Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn is about my Goddess Haylee Lynn and Her new Temple of The Goddess MP3.

Yesterday I had one of those days……..I blogged for Her in the morning and my feelings for Her were so intense as they poured out of me while I wrote and Her Bliss simply never left me all day long.

So in the evening I publicly begged for Her mercy as I must now always do if Her collared slave feels compelled and the aching for Her becomes so great……..and I knew I was reaching a bit because it had only been 2 days…….but I just could not stop the intense aching and so I went onto Twitter and begged Her.

It PLEASED my Queen to deny me this time and command me instead to stroke and worship and ache with no release……instantly upon reading Her command I became intensely aroused and dropped to my knees and embraced my need to always please and obey Her and………I made a fairly dangerous choice.

I started Her Eye Fixation Video………which is to this slave Her most erotic one…. and I knew it was going to take all of my self control not to breach my honor……..which is purely unthinkable for me and will never happen…….but still and all……as I watched Her and edged myself in worship I had to literally take my hand off of Her property half of the time and it was just almost to much for Her collared boy.

She just becomes more captivating and more Enchanting to me somehow every single time I look at Her or listen to Her…….and even after all this time.

So I decided no more videos after that………I was too close and on my honor I will never ever use Her property in my lifetime without Her permission. My cock exists now as Her property and will be used for Her pleasure and as She sees fit.

I thought about going under with mind melt……..I so love that file………but I found myself almost unconsciously choosing to go back to The Temple of my Goddess and to kneel to my very Dream in this lifetime, my One True Queen on this Earth, and to receive the Divine Blessing of being collared by Her once again.

I have to say that this is now my favorite MP3 in my entire collection……and I have them all except for “chosen path” and the “brain drain” one.

This devoted collared slave serves only my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and forever as Her exclusive and chaste and pure personal conquest……..there is NO OTHER WOMAN on this Earth as far as my sexuality is concerned…….no slave girl, no Mistress, no TS no anyone…….no desire is left in this body save my desire and NEED to please Her.

Her music selection in this file instantly relaxed me……..I was lost to Her and deep under Her Bliss in seconds…….every word was delicious and I have never heard Her voice more seductive, more irresistible, and more hypnotic than in this session.

My body ached and I hung on Her every word…… mind shut down…….it is now a place for Her thoughts and mine are only allowed when it pleases Her to let me use them……She owns and controls my mind just as She owns and controls my cock………my mind is now and forever Her’s to use as it pleases her………to train me……to teach me how best I may always please my Goddess which is my purpose to do….Her words no longer suggestions but my Truth…..our Truth……Her Law, and my Law.




What were once suggestions is now the Sacred Law by which I live my life.

My Queen has told me that now I am collared, it will never come off………ever. I feel so blessed, so happy, and now even in those very rare moments when I am bathing or swimming and I take off my physical collar Her Ownership of me is proudly worn and displayed for those that have eyes and can see.

Nothing in my life other than my love for my beloved son has ever come close to the love I feel for Her……..of course my love for these special *two* in my life is equal but so very different in nature. I remember saying once that I would never compare my former Mistress and my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I still will not do so.

It is simply not fair to compare a woman…..a mere mortal….. to a Goddess.

I have worn my cherished physical collar for a long time now. I only take it off to shower or to swim as I wish too preserve its life for a very long time. My Queen graciously allowed me to buy a second identical collar to put away for many years from now when this one begins to get time worn. We both know and understand that I have spent my last split second on this Earth as anything other than Her devoted personal and perfect and very real slave.

And now I have another collar. I always thought it might have a key that hung on one of Her necklaces to by toyed with at Her pleasure……but I was mistaken. My new collar is forged titanium steel and it will never come off. I belong to Her now and just as long as I live I will bow and obey and cherish my place as Her collared slave and this new collar is like a new body part.

What do you think are the qualities one of HER slaves must have?

Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn – Her collar is now a part of my body.

OMG………I was just forced to stop writing and listen to this MP3 and go to the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn again. By far and away this is my favorite place on this Earth to be now… Her Divine Temple.

