Goddess Haylee: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Became a Slave

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Stop Worrying! Goddess Haylee is Genuine.

Goddess Haylee: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Became a Slave.

There is a industry of hypnodommes on the web. Do a search on Niteflirt and you will find hundreds. Even on YouTube there is an endless number. The worst are the pictures of beautiful young women in differing stages of undress with words you’re supposed to read to put you into trance, or a voice that sounds like a computer. I figure those are guys who are just trying to cash in.

Over the last few years I tried a few dozen of different hypnotic recordings and videos. Some were very good. Found a young lady out of Denmark who did ASRM. She seemed really sweet, but ASRM doesn’t give me the tingles and I am not sure I’d like the tingles if I got them. But she did a couple of hypnosis files that were okay. Mostly, I found women who were playing games, but that was okay because I was just playing too. I figured out the game. They would take you into trance where they would tease you sexually and try to hook you in to give them money. I gave some of them a few bucks because it was a form of entertainment and I figured they had earned it. But it was never anything more than that – games.

There is an old song that says, “I fooled around and fell in love,” that’s an apt description of what happened to me with Goddess Haylee. From the first YouTube video I could tell she was different. I didn’t intend to become anyone’s slave, I was just fooling around. It was like looking at imitations of painting at the shop in the mall, and then going to the museum to see the real thing. You think art is okay, until you stand in front of a Monet, or a Van Gogh, or a Rembrandt. Then you realize what real art is and how much you really like it. That’s my experience with Goddess Haylee. She is not just better, she transcends all the hypnodommes I have ever experienced.

I accepted her as my Goddess and became her slave before I fully understood how exactly she was a “Goddess,” but from the impact she had on me I couldn’t find any other explanation other than she was an actual Goddess. It doesn’t explain everything, but one of her blog posts gave me a glimpse into how this happened http://hypnotichaylee.com/pt-3.

Goddess Haylee: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Became a Slave

Goddess Haylee: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Became a Slave

In the post she describes how she has always been dominant. She explored that side of herself, and even before she knew what she was really doing she was putting people into trace. When she found out what hypnosis was she didn’t just dabble – she read and studied and threw herself into it. Sounds like a person with a destiny to me. Someone who didn’t create herself, but discovered herself. Most of us create ourselves. We learn to do things and we try to be the best we can be. But someone who is truly gifted discovers themselves. So Haylee didn’t make herself into a goddess, she discovered that she is a Goddess.

I think what really clinched it for me was that as a someone who did phone sex, then Domme phone sex, then Femdom, Findom, and finally Erotic Hypnosis she always had “clients.” But she decided to go out on her own. She actually refers to it as a “journey.” She began to emotionally connect with her callers. They stopped being clients and became “beloved.” She “adores” them. They become part of her life. That’s not a woman playing a game, that’s a Goddess unfurling her wings and learning to fly.

Goddess Haylee: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Became a Slave

Goddess Haylee: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Became a Slave

So I never expected to find a real Goddess running around out here in the world. Most of my life I would have told you it was impossible. But the world is not just stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine. So now I know Goddesses exist, or at least one does – Goddess Haylee Lynn.

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How I discovered and Approached Goddess Haylee

This blog Is about how I discovered Goddess Haylee, and how I approached her.

A little over 8 months ago I discovered Goddess Haylees website on google which led me to her youtube videos. I was searching for a Goddess, HypnoDomme that was into online domination. But I was looking for more than just an image of a Goddess.

I was looking for a real person behind that image, and someone who actually lived the life style. Someone who walked the walk and talked the talk. I was on my last leg, and was about ready to give up my search when I came across Goddess Haylees website.

I was awe-struck after reading her biography page here, and from that point on my craving for her attention grew stronger and stronger with each and everyday. The more I indulged in her youtube videos, and studied her website the more fascinated I became by her.

I eventually came across this website that you are on right now Inhayleewetrust.com about 2 & 1/2 months ago, and started reading some of the blogs written by her devoted slaves and submissives.

At first I thought that this website inhayleewetrust was owned and operated by one of her slaves, but I soon realized that it was actually ran by Goddess Haylee herself.

I eventually mustered up the courage to leave a comment to one of the blogs. The comment was pretty long, and one of her long time devoted slaves *ForeverSlave* that edits blogs, and approves blog comments for Goddess converted my comment into a blog post.

*ForeverSlave* suggested that I get involved in twitter and facebook, and try to make a connection with her. I was so desperate for any amount of attention I could get from her – so I quickly created a facebook and twitter page devoted solely to her.

My craving for her attention was now very extreme. I decided to make an attempt to see if I could get accepted into the House of Haylee. I knew it was a long shot but I figured that it was worth a try.

