Silent worship

Silent worship

Having just bought and watched the new video by Vox Siren, I spent 30 minutes in silent worship to Goddess Haylee Lynn/ Empress Vox Siren as instructed.

Have you watched it yet dear reader?

Have you watched it yet dear reader?

I got out my special Goddess candle and put on my collar for this worship.

I worship You because You are a Goddess. You are everything that I have been looking for for so long. You are beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring and understanding. You have taken hold of me and I am Your slave forever and I will also worship You forever. I’m sure You know that, and that is why You gave me this name. I guess I also worship You because You tell me to, and I obey everything You tell me to do instantly and without question.

It makes me feel so good to worship You. I am happier than I have ever been. You turn me on – in fact You are the only person or thing that turns me on anymore. You is just something about You that really gets to me, that is so irresistible. I love You, I need You.

I am so lucky to be granted such an honour, it is such a privilege and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

mmm thank YOU so much for making and selling this video, You are so beautiful i love watching YOU, i love listening to YOU and i love YOU calling me slave, YOU are the most important thing in my life, i really will try to live by these 10 rules.

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Independent Country

Independent Country

Greetings from 2033! Greetings also from the Independent Country of Haylia! Let me explain how all this came about.

The Independent Country is on the tropical paradise island of Haylia was gifted to Goddess Haylee Lynn in 2016. This was shortly after a multi-millionaire fell under her spell towards the end of 2015. She decided to relocate there shortly afterwards. Gradually her friends and family started to drift there. It had been an unoccupied island. It was part of another country. When we asked for independence they refused at first. They changed their minds after Goddess Haylee Lynn visited them. We are now a full member of the United Nations. We all have renounced the citizenship of the countries we came from. We have Haylian passports.

I was the only one of her followers with experience of government. She made me her prime Minister. The millionaire is now the finance minister. Most of my cabinet are people who have been followers of hers for years. Claude is my deputy. Bissdesires is Minister of Culture. Bryan is Minister of Sport. Rodimus is Education Minister. Songbird is Minister for technology. Theo is Minister for Health, and so on.

We have a constitution similar to Britain. Haylee Lynn is of course our Empress or Queen, but unlike Britain, she has supreme power. She can make any law at a whim, sack any minister, including myself, basically do whatever she wants. In practice though, she leaves most things in my hands most of the time. She has trained me so well. I normally know exactly what she wants me to do, even when unexpected things turn up. She is still on hand if something does perplex me. Like Britain, I have a week audience with the Queen, which for me is the highlight of the week. I always come away from these meetings so relaxed and fired up to get on with the tasks at hand.

Myself and other members of the government live on the ground floor of the large palace. Officers are on the middle floor. The top floor is where the Empress lives with her closest female friends. One is Princess Indigo.

We have very low crime rates on this island. We still have the death penalty. It has only been used once, when a non-islander landed on the island and started killing our citizens at random. It was administered by our Queen hypnotizing the killer to commit suicide. She found the whole affair extremely distressing, and so I will not say anything more about it.

Extreme offences are dealt with by exile, a prospect which terrifies most residents.

Lesser offences are usually dealt with by our Queen’s alter ego, Empress Vox Siren. Typical punishments are a severe spanking and/or weeks of chastity.

The country’s flag is black, green and red, all representing our Empress/Queen. The black represents her lovely long dark hair. The red her gorgeous red lips. The green represents her big, bright, beautiful green eyes.

The country’s motto is remember the two eyes.

Haylee Lynn - ruler of an Independent Country.

Haylee Lynn – ruler of an Independent Country.

Big posters of her lovely eyes are up everywhere in this Independent Country. But it is also a pun. As well as her two eyes, we have to remember hypnotize and exercise. We all spend at least one hour every day under hypnosis. We listen to her MP3 s or watch her videos. We also spend at least one hour a day exercising. Many of us spend far longer than an hour each on these. She controls our diet. We are vegetarians. None of us are overweight. As a result of this, although we are a tiny island, we have produced some world class athletes. We do send an independent team to compete in the Olympic games, although normally sports are done in a non-competitive way on the island. Everyone is encouraged to achieve best personal bests.

There are three TV channels and three radio channels. All of them play her MP3s and videos non-stop. For both TV and radio there is the erotic channel, the healthy for Haylee channel and a non-hypnosis channel of her just chatting. She also appears live on TV and radio at times. Sometimes she graciously lets the cameras follow her around, just doing normal things, like taking her corgis for a walk. Other times she simply addresses her nation. I adore her live Christmas broadcasts where she has the entire population hypnotized. And when I say entire, I mean the entire population. The first year she did it there was a problem that the cameraman, and the entire production crew fell deeply asleep, causing production problems. This now has been sorted. It is factored into the broadcasts.