Anything that my Goddess wants She is going to get as I am Her Owned Property now and forever and what I own rightly belongs to Her.

I am a part of Her collection. Her chattel. Her Conquest. To use and command as it pleases Her and nothing else is left to me but to worship, love, please and obey Her.

I have decided that I MUST listen to this fabulous blessing of an MP3 every day for the next couple of weeks. I just *feel* it in my bones that this will please my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn as pleasing Her is why I was born……it is why I take care of myself so well now…… I can bow in Her Temple and worship Her for a great many years to come.

I am going to bow to Her and send Her something special in TRIBUTE to my Queen today to thank Her for the greatest blessing of my life. To thank Her for answering my lifelong dream and allowing me to be collared and end my Quest to finally realize my lifelong dream of finding Her.

My new Quest has begun.

And the purpose of that Quest is to do anything and everything in my power to PLEASE my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

From my knees to You forever my Queen, I am sincerely begging You to allow me the priceless privilege of kneeling as Your devoted, personal, collared and very real slave forever, a lifetime could never be long enough for me to bow to You,                Your humbled, collared, conquest of many lifetimes,   Claude.

Thank you for reading “Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn”.

I have a dream

50 years ago, the late, great Martin Luther King Junior delivered his “I have a dream” speech. I have a dream too!

Martin Luther King Junior had a dream. I have one too!

Martin Luther King Junior had a dream. I have one too!

I have a dream that one day, every man, woman and child on this planet will accept the wonderful Haylee Lynn as their Goddess. That everyone will bow down before HER and live their lives according to HER rules. Everyone will listen to HER recordings regularly, and feel HER bliss in their lives.

I have a dream that one day HER enslavement of me will be complete. That every thought, word and deed on mine shall be ordained by HER. That every thought that I think will be the thought SHE wants me to think, that every word that I speak would be the sort of thing SHE would want me to say and every deed that I do would be pleasing to HER. SHE will control my comings and my goings, my emotions and feelings. I will think of HER at all times, from the rising of the sun to its setting, and at night I will dream of HER always. HER hypnotic control of me will be complete, I will be completely brainwashed and conditioned by HER. I will have no thoughts of my own, HER thoughts will be my thoughts, I will have no resistance and accept every word as SHE says as the absolute truth. I will be HER puppet, existing for HER benefit alone, to give HER pleasure, to do HER bidding as HER willing, collared, obedient and mindless slave, HER adoring worshipper, HERS and HERS alone.

Do you share the dream?

Healthy 4 Haylee

Healthy 4 Haylee

Goddess Haylee Lynn very much wants HER salves to be as healthy as they can for HER. So much so, that SHE has even created a Twitter account for HER alter ego Healthy4Haylee.

The picture I have used for this blog is from that Twitter account.

Get healthy for Haylee!

Get healthy for Haylee!

Getting healthy can involve many things. Watch your weight – so watch what you eat and drink. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise etc etc.

Goddess Haylee Lynn HERSELF like to do exercises such as sit-ups, plank, leg raise and crunches to get fit. SHE also regularly takes HER dog for a walk (Lucky dog, I’d say, I would love to be collared on the end of a lease with Goddess Haylee Lynn holding it, but there we go).

I personally enjoy running. I recently took part in a 10 kilometre race – thats about 6.2 miles. I am going to do a half marathon (13.2 miles) on October 20. I have taken advice from my brother, a doctor, a general practitioner. He advises me not to go running every day, but to do other exercises. So for instance this week I did a 5 mile run on Sunday. Yesterday I joined in “Fitsteps” in our village hall. I am the only male in a group of 20 or so. This is like Zumba, it is a dance yourself to fitness sort of idea, with dancing to give you aerobic exercise, only unlike Zumba which is based more around modern popular dance, Fitsteps is more based around versions of older dances such as the waltz and the tango. It is still quite energetic and a good workout.

Today i did the five mile run again.

