Internet Hypnosis etc 1997-now

Internet Hypnosis etc 1997-now Please read “First Encounters with Hypnosis” first. I first had a home computer with Internet towards the end of 1997. At that time I knew nothing of chat rooms etc and it was before social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter had started. I did my first searches on “Female Hypnotist” and came across some female stage hypnotists and some female hypnotherapists, and even in those … Continue reading

First encounters with hypnosis

First encounters with hypnosis It is possible that I was hypnotized as a baby. My mother used to wear a blue pendant, which contained the wing of a butterfly. She told me that I used to love to watch it swing back and forth and that I cut my teeth on it. I still have it. I can remember the first time I came across the word “hypnotize”. My mother … Continue reading


Goddess Haylee and the Perfect Storms

When I was a child my mind was full of imagination. I believed that just about anything was possible, all I had to do was try. There was one time that particularly sticks out in my mind. I was very young, I don’t quite recall how old but most likely around 5 or 6. My next door neighbor was an older kid. He used to build model trains and occasionally … Continue reading

The Path – A Story – Part 1

This is part 1 of a fictional story dedicated to Goddess Haylee Lynn. It is only through Her inspiration that i was able to find the ability to write it and i wish nothing more than to please Her. The path was long, in some spots steep and rugged, always beautiful in harmony with the natural landscape it would transverse. Across the suspension bridge which spanned the deep canyon, through … Continue reading

My life with Sorceress Jan-Sept 2005: The Birth of a Hypnodomme


This is a true story, which I wrote late 2005/ early 2006. Before meeting Goddess Haylee Lynn, this was the most important on-line relationship I had had. My life with Sorceress Jan-Sept 2005: The Birth of a Hypnodomme This is a true story, although some names have been changed. Towards the end of January a couple of female hypnotists set up a room for them to operate in, and an … Continue reading

I’d like to share this please…..

The Hike

I’d like to share this please. I’d like to share this please. It has very little to do with Goddess Haylee, but it may be of interest to anyone wanting to know and understand me better. It may be of interest to people interested in transvestism and/or transsexuals, as I know one or two of Goddess Haylee‘s Lynn’s followers are. It is about the first people I chatted to on … Continue reading

How not to play football

How not to play football On October 2006, England lost to Croatia – away against the tiny European state of Croatia. One of the goals was a most unfortunate own goal, when a defender passed back to the England goalkeeper. The ball was rolling slowly towards him, and he went to kick it and missed completely. How on earth did this happen. We can at last reveal the whole story,- … Continue reading

Haylee’s encounter with Sherlock Holmes!

Haylee‘s encounter with Sherlock Holmes! Synopsis Sherlock Holmes tracks down Vox Siren, thinking she is the vampiress of Old London. She proves that she is not, and reveals her true identity as Hypnotherapist Haylee Lynn. After hypnotizing Sherlock Holmes they work together to catch the real vampiress! “Are you sure that you have got the right woman?” queried Dr Watson as the handsome cab pulled out of Baker Street. “Of … Continue reading

Take the Goddess Haylee Challenge…..It’s Free!

This is a free offer. It will not cost you one dime to take……the Goddess Haylee Challenge……and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Here is how the Challenge works……. Simply click on THIS LINK and go to Her “Eye Fixation Video” and watch it. Do this at a time when you can focus without distraction and simply pay close attention to Her. Put aside the time to watch … Continue reading

I am Lost to Her

I am Lost to Her

Do not look for me, for I am one of the lost ones. After finishing my most recent short story i was going to spend this afternoon sat in a coffee shop drinking tea and working on the first episode of Goodnight Moon for IHWT. The various ideas I’ve had for novels and characters i’ve built up over the past five or six years have been slowly merging themselves with … Continue reading