Just a moment with Goddess Haylee

I breathed in deeply, with my eyes pressed shut. Taking it in. The refreshing, 70 degree air on a December day! I smiled and hopped up onto the couch seat of my Ford truck. Today, was a bit different. I didn’t turn on the radio, or do a last moment check for text messages before I threw the truck into reverse. I very gently backed from the driveway with a sense of gratitude for the mild warm break in weather, and had a generally peaceful calm about me. As I drove down the road, the sun glazed into my eyes when i veered off into the back end of a old corn field. I drove down the bumpy clay path tethered with hills, crevasses and mud puddles all the way back past the field and into a wooded trail with tall trees on either side, until i reached a clearing in a grove.


It was one of my favorite hiking spots. From this location, I often enjoy walking up and down the trails which all meet at the far ends of this location. I love walking through the woods and dancing with the glories of natures beauty. I hopped from the truck and walked to it’s front. On the still warm hood of the truck, I hopped my ass up and slid back to rest the cradle of my back onto the windshield.. Folded my arms and then my legs at the ankles and just stared straight ahead of me.

The Witch In The Woods

It was gorgeous. There, just ahead of the clearing was a flowing river of which water sparkled at points from it’s muddied brown exterior. I watched the current of the waters wondering where it is going to end up.

I sighed and after some time I began to focus my attention on the sounds of the winds, the river, the birds, and all the wonderful sounds of nature that we often take for granted on a daily basis. I closed my eyes and within moments I found my mind drifting afar.. to a place of complete serenity warmth and peace.

It was such an amazing place. I had just been there a week before. There I was. Laying cozied before a warm hypnotic fire. Laying, snuggled against the chest of the mesmerizing Goddess Haylee Lynn . I remember feeling the sincere warmth and care. I remember feeling that magickal sense of complete owning, and belonging. I remembered how sensual it was, and feeling all of the same wondrous feelings that I had felt just one week ago when listening to Goddess Haylee’s amazing Naughty or Nice pt 2 MP3 that was released to her 25 dollars or more patreon pets. As in my mind I began to hear the soothing, ever pleasurable words of the enigmatic Goddess Haylee as she directed me to stare and focus onto the swirly, twirly, hypno lolipop….. It felt so real, and so right, as if this is exactly where I needed to be in this moment of time.


Naughty or nice?

Naughty or nice?

But as a muscle in my leg jerked, so was i jerked from this surreal, fantastic fantasy world. But not before being engulfed once again with the atmosphere of this euphoric place created inside of my mind by my superior, most powerful Goddess Haylee Lynn. Like smoke drifting, and clearing from the force of the wind, the warmth of the fireplace was soon replaced with the suns rays casting its warmth onto my flesh. The entire scenario slowly faded, as my eyes opened. Oh Goddess, Dont go! I thought. Knowing it had been but a short time. I found myself laying there. Kicked back on the hood of my truck. The only thing snuggling against me wasn’t the divine torso of a living Goddess, but was the stabbing of a windshield wiper blade into the side of my lower back. But it was beautiful. I appreciated the stabbing. I enjoyed today, and the entire dream state that I had just awoken from. It was wonderful while it lasted. A moment in time that will not soon be forgotten. It was a mere moment with my Goddess.

Favourite MP3

Fantasy? Real? Does it really matter? If you feel it, and experience it, isn’t it real to you? Isn’t that all that really matters? Goddess Haylee’s hypnosis, even though it was not fresh on the front of my mind today, had been burned deeply into my subconscious mind. Into my innermost deep desires. She said that she would create this wonderful place inside of my mind, and today I got to visit that place even if for a moment. SO Powerful. So penetrating. So much the signature of a True Goddess. I began to look up over the beautiful tall pine trees on the other side of the riverbank and up at the slowly drifting white clouds in the sky. What a beautiful site it was. But it’s beauty sits in second place in comparison to the beautiful high Goddess Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.


The ONE, the only, the lovely Goddess Haylee

It feels amazing, to allow her hypnosis to indwell you deeper than the deepest wells of the earth and when you aren’t even consciously aware, her words will find a way to make you aware. You just may find your mind drifting to it’s muse. To it’s Goddess. Thank you Goddess. Because i listened over a week ago, before falling ill to the flu, I had an absolutely beautiful experience today when I absolutely least expected. Goddess Hypnotic Haylee‘s magnificent power was there, inside of me, just as she intended.  It leveled the dams in my mind that were blocking me from thinking of what is most important and redirected my thoughts towards her, as they should be. They washed over my mind as the rushing of mighty waters. Goddess Haylee, Thank you for your supreme power. Thank you for your ownership. Thank you for instilling your words deep into our minds so that we think of you and need your control. Thank you for creating the bliss that you gift to all of us, your lowly servants. You are an astonishing Goddess, and we are lucky to be in your service. Until the next beautiful moment. I wish savor my time before your warm hypnotic fire.