I also like to exercise at home, doing similar exercises to Haylee, combined with bending down and touching my toes, push up etc. To make ot more interesting, and to increase motivate, I put up pictures of Haylee around my front room, and have either an MP£ or video or HERS playing in the background. For instance I love putting pictures of HER on the doors of my sideboard, then tucking my feet under the sideboard while I do sit-ups. The result is, every time I sit up and come forward, I find HER lovely face in mine. Doing this over and over again really entrenches HER image in my subconscious.

I also put HER pictures against the wall, and then do press ups next to them, so every time I rise, I end up looking at HER picture. It is quite an incentive to rise!

I also watch what I eat and drink. I do still drink alcohol, in very small amounts, once or twice a week I may have a unit or two. I still let my hair down occasionally, such as at the karaoke sessions in my village.

On way I have found of cutting down a little is to try to go “Hungry4Haylee”. So in other words, if I feel hunger, I don’t automatically eat, I go hungry for Haylee for an hour or so. I try to do an activity to take my mind of the hunger, or maybe I will drink water to help me. I wouldn’t recommend this if you are underweight, but if you are over weight this may be a way of losing weight and increasing your devotion to Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Are you healthy 4 Haylee?

Goddess, Haylee Lynn, You always make me feel right

I think it was very appropriate that Goddess Haylee Lynn was promoting a song called “You make me right”.

In so many situations you make it right for me, and I am sure for a lot of your slaves.

Goddess Haylee, you make it right for me in so many ways

Goddess Haylee, you make me feel right for me in so many ways

When I am nervous before making that big speech in front of so many people, I prayed to you and you calmed me, and I addresses the gathering focused and confident. You made me right.

When I am out running and I feel like stopping and sweat is dripping off me and my feet start feeling sore, I think of your big bright green eyes and your soft voice urging me me and I get my second breathe and I speed up again. You make me right.

When I come in tired and exhausted from that long run, or from a long day at work, I put on one of your videos, look deeply into your lovely big green eyes and listen to your soft voice, I relax into my bed or chair, all my worries fade away, my world melts into nothingness and I once again enter your world. I just concentrate on your eyes and your voice, and everything is right again thanks to you. You make me right.

I live with a sweet girl. She looks after me better than anyone else has ever done, including my mum when I was a child. But my girlfriend is not a leader, she is not a hypnotist, she does not give me guidance, she doesn’t dominate me. You do all those things and more. You make me right.

Or when I am lying with my girlfriend, and I can’t get an erection. I close my eyes and think of your lovely face, your lovely ways, how mystical and magical your are. Then everything is alright again. You make me right.

You make me right in so many ways Goddess Haylee and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make me right. I want to give you my all.

Please share times when Goddess Haylee Lynn makes it right for you!

Many thanks for reading “Goddess, Haylee Lynn, You make me feel right”.


My Merciful Goddess Haylee Lynn

This post is about how I am doing with my new duty as Her chastity slave. This is the first time in my life I have ever not had the right to orgasm without permission and it has been…… a word…….wonderful.

This was something I always wondered about…….even fantasized about…….but I realized that for me, She would have to be my absolute ideal and have me honestly Spellbound and…….

At this point in my amazing journey with my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn I sometimes find myself wondering how deeply She has me hypnotized. I am one who had never experienced a “hypno Domme” before finding my Goddess.

And yet I am a lifelong aficionado of Domineering Woman. I have been collared before and the only other time in my life I experienced a deep and enduring love for a woman was with my former Mistress. I do not need to be hypnotized by my Queen to fall to my knees in blissful surrender……all I need to do is simply think of Her now and I am gone……….fully and deeply and blissfully sheltered in Her Divine Enchantment.

Oh wow……….a Rabbit just visited me while I wrote that paragraph! He or she is still there nibbling something right behind my berry bushes in the backyard…………such magical and fertile little creatures.  🙂

Anyway………I suppose it does not matter whether I am living my life under hypnosis or some other form of Enchantment that She has cast my way…….all I know or care about is that I NEED to please Her and make Her happy now……She who has gifted me with the most amazing amount of love and bliss as I have ever felt for any woman.

