Goddess Dominating From Her Throne (A Honest Review)

Advice on how to serve Goddess Haylee, posted on May 23, 2016 by slavejohn.

When I die, I hope whatever greets me on the other side is even half as beautiful as Goddess Haylee Lynn appears in “Goddess Dominating From Her Throne“. Her mesmorizing voice and Toe Curling visuals are among the most enrapturing in recent memory, yet the video’s true beauty stems not from its alluring HD crystal camera clarity but from its unfailing ability to imbue every moment at the feet of … Continue reading

What happens when you stare into my eyes?


What happens when you stare into my eyes? “What happens when you stare into my eyes?” is an iwant clip made by my Goddess Haylee Lynn. As she herself says about it “What happens when you stare into my eyes? Eye Fixation, Mind Fuck Do you find yourself craving more of me? I wonder if you will become enslaved. Do you think you will? See what happens when you stare … Continue reading

Second Visit

Second Visit

Second Visit Before reading “Second Visit” please read “New Neighbours” first. “Second Visit” is a work of fiction. I told you before, dear reader, how I came to meet Haylee Lynn in the story “New Neighbours”. I want to tell you now about my second visit. After helping her and Bruce move in, I was invited round again shortly afterwards, for a second visit. She greeted me at the door. There … Continue reading

Brainwashing Feels So Good

Brainwashing Feels So Good Laying on my bed. Flat on my back. Earbuds jammed in my ears. Listening to her voice. Her beautiful voice. Her lyrical voice. Her Divine voice… And her words. Her words are all true. She writes her words in place of my thoughts. I think only what she tells me to think. My mind is her tablet. Blank and ready to receive her Divine commandments. I have … Continue reading

Follow Haylee

Follow Haylee

Follow Haylee How far would you follow Haylee? A wise man once told me “The real test of whether you love someone is whether you would literally follow them to the end of the Earth. If they got a job on the other side of the planet would you go with them? If the answer is no, then you don’t really love them. If the answer is yes then you … Continue reading

Try BDSM with Vox Lynn


Try BDSM with Vox Lynn. Young man, there’s no need to feel down. I said, young man, just kneel on the ground. I said, young man, ‘let HER take you down There’s no need to be unhappy. Young man, Haylee is a Goddess. I said, young man, Haylee is a Mistress. You can serve HER, feel HER Bliss Many ways to have a good time. It’s fun to try some … Continue reading

New Neighbours

new neighbours

New Neighbours New Neighbours is a work of fiction. I first met Haylee a few years ago. I think it was 2013. It was early in the morning, I had just got dressed. I heard the van. I looked to see who my new neighbours were. She was moving into a rented house just down the road from me. I remember watching her from my bedroom window as they unloaded … Continue reading

What’s the Opposite of “Resist”?


What’s the Opposite of “Resist”? I have been thinking about writing about this for a while now, but this post by Goddess Haylee seemed like the perfect time. I have experienced a few stages in my following Haylee. Yes, there was a time when I resisted. I would try to relax when I was going into trance, but it took a while to learn to let go. With each time … Continue reading

Don’t cha wish?

Dont cha wish

Dont cha wish? “Dont cha wish” is of course lyrics from the song by the Pussy Cat Dolls “Dont cha?” Lyrics of the song can be found here. A video of them performing it can be found here. And if anyone is as hot as one of the Pussy Cat Dolls it is Haylee Lynn! She is just sheer perfection – beauty personified. Wouldn’t you love it if your wife … Continue reading

Polar Bear Encounter!

Polar Bear encounter.

Polar Bear Encounter! Polar Bear Encounter is a work of fiction. Haylee Lynn was on a holiday of a lifetime in Alaska. She had a couple of days training on how to survive, followed by a few days with the native inhabitants, followed by a camp. Her sledge was pulled by a huskie dog called Charlie. Haylee was getting ready to leave her camp. Haylee put her day’s supply of … Continue reading