Z is for Zach Part 4

Z is for Zach Part 4

Note: Although Z is for Zach Part 4 is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn can help you become a non smoker, with hypnotherapy, counselling etc in a phone session with Haylee.

Z is for Zach Part 4

Z is for Zach Part 4

Before reading Z is for Zach Part 4, please read Z is for Zach parts, 1, 2 and 3 first.

Z is for Zach Part 4 by Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Synopsis of Z is for Zach Part 4: Zach is a mild smoker. Haylee starts to mold him by making him give up smoking.

At that time I was a mild smoker, I’d have one or two cigarettes a day. In Haylee Lynn’s eyes this was one or two too many. She looked at me with those big green eyes and told me how just one or two cigarettes a day could do great damage to me.

Z is for Zach Part 4

Z is for Zach Part 4.

There is something irresistible about her when she looks at me like that, and I can’t help agreeing with her. Soon I was sitting on her sofa again, listening to that soft silky voice again.

“You have decided to quit smoking … And the way that you are going to quit smoking tonight, is simply to relax … That’s right you’re going to slow down, relax. Just let everything go … And take this time … That you’ve chosen for yourself … To feel comfortable, relaxed, and totally at ease … You have no place else to be right now … And nothing else to do … You have selected this time to be here … So just let everything go … Leave all bothersome thoughts behind … And take this time that you’ve chosen to be here … To be completely relaxed … The more you allow yourself to relax … The closer you are to becoming a nonsmoker …

You are here right now because you have a strong desire to stop smoking … No one else has forced you to be here … You have come here because you have decided that today is the day … Today is the day that you have decided to be a nonsmoker once and for all. No little piece of white paper wrapped around tobacco is going to control you any more. Because you are now in control and you have taken the first step. Here … now … and today … To become a nonsmoker. By the time you have finished listening to me, … in just a few moments … your goal will be reached. You will be a nonsmoker. You will have stopped smoking once and for all. That nasty habit of the past will be gone. You’ll begin your new life as a nonsmoker. You’ll never smoke again.

So as time passes by … right now … think of yourself in the following way. I am a nonsmoker. I have stopped smoking. I will never smoked again. As a nonsmoker I have the ability to be around other people who smoke. I have the ability to enjoy life as a nonsmoker. Everything I do from this moment on is better as a nonsmoker. I t doesn’t matter whether I’m at home, at work, alone or with others. I am in control. Anywhere I go and no matter what I am doing, whether I am having dinner … relaxing … driving … working … or having a break. Everything is so much more enjoyable. Everything is so much better as a nonsmoker.

You feel so much better … As a nonsmoker … so much healthier … so much happier … you’ll find that each and every day you’ll be able to breathe easier … enjoy life more …

Just feel that confidence begin to move through you. Allow a wonderful feeling of confidence to move through you right now. At this very moment. You are realizing that you are a nonsmoker. Feel the confidence that you now have. You have overcome that negative habit. You have reached your goal and become a nonsmoker. You can feel that confidence moving through you. Just filling you up.

It is important to realize that to accomplish anything worthwhile in your life. You must give it 100% effort. To remain a nonsmoker is no different. You must give it 100% effort. 100% to win. By giving it 100% you have made a commitment to win. You have made this commitment to yourself. That you will always move forward. You have stopped smoking. You are a nonsmoker. You will never smoke again. From this moment on your desire, your commitment to your health, is stronger than ever before.

In addition to being a nonsmoker … You are also beginning a new positive habit … One that will help you in every part of your life … You’ll find that from this moment forward … That water will taste better to you than ever before … That wonderful crisp, refreshing water will quench your thirst like it never has … That life in giving water will help you in every step of the way to become healthier … You have overcome a negative habit and are replacing it with this new positive habit, of drinking water … That wonderful refreshing water … In fact you might even be noticing right now … That by just thinking about water … Your mouth is beginning to become dry and parched. This is your bodies natural reaction to thirst … You have more of a desire than ever before to drink that wonderful crisp refreshing water…

You know, now that you have stopped smoking you’ll find that you have more energy, energy that will be needed to be put to good use. You’ll find yourself being able to move easier. Feeling better about yourself. There are many things you can do that will help you to be healthier. Maybe going for a short walk in the morning. Maybe parking your car little further away at work or at the grocery store to get in a little more exercise. You may even find yourself eating a little healthier. All of these things are a natural by-product of becoming healthier as you have just done.