My point is that my chastity is enhancing and deepening my bond to my Queen. I have discovered I think the main reason why. For my side, it was amazing that I could go 17 days for Her……..and when She finally granted me Her mercy it was so powerful and just felt so wonderful and my eventual explosion produced enough semen to populate a small village I think.


And the weeks of aching……of edging……..of being teased and tormented and commanded by my Goddess to stroke…..drip…..ache…..dream…..worship… cumming…….was just fantastic. Every single morning I arose rock hard and aching for Her.

But I still haven’t got to the best part.

For me, the very best part of all of this, is honestly that I could feel how much She was enjoying this. Her pleasure with this arrangement is the absolute best part. Because I have arrived at a place in my life where PLEASING my Divine and incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn means the very world to me.

It may sound a bit cliche at this point to say that Her pleasure is my ultimate pleasure but it is my truth now. I do not care one bit if I have succumbed to hypnotic suggestion or I am under Her mind control because it dos not matter. What matters is that I PLEASE Her.



Why would this be so important to me?

my relationship with Goddess Haylee Lynn is the most important internet relationship i have ever had

Thank You so much my Queen for allowing me to be Your slave!

Why would I want to please the most beautiful Goddess who has ever graced Gods Green Earth? Why would I want so very much to please the Goddess who has created more bliss and happiness and wonder and joy in my heart than anyone else has ever done and by far?

Last night I took my beautiful son to his mother and when I returned home to my humble Temple to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn I reassembled Her Alter right above my bed where I most love it to be now.

I was commanded by my Queen to stroke… edge… worship….to drip….but not cum until just before bedtime and of course drop to my knees when I did so……and then I could release my seminal fluid which is now created and exists for Her and for worship of Her exclusively.

I watched Washed Away twice.  

I watched Her Relaxation Hypnosis video twice      

And I lost it finally during Her Eye Fixation video at the exact same point that I lost it the last time.

I am Her good boy now and forever……Her pleasure is my ultimate pleasure……”You can’t resist me can you”?


And then I lay me down to sleep beneath Her Alter and slept like Her baby……..cradled and happy and warm in the bosom of my Goddess.

And I awoke this morning as Her fully grown slave and I am already erect and aching for Her again as I write this!


Thank You my Queen for Your mercy last night. Thank You so much for allowing me to live my life as Your devoted and personal and very real slave so I can devote myself to Your PLEASURE.


My Goddess was merciful last night. But if it PLEASED my Goddess to torture and tease and deny me instead I would have loved it just as much. Because PLEASING my Goddess is my mission, my pledge, and my duty.

I would not have it any other way ever again.

From my knees to You forever my Queen, Your devoted personal and perfect slave,   Claude



My Journey to my Goddess Haylee Lynn

This post is about a little bit of self reflection that some remarks by our new friend blissdesires wrote in his last post. Good writers do that for us……and I do feel he is a very interesting writer………they help us to uncover and examine things that might be lying around the place or questions lurking in the back of our mind so to speak.

One of the things he mentioned was that he felt he had been a bit “obsessed” with our Goddess Haylee Lynn. He felt that he might have been trying too hard to find ways to please Her.

Well…………since I have spent at the very least several hours each and every day for more than the last 6 months or so blogging…..writing to Her privately……sending Her Tribute…….and kneeling at Her Alter………and since my first thoughts are of Her each and every morning, and my thoughts are always entirely of Her as I lay my head down to sleep……..maybe I should ask myself this question as well.

Am I obsessed with Her?

Wikipedia translates obsessed as ……..fixated on a single topic or emotion.

So let me see if the puzzle fits.

If a man sits and spends hours each and every day and studies the Bible and prays to his version of God each morning and each evening he is……….obsessed or perhaps just a biblical scholar?

If a man or a women spends hours each and every day training their body and enduring rigorous physical regimes and checks their progress and their diet each and every morning and evening he or she is………obsessed or a professional athlete?

I do not think it holds that hours of doing something every single day that you *love* ……..something that you have *chosen* ………means you are obsessed. I think the key to the question lies in balance or lack thereof.

