Changes she has bought in me.

Changes The theme of changes have come up a couple of times in the last week or two. In a recent blog by my Goddess, Haylee Lynn, she answers the question “Haylee l really want to become a better person can you truly make this happen?” Linked to this she also asked in her private forum “If you have been my slave for over 6 months, I want you to … Continue reading

Evening With Goddess

An Evening with Goddess

Evening With Goddess After she climbed up into the truck I asked Haylee, “What are you doing here?” “I thought you would be happy to see me,” she replied with a smile as I began driving. “I am happy to see you. But you did just scare the shit out of me.” Laughing she said, “Oh, you’re find. I am never going to do anything to hurt your life. I can … Continue reading

Walk this way – Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee

Walk this way.

Walk this way “Walk this Way” with apologies to Aerosmith, Run–D.M.C., Girls Aloud, Sugababes and anyone else who may have covered the original song. Original lyrics can be viewed here. Information about the song can be found here. The Girls Aloud/Sugababes version can be viewed here. Hypno newbe never did anything for me ‘Till I talked to a girl called Haylee. She said if you to be hypnotized Then look deeply into my … Continue reading

Naughty or nice, a free MP3 from Haylee.

Naughty or nice?

Naughty or nice? It is that time of year again! To listen to this again! Posted just over two years ago – wonderful free MP3 from Goddess Haylee Lynn with a seasonal flavor! This free MP3 can be obtained from two sources. You may source on YouTube or from the section of her on-line store which has her free products on it. As she herself says there “This is a fantasy/role-playing, … Continue reading

Enchantment Part 4.

Enchantment Part 4

Enchantment Part 4. Before reading Enchantment Part 4, please read Enchantment Parts 1-3. The story so far: The Queen of the Underworld – who bears a striking resemblance to Goddess Haylee Lynn – is enchanting four intruders who wish to kill her. “That is right my children, you are so sleepy”. (the intruders were not really children, but the Queen thought that she had them under enough to start calling … Continue reading

Adopt me please!

Adopt me please!

Adopt me please! Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn, I know that you are married, but haven’t got any children. I was wondering if you had ever thought about adoption? And, if so, maybe you would like to adopt me? I know that it would be a bit unusual. I mean, it is not often that a lady adopts someone 30 years older than them. However you have always supported lifestyles that … Continue reading

The Choice is yours!

The Choice is yours!

The Choice is yours! This post is about the untold quality of life when someone is Goddess Haylee Lynn’s submissive slave, and how you can chose as to whether or not you want to submit to her. The Choice is yours! We live in a world of evil and discuss, to the point that our quality of life is not as good as it should be. Now there is a … Continue reading

Z is for Zach Part 12

Zach Part 12

Z is for Zach Part 12 Before reading Z is for Zach Part 12, please read Z is for Zach parts 1-11. Z is for Zach Part 12 is a work of fiction. Haylee Lynn was invited over to meet my parents. Dad was a bit unhappy the way Haylee Lynn bossed me about, so she had a second session with him, made him change his view again. Then as … Continue reading

Z is for Zach Part 11

Z is for Zach Part 11.

Z is for Zach Part 11 Before reading Z is for Zach Part 11, read Z is for Zach Parts 1-10. Z is for Zach Part 11 is a work of fiction. I began to see more and more of Susan, Haylee Lynn’s sister at her house. It turned out that she had broken up with her boyfriend. She commented on my submissive behaviour. “Well I’ve got him hypnotised.” “Now … Continue reading