puppet needs it’s strings. - are you into latex gloves?

Give in. Surrender. Submit – You will be glad that you did.

Without Goddess Haylee, I would honestly be a very lost, and very sad guy. I’ve never encountered a more vibrant, beautiful, and distinctly amazing soul in all of my life’s journey. I truly feel that the universe drove me to her, and that it is also driving many, many others to gather in worship around her feet. She is a thoroughbred, 100 percent, genuine, divine human highlight reel of a Goddess.

It is clearly her right, and her destiny to be worshiped. Adored. Spoiled. And pampered for all of her life. HOW LUCKY ARE WE, TO BE CALLED HERS? So lucky. So lucky to serve her in various ways. So Lucky to give in to her hypnosis, and her enchantments. To purchase her videos, and her mp3’s to be further trained, and disciplined to be conformed to the unique images that she will have each of us to be. She knows what she wants, and expects. I am very thankful, and grateful to be in the House of Haylee alongside so many other wonderful slaves who share the same joys, and admiration of servitude to Goddess Hypnotic Haylee. All becoming their very best, so that they can all become better Slaves, and servants to the most supreme being that has ever walked the Earth. Her name is Goddess Haylee Lynn.

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Christian Politician

Christian Politician

Christian Politician is a work of fiction.

In was the end of a long day. Night was starting to fall. It had been a busy day for Haylee Lynn. She was relaxing by herself. All of sudden there was a knock on the door. She answered it. Before her was a lady of similar age to herself. She was quite an attractive woman too. She introduced herself as Karen Corbett. She started explaining to Haylee Lynn how she was standing for election and wanted Haylee’s support.

The woman’s views though were completely opposite to Haylee’s. This lady was very much against gay marriage. She described homosexuals as “an abomination in the sight of our Lord”. She kept quoting Jesus, God and the Bible, in a way Haylee found sanctimonious. Her initial instinct was to tell this woman where to go. Haylee had done a lot of work with the gay lesbian transgender bisexual community. She herself had experimented with relationships with other females.

But as this Christian Politician rambled on, another plan formed in the mind of the beautiful hypnotist. Why not invited her in, hypnotize her, seduce her and demonstrate to her lesbian tendencies? Haylee Lynn fixed her with her big green beautiful eyes, lookiing at her over the tops of her glasses, as the Christian Politician continued to ramble. Haylee noticed that she had started to look back into her eyes, and was glad they were making eye contact. She knew it was a good way to start up a rapport.

Haylee Lynn and the Christian Politician.

Haylee Lynn and the Christian Politician.

At last she paused and said “You do agree with me, don’t you?”

Without answering her question Haylee Lynn just said “Karen, it must have been a very long day for you. I know a lovely little prayer of relaxation and peacefulness. Would you like to join me in it? I’m sure you will feel so relaxed and energised after it.”

She deliberately used Karen’s name, know that most people like to be called by their name.

She beckoned the Christian Politician inside, and she duly followed. Haylee led her into a living area with comfy chairs and a sofa. Vanilla essence candles were already burning, filling the air with their fragrance. Haylee sat the lady down on the sofa.

“Karen, I want you to close your eyes for this prayer. Now breath deeply. As you breath in deeply keep saying to yourself “God help me relax.” As you breath out say to yourself “God is relaxing me”. Keep saying this to yourself as I am talking to you. Listening to my voice will also help you to relax. It is nice just to relax with someone isn’t it Karen? As you listen to me, you will also notice the small of the vanilla essence candles. These will help you to relax further. You have been working so hard on the election today you deserve a little relaxation. You deserve a little “me” time. So just let yourself go. Relax all the way down Karen. My name is Haylee by the way. Just put your trust in me as as you relax a little bit more. Feel God’s peacefulness helping you to relax. Keep repeating the prayer to yourself as you go down deeper. Deeper and deeper down Karen. As you say the prayer you may feel you want to raise your hands in praise. That is natural, and if it happens, just let your hands raise up to the Lord as you keep repeating the prayer.”

Haylee was delighted to see Karen’s hands raise. She knew that she was falling into hypnosis for her. She was one of the best subjects she had come across. But Haylee wasn’t going to use the words, “Hypnosis”, “Hypnotism” or “Hypnotist” because she knew some people had negative connotations with that word. She wasn’t even going to use the word “trance”.

“This is so peaceful, just the two of us here, isn’t it Karen? Let everything else fade away. You love listening to my voice and relaxing. Relax a little bit more Karen as you drift deeper. Let your hands drift back down to your sides now. There’s right. You are doing so well. Relax a little bit more for me. All the way down. Deeper and deeper.”