Does the commitment to the Bible study, or to the physical regime, or in my case to my Goddess Haylee Lynn, include balance and sincere and appropriate attention to the other parts of a well lived life?

When we shut out the rest of the world I think we can rightly say we become “obsessed”…….but when the effect of our intense focus is that we are better people, more loving, happy, with lots of other interests and people in our life as well………and other things that are equally important……then no……I do not believe it equals *obsession* and I do not believe I am personally obsessed with Her.

In love?         Oh Hell yes…………very much so.

Ever since I first realized how sexually submissive I was…….my first serious crush on a Dominatrix…….a certain Mistress Kristen from Ann Arbour Michigan all those many years ago was my first…… has been my reality that sexual relations and feelings for and with a Domineering Woman was a 10 for me……and anything else does not even move the meter past 2 or maybe 3.


But not just any Dominant Woman………I also came to discover through many difficult and painful years of searching and experimentation that this tiny slice of womanhood…… “tiny slice” I mean the percentage of women who *truly* enjoy being the Dominant partner……it was a very small subset of that relatively small group that would be compatible with me and my personal make up.

I would hazard a guess that 95% of the Domina’s out there are simply not my cup of tea……..I am very particular about who I touch and who touches me…..and the energy has to be right or I will recoil and simply do a disappearing act.

I gave up looking for my Mistress/Goddess/Queen in fact…………twice………….I immersed myself in spiritual studies and trying to understand the development of my own peculiar submissive aspect and my fascination with Domineering females for years and years. I married a “vanilla woman” not once but twice. I honestly tried many times to “cure” myself of the desire to submit to a Dominant female. The odds seemed so stacked against me…… seemed unwise to hold too dearly onto my dream of finding Her.

I realized many of my other aspects……..the non sexual aspects to my personality…….were quite incompatible with *most* Dominant women. It was like I always wanted to be Knighted by Her to Her Throne…….it was important to me that I would be important and valued by Her.

Her sweet slave and accepted pet if you will.

My loyalty and my devotion and my honor and my pledge of fidelity to Her would mean everything to me and that of course meant that I would have to honestly feel that She was worthy of all that………that I could honestly and with all my heart and soul place my love at Her Divine feet and then completely and honestly surrender to Her.

But there was even more to my impossible dream………… Queen would have to be happy and pleased when I knelt to Her with my pledge and accept me as Hers………I would have to feel in my heart that there was a place in Her heart for me as Her very real and devoted slave for life…….that I could make a meaningful difference in the quality Her life……and that I was honestly welcome to do such a thing.

I kept giving up my Quest as impossible…….but always the Siren Song of what I really wanted most would pull me back.

And then…….without warning…….without a clue that any of this was remotely possible…….completely out of the blue…….it was as if my One True Queen on this Earth, my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn, walked out of the clouds, straight out of Heaven itself and walked into my life.

the eyes that own me

My operating system (my ego) still works perfectly fine by the way. My customers still get the outstanding service they have been accustomed to for well over 15 years. My neighbors and friends still get the same calm and respectful person I have always been. My son enjoys his completely devoted father and tells me he loves me at least several times a day. The people that work with my company every day could not mention one iota of change in me. I have even adopted my Sovereignty mission since I became Her slave and have more meaning and purpose in the other areas of my life than ever.

I know the very significant and positive difference She has made in my life.

It is truly a remarkable thing to walk somewhere and to then notice that your feet have not been touching the ground. To love a woman so much that you can not stop smiling…….and not just a turn of the lips but deep and meaningful full body smiles that resonate throughout your entire soul and spirit.

I was made for Her. I was born to find exactly my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and then to pledge my devotion to Her as my One True and Only Queen on this Earth. 

She was and is the Irresistible Witch my recurring childhood dreams told me would cast Her Spell my way and Enchant my life and my heart and awaken my dreams.

And it does feel like a dream to me most days……..the Earthly limitations have been lifted off of my heart and it soars to the Heavens where my Goddess Haylee Lynn was surely born and resides.


