She looked like rain

In 2014 I was as Dust that spins in a gust of wind, that is blowing by. I was drier than the gravel of my driveway on the inside. I was like a dessert dry. And in my thirsty eyes …… She looked like rain.   I laid in the dry place for a long long time. My heart had become bitter as whiskey and had lost it’s fight. But … Continue reading

Electric Collar

Electric Collar Electric Collar is a work of fiction. “What is it that you want pet” asked Goddess Haylee Lynn to one of her most loyal and trusted slaves. “I wish I could be a better slave” he replied. “That is good. In what ways do you want to be a better slave?” She continues, in her soft and velvety voice. “Well generally. I wish I gave you a tribute more … Continue reading

Paul Knight

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Paul Knight Paul Knight written by Paul Knight (not his real name), edited by Forever Slave. This is a story of my conversion from selfish man to devout worshipper of my Goddess Haylee Lynn after visiting the Church of Haylee. My name is Paul Knight. I used to be an investigative reporter for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and I thought I had a great life. I was well known around town for my work as … Continue reading

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished is the long-awaited sequel to “Double 0 Slave“, posted on December 31, 2013 by ForeverSlave. Please read that first. It wasn’t long after passing all the tests with flying colours, that I was summoned once again to see my beautiful and mysterious boss “H”. I looked forward to looking into her wonderful big green eyes again, and listening to her soft and silky voice. I love her. … Continue reading

Second Visit

Second Visit

Second Visit Before reading “Second Visit” please read “New Neighbours” first. “Second Visit” is a work of fiction. I told you before, dear reader, how I came to meet Haylee Lynn in the story “New Neighbours”. I want to tell you now about my second visit. After helping her and Bruce move in, I was invited round again shortly afterwards, for a second visit. She greeted me at the door. There … Continue reading


Over time, Goddess Haylee Lynn has become my fetish.

Fetish What is your fetish dear reader? Has it changed over time? Mine has! What is a fetish? A friend of mine defined it as “what turns you on”. My fetish was hypnosis. I developed this fetish in my teens. I used to masturbate thinking how lovely it would be to be hypnotically seduced by a beautiful lady. Occasionally in my fantasises, I would also be the hypnotist. In some … Continue reading

The Hypnotized Robot

Hypnotized robot.

The Hypnotized Robot The Hypnotized Robot is a light-hearted story for April 1st. It is a work of fiction. Christopher woke bright and breezy. He was so glad he lived in the same time zone as his Goddess, Haylee Lynn. This meant that, unlike some of her other slaves, he rose about the same time as her and retired at a similar time. He ate breakfast while his old computer … Continue reading

Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Others are not a patch on Goddess Haylee Lynn! It is almost exactly three years since Goddess Haylee Lynn produced the video Relaxation Hypnosis With Hypnotic Haylee. It as published on Mar 28, 2013. I remember clearly this being first posted! Before that SHE only had two videos on YouTube, and I was so excited that SHE had made another hypnosis video. By then i was watching HER eye fixation video almost … Continue reading

What’s the Opposite of “Resist”?


What’s the Opposite of “Resist”? I have been thinking about writing about this for a while now, but this post by Goddess Haylee seemed like the perfect time. I have experienced a few stages in my following Haylee. Yes, there was a time when I resisted. I would try to relax when I was going into trance, but it took a while to learn to let go. With each time … Continue reading


Changes she has bought in me.

Changes The theme of changes have come up a couple of times in the last week or two. In a recent blog by my Goddess, Haylee Lynn, she answers the question “Haylee l really want to become a better person can you truly make this happen?” Linked to this she also asked in her private forum “If you have been my slave for over 6 months, I want you to … Continue reading