But most of all, by stopping smoking you will save money from not buying cigarettes. You will have more money to spend on me. You will please me by not smoking. You want to please me more than anything. This is going to bring us closer together. You want to be close to me. You want to please me.

Now I want you to go to sleep, thinking of all the things I have said to you. Thinking of how we will be closer, how you will spend more time with me, and how you will be fitter, healthier and happier by not smoking.”

And so it was, I drifted to sleep, now as a nonsmoker, thinking of her, her eyes, her voice, her beauty.

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee

Z is for Zach Part 4

I drifted to sleep, just thinking of her.

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Well I wasn’t expecting that!

Well I wasn’t expecting that!

As I approach serving Haylee Lynn for three whole years, I’d like to share my version of the song of the same name by JAMIE LAWSON.

The original lyrics can be found here.

I looked into her eyes
I became hypnotized
I wasn’t expecting that.
She made me behave
And I became her sweet slave
Well I wasn’t expecting that.

Gosh how I love her
and she gave me collar
I wasn’t expecting that.
I went to sleep in my bed
She came back into my head
Well, I wasn’t expecting that!

I thought it wasn’t meant to last
I thought you were just passing through
If I ever get the nerve to ask
What did I get right to deserve somebody like you?
I wasn’t expecting that.

It takes only her word
and I’m inside her world
I wasn’t expecting that.
But it came without fear
A month turned into a year
Well I wasn’t expecting that.

I thought love wasn’t meant to last.
Honey, I thought you were just passing through
If I ever get the nerve to ask
What did I get right to deserve somebody like you?
I wasn’t expecting that.

Oh and isn’t it strange
How I could be changed
By a girl with the sweetest smile.
For her I’d do anything
You know I wouldn’t change a thing
Without that sweet hypnosis
What a life I’d have missed.

If I’d not took a chance
On a little light trance
Well I wasn’t expecting that.
Time doesn’t take long
Three years come and gone
I wasn’t expecting that.

Then the inspiration came
To write for you again
I wasn’t expecting that.
And when you read these words from me
Perhaps your reply will be
“Well I wasn’t expecting that”.


Go to Goddess Haylee Lynn – you never know what you might find!

Z is for Zach Part 1

Z is for Zach Part 1

It was a hot summer’s day. I met her in a supermarket queue of all places!

Z is for Zach Part 1

Z is for Zach Part 1

She stood in front of me, her long curly dark hair cascading all the way down her back, like a wonderful vibrant waterfall. I don’t think I had ever seen such wonderful, magnificent hair.


Z is for Zach Part 1

She could almost sit on it. She was wearing a black top, and at first glance it was hard to tell where her hair finished and her black clothes started. Below she seemed to have on a tight black swimsuit. Below that were long, shapely bare legs and sandals. I could hardly believe it when she turned to me and said,
“Zach isn’t it? I remember you from primary school, you were in my class.”
My mind raced to try and remember this wonderful girl’s name. My mind raced through all the girls in my class at Primary School. At last it came to me! She was Haylee Lynn. How could I have possibly forgotten? And how could such a nice, quit little girl grow up to be such a beautiful creature that now stood before me.
“Are you staying for a coffee Zach?” She said. Of course I agreed instantly. I found myself paying for two coffees, even though it was her who had suggested coffee. Somehow I loved paying for it though.
Over coffee she quizzed me about what had happened to me since I left the primary school. I answered, and she seem impressed with my degree and new career. Then asked her what she did.
“My job is looking good.” she replied.
I looked astonished.
“Look Zach, you get what you need with your intelligence; I get what I need with my charm and my looks.”
Sticking out her little finger on her right hand, she said,
“I have guys on the Internet wrapped around my pretty little finger. They see to it that I have a house to live in and spending money to meet my needs.” I didn’t ask any details, but I felt curious.

She then lent towards me so our foreheads almost touched, and looked deeply into my eyes with her lovely big green eyes.