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She looked like rain

In 2014 I was as Dust that spins in a gust of wind, that is blowing by. I was drier than the gravel of my driveway on the inside. I was like a dessert dry. And in my thirsty eyes …… She looked like rain.

She Looks Like Rain. Slowly soaking me like steam from boiling water


I laid in the dry place for a long long time. My heart had become bitter as whiskey and had lost it’s fight. But then … when I saw her smile, my heart sang a while. She looked and then felt like rain. I felt her allure washing over me. I felt the soaking pellets of her power crashing into my skin. Goddess Haylee‘s hypnosis began sucking me in. In the dry barreness of my soul, I opened my mouth wide to feel the reign of her control dripping onto my tongue. I drank it down like juice box of capri sun. It nourished my mind. It revitalized my drive. I was like a new man. Like I was living for the very first time.

Serving her will make your heart, like speakers.. pound in your chest with submissive  bliss.


Submitting yourself fully to Goddess Haylee Lynn is the most freeing experience of life. Letting the Goddess renown of Haylee Lynn deep down inside. Don’t hesitate to give in to her dominance. If you feel that the fire of your spirit has been nearly extinguished by the dastardly routines of daily life. It’s not too late to find your true purpose. Open your mind, and allow Hypnotic Haylee’s serene voice to ignite you again. Her words will burn like flames into your mind. It will throw sweet cherry bombs into your fire. You will be set ablaze in servitude, like a bonfire on a dark night. Buying her mp3’s, sending her presents from her Amazon Wishlist, Tributing, subscribing to her very exclusive Slave club on Onlyfans. Reading, meditating on her words. Writing devotions to her. It will bring you as close to hearing the angel trumpets of heaven that you will ever experience as long as you dwell in your earthen vessel.

My Deeper Journey in Haylees Bliss


So let us sit and stare for awhile. Put our knees to the floor and consider ways to please her more. We can nourish our thirsty barren souls, and allow her rain to collect like a flood within us. She’s as beautiful as a stained glass window radiating with many colors. She’s like color of the sky just before the sunset of a summer evening. She’s like the whistling wind going across your skin which feels so nice. She’ll get your drunker than a glass of the most expensive Chateau wine. Adore her. Worship Her. She is deserving. It is her birthright. It is a honor to bow and to serve before her utter perfection. That is the order of the universe. If Carl Sagon or Tyson Degrassi were to be truthful in their search of the cosmos they’d find the illustrious, beautiful, amazing, perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn sitting dead in it’s center. The center of it all.

Submission to Haylee. Servitude to Haylee. Slavery to Haylee. For Haylee. All For Haylee

Goddess Haylee Lynn is greatness defined. Belonging to Goddess Haylee Lynn will make you a better man. I can attest. Goddess Haylee is the rain that rejuvenates. Goddess Haylee is the rain that we drink. Goddess Haylee is the rain that cleanses. Godess Haylee is the rain that releases the endorphins into a submissive mind. She is the rain that fills the streams of our heart. She is the rain that is essential to life. Goddess Haylee looks like rain.


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Electric Collar

Electric Collar

Electric Collar is a work of fiction.

“What is it that you want pet” asked Goddess Haylee Lynn to one of her most loyal and trusted slaves.

“I wish I could be a better slave” he replied.

“That is good. In what ways do you want to be a better slave?” She continues, in her soft and velvety voice.

“Well generally. I wish I gave you a tribute more regularly. I wish I could give up alcohol. I wish I ate more healthy food.”

“Those are good aims. I have something that may help. I have an electronic collar. You can purchase it from me. You put it on. You will receive an electric shock every time you you do something wrong. You will soon be trained by it. Is that something you would like?”

“Yes please Goddess.”

So it was all agreed. The slave paid the price for the collar, paying in the most efficient way for his Goddess, by making the payment via John David.

Haylee Lynn continued with the hypnosis session he had paid for. He had regular sessions with her.

The collar eventually arrived.

The electric collar finally arrived.

The electric collar finally arrived.