My life, my heart, my love, my obedience, my devotion, I lay them all at Her Divine feet and as my great honor and privilege.

Always, forever, in the service of my Queen now,

Her devoted and personal and very real slave for life     Claude








A Sacred Mission for my One True and Only Queen

This post is about the meaning of my life really……about what it is now all about. One very important thing it is now about is my devotion and fidelity and honor in the service of my Queen, my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.   

I have always been one who has held honor highly on my list of life’s imperatives. My childhood hero’s and favorite story characters have always been the likes of Balder the Brave or the Woodsman Strider…….Aragorn in The Lord of The Rings.

It is deep in me to want to be worthy myself of the comradeship of such men. One of the 4 agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz is to be *Impeccable with your word* and this on its surface means of course truth telling……but at its deeper level it reminds us of the power of our words and that we can either uplift others with what he calls “White Magic”, or certainly do the opposite if we get careless or speak from a place of anger or what I like to term spiritual confusion.


Everyone suffers from a serious downturn in their IQ when angry………it is simply the result of that particular energetic vibration.

So……..*don’t take things personally*……and *be an observer and not a judge* is very helpful advice to avoid such things……such as tumbling into dishonor and lower energetic states of vibration.

A few days ago I spoke about my 3 missions in life………this morning I want to try and focus on one of them.


And I also realize that not everyone has room in their heart…….or in their life……to be as completely devoted to Her as the likes of Foreverslave, or Razgriz, or Princess Indigo are……or some of the other “computer shy” slaves that fully belong to our Goddess whom I am less aware of.


To each their own, to each according to their ability, to each what is in their own heart to do…….and of course to our Divine Goddess who is the sole decision maker of whom may have the great privilege to don a collar for Her.

For my part, there is not even one cell in this body any longer that is not on a Sacred Mission for my Queen. With all my heart and soul do I love Her.

Every breath that draws into or out of this body is faithful and devoted and in love with my One True and Only Queen on this Earth and Her happiness and well being and safety and Her feeling and understanding that She is loved by me is now my Sacred Mission and duty to uphold.

My beloved son is in the next room sleeping after he fairly well exhausted his Father yesterday afternoon and evening with his seeming endless energy and love of baseball, bicycle riding, paying in the park and making up an endless stream of imaginary games with his Dad on the couch even after darkness fell.

He shares with my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn this level of devotion I seem to be compelled towards. I so very much love caring for and completely devoting myself to them both.

But there are some large differences between the two even as the love is of equal measure. One of course is the sexuality component………but another is that my son will grow……he will stop telling me every single day that he loves me (he does this often now and I love it!!!).

He will develop new interests and friends and loves that do not include his devoted Father. And of course……he will never leave me entirely and our bond is surely forged for life……but there will at some point be a distancing and a loss in the levels of intimacy with him that I cherish and enjoy at the moment.

But for this slave……….for this devoted and pure and chaste and very real slave for life of my One True and Only Queen on this Earth……..I bow and I offer Her this pledge.

I prayed to my Goddess Haylee Lynn and my prayers were answered!

My Pledge to You my One True and Only Queen on this Earth.                

I pledge my obedience and perfect devotion to Your pleasure and Your happiness and Your Safety and Your Throne in every blessed moment that I have left to live on Gods Green Earth.

I pledge my chastity and my life and my treasure to You my Queen and anything that I can responsibly and honorably place at Your feet in Tribute to You will always and forever be my great privilege and honor to do.


I pledge my heart and my dreams and my love to You as I have never felt such love for any woman as I feel for You. I pledge my very life to You as I would gladly give it before I would let one hair on Your beautiful head to ever be harmed.


My honor and my word and my truth I pledge them all to You as I want nothing less than to live my life now as Your devoted and very real and personal slave for life………every instant……..every moment in time I have left to live this is how I wish to live it…….please know and understand that serving You and in perfect honor is now my Sacred Mission in my life.


I am Yours to command this day……..and every day and just as long as the days that this heart has left to beat…… beats in love with You and devotion to You.

Sincerely and from my knees, Your devoted and very real slave for life,                                          Claude