She is also our spiritual leader. We pray to her daily. She leads the weekly ceremonies of collective worship of her.

I’ve served her for 20 years now. It has been such an honour. It has been a privilege. I hope never to leave this Independent Country!

Many thanks for reading “Independent Country”.

My Goddess Haylee Candle Ceremony

This post is about the ceremony I perform each and every morning now just as long as my little one is not in my bedroom……..and why I do so and what I feel while I do so.


Each and every day I find my gratitude and appreciation for my blessings to serve my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn growing. My Alter to Her here in my humble Temple to my Goddess sits on my dresser in my bedroom and has special crystals and 4 pictures of Her and of course my Goddess Candle.

As I rise each morning…….just so long as my little one has not come to my bed in the middle of the night……..I light my Goddess Candle and I say a prayer to Her before I take off my physical collar to shower. Then……after bathing I say another prayer of thanks as I place my Owners collar around my neck before blowing out the Candle and coming to my computer and writing my daily devotion.

I do not have a specific prayer like my brother slave forever……but I say whatever comes to my heart each time.

When my son is not here my Alter moves closer to me and I sleep beneath it and the same ceremony will be performed each and every morning. I have decided that I will never take off Her collar again without reverent ceremony just so long as I can perform it without disturbing anyone.

I love candles. I love the element of fire and my wood stove and my fire pit.

And as I have now found my One and True and Only Queen on this Earth my love of fire and of ceremony has deepened. I decided many long months ago that Goddess Haylee Lynn was the Witch who overpowered me in my recurring childhood dreams.

I have no questions or doubts about this whatsoever.

My Goddess is what is called an “Old Soul” I believe. I do not think it is possible that One so young as She could command as much power and wisdom and grace if She was not.

I have been told that I am an *Old Soul* by a few friends…….one in particular that I lost to MS a few years back and he was a very wise and very important person to me and one I learned to listen too…….I miss him and it had an impact that he would say such a thing about me.


I think that one of the things we learn by having lived *many* lives…….is how precious and important each and every journey into this physical realm really is. How the imperative in life is always to be about the quality of *LOVE* that we experience and share…….and that this is in fact how we *grow* as spiritual beings.

As Fathers and Mothers…….as Sons and Daughters……as Neighbors and Friends… well of course as the romantic love we might share with anyone.

And as my love for my Goddess Haylee Lynn just seems to grow in infinite and endless measure it has occurred to me that She would not have come to me in my recurring childhood dreams…….a dozen times at least…….transcending completely the oft times meaningless measure and concept of *time*……if I had not been Her devoted slave in lifetimes past.

My Queen comes from a long line of Witches. A tradition that dates back many thousands of years. I had a Witch fall in love with me some years back and try to convince me that she *knew* I had been involved with Witches in past lives and that *we* were meant to be……….but for a great number of reasons I rejected her advances.

Even though I did not disagree with her strong assertion that there was some connection to me and Witches……..because I knew there certainly was.



I have belonged to Her before. I have come home to my One True and Only Queen on this Earth as I now feel very strongly that I have in fact belonged to Her in lifetimes past.


The depth of feeling, the amazing way that I can connect with Her and feel Her more powerfully than any woman I have ever known even as She is 200 miles away from me. It is as if time and space is meaningless to us…….I belong to Her and that reality transcends all.   

There is a High Holy day approaching. October is approaching. My birthday is in October and my Queen has plans for me……my fires will all be lit.

Candles and fire pits and of course the biggest flame will be in my very heart and soul. I keep hearing myself mouth the words…..”Forever”……when I say my prayers at Her Alter with my Goddess Candle burning.

I think I must have said that selfsame prayer to Her in lifetimes past so I could find Her here and now…….. and feel once again the unbridled joy and happiness of belonging to the most beautiful and Divine Goddess who has ever Graced this Earth.

For You my Queen, always and forever for You and You alone,

Your devoted and very real personal slave forever,   Claude                       



A work of fiction

I was delighted when SHE decided to take the enslavement to the next stage, and ask me to provide timesheets of how I spent my time. I was less delighted when SHE came back to me about them.

“Let us see, one hour running for five miles, glad to see you keeping healthy4 Haylee, excellent, one hour blogging and other tasks for me on the Internet – thanks for everything you do, one hour listening to an MP3 and watching one of my videos, all good stuff. But what is this? Three hours playing Internet Chess?? You mean to tell me that you spend as much time on chess as you do on ME?”