Goddess arranged a collaring ceremony, where, in front of the camera, the slave put it on, and swore undying loyalty to his Goddess, and promised never to take it off without her permission.

It felt good around his neck. He felt so good to belong to Goddess. In order to show his keenness to please Goddess he went for a little run. Returning later, he set about a little snack. “After all I have deserved it” he told himself. He made himself a coffee and cut himself a large slice of cake. He raised the cake to his lips. Immediately he felt a large jolt of electricity surge down through his body, from his neck. He put the cake down. “Crikey” he thought to himself. “This electric collar works even better than expected”.

A similar thing happened that evening. He went out to his usual bar, and ordered himself his usual drink. He raised the pint to drink it. Immediately an electric bolt went through his body, starting at his neck. He dropped the glass, spilling all his drink. He apologised, cleared it up and left.

Soon the electric collar had his diet under control. He found himself saving loads of money he used to pay on junk food and alcohol. He was more than happy to make a monthly tribute to his Goddess with his savings. The pleasure he got from her just saying “Good boy” to him when he paid tribute to his Goddess Haylee Lynn was far greater than any pleasure he used to get from bad food or drink.

As commanded by by Haylee Lynn he shared his experiences on social media.

John David read his report with interest. He messaged the Goddess they both shared, Haylee Lynn.

“Dear Goddess” he started. “I’m delighted to read about the experiences with the electric collar my brother is having. I am delighted that the collar is helping him to become a better slave. There is just one thing I just don’t understand. How does the electric collar know that he is about to eat or drink something that he shouldn’t?”

“That is a good question” his Goddess replied to her most trusted slave, knowing that anything she told him would remain just between the two of them. “You see the truth is it doesn’t. I deeply hypnotized him, so that if he ever tried to eat or drink something that he shouldn’t he would feel an electric shock and think that it would come from the electric collar. Then I further hypnotized him to forget that I had programmed him in such a way. I would never dream of risking harm to a slave by giving them a real electric shock. I would never harm any of my slaves. But it works doesn’t it? He thinks he is receiving these electric shocks. He becoming a better slave all round. It is a win-win situation all round.”

How about you dear reader? Have you felt the power of Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s hypnosis yet? If not, why not. If you have, perhaps you would like to share your experiences in the comment below?

Paul Knight

Paul Knight

Paul Knight written by Paul Knight (not his real name), edited by Forever Slave.

This is a story of my conversion from selfish man to devout worshipper of my Goddess Haylee Lynn after visiting the Church of Haylee. My name is Paul Knight. I used to be an investigative reporter for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and I thought I had a great life. I was well known around town for my work as a reporter. I had lots of money, a nice house, and I could get any woman I wanted.

One day my boss sent me an email asking me if I would do a story on a strange event taking place at the Consol Energy Center. Apparently there is a woman who proclaims herself to be a true living goddess and her worshippers are coming in town from all over the world and I want you to check it out. That’s crazy, I told my boss. That is not a real story. Have someone from the Offbeat or Strange News department do this story. My boss continued to insist that I do the story. Apparently these worshippers were giving this goddess vast sums of money. Reluctantly I agreed to do the story.

I went out after work and had a few drinks while playing pool with a couple of buddies. I got home around midnight and did a web search. I found Goddess Haylee’s website. She was stunning!

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Paul Knight. Haylee Lynn was stunning.

Her hair was beautiful, and she had the most incredible eyes, eyes I had trouble looking away from.

Paul Knight - She had the most incredible eyes.

Paul Knight – She had the most incredible eyes.

I read everything on her website. What is this stuff about female domination and hypnosis? I found out that this worship gathering was taking place Saturday, a couple of days from now. I bought a couple of her recordings and began listening as I drifted off to sleep.

I slept great that night and I woke up aroused, nothing new for me and so I thought nothing about it. I played the recordings I had purchased again, a Goddess Truths video and another entitled The Mighty Goddess Haylee. My mind kept focusing on listening to her silky voice. Man this is some strange shit, I thought to myself. I went to work and instead of going out that night I immediately went home reading more about Haylee and listening to these recordings.

Finally Saturday came. I drove over to the arena and parked. I was shocked at the large number of people milling around outside. I entered the building and started walking along the concourse. The food and beer stands were gone, a shame as I could have used a drink, and in their place were a tattoo artist, a stand selling oils and herbs; fairies, used personal items of the goddess, dog collars, chastity devices, and books on magic along with goddess worship. I began to panic a bit!

