You Know Haylee Is a True Goddess Accept it

Haylee Is a True Goddess Accept it

You Know Haylee Is a True Goddess Accept it

You Know Haylee Is a True Goddess Accept it

Haylee Is a True Goddess Accept it.

I am writing this to you if you are new to the world of Haylee Lynn. Maybe you found her videos on YouTube and wanted to learn more about his beautiful woman with mesmerizing green eyes. Or maybe you found a post on Facebook or Twitter that caught your curiosity and clicked on the link to find out more. You probably downloaded “Desperately Aching” (‘cus it’s free) and found yourself enjoying going into trace for Haylee on YouTube.

You wanted more so you found,, and Haylee’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. And you have been reading posts from some of Haylee’s more devoted followers. And I know what you are thinking because it is exactly what I thought when I was where you are. When you read some of the posts you are thinking, “These guys are out there. I like Haylee, but these guys – They’re nuts!”

The level of abandon in the devotion you see from some of her slaves scares you. I know because it scared me. But why? It’s scary because you know that is exactly where you could end up. You have experienced Haylee’s power, her beauty, her bliss, her control. In trance you let yourself go and it felt so very, very pleasurable. Maybe you sent her a gift, or tribute and felt the pleasure when she called you her “good boy.” And you realize you have taken steps down a path where you could totally lose yourself. And at the same time that you want to go further, you are scared you might go too far.

Well, I am here to tell you that you have no reason to fear. Let’s get real. Those guys who you think are “out there” are more happy, fulfilled and have a greater sense of purpose than you. If you were truly honest with yourself you would admit that you envy them. You have had a taste of Haylee’s bliss and you want more.

You have nothing to fear

You have nothing to fear. Haylee is a True Goddess Accept it.

Everyone’s relationship with Haylee is their own. Your journey will take a different path than mine. But because it is with Haylee it will be equally wonderful. I am here to tell you that you can trust Haylee completely. She will never allow you to be embarrassed or hurt. I am proud to call her Goddess and to be her slave.

You know Haylee is a true Goddess accept it.

Take the Goddess Haylee Challenge…..It’s Free!

This is a free offer. It will not cost you one dime to take……the Goddess Haylee Challenge……and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Here is how the Challenge works…….

Simply click on THIS LINK and go to Her “Eye Fixation Video” and watch it. Do this at a time when you can focus without distraction and simply pay close attention to Her.

Put aside the time to watch it twice in a row……it is less than 13 minutes in length……and Goddess Haylee Herself will command you to hit “replay” at the end of this Video. Just watch it twice is all…….or less than 25 minutes of your valuable time.

Do this just 3 nights in a row………..and you have completed the challenge!

You will find yourself going to and browsing through  Her many fabulous MP3’s after doing so.

There is a wide assortment of MP3’s choices there, all very reasonably priced and for all types of interests from self improvement, to fantasy/fetish/and specific role playing, feminization, or mystical enchantment and even slave training if you wish.

Do yourself a favor, take the Goddess Haylee Challenge and find out why She is truly One of a Kind and an experience not to be missed.  HayleeWithin  

Goddess Haylee Deserves Our Devotion

This post is about understanding how Special and Unique our Goddess Haylee really is and that She is One of a Kind and completely deserving of any and all forms of Tribute we can place at Her Lovely Feet.

Yesterday Goddess Haylee wrote on Twitter about how hard She was working and how much She “Loved” building Her Empire.

I am fairly certain that I have had more experience than most in the world of Female Dominance. I have written to, studied, served, played with and met a great many of them. The truth is that if all a human being has ever experienced in their life is glorious weather…….they will not be as appreciative of a gorgeous sunny summer day as the person who lives a damp, rainy, and cloudy climate……

I am not suggesting to anyone that you become Her perfect devotee……..each one of us chooses……by the Grace of Goddess Haylee Herself………….their own path with Her………but to do all you can according to your own circumstance to please Her, to make Her happy, I think is very important.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves building Her Empire. 