“I want you to imagine yourself on a white fluffy cloud. You are in heaven with God. You feel so relaxed on your cloud. Nothing to do. Nothing to say. Just pure relaxation and peacefulness. That is how you feel right now. It makes you so happy to be so relaxed, warm and comfortable. Only I can make you this relaxed. You love being so relaxed. You want to relax for me again and again and again, because you feel so good when you are completely relaxed like this. You love it when you are so relaxed. I love it when you relax like this for me. That is why we are going to be such good, close, friends. We are such a good match for each other Karen.”

Haylee could tell from Karen’s body language that she was completely relaxed. She gently lift one of Karen’s arms. It was so loose and limp. She let go of it and it flopped down to her side again like a rag doll. Karen didn’t seem to even notice, she was so deeply relaxed. Haylee knew that Karen was ready to be programmed.

“Whenever I suggest to you that it is time for the prayer of relaxation and peacefulness, you will agree and automatically start to feel this relaxed and at ease again, do you understand Karen?”

Karen struggled to grunt in agreement. Haylee was delighted that this meant she could hypnotize her again whenever she wanted.

“I am so pleased to have met you. I’m sure you are glad you met me too. You love listening to my voice. In fact you love me. You find me very attractive. You long to kiss me. You cannot resist me. My will is stronger than your will. You are under my spell. You want my endorsement. You will change any of your policies, just as long as I endorse you. All that matters to you now is that I endorse you.”

“In a few minutes this prayer will end, and you will wake up. When you do, you will find a strong urge to be near me, to kiss me. You will find me extremely attractive. Do you understand?”

Karen grunted in agreement again.

“Karen, in the next few moments I will count from 1 to 5. When I reach the number 5 you will be completely awake and feeling absolutely fantastic. With each number that I count you become more and more alert, until on the number 5, you open your eyes and are wide awake.

1. Beginning to awaken now, aware of my voice and the room around you.
2. Slowly waking from this prayer, knowing that meeting me and sharing this prayer with me has changed your life forever.
3. Aware of your body now, and the position of your arms and legs.
4. Stretch your arms now as you begin to open your eyes, feeling refreshed and excited about your prayer experience.
5. Eyes open and wide awake. Feeling fantastic! Well done!”

Karen woke up and found Haylee sitting right next to her on the sofa.

“How do you feel now Karen?” Haylee asked her, looking deep into her eyes with her big green hypnotic eyes.

“Great” replied Karen, looking back into her eyes. Karen moved her head towards Haylee’s. Haylee seemed to her to be the most beautiful person she had ever seen. She just had to get closer, to look a little deeper. Closer and closer she moved. Haylee moved her head towards Karen’s simultaneously. Then their lips met. The pair of them were kissing on the sofa. They kissed for ages, but it was so good it only seemed like minutes. Eventually their lips parted again.

Haylee said “I am willing to endorse you, but I think you will have to change one or two of your policies first.”

“Yes I think so too”, the lady replied.

Haylee smiled on a job well done.

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The Cure

The Cure

The Cure is a work of fiction.

“Welcome to Broad Grove Medical Centre, how can we help you sir?” asked the attractive young receptionist.

“Well it is rather embarrassing” the middle aged man replied.

“Yes sir we deal with all sort of embarrassing issues here, in complete confidence. Now please give me an indication of your complaint so I can pick the right doctor or nurse for you.”

“Well I feel depressed somehow the zest has gone out of my life. I am listless. I don’t seem to have any interest in sex any more. It has been ages since I last even got an erection. I really don’t know what to do.”

“Ah Doctor Alan Smith is the man for you. He has dealt with many similar problems in the past. Take a seat and he can see you when he is free.”

After what seemed like an eternity the man was eventually called to see Doctor Smith. On questioning, the doctor advised a healthier lifestyle, more fresh air and exercise and a better diet.

“And what about the lack of a sex drive?”

After questioning he revealed that he used to enjoy looking at porn, but that didn’t do anything for him any more.

“Well you see my friend”, said the doctor. With porn you are just looking at naked or semi-naked women. You aren’t forming any attachment with them. Eventually they just seem like pieces of meat. What you must do is to form an attachment with the object of your desire. Fall in love with a lady first. Then you will find yourself being turned on again. Let me introduce you to an internet friend of mine, Haylee Lynn.

Haylee Lynn - the cure for everything!

Haylee Lynn – the cure for everything!