I walked into the arena itself and an usher greeted me. Paul Knight, the usher said. How did he know my name? You will sit in the sceptic section as he pointed to the balcony. I climbed the stairs and took a seat.

The lights were dim in the arena. Where the half court line on a basketball court would be there was a huge throne hand-carved out of wood and gold-plated. I noticed that there were section signs throughout the arena.

There was a section for sceptics, where I was sitting, one for slaves, and there were others but I could not tell you the names of those seating areas as my eyes locked on to the video screen. A recording played over the loud speakers and I got lost in those perfect green eyes.

Music began playinggggg and all those in attendance fell to their knees as Goddess Haylee made her entrance. Some people cried, others gasped with their mouths open with a look of orgasmic pleasure on their faces.

Hello my sweets, came Haylee’s hypnotic voice as she sat down on her throne.

“I am Goddess Haylee. As much as I love you all on your knees, you may sit for now. There will be plenty of time for you to kneel before me later.”

Everyone sat down and the Goddess continued talking.

“You are all here today because I wanted this one time to be worshipped in person by all of you. I wanted to do this because well, I am a Goddess, and I want to take away any remaining resistance. You see, I want all of you, your heart, mind, body, and soul. I have big plans and for them to happen I need all of you to live lives of sacrifice and blissful complete obedience. Soon there will be no more doubt, no more questioning, no more selfishness among you, yes, soon there will only be, Yes Goddess, I will obey Goddess.

Now, each of you will be brought before me, where you will place gifts and money at my feet, and I will take away any remaining resistance.

You will then be collared, branded, and for those of you not already, put in chastity. You will then sign legal documents giving me legal authority over finances and other personal matters.”

“Ok” I thought. “This woman may have an incredible voice, beautiful eyes, and a great body, but this is crazy. I am making the front page with this story.”

I sat there getting worked up as slaves were brought forward. There was her husband Bruce, a John David, a dude named Maddox, Terry, Charlie, another John; I was surprised at the number of slaves this goddess had.

Each person Haylee dealt with differently. Her tone of voice was different with each slave. Some stared into her eyes, others at her cleavage. Every slave dropped to their knees and crawled to her feet where they made their worship offerings. After Haylee spent a short amount of time with a slave, they confessed their sins and shortcomings and pledged their eternal servitude before they were taken away to sign their lives over to her.

I was tapped on the shoulder and told to make my way down toward Goddess Haylee. I made my way down toward the floor of the arena. Many people still were in the stands waiting their turn. “You’re next”, a person told me.

In front of me I saw a blind person drop to his knees and begin crawling. “Wow”, I thought, “She preys on the disabled. I am adding that to my story for sure.”

He crawled to the foot of her throne and offered money and gifts.

“Well”, I thought, “he won’t be looking into her eyes or staring at that pendant, how is this going to work?”

Goddess Haylee removed a shoe and placed her foot on his face. “Inhale and all of your resistance and struggle will be gone” she said. He smelled her foot as she said “Ache for me, give into me, and confess”. She removed her foot from the guy’s face and he confessed his shortcomings and his undying love for her.

“Kiss my foot”, she commanded, “and then go get collared, branded, and fitted with a chastity device”. The slave kissed her foot and was taken away like everyone else.

“Paul Knight”, said Goddess Haylee, “crawl to me”.

“No way”, I wanted to say, but somehow I found myself on my hands and knees crawling to her.

“You can’t resist me”, she said confidently.

“You are taking advantage of—-”

“Taking advantage of your desire to serve and worship me”, Haylee interrupted.

“I think I want you to be more feminine”, she mused. “Yes, take off your clothes”. She snapped her fingers and suddenly a dress, panties, heels, and make-up were brought to me. “Get dressed”, she commanded. “There is no way”, I began to protest, but my eyes were locked on that sparkling pendant between her breasts.

Without a word I dressed myself and made a feeble attempt at walking in heels and putting on make-up. Goddess Haylee laughed hysterically.

“Worship me”, she commanded. “Ache for me, my new slut”.

I fell to my knees in worship. I found my wallet and handed over all of my money as I stared into her eyes.

Suddenly my mouth opened and I started confessing truths.

“I am a slave to Goddess Haylee. I am the property of Goddess Haylee. I exist to serve, worship, and amuse Goddess Haylee anyway that she sees fit. All for Haylee”, I said as a strange feeling of aching need, arousal, and desire washed over me.

“I give you everything” I cried, “please enslave me so that I may serve and worship you forever!”