Z is for Zach Part 1

Z is for Zach Part 1

“With your brains and my beauty we could go far you know.”
She drank another sip of coffee and looked at the sun streaming through the windows of the supermarket.
“It is just a lovely day, I’d love to go to the coast, wouldn’t it be lovely to stroll along the beach there, with the sand between our toes.” She said.
“I could take you.” I replied.
“OK, there is just one thing first. My sister has a boyfriend and he obsessed with football. He is always playing or practicing or watching it on the television. I think she should dump him, he never seems to have any time for her. You are not like that are you Zach?”
“No I can’t stand football.”
I felt uneasy. I didn’t like football, but I spent enormous playing, practicing or reading about chess. I couldn’t help thinking I would have to decide between chess and the wonderful lady who was before me now.
And so after following Haylee Lynn so she could drop off her shopping, we headed for the seaside. We had a lovely time on the beach, just walking, paddling in the sea, and getting to know each other once again.  But where was this all going to lead to? I wondered to myself.

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Y is for Yoyo.

Y is for Yoyo.

Y is for Yoyo

Y is for Yoyo

I sometimes think that I have been turned into a yoyo by my Goddess Haylee Lynn! I just can’t help coming back to her! I come back day after day. Sometimes I log on more than once a day to check on what is happening in the world of Haylee Lynn.

I know many of my brothers in Haylee Lynn are exactly the same. Many others do keep coming back to her, perhaps less frequently. Sometimes people come back after months away. It must be because she leaves such a great impression on them.

And there is just so much to come back to. There are those wonderful big green eyes. There is that long flowing hair. SHE has wit, charm, grace and intelligence. Then of course there is that soft, gentle voice. With it SHE leads me down into deep hypnosis, whether it is through her videos or her wonderful MP3s. SHE leads me down into a state where I am completely hypnotized. It is then that SHE programmes me with HER sweet suggestions which drop deeply into my subconscious. She moulds me and manipulates me so deliciously. I love what SHE does with me and to me.

I’m addicted to HER. I couldn’t want to get away from HER if I tried. But why would anyone try? Being HERS is so wonderful, so blissful.

SHE has got a firm hold on me. I am HER’S. My happiness depends on HER. I need HER far more than SHE needs me!

I love HER I adore HER. Everything about HER is just sheer perfection. I worship HER daily.

I honestly love YOU Haylee Lynn.

How about you dear reader? Are you a yoyo to Haylee Lynn too? If so, please leave a comment below!

X is for X-Ray Machine.

X is for X-Ray Machine.

I was delighted and excited to receive a phone call from my Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

“Hey Forever, I have just got a new X-Ray Machine. I need to try it on someone. Would you like to come over and try it for me?”

Of course, I was round to her place as fast as my little legs could carry me!

“Hi, come on in” she said in her wonderful velvety voice. She looked more gorgeous than ever, with her long dark hair tumbling down her back. She really is even more beautiful in real life than on the Internet!

She led me down to her cellar. In there was something that looked like a coffin.

The X-Ray Machine.

The X-Ray Machine.

She slide the top off and motioned for me to get in it.

“You expect me to get in there?” I asked nervously.

“Of course I do.” You trust in me don’t?” She replied, looking at me with those big green eyes again.

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

The X-Ray Machine – she looked at me with those big green eyes again.

“Yes of course I do” I replied, losing myself in her eyes again. “I trust in you completely.”

“Good! I know it looks a bit like a coffin, but look, there are vents for you to breath here and here”, She said leaning over the coffin.

She wears the pants!

The X-Ray Machine. She leaned over the machine and showed me where the air vents were.

Looking into her big green eyes and having her lovely round, perfect ass thrust in my direction were having its usual affect on me, as I obediently got in the coffin–like X-Ray Machine. She slid the cover over me and powered up the machine.

“Wow, you have got a massive erection haven’t you?”

“How do you know that? I though X-Ray were only mean to pick up bones.”

“Oh this is a special X-Ray Machine. It can pick up all sorts of things. For instance, I am now looking in your wallet. You have been lying to me! You have been pleading poverty to me for the last few months, but I can see you have plenty of money. You are very naughty! Now let’s see. I am looking at your heart. You do genuinely love me. That is good. I am looking at your stomach. Yes, your diet has been good for me – nice and healthy, no remains of meet in there. Now your head. Yes, that is full of thoughts planted there by me. That is good. Right. I think I have seen all that I need to see.”

With that she turned off the machine, she opened up the lid. I got out and immediately fell at her feet. I opened up my wallet and gave her the entire contents and begged her forgiveness. She accepted, and said I was forgiven, before leading me out.