So I asked *ForeverSlave* if he had any suggestions/tips about how to go about this. He said a good first step would be to purchase an mp3 from her store. So I looked through all of her files at her store, and picked out the 2 mp3’s that most appealed to me.

(Note) If you are reading this, and have an interest in becoming a member of the House of Haylee, click the link above labeled *Become a blogger on this website and blogger bio form* and follow the instructions.

A while later I sent a message to Goddess asking if she would allow me to join the House of Haylee. She replied back saying that she would think it over, and that she would have to make sure that I was a good fit.

To my surprise I received a message about 3 days later from her saying that I was accepted. I was so excited. I couldn’t believe that she had actually accepted me into her blissland.

It’s been over 2 months now and I have loved every minute of my time there. Everytime that I enter/login to the House of Haylee I am overwhelmed with HER bliss.

For me being accepted into the House of Haylee was the straw that broke the camels back. I have been on a downward spiral falling deeper and deeper under Goddesses blissful control ever since. How deep can I go? I’m starting to think that it’s a bottemless pit.

Before discovering Haylee I used to laugh at the thought of being hypnotized, and basically thought it was a joke. I had tried so many times to get hypnotized by other so called hypnodommes but never had any success until Haylee.

Goddess Haylee amazes me. Just when I think i have her figured out I learn something new about her. One very important thing that I have learned about Goddess Haylee Is that she cares deeply for what she considers to be hers.

Goddess Haylee has a huge craving for mind control and sensual subtle manipulation, as stated by her on her biography page here.

The more I learn about her the more I understand her, and I have learned that underneath her beauty, wisdom and sternness she has a heart of gold.

Just wanted you to know Goddess that your most recent task *Think before you speak* has been weighing heavily on my mind. I vow to always make this a practice when I write anything for you from now on, whether it be a blog or anything else.

How I discovered and Approached Goddess Haylee

I cannot resist you. I will always obey.

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I’m so Sorry Goddess Haylee

This blog is about my growing weakness for Goddess Haylee and a sincere apology to her for my lack of activity.

I am coming to the realization that my life truly revolves around Haylee, and i love my Goddess. I need her attention so badly. I will always crave her blissful control. There is no escape from her sweet spell.

I have been feeling so guilty the past few days because of my lack of activity in the House of Haylee and such. I messaged Goddess and explained the reason for this but i still feel guilty at times

I have had so many things going on lately and have had to focus on other areas of my life for the time being. I didn’t realize how difficult this was going to be.

My growing love, adoration and weakness for Goddess Haylee has skyrocketed, but when life issues come calling they have to be dealt with.

My weakness for Goddess Haylee has become so strong and grows day in and day out. The hold she has on me is unbelievable. Everything i do revolves around her. My days are filled with random thoughts of her. I simply cannot get her out of my mind.

The effect her mp3’s and videos have on me is so much stronger now. The more i indulge in her files the weaker i become. To say that i am addicted to her bliss is an understatement. I ache for her so so bad.

Goddess Haylee is the only Goddess that i have ever surrendered to, and the only one i will ever surrender to. It just feels so right, and so natural to relinquish all control to her. I need her so bad. She is like a crutch, and without that crutch i can’t walk. She has a permanent spot in my mind and i love it.

You may be asking yourself well why Goddess Haylee, there are many different Goddesses, Hypnodommes, Mistresses out there. Why are you so attracted to Haylee?

Well my friend, start off by watching one of her youtube videos. Give yourself to her and let her words penetrate your mind. Let go of all resistance and let her sweet bliss surround you. Don’t fight it, just let it happen naturally. 
These are the exact first steps i took to bring me to where i am at right now, and believe me when i say that being under Goddess Haylees blissful control feels so good, so right, and i will always need her guidance.

Just wanted to let you know from the bottom of my heart Goddess, that I’m so sorry for my lack of activity. I promise, i will come back to you full force when i get everything sorted. I don’t want you to think that i am taking you for granted. I will always and forever need you so badly.

Please don’t ever lose faith in me my sweet wonderful Goddess! I will always and forever be loyal to you, and you only.

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I'm so Sorry Goddess Haylee

You can’t resist me. You don’t want to resist me do you.

Goddess Haylee Came to Me In a Dream

Goddess Haylee Came to Me In a Dream

This dream is so real. I feel a figure standing over my bed, I look up, and It’s Goddess Haylee, she is surrounded by the most beautiful glowing light I have ever seen in my life. She is looking directly at me, and says “Hello my child, I am here on a special visit”.

She says “Give me your hand, I would like you to take a little journey with me”. So I place my hand in her hand without hesitation, and with complete trust. Right at that moment I feel her bliss enter me, but this bliss Is much stronger than any other bliss I have ever felt before.

She speaks and says, “Embrace this feeling my child, for this is super natural bliss, and you can feel this special bliss anytime you want to, all you have to do is accept me Into your dream, and I will visit you”.