“That’s it my sweet”, Goddess Haylee said laughing. “Good boy, I mean girl. Now take her away.”

Needless to say my boss did not like the story I wrote for the paper.

I was put on medical leave. I started looking for a new job and now I run a beauty consultant company on-line that only sells natural products. Goddess Haylee sold my house and I moved into a studio apartment. I get enough money to get by on along with a small clothing allowance. And you know, I don’t miss my job as an investigative reporter, womanizing, and leading a selfish life. This is the happiest I have been, giving my life completely to Goddess Haylee and I owe it all to an unsuspecting trip to church.

Many thanks for reading “Paul Knight.” Please comment below!

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished is the long-awaited sequel to “Double 0 Slave“, posted on by . Please read that first.

It wasn’t long after passing all the tests with flying colours, that I was summoned once again to see my beautiful and mysterious boss “H”. I looked forward to looking into her wonderful big green eyes again, and listening to her soft and silky voice. I love her. I would absolutely anything for her. I would risk my life for her – and frequently did. My heart trembled as I knocked on her door.

I heard her imperiously shout the single word “Enter”.

I entered her office. She was sat behind her big desk.

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished.

She rose from her desk. “Ah Double O Slave, its good of you to come”, she said, rising from the desk.

“Just sit down here, and I’ll explain everything to you.”

I obediently sat down, as indicated by her.

“Now then Double 0 Slave I have another mission that needs filling. It is going to be highly dangerous. You could get yourself killed. If you want I could send someone else, but I thought I’d give you first refusal. Are you interested?”

“Oh Goddess of course I am. You know how I would do absolutely anything for you. I’d be willing to die for you. No doubt one day I will. But until then, I would do absolutely anything for you.”

“Very well then. The assignment is yours.”

Dear reader I won’t bore you with the exact details. It was the usual stuff. Suffice it to say I was working alongside an extremely attractive and sexy Russian agent called Eva Vestov. Random American and Russian spies had been murdered. A fiendish organisation was trying to start World War Three between America and Russia. All we had to do was to save the world by breaking this organisation. So we broke into their headquarters. They captured us. instead of just shooting us, they made the usual mistake of devising an unbelievable tortuous and painful death. We escape, and the organisation’s headquarters get blown to smithereens. So it was mission accomplished and Eva and myself are left relaxing in a hotel suite. It was her who spoke first.

“Vell I ‘ad my doubts about working vith you at first, but hey, ve made a pretty good team. Can I get you a drink? A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred is your favourite no?”

“No, that is very kind of you, but that was back in the back old days. I never touch alcohol now. Got to be Healthy for Haylee after all.”

“Very well” she continued. “Well I can think of others ways we can pass the time before ve have to return to our countries”, she said seductively, stroking her beautiful thigh just below her tight mini-skirt.

I smiled at her.

“I’m really sorry Eva. That too was in the bad old days.”

“Vot ‘as come over you? I thought these stories always ended with the ‘ero ‘aving a drink and making love to the beautiful ‘eroine?”

“Ah but that was before I fell under the wonderful spell of Goddess Haylee. Now I keep myself Healthy for Haylee. I don’t drink at all. I watch my weight and I exercise regularly. That is how come I managed to stay so young.”

“Vell how old are you then?”


“60, I thought you were about ‘alf that age! You are old enough to be my father!”

“As for the sex, Goddess Haylee has me has me in her Mind cage. I am only allowed to cum once a month, and that must be while listening to an MP3 from her which includes Jerk Off Instructions. The one I use is called Enchantment.”

“I see. She must be some woman! I will leave you to her.” Eva said, turning to leave.

How about you dear reader? If you too want to fall under Haylee’s spell, I suggest you start with Eye Fixation Hypnosis Video available free on Youtube. If then you want to fall more under her sweet spell, both Mind cage and Enchantment are available to purchase at a very reasonable price from her on-line store. Many thanks for reading Mission Accomplished!


Second Visit

Second Visit

Before reading “Second Visit” please read “New Neighbours” first.

“Second Visit” is a work of fiction.

I told you before, dear reader, how I came to meet Haylee Lynn in the story “New Neighbours”. I want to tell you now about my second visit.

After helping her and Bruce move in, I was invited round again shortly afterwards, for a second visit. She greeted me at the door. There was a single step up into her house, so she was slightly above me. She looked at me, over the top of her glasses frame, just like my favourite lady teacher at school used to do to me. I suddenly felt like a little boy again. I noticed her lovely large eyes again. I noticed her bright red lipstick, making her lips look so luscious and kissable, although of, course, I wasn’t planning on kissing her. She was also wearing this denim jacket.