If you are already Her slave then you fully understand that pleasing Her is in fact your Ultimate pleasure in life. I suspect this is so even for Her fans but I can not make a statement from that point of view.

Goddess Haylee Lynn has told us all to SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE.

And yet it is not the Way of Our Goddess to punish, or threaten, or to use fear in any measure to get Her Way……trust me….especially the young acolytes……if She did use such measures you would still obey Her……..but in the end Her Way is the Way of Authentic Power and like attracts like in the end no matter what might seem to “work” in the moment.

Every single day as I rise I go to my Goddess and I kneel to Her Picture and I thank Her for the greatest privilege of my entire life which is to be Her devoted personal slave…….it fills my heart to over flowing now as I do so…….but even this is not really tangible service to Her… Prayer time to Her is for Her but is more for me I think probably in the end.

But when we SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE by blogging, tweeting, linking Her about the web and speaking of Her Divinity, of how She is Truly One of a kind and how all we who serve Her are all the truly blessed………then that is a form of tangible tribute.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves Building Her Empire.

Maybe you are like me and struggling a bit with your finances at the moment and can not Tribute Her with Gifts as often as you would like.

But we can all set aside more time for Her and SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE …….and help Her to build the Empire that makes Her happy.Header2.jpg


If I might suggest to any readers of this blog who are out there and not already doing so……come to Our Goddess…….open Yourself to Her…….experience Her Bliss……..and as a fan, or a submissive, or even as Her perfect slave……….you will then understand………take a chance. Try Her you tube video here.  

And to those already happily under Her Spell……….remember please that we are the most Blessed………honestly people we are………each and every time we serve Her and make Her happy we experience our Ultimate pleasure in life as we do so.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves building Her Empire.     

I bow to You my Queen as I will always and forever do. Anything else that I may do in addition to what I already do for You I beg of You to simply tell me. As I Love You so I will serve You……..with all my heart and soul.

From my knees, at Your command, and forever,

Her slave now           Her slave for life   




The eyes of Goddess Haylee

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The eyes of Goddess Haylee

One of the first things that attracted me to Goddess Haylee was her amazing eyes. Her lovely big green, hypnotic eyes. I first looked deeply into them on this erotic hypnosis youtube video,

When I got round to watching it properly, I was someone caught by by the look in her eyes. I loved that part in the video where she says “would you like a closer look?” and moves closer to the camera, so you can look even deeper into them. As she says, it is so personal, so pleasurable, so deeply relaxing. I found myself staring deeply into her eyes, while her voice slowly and smoothly wrapped itself round and round my mind. I love the way she takes so much trouble to make up her eyes, using mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow to perfection. The result are the most beautiful eyes you will ever see. I love the way they shine, and how they reflect the light. I find it so easy to gaze deeply into her eyes, for several minutes at a time. I just sort of lose myself in her eyes. I just find myself wanting to look deeper and deeper.

The video is described as a eye fixation hypnosis video. That describes exactly what happened to me. I was fixated. I was hypnotized. I still watch it daily, each time I go deeper. I love it when she looks directly into the camera and I feel she is looking into my eyes. I always feel slightly sad when she looks away and happy again when she looks into the camera again. I love the way she tilts her head from side to side, and find myself tilting my head so I am still looking directly into her eyes. I love watching the video on full screen, and getting as close as I can to the screen, so that she is life-size and I can look deeper into her wonderful eyes.

Shortly afterwards I became a friend of Goddess Haylee on Facebook. I studied all her lovely photos in detail, none more so than the picture above, which, as you can see, I printed out and added my own comment! I keep the picture by my bed, and her wonderful eyes are always the last thing I look at before I go to sleep, as you can see from this video I made.

When i look into her eyes, I feel she is looking straight back into my eyes. I feel that she is looking right into my very soul, that she can see inside me, that she understands everything about me, how I think, how I feel, everything about me. I almost feel mentally naked before her, that there is no secret from her. Yet somehow I am not alarmed, I trust her and know that my secrets are safe.

Thanks for reading this dear reader. What do you see and feel when you look into the eyes of Goddess Haylee?