Thank you for reading this dear reader! One word of warning though! Goddess Haylee Lynn really does not need any X-Ray Machine to see when she is turning us on, or if we really love her, or if we are thinking the way she wants or to, or if we have been lying about what we are eating or how much money we have. She just knows! She can tell! Always be completely honest with her!

W is for Warning

W is for Warning

The only way i could continue the trip through the alphabet was to make up stories starting with W and X. There is the story for W – Warning.

I had had a secret fetish about being hypnotized by a lovely lady hypnotist for years. I hadn’t shared this desire with anyone. Eventually I decided to make up a Facebook profile and admit my dream. I made myself a profile, describing myself as a straight, submissive, male, looking for a dominant, hypnotic females.

I was delighted that within my first week of making this profile, I received a message from a lady. Her name was Haylee Lynn. She said that she was very worried about my profile. She was afraid I may be abused. She wanted to give me a warning. I asked her to explain. She agreed, but suggested that we switched to voice exchange, as she had a lot to say to me. Of course I agreed, and again, I was pleased to hear her soft gentle voice.
So I asked her what she was afraid of.
“Well I don’t think you understand the potential dangers of being hypnotized by a domme.”
“How do you mean?”, I replied, eager to hear more of this warning.
“There is an ongoing new type of hypnotic domme out there that for a lack of better terms we can call this domme a predator. I am warning you, this domme will not have a website and will not be very well known. Their leather and shiny latex will not be real so look closely. Chances are that this domme will come to you offering free hypnosis and will play on your need as a submissive, sexual being. I am warning you she will try to hypnotize you either in voice or in text and come to you with open arms. Be aware that these dommes have only one thing in mind for you, to gain access to your mind and toy with you or steal from you, or destroy your life. Some are wonderful and healthy and helpful, listen more closely to my warning to have the truth shown you.
I am warning you. You will find that they are very good at what they do and have a tendency to make you feel relaxed as you read their text. They have come to you with open arms revealing they want to help you and of course they cater to your need to be slowly hypnotized.
I’m warning you, this is a common trick causing new and old subs to relax and give in as they read what is in either the E-mail or in the message. Don’t trust them, as I am the only one who is willing to tell you the truth.”
“OK. I appreciate this warning very much. So how do I know that she is hypnotizing me?”
“The truth that you are being hypnotized, comes from the experience you feel when in contact with one of these predators. Usually if you feel you are being hypnotized like this, you already are. However it is usually the after effects that you will notice that are warning signs of the hypnotic trance.
Some warning signs are daydreaming and a feeling of detachment. This is similar to reading a paragraph in a book and not remembering what you just read. These cunning hypnotists are very, very intelligent, and will place suggestions in your mind so quickly from reading their bodies of text, or listening to their voices that you will not even realize that you have been hypnotized.
They play on the fact that you daydream so easily in the need of being controlled, that remembering these suggestions while feeling warm and relaxed will not be noticed by your conscious mind.
You will find that you are becoming heavy and relaxed and that as you read their words or listen to their voice. They will begin to make you feel nice and calm. This is also a warning sign that something is happening to you and you take caution.
Other warning signs of a deep, calm, relaxed state is the feeling of heaviness throughout your entire body. Most hypnotists will have your feet and legs relaxed, warm and heavy before you can even realized what is happening and this will cause you to go deeper into trance. Beware once you feel hot syrup or honey poured over your shoulders and arms and down your back to your thighs, and your muscles relax, the deep pleasant release of energy will barely set off alarms and you could be deeply relaxed and hypnotized, so listen closely to my warning.
The bare realization that an attempt is being made to hypnotize you, will draw you in deeper and deeper into the trance. Your caution and rudimentary intelligence see what may have happened but your natural need as a sexual submissive being becomes deeply enticed even further. You will find that reading the text of one of these hypnotists makes you feel euphoric and nice all over. Usually it is hard to resist at this point and your ability to resist diminishes completely, just based on the fact that you want to be hypnotized.
Another symptom that you are being hypnotized is the relaxation of your stomach muscles and chest muscles. Your stomach and chest might begin to feel heavy and you’re your breathing becomes calm and deep. This deep relaxation that floods from your chest all the way down to your feet is a definite sign that you are very focused on the words you are reading from one of these hypnotists. At this point your mind begins to slow down as your subconscious mind savors every word.