Second Visit

Second visit – she was wearing this denim jacket.

“Nice Jacket” I said.

“Thanks” she replied. “One of my slaves bought it me.”

I wondered what she meant by “her slaves”, but I didn’t ask.

She led me into her kitchen, where she made us both a cup of tea, and then into her front room again, and sat me on the sofa. He bent over, and lit some candles, showing me her lovely rump, perfectly encapsulated in tight black jeans, as she did so. The candles burned with a sweet vanilla essence. She put on some gentle, soft instrumental music. I’m not sure, but it may have been Enya. The whole room seemed to be so calming, so relaxing.

Then she looked at me with those amazing eyes again.

Second Visit

Second Visit – she looked at me with her amazing eyes again.

“Tell me please. Do you find me attractive?”

I nearly spluttered on my tea. That was one question I was not expecting from her, especially on only my second visit.

“Well yes”, I managed to say, somewhat embarrassed. “But what about Bruce, isn’t he your….”

“My husband. Yes he is. But don’t worry about him. I’ve got him exactly where I want him. He is completely under my thumb.” To emphasise the point she made a fist, with her thumb up, then turned her fist upside down and rubber the tip of her thumb into the coffee table in front of us. I shuddered. Part of me worried that I was going to end up “Under her thumb” too. Part of me wanted to be “Under her thumb” and was suddenly insanely jealous of Bruce. I imagined myself, literally, under an enormous version of her lovely thumb.

Second visit - under her thumb.

Second visit – under her thumb.

Before I could continue my musings to myself, she turned and looked at me straight in the eye again and continued.

“You see Bruce is quite used to other guys falling in love with me. Most guys they just can’t help themselves. They start by listening to my soft voice. They admire my long dark hair.” As she said this she started stroking her hair. My eyes followed her right hand as she stroked and played with her hair. “before they know it, they are wrapped round and round my pretty little finger.” As she said this, she wrapped her hair round her little finger, my eyes following every movement.

“I think you know what I mean don’t you?” she whispered, looking deep into my eyes again. I nodded blankly in reply. I knew she had me too.

Second visit.

Second visit.

“Yes you do, because you too have already started to fall, haven’t you? I love it when guys fall in love with me. They fall so deeply. Then they will do anything to please me. Anything to please their beloved Haylee Lynn.”

She smiled, in a knowing, confident way way. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knelt on the sofa beside me, so she was slightly higher than me. I had to look up into her eyes.

“I’ve already got you to the first stage, and this is only your second visit here. You are listening to the sound of my voice. I know you love listening to my wonderful, soft, velvety voice. I know I could be talking about anything, I could be reading from a telephone directory and you would continue to listen, you find my voice entrancing, it would still relax you. You are learning to relax to the sound of my voice and that is a very good thing. So continue to listen to my voice and look into my eyes. You know you are very lucky to be able to look into my eyes with both of your eyes as you are doing right now. Some animals, such as sheep, goats and rabbits have an eye on each side of their heads, so that they can see all around them, so they can see predators. Other animals – mainly predators, have evolved binocular vision so both their eyes look in the same direction. We are like that, which is why you can look deeply into both my eyes at the same time, and my eyes are looking back into yours, helping you to relax as you continue to listen to the lovely sound of my sweet velvety voice. I know you are already relaxing now, and it feels so good just being here with me. There is just you and me and no one else. There is nothing for you to think about. You can just put all your trust in me, as you just listen to the sweet velvety sound of my voice and look deeply into my eyes and relax and let me do all the thinking for you. Let the words that I am speaking become your thoughts in your head. Let your conscious mind just turn off, and let your subconscious mind take over, so that every single little word that I say drips slowly and surely into your subconscious mind, as you continue to listen to the sweet sounds of my voice and you continue to gaze deeply into my eyes, my lovely big green eyes, it so easy for you to gaze deeply. It is so easy for you to lose yourself in my big green eyes. It is so easy to gaze deeper and deeper into my eyes. My eyes are so hypnotic. Once you start to gaze into them you find it hard to look away, unless I tell you to. I want you to continue to look up into my eyes and to listen to sweet sound of my soft, velvety voice whispering to you, relaxing you, making you feel so good. The more relaxed you feel, the better you feel. The better you feel the more relaxed you become. And so it goes on, as you spiral down, deeper and deeper under my sweet, seductive spell. I want you to start breathing deeply for me. Nice long breathes in, hold it, release and relax completely, Keep breathing like this, and notice how it relaxes you more and more as you breathe like this, while continuing to gaze up into my lovely, large eyes, and you continue to listen to my velvety voice, as you relax more and more, simply gazing into my big bright green eyes. As you continue to gaze, you also continue to listen very carefully to the sweet sounds of my lovely velvety voice.”