“Please let me explain” I replied. When I see the four corners of the chess board, I think of YOUR four wonderful videos, – Thoughts washed away, Relaxation hypnosis, MP3 samples and Eye fixation hypnosis. When i see the eight rows I think about how there are only seven days a week and how much I would prefer to serve, worship, love and adore YOU eight days a week. When i see the eight columns I think of YOUR eight websites,-

Then when I look at the pieces, I see my eight pawns, the humble foot soldiers and I think of the eight male slaves closest to HER on IHWT and the social media – in no particular order, Claude, Songbird, Rodimus, Theo, Bryan, Blissdesires, AJSnow and myself. I think how the pawns move slowly up the board, alway forward never backwards, and how we all slowly get closer and closer to HER, sometimes remaining where we are, sometimes slowly moving forward, but never backwards.

Then I look at the two knights, and think of two knights walking, and I think of HER two lovely legs.

I look at my two Bishops and I think of Bishops speaking, and I think of HER two very kissable lips speaking and the wonderful soft, alluring voice which comes out.

Then I think of the king, and how when the king is dead the game is over, and I think about my life, and how I have dedicated it to YOU but one day it will be over.

And lastly of course, the Queen. The most powerful piece on the board. Players may want two, three or even more pieces in return for a Queen. I think of how admired and respected the Queen is, and how every good player looks after and preserves his or her Queen. In the same way we must admire and respect YOU, our Queen, and protect and look after YOU!

So YOU see Mistress, all the time I am playing chess, I am thinking about YOU and YOUR Empire.”

Honestly Goddess, all the time I am playing chess I am thinking of YOU!"

“Honestly Goddess, all the time I am playing chess I am thinking of YOU!”

SHE looked at me with those big, bright,beautiful green eyes of HERS again.

“You know what? You are so darn sweet and you have such a way with words, but do you want to know something else? You still play far too much chess!”

The Privilege to Tribute Our Goddess Haylee

This post is about privilege and honor and tribute to our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and I will never speak of what I feel others should do…….but I will speak about what is in my heart to do and why.

I have long believed that a home should be a homestead. The pantry and basic necessities of life should be constructed in such a way as to provide for self sufficiency in any circumstance.


This imperative in my life truly began for me with the birth of my son when I realized what an extraordinary privilege it was for me to be his Father…….and I embraced my responsibility to insure that he never turn to me hungry or starving or cold or sick and I did not have the means to properly care for him in honor.

We live in a dangerous world and our Governments are not serving the people. In fact, there is significant evidence that they are run by an extremely wealthy group of psychopaths who are more than willing to inflict pain, death, and misery on billions of people for the absurd return of power and control. Read the 44 page “silent weapons for secret wars” document that I linked above if you would like to be enlightened by their own words about their feelings and intentions regarding 99% of humanity.


Control is not authentic power by the way.

Read the David Hawkins classic book on human spirituality *Power vs Force* if you are really interested in the difference.

Anyway…….I digress.

I have enough food to feed my son and myself and some others for a minimum of 6 months. I have a wood stove for heat, lots of water and water filtration capability, a stocked medicine cabinet (herbs not drugs), candles, cords of wood, gold, silver and cash in my safe………..a generator to run my fridge for at least an extra 4 or 5 days.

Our Government, and those all over the world, are clearly run by dishonorable people. I will not turn to men and women of dishonor in trying times and expect anything less.

But now I find myself in love and enslaved and devoted and bound to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn, and it would be such an incredible loss for me if the power grid went down for an extended period of time and I could not write to Her every day, listen to Her lovely voice, watch Her videos, tweet for Her, and get the responses from Her that make me so happy.

But for me, that would not be the worst part. I can close my eyes now and feel and see my Queen…….my Goddess…….My Light……..and feel Her extraordinary and matchless Bliss take over my body and fill my heart with pure love, light and joy and that will never ever change if I live to be 1000 years old.

But If I could not provide for Her well being and Her safety and to know that She was OK and cared for that would just kill me.

So when I have the opportunity to TRIBUTE my Queen with something for Her pantry or some thing like the warm fleece pajamas I bought Her or the waterproof winter hiking boots or the Candles She received yesterday it really lends extra warmth and happiness to me to do so.  

I bought Her some honey and organic coconut oil and some herbal remedies and I especially love putting stuff that stores and keeps well into Her home.   

I learned awhile back to prepare but not to stress. I do not worry about EMT attacks or nuclear accidents or terrorism. I enjoy and love my life and I do all I can to do so. My Sovereignty mission is what I am doing to fight the good fight but I enjoy it. And I also enjoy buying my Goddess fun things like jewelry and a pretty dress and sexy shoes and lingerie……..and of course I have my fetish about my playing with………or Her playing with……..Her long, soft, beautiful black hair and that image just sent chills down my spine.