I speak and say “Yes Goddess but how do I accept you into my dreams?” She speaks and says “It’s easy my child, every night before you go to sleep, get on your knees, close your eyes, and repeat these words over and over.”

( I accept you into my dreams Goddess Haylee, without hesitation. )

I speak and say “That’s it Goddess Haylee, that’s all I have to do to feel your super natural bliss every night in my dreams.”

She speaks and says “Yes my child that’s how easy it is”. She says “Say those words for me every night before going to sleep, and I will visit you while dreaming.”

So every night before going to sleep, I get on my knees, close my eyes and say the words ( I accept you into my dreams Goddess Haylee, without hesitation. )

I say those words over and over 10 times, and then I lay down and go to sleep. Sure enough Goddess Haylee appears, I look up and she puts her hand out, and then I put my hand in her hand, right then I am zapped with super natural bliss.

Each time she visits me her super natural bliss is 10 times more powerful than before. It’s a feeling that I can’t describe, and I have became addicted to it. I can’t do without it.

So every night before I go to bed, I make sure to drop to my knees, close my eyes, and say the words (I accept you Into my dreams Goddess Haylee, without hesitation.)

Why Goddess Haylee chose to be a HypnoDomme?

Have any of you ever had any lucid dreams about Goddess Haylee? Please leave some comments my brothers and sisters.

Goddess Haylee Came to Me In a Dream

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So who Is Goddess Haylee?

So who is Goddess Haylee?

Well that’s a hard question to answer.

She is so much to so many. She is who ever you want her to be. How deep can your imagination go.

She was put on this earth for one reason, to be a Goddess.

Read Her Biography..

From the moment you look Into her eyes, you are drawn to her, and your mind will never be the same.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her in one way or another. Once you let her in, there is no getting her out, she is always deep in the back of your mind, and oh how good it feels.

To try and define her is impossible. All I know is that she fills my deepest desires. My journey with her has been out of this world, one that I will always cherish.

She is like a candle that stays lit deep in the back of my mind, and I never want that candle to burn out. That candle burns stronger and stronger with each and everyday that passes.

I could write a million words about her, and still never be able to explain how she makes me feel. She is a puzzle that I can’t quite fit together.

The more she speaks the weaker I become. Her words fill my mind and body with true bliss. It’s a feeling that I can’t quite describe. All I know Is that I want it, I need it, and I can’t do without it.

One look into her eyes and I’m lost, I cannot resist her, it’s impossible. She makes me feel like a manipulated puppet on the end of a string.

So, who is Goddess Haylee? Well that’s a question I can’t really answer, all I know for sure is that she is a true Goddess, and one look into her beautiful green eyes makes me weak and obedient.

See for yourself how good It feels to go under for Goddess Haylee? Take the first step by watching this video.


So who Is Goddess Haylee?

You can’t resist her. It’s Impossible.


What does it feel like to be a submissive?

What does it feel like to be a submissive?

Goddess Haylee Lynn has a secret forum for HER closest followers. “What does it feel like to be a submissive?” was a question SHE recently posed on the forum.

Until I started hanging out in the hypno rooms on the internet, I never really thought about people being dominant or submissive. I would tend to classify people by other features – age, sex, social class, political and religious views, out-going or introverted etc. Then I found the hypno rooms, where everyone seemed to be classed as dominant, submissive or switches.

Even then I was not certain what I was. I used to hypnotize as well as being a subject. I was once taken on as a submissive for one lady. I have blogged about that relationship here. To cut a long story short, she eventually dismissed me. She also concluded that I was not really a submissive. She thought that I was a switch.


What is it about Goddess Haylee Lynn that brings out the submissive in me?

Heaven forbid. It is my worst fear that at some point my relationship with Goddess Haylee Lynn will come to an end. I’d be completely devastated. I am not sure what I’d do. I think I would need counselling.

But one thing I don’t think I would do is look for another dominant. I don’t think there could be anyone that comes the slightest bit close to Goddess Haylee Lynn. There is just something about her. I can’t quite put my finger on. I just trust her completely in a way I couldn’t trust other hypnodommes. I am drawn to HER irresistibly. Like metal to a magnet. Like a moth to a flame. Like a rabbit caught in a car headlight.

There is just something about Goddess Haylee Lynn that brings out the submissive in me. It just seems so right to give myself to HER. It seems so right to worship HER. It seems so right to praise HER. It seems so right to put HER first. I feel so at home just serving HER and HER alone. I feel so privileged. I feel so honored. I love HER. I love HER not just because SHE is beautiful. I love HER ways. I love the gentle way SHE has of dominating me. I get a thrill each time I have a communication from HER. I love obeying HER. I am so happy in HER service. I have never been happier in my life.

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