They might tell you sit very still and continue to relax and listen and allow the words to go deeply into your mind. Another unstoppable strategy is when they tell you that your arms are becoming very heavy and that you don’t want to move them. Be aware of how your fingertips might begin to tingle. This is also another sign that you are responding well to the suggestions that the hypnotist is giving you. It can take all your energy to proceed in listening and obeying. When this occurs it is your need to understand what you hear very carefully.
Usually at this point the warm relaxed subject who is listening to the words and allowing them to flow so deeply into the subconscious mind, will respond to everything they hear, as he believes that what they are listening is becoming their thoughts and ideas and they are accepted fully into the mind.
The realization that you have now become so relaxed helps you to understand that something is being done to you and that you don’t want to stop reading or listening to the words. Reading or listening and allowing the words to go deeply into your mind, becomes a goal at this point and a very simple goal at that. So simple that you don’t even think about it, just allowing it to happen is all it takes now.
One of the many ways these hypnotists weave their dark natural spell is to deepen you and soften you in a variety of ways. Any one or a combination of these ways will achieve the same soft result; deepened you to a very warm, heavy relaxed state of trance, so read closely.
One method is called the count down method. Using numbers to identify the depth of a trance is a very powerful and potent means of inducing hypnosis.
The method will usually start at the number ten and then a count down all the way to one will occur. Once the subject finds yourself at the number one the subject will feel more relaxed than ever before your life. This warm relaxed feeling will allow the hypnotist to gain even more control and other deepening methods can be done and there is no escape.
Listen closely, Carefully understand; The count down method is like this:
10. Feeling warm and relaxed as you listen to my words.
9. Heavy and sleepy allowing all those muscles to relax.
8. More comfortable and more relaxed.
7. Letting go as you fall deeper and become softer than ever before.
6. A heavy warmth flowing through your body as you relax deeper and deeper to sleep. Deep soothing sleep.
5. Floating away on the soft words you hear, each breath takes you deeper and deeper than before. (At this point the subject is very deep and still has five more numbers to go. The soft subject will be deeper into trance than ever before with the last number.)
4. Allowing your mind to quiet now as you hear the last numbers. This quiet naturally compels the subject to focus more open and revealed than before.
3. Each breath taking you deeper and deeper in warm deep sleep.
2. Deeper than ever before with the last number, knowing with caution what reading that last number will completely do.
1. Deep sleep, so deep and so very relaxed.
The subject will find then a situation where you are deep in trance, kind of like almost asleep and not really asleep. They will be able to listen to the words and they will flow into the mind and relax them more deeply. This comfortable feeling naturally continues to relax the sexual, submissive subject as your mind drifts away for the hypnotist.
The powerful hypnotist might then tell the subject that he is unable to resist the suggestions about to be given. The subject find that in this state of total relaxation with every breath you breathe, that an acceptance and implementing these suggestions become impossible to resist. You will find that you respond to these suggestions without even thinking about them. They just simply become automatic in your nature and it feels good to follow these suggestions.
The completely compelling hypnotist for example might suggest to you: The next time you exhale you will say I obey. Caution is needed to carefully say I obey as you exhale. You would be completely natural to have done this because of your sexual submissive nature. Completely open then, you will reveal anything and everything, impossible then to resist. Even seeing her name as the sender of an email always returns you to this soft, soft and warm state of natural sexual submission. You will not remember doing so as you believed you were good and behaved normally. But, because your mind is so deep and completely soft and relaxed, you will obey without even thinking about it, it will simply just happen.
I think you understand this warning don’t you my friend?”
While she had been talking like this, I had become more and more caught up in her words. I had fallen under her spell. I just grunted in agreement.
“Good boy. So you see I am the only hypnotist on here you can trust. You can trust in me completely. You must keep coming to me for hypnosis. You need my hypnosis.”
And that is how it started. Years later I am still being hypnotized by Haylee Lynn. I am now completely enslaved by her. But I am so blissfully happy.


Haylee issues a warning.

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T is for Terrific Trances!

T is for Terrific Trances!

So I am going back to my wander through the alphabet with Goddess Haylee Lynn. I am up to the letter T. t of course stands for terrific trances. Do you like terrific trances dear reader? I know I do!

Goddess Haylee Lynn does give terrific trances. I particularly love her latest video “Erotic hypnosis hypnotic eyes“. This can be viewed entirely free of charge on Youtube.

Terrific Trance

Watching her “hypnotic eyes” video will give you terrific trances.

If you want to take things a step further, then start buying her erotic hypnosis MP3s from her on-line store.