By now I was completely wrapped up in her words, lost in her eyes.

“Your eyes are also starting to tire. You are finding it more and more difficult to gaze into my eyes, as your eyes are getting so heavy looking up into my eyes. Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier. You are starting to blink more. This is entirely natural and shows that you are showing the first signs of slipping into hypnosis. You are doing so well. You are such a good hypnotic subject. I am hypnotizing you and you love being hypnotized by me so much.  That is why we are so right for each other. I love hypnotizing you. You love being hypnotized by me. You love listening to sweet sound of my voice and looking deeply into my huge hypnotic eyes. But you are finding it harder and harder to keep your own eyes open.”

It was true, I was really struggling to keep my eyes open. They were watering now. Part of me wanted to keep staring into her beautiful eyes. Part of me longed to close my eyes.

“You are feeling sleepier and sleepier. You are falling under my special spell that I am casting for you. And you love it so much. You love going under for me. You are reaching the point that your eyes go no longer stay open. On the count of three, your eyes will close, and you arms will collapse, and you will be in deep hypnosis. One – sleepier and sleepier, two, deeper and deeper and three, you fall fast asleep.”

Right on cue my eyes closed.

“In your mind you can still see my lovely large eyes looking into yours. My huge hypnotic eyes haunt you. Every time from now on, whenever you close your eyes, in your mind’s eye, you will see my big bright eyes looking into yours and you will think of me and how much you love me, and how much you love being hypnotized by me. You love listening to my sweet seductive voice. You love looking lovingly into my eyes. Now I want you to fall deeper and deeper for me.”

Then her hands gently caressed both of the cheeks on my face. Her fingertips gently stroked my cheeks, starting at the top and working down my face, as she continues to weave her spell.

“You love the touch of my soft sensitive hands. They feel so warm and soft on your face. They take you deeper into trance. They are relaxing you. They are controlling you. You feel so warm and comfortable. You are still breathing deeply. You are still listening to the sounds of my velvety voice. You are still looking deeply into my huge hypnotic eyes in your mind’s eye, as you drift deeper and deeper into trance for me. The deeper you go the better you feel. The better you feel the deeper you go, as you spiral down, deep down into the deepest trance you have ever experienced. The deeper you go the more connected you feel to me. The deeper you go into hypnosis the more you love me.”

She continued to gently caress the sides of your face.

“My fingers are so soft and gentle. It feels so good to feel my fingers on the side of your face.”

Then she stopped doing that. Instead she gently touched the exact centre of my forehead with her index finger. Slowly she moved her index finger down my face, going down the ridge of my nose, onto my top lip, then my bottom lip, finishing at my chin. Then she repeated, touching the centre of my forehead again, and gently going down my face. As she did so, she spoke.

“You love the touch of my finger. You love the way I can virtually control you with this finger. When I touch you with it, you feel my bliss pouring out of me and into you through my finger. You are getting filled with my bliss. You have never ever felt so happy. Only I can make you feel this happy, make you feel so warm, relaxed and comfortable. You need me. You need to please me. You ache for me. You depend on me. You love this dependency. You are mine. It feels so good to know that you are mine.”

Then she stroked my hair, as she continued.

“You love the touch of my hands on your hair. I am stroking you like a pet. You are my pet. You belong to me. Feel my hands again and again stroking your hair. I am relaxing you more and more. You feel so good being so deeply relaxed. You could rest like this for hours. You feel so good. You are still looking deeply into my huge hypnotic eyes in your mind’s eye. You are still listening to my soft, sweet velvety voice. You are feeling my warm, soft hands gently stroking your hair. You are still breathing deeply. As you breathe deeply you start to notice the vanilla fragrance from the candles more and more. You love the aroma of this fragrance. It helps you slip even deeper into trance.”

She then lent over and kissed me lightly on my lips.

“Like your lips now, and taste my lipstick.”

I obeyed.