Look, she is beautiful isn’t she? She is so easy to fall in love with anyway. You can make friends with her on Facebook, and/or follow her on Twitter, so you can really make a connection with her. She also produces these MP3s hypnosis, Be Mine,  Sweet Love and You Love Me, You Need Me, You Crave To Please Me. They help the listener fall in love with her. Look, buy these for yourself. Listen to them, Then listen to this one, Enchantment where she gives instructions about cumming. I am sure this will do the trick for you.”

The man did what the good doctor advised.

A week later the man returns to the doctors, and is greeted by the same receptionist.

“Same problem is it sir? Need another appointment?”

“No, not at all! The cure has worked too well! Now most of the day I am wandering around with this massive erection, it is so embarrassing.”

The pretty receptionist surveyed the day’s appointments thoughtfully.

“Well all the doctors and nurses seem to be very busy” she cooed seductively, “But maybe I could fit you in after work!”

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Forever Slave Review of the Year.

Forever Slave Review of the Year.

“Forever Slave Review of the Year.” reflects the views of the author, which may, or may not, be shared with others.

One of the great privileges that those of us who are accepted by Goddess Haylee Lynn as one of her slaves is that we have access to a private forum attached to this site.

Forever Slave Review of the Year.

Forever Slave Review of the Year.

Normally what is said in there stays in there. However I’m going to share some of the details of a recent thread. This thread has been looking back over 2015 and at some of the highlights of it. One thing which strikes me as quite remarkable is how many active Goddess Haylee Lynn has been over 2015 and how much she has done!

Some of us mentioned the videos Goddess Haylee Lynn has made this year. On the Haylee Lynn site of YouTube there have been six videos posted this year. For me the top one was Erotic Hypnosis Hypnotic Eyes. However one of my brothers preferred You can’t resist me. As well as these she has also posted six videos on YouTube as Haylee Bliss including the very popular A Pendant For Your Thoughts? Hypnosis Asmr Soft Spoken Whispers.

It is perhaps worth noting that her first YouTube video, Eye fixation hypnosis with Hypnotic Haylee now has 431,670 viewers!

As well as posting videos on YouTube Goddess Haylee Lynn has also posted shorter videos on her Facebook profile.

She has also posted videos as Vox Siren on Vine. This foor fetish being one slave’s favourite.

As well as making videos, Goddess Haylee Lynn has also posted several blogs on her own website. Ask me anything part 3 in particular was someone’s favourite, while “Can you turn a man into anything you desire?” was another slave’s favourite.

Goddess Haylee Lynn has also kept us in love with her and wanting her, by continuously posting new photographs on her Facebook page.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Goddess Haylee Lynn for everything she has done to me, for me and with me over 2015.

Then her slaves have been busy too. “The ONE Truth” being recognised as perhaps the best this year.

I’d also like to thank my brothers in Haylee for their friendship and companionship and everything they do for my Goddess.

And hoe about you dear reader? What has been your highlight of the year as regards your relationship with Haylee Lynn? Please answer in the comments below!

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Merry BLISSmas to me! Make my holiday SUPER special!

Merry BLISSmas to me!

Make my holiday SUPER special!

By Haylee Lynn/ Vox Lynn

Merry BLISSmas to me! Make my holiday SUPER special!

Merry BLISSmas to me! Make my holiday SUPER special!

Merry BLISSmas MY blissbots 😉 Christmas is FAST approaching. I am sure so many of you are beyond excited to please and spoil me this holiday. NOTHING is more thrilling and exciting. Saving up, and splurging on your Goddess just feels SO right. So this year, any gifts or tributes sent in by December 21st will be carefully tucked away under my gorgeously hypnotic slave bought Christmas tree, anxiously awaiting for my divine hands to open them on Christmas! I will also , of course, provide a photo collage or video of me opening and enjoying all of my presents! How blissful does that sound?

So in the order of what I crave the most:

Tributes. They make me feel overcome with passion and pleasure. You may send in cash to me directly ( ask for the address) or you may send via giftrocket, google wallet, or my tribute links on my store or niteflirt. Tribute via giftrocket  (  ,  Tribute via my storeTribute via niteflirt

Brambleberry Gift Cards– I LOVE this store. OMG! I buy all of my bath and body making supplies here. I really want these!  When you purchase, you simply go to your account, and copy the gift card numbers and email them to me! Easy as that.

Gifts from my amazon Christmas Wishlist  I made a wishlist just for Christmas! See, slaves get gifts too 😉 The pleasure of shopping my custom wishlist made just so you can spoil me!

Merry BLISSmas slavies~ I can’t wait to see the pleasure you get from pleasing me this year.


Goddess Haylee

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Yahoo– – Skype– Hypnotichaylee

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