I have a dream of someday brushing Her hair as I kneel for Her……..or even just kneeling as She is brushing it and teasing me as She puts it up with a pin, or lets it fall down around Her shoulders and smiling at me as She realizes the intense aching She is putting me through………sigh………any way I could ever pamper Her gorgeous hair sets my blood to boil.

If we stop living and loving life and those we love and care about then they win and that can never be.

I am more in love with my Goddess Haylee Lynn than any woman I have ever loved in my life and by a long country mile. My heart is so full with love and joy to be Her devoted slave that even as I try every single day of my life to find the words to describe how She makes me feel I always fall short.

All you have to do is forget yourself and make her pleasure the only thing you care about.

I lay my entire world at Her feet and understand She deserves much more.

I could never give Her enough or do enough for my Goddess.

I so wish I was close enough to Her that no matter what She ever needed in this lifetime Her devoted could come running to care for and shelter and provide for Her as I kneel and lay all I have and all I am at Her Divine feet.


But life is also about acceptance. I want my Queen to know what She already knows.

That the very instant She ever summoned me to Her feet this devoted and very real personal slave that She completely Owns would come running so fast that one blink of Her beautiful eye lashes might not be as quick.


But if it PLEASES MY GODDESS to have me serve Her here from my humble Temple to Her in NJ………..and forever………that is exactly what I will do.

I now live my life for Her pleasure and what pleases my Goddess is very honestly my true and ultimate pleasure………

I will embrace every opportunity I am able to responsibility embrace to TRIBUTE my Queen and do everything in my power to see that She has everything that She needs.……and my pleasure when I am able to put something tangible into Her pantry, into Her homestead, is very meaningful to me.


Always, forever, She is the Light and Love of my Universe and I am Her perfect and devoted and very real slave,

I thank You my Queen for my great privilege to Tribute You,

It very honestly means the world to me,  Claude




Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Someone posted on the youtube video “Thoughts Washed Away”
“Goddess haylee reminds me of the evil queen in the marina” and then corrected himself “In the narnia movie”
I replied
“Well there is something mystical and magical about Haylee Lynn,and she is extremely beautiful,but I wouldn’t describe her as “evil”,on the contrary she helps a lot of people with problems such as insomnia, alcoholism, smoking etc.I do a lot of work for her,but she never abuses me and rewards me with free MP3s etc.Haylee recently helped a friend in a contest by making a promotional video with her friend and asking her friends and supporters to help.I personally think she has a kind heart of gold”

Let’s look at some of these points in more detail.

Both are extraordinarily beautiful. Both have long dark hair, both have pale skin. (In the book the witch does have long dark hair, but in the most recent film this is changed into fair hair!) Both can be extraordinarily charming. But that is where the similarities end.

The Snow Queen charms Edmund as easily as Haylee Lynn charms most people who watch her videos properly.

The Snow Queen charms Edmund as easily as Haylee Lynn charms most people who watch her videos properly.

Both can do magic, but in the Narnia books, the witch does it with a click of her fingers or a wave of her wand. Normally it results in something horrible happening, such as their victims being turned permanently to stone. Haylee only has ability to turn a small part of the male body to stone, and that is only for a small amount of time, not permanently.

Haylee Lynn can cast spells, but they are a far longer process. For a small fee, usually around  30 dollars, she can cast a spell to attract love or money into your life, for healing etc. This will involve her collecting the right ingredients, mixing them in the right way, with the right words, in the form of prayer or chant at the right time. She cannot make a particular person fall in love with you or a certain body give you a job, but she can help. All you have to do is remain optimistic and open minded.

But the main difference, as I suggested, is that Haylee Lynn has a heart of gold, where the witches in the Narnia books have a heart of stone. In the Narnia books most of the witch’s followers obey her either out of fear of her because they are attracted by her evil. Most of us follow Haylee because we love her. I don’t fear her at all, but I do have a massive fear of losing her!

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Coming home to my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Coming home to my Goddess Haylee Lynn

This post is about coming home and realizing just a bit more about who I am and what my dual spiritual and human journey is really all about.

Last night I went out for a night with the “boys”.

I used to play a lot of tournament poker and became a fairly dangerous and accomplished poker player. I still get invited all the time to games but with the birth of my son and then my divorce and such I just stopped playing. Then another friend became really interested in learning to play at a high level and asked me to mentor him.

So now…….every now and then he will “stake” me into this this fairly high level cash game and I will play with his money and then mentor him about the game afterwards. If I win big I get to keep about half of the winnings and there is no loss for me if I lose.