Here are some tips, from Goddess Haylee Lynn herself, which may help you go deeper, and have even more terrific trances while listening to her MP3s.

5- Practice deepening trance by listening to a hypnosis mp3 from a hypnotist that you TRUST.

-Many people enjoy erotic hypnosis mp3s by many different hypnotists. That is perfectly fine, but if you are one who complains of not being able to sink deeply into hypnosis, this can be a factor. Trust plays a HUGE part in trancing. You are essentially opening your subconscious mind up to everything that the hypnotist is saying. If you do not trust the person whose words you are listening to, you will automatically have a safe guard up inside of your mind that prevents you from fully letting go, and sinking deeply into that bliss filled trance. Try listening to a file from one hypnotist that you trust, for a few days. Take the time to learn more about the hypnotist, and even ask questions that can ease some worries that you may have. Once the trust is there, you will be able to let go easier. Once it is easier for you to let go, and see that you CAN reach deep trance, then you will be able to go back to enjoying files from as many hypnotists as you’d like, with the confidence that you can achieve a deep state of hypnosis.

4- Listen to the hypnosis mp3 while focusing on something else.

– No matter how many times you hear the hypnotist say ” Focus completely on my words, focus on what I’m’m saying, focus on my voice”, etc etc, sometimes you just have to focus on something else in order to reach a deep state of hypnosis. This is usually the case with those who have more of an analytical mind set, and often think WHY instead of just doing what is told. Try this next time you listen. ( NEVER listen while doing anything other than something relaxing, and that doesn’t cause you to move around a lot)

Play the file on low volume, while laying in bed, and staring at a point on the ceiling or wall. Allow your eyes to wander around, and allow your thoughts to wander. Do not try to keep all focus on what is being said, why it is being said, and wondering if you are experiencing trance yet. Do not wonder if that sensation, or that feeling is making you fall deeper, just allow yourself to think about other things, whatever comes to mind while the entire mp3 plays. You can even read a book, or look at a magazine, or browse the internet while listening. Your subconscious mind will pick up on the important things that are being said, and eventually you simply will not ask why, or care as much on focusing on what is being said, and you will be able to just enjoy it and let go.

3- Pick one spot to listen, one article of clothing to wear, and one before ritual to do each time you listen to a hypnosis file.

– Doing these things will prepare your mind and body for the upcoming hypnosis, and will help to deepen hypnotic trance. It will trigger yourself to know that trance is coming, and will help to deepen it.

Choose one spot to listen to the file, and pick one article of clothing that you will wear ONLY when you listen to a hypnosis file. I suggest this to be something loose and comfortable, like satin pajamas, fluffy pajamas, loose sweat pants, or underwear/panties. Keep this article of clothing solely for wearing when you listen!

Do something everything single time right before settling down to listen. This can be something like filling up a special glass with water, to drink right after you finish listening, or kneeling before a special photo in admiration, or spraying a light spray of perfume/essential oil on your pillow that you use only when listening to hypnosis mp3s. (Best if this scent reminds you of the hypnotist that you are listening to)

2. Choose one or two files to train with for a week.

– Choose only one or two files to listen to for an entire week. Pick ones that have the most effect on you trance wise. Follow the other steps.

1. Document your success

– This is very important, and should not be over looked if you are serious about reaching a deep hypnotic trance. Start a physical or online journal that documents your success. You can include the following in it, leaving out, or adding in things that you wish to.

The name of the file you are training with.

How you feel before listening, How you feel after listening.

Which parts of the file made you feel the strongest sense of hypnotic trance.

Did you remember the entire session?

Were you fully alert with thoughts wandering the entire time?

Did you feel deeper this listen than last? Why or why not?

Write down any notes, any questions that you may have to ask, and anything else you feel is important. Start seeing what works, and what doesn’t for you. Everyone is different, and experiences trance differently. What works for someone may not work for you, and vice versa. This is why it is important to document what does and does not work for YOU.

Happy Trancing. 

I hope this advice helps you have terrific trances!

Sweet Dreams - one of many Haylee Lynn MP3s that can give you terrific trances.

Sweet Dreams – one of many Haylee Lynn MP3s that can give you terrific trances.

Many thanks for reading “T is for Terrific Trances”. Please share appropriately and comment. How about telling everyone about any terrific trances you may have had with Haylee Lynn?