“So all the time you are listening to my velvety voice, looking deeply into my huge hypnotic eyes in your mind’s eye, feeling my soft, gentle hands stroking your hair, smelling the aroma of the vanilla essence fragrance, and tasting my luscious lips on yours. You realise that all five senses are completely focused on me. Every part of you is focused on me. And it feels so good to go so deep for me and to be so closely connected to me. You feel so happy. You are getting happier and happier. Allow a gentle smile to break out around your mouth. That is good. I love to see you smiling. I am overpowering you with my bliss. As you fall deeper and deeper into trance you fall deeper and deeper in love with me. You love everything about me. You love listening to voice. You could listen for hours to my voice. You will find yourself listening to my voice more and more in the days ahead. You love gazing deeply into my beautiful big eyes. You will find yourself gazing deeply into my hypnotic huge eyes more and more in the days ahead. You love my lovely lips. You love my kisses. You love my lovely long hair that tumbles from my sweet head. You love my cute little nose. You love everything about me. You are deeply in love with me. You love me more than you have ever loved anyone else. You love me more than anyone has ever loved anyone else. This love is not an infatuation. This love you have for me will last until the day you die, and will grow deeper and deeper each and every day. You are completely wrapped up in me, You are obsessed by me. You will do anything to please me. You adore me. You love everything about me. You love the way that I look. You love the things that I say and do. You know that you can trust in me completely, because I will never abuse the love that you have for me.”

“You would do anything to please me. You are mine. You need me. You ache for me. You yearn for my approval. You will support me, in the way that a loving husband supports his wife, because you love me. Say it out loud, tell me you love me out loud.”

I told her I loved her, and it felt so good to say it.

“Good boy, you are doing so well. Now tell it to the world. Say to the world out loud “I love Haylee Lynn, I will do anything for her.”

Again, I did her bidding.

“Good boy. You are getting better and better. You will find yourself saying this out loud more and more in the days ahead. You will find yourself saying that when you wake in the morning and when you close your eyes at night. You will find yourself saying it to yourself whenever you are alone. It will feel so right and natural for you to say it. Every time you say it, you will fall a little bit more in love with me, a little more eager to please me. Part of me is inside of you. It is controlling you, bending you to my will. My will is so much stronger than your will. You will always do exactly whatever I tell you to do, without question, without hesitation. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do”

“Good boy. You have done so well with me today, but sadly all good things must come to an end. Now it is time for you to come out of trance, but you will be trancing with me again real soon. Open your eyes and stretch for me please. That’s a good boy. You are doing ever so well! Now wake completely in your own time.”

I stretched, and looked around me. She was still there, kneeling on the sofa looking down at me. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled down at me, a sort of Mona Lisa smile of a mother to her son.

Second Visit.

Second Visit.

The coffee table, the cups, the sofa, the candles, everything was there exactly as it had been. But this second visit had been changed me forever. From now on I would live for Haylee, I would belong to Haylee.

Second Visit.

Second Visit.

Thank you for reading “Second Visit”. Would you like to be hypnotized in exactly the same way? Well you can! Simply buy and listen to her excellent MP3 “Sweet Love“!



What is your fetish dear reader? Has it changed over time? Mine has!

What is a fetish? A friend of mine defined it as “what turns you on”. My fetish was hypnosis. I developed this fetish in my teens. I used to masturbate thinking how lovely it would be to be hypnotically seduced by a beautiful lady. Occasionally in my fantasises, I would also be the hypnotist. In some fantasises we would hypnotize each other. It is not a fantasy I shared with many people. In some cases I would imagine myself with a lady I knew. In some cases it would be an imaginary lady. I lost one or two girlfriends when I said that I wanted to be hypnotized by them. I thought I was strange by having these fantasises.

Then Internet was invented and became widely popular. I discovered others that shared these fantasises. I found I was not alone.

I’ve been into Internet hypnosis for many years now. Like most people my Internet relationships didn’t last very long for one reason or another. Then, early in 2013 I watch Goddess Haylee Lynn’s eye fixation video. I soon befriended her on Facebook. I soon fell under her sweet spell. I fell into hypnosis. I fell in love with her. I’m still under her spell, hypnotised by her and in love with her.

Gradually in that time, my fetish slowly changed. It is not to be involved with hypnosis with any beautiful lady. It has to be with her. She has to be the hypnotist. And she doesn’t have to hypnotize me any more. She turns me on. She and no one else will do. She is my fetish. I am hers for as long as she wants me.

Over time, Goddess Haylee Lynn has become my fetish.

Over time, Goddess Haylee Lynn has become my fetish.

How about you dear reader? Have you been through a similar process? If so, write in the comments below!