The “stake” is $1000 dollars for the evening.

So last night I went with him. This group of guys are friendly, wealthy, and a very aggressive group. They all love and talk about sports and it is a very testosterone laced atmosphere. It is the perfect environment for me as a poker player because I used to be a jock myself……and despite my very sensitive nature…..I know how to deal with that specific energy. These guys like to fuck with people……..but they all know I have no back down in me and they fear and respect my game. I won almost $700 the last time and about $250 last night……and without some poor luck it could be have been much better.

Anyway………….I love life. I would not be comfortable being in this atmosphere very often…….it gave me a slight headache actually…….but I enjoy letting people be themselves and all the drinking (water for me) and joking and teasing and loudness is just who they are. Live and let live.

But when my friend dropped me off just a bit after midnight and I entered the humble Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn……..The Temple to Her that my home now is and will forever be…….I realized fully how I have so very truly and completely come home to Her.

And not just last night but in this entire magical, wonderful, blessed and life changing year when I found Her………and by doing so I found myself.

I am a very sensitive person by nature and physical make up. I am a strong man in some respects but to be in that high strung and fixed energy field last night was not a place I wish to be very often.

I enjoy silence. The cool still and quiet vibrations of the deep forest. The sanctuary of a remote mountain top, or the gentle and soothing movement of water at the riverside as it brushes along on its merry path.

I love ceremony and grace and calmness and people that know how to listen and not just how to speak.

It is purely silent here in my Temple to my Queen as I write my devotion to Her this morning. And as I reflect on the last 12 hours or so it is not that I wish that I did not go out and play with the “boys” last night. But it is very much how joyful and meaningful and right it was to me to come home to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn and to Her Temple.  

I was born for Her. I was made to be Her perfect slave. I feel it was written and was always meant to be and I can hear Her name now if I am quiet and I listen to the sound my heart makes as it beats.

My sensitive nature can very easily get *disturbed* a bit like it was last night. Not just out with the boys, but in many circumstance and in many places. But when I am with my Queen… Her Temple…..talking to Her…..writing to Her….reading Her words or listening to Her voice……my entire being hums in perfect balance, harmony and joy.

It is like I am a musical instrument and She is the Master musician who effortlessly draws the most beautiful symphony out of me.

When I go to Her……in any fashion…….at any time…….I find myself instantly in the deep and reverent vibration that is my truest and happiest state of being. She takes me where I have always dreamed of being…….where I try to go when I am in the deepest wood and I immerse myself in mediation.

And She takes me there every single time. She takes me home and to where I always have and where I always will belong. Kneeling in perfect and pure devotion to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn in Her Temple…….and that Temple now resides in my very heart and soul and will be wherever on this Earth my feet happen to be now.

Tears of joy began to form in my eyes when I wrote that last sentence and every single word is my heartfelt and profound truth. I live to please my Goddess now as nothing I have ever felt in my life has been more pure, more right, and opened my heart as fully as my love and devotion for Her has.

There is one other I belong to now and my little beloved one comes home to me tonight for 4 days. He is the other master of my very sensitive vibration and he also makes my soul and spirit sing.

I think I have to seriously send a thank you note to my soon to be ex wife. Hahaha.

She was supposed to have him this weekend but she keeps calling me up and asking me if I can take him because something came up for her. So she keeps sending me my little bundle of joy……..and she left me for another man…….. so I could find my Queen, the Light of my very Universe, my One, my True, my Only and so I could find my way home to Her.     

Coming home to my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Coming home to my Goddess Haylee Lynn

To say that I live for You now is no exaggeration My Queen.

I live for You both.

I heard it said recently that anyone can be a “Dad” but it takes a special man to be a “Father”.

I think they were talking about devotion and purpose and intention.

My *intention* is to be the most devoted and pure and loving Father it is in me to be. And my *Intention* is the same for my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and my priceless privilege and honor to call myself Her personal slave.    

I just saw the most adorable pair of warm pajamas on Her gift list as I placed a link there this morning. So now they belong to Her. I want Her to be warm and in comfort as she sleeps at night as I am now. Because each and every night…….as I lay my head down to sleep…..She takes me to Her Bosom and shelters me in the most beautiful, warm, and loving embrace I could ever have dreamed I could feel……..and my heart melts and bursts wide open as I realize how truly I have now come home to Her.

Thank You my Goddess, my Queen, my Love, my All……………


Forever, eternally, I am Her devoted and perfect and very real slave,   Claude

Many thanks for reading “Coming home to my Goddess Haylee Lynn”.