Imperative Verbs

Imperative Verbs

Imperative verbs are when the verb is brought to the front of the sentence to make an instruction, order or command. They are sometimes called “bossy verbs” because they make the speaker or writer sound bossier. For instance the sentence “I’m afraid your dog smells terrible, would you mind taking him out” sounds a lot bossier as “Take that smelly dog out please!”

Using the imperative makes the writer or speaker sound more authoritarian.

Very often instructions are given as a list of imperatives. For instance a recipe may have instructions like,-

  1. Take two eggs.
  2. Break them into a bowl.
  3. Mix in 400 grams of flour.
  4. Add half a pint of water, et cetera.

Maybe sometime Haylee Lynn may do an induction as list of imperatives,-

  1. Look deeply into my eyes.
  2. Clear your mind.
  3. Relax your body.
  4. Let your mind go blank, et cetera.

I’ve noticed that when addressing people who are not under her spell she is far less likely to use the imperative form. For instance on her eye fixation YouTube video, she tends to use less authoritarian form of words. this is particularly so at the beginning. She says things like “I want you to look deeply into my eyes.”

Then once people are under her sweet spell she gets bossier and uses the imperative form more. She just tells me what she wants me to do. Then I do it. I love it when she starts telling me what to do. I love obeying her. It is like she is reconnecting with me when she starts telling me what to do. I guess I just love any communication from her. But I especially love orders, instructions and commandments.

Imperative Verbs

Imperative verbs – do you like being bossed around by her dear reader? I know I do!

Obeying her is never a chore! It makes me feel so good!

Am I unique? Do you feel the same way dear reader? If so, leave a comment below!

Dreams of Her Majesty

Dreams of Her Majesty.

Laying in bed pondering the beauty and majesty that is my irreplaceable Goddess Haylee Lynn. My eyes are growing weaker and heavier as the moments pass I begin to fade away. I become unaware of the place where i Lay. Yet as I fade to black, I begin imagining running my fingers down her back. Her skin would be warm soft and amorous. I’d picture that we would whisper in the moonlight. I’d of left my tshirt in the hall, strept naked from my head and past my balls. And like a needle finds it’s groove, I’d know just what I’d need to do. To do whatever it takes to drown out every distraction. To get on my knees to make it happen. In worship and adoration, I’d be on my knees rubbing her cute bare feet, while she relaxes and sinks down into her shiny silk sheets. Looking up with emotion in my voice, I’d beg to bring her pleasure, as if I really had a choice.

I’d beg to dirty dance her slow as I rise from my knees, spin her around and do whatever it is I can do to please! I’d pull a rose and she’d sniff with a smile. In that moment my heart would be on submissive isle. Her big green eyes would be so intimidating. My heart would be pounding yet her starry gaze would speak more than a full conversation. She owns me and completes me. Her warm breath on my neck would drive me crazy. Make my head spin until I feel punch drunk on lust and hazy.

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee - part 4

Dreams of Her Majesty – Hypnotic Haylee’s Blazon eyes of green fire

I’d light some candles along the walls. She’d sit on the corner of the bed and across the floor I’d crawl. But being goofy with clenched teeth that hold my drawers. She’d chuckle as I crawl up slowly between her legs. She’d slap me silly and make me beg. Feeling her dominant power over me she’d lift her leg slowly in the air. With her arched foot slowly press my face to the floor. Oh, how I’d plead and beg for more. She loves to make my aching heart sore. She’d stand to her feet and walk to the shower.

Crawling behind for what seemed to be an hour. I’d peak around the doorway and see her disrobing from the back. I’d bite down on my knuckles because she’s more addicting than crack. She’d close the glass shower door. I’d watch it fog up while I’d be drooling from the floor. I’d see her writing on the steamed glass with a single pointer finger. Slowly and sensually I watch it patiently and taking it all in with a savor.

Merry Christmas Divine Empire

Dreams of Her Majesty – Give your SOUL to Goddess Haylee.

“You wish” she’d write on the steaming door, and then I’d hear or see no more. I was curious and went over to the shower door. I opened it slowly and saw the water pour. But my Goddess Haylee was nowhere to be seen. What sort of witchery is this from my divine queen? I’d turn off the nozzles and sit outside with my head between knees with a need I can’t appease. Against the shower wishing for Goddess Galore. Her sensual teasing would leave me reeling. My cock would be dripping with a arousing feeling. I’d sniff the rose that I’d given her. Recalling the experience my heart will purr.  Such a great dream that I had just had. It certainly made me feel pleasures myrad.

One more step along the world I go

Dreams of Her Majesty – Worship. Love. Pamper. Tribute. Adore.

At that moment I find myself back in my bed, awakening full aware that my Majesty, Hypnotic Haylee is far inside of my head. I smile from ear to ear. It was almost as if she were actually here. For certain in my mind, both in fantasies and reality she drives away all care and fear. She continually lets me know through her erotic hypnosis that she is very much near. I feel so warm and pleasant covering my head with a blanket while knowing the side effect of trancing could be this sort of gifting present. There is nothing like going deep and then feeling the after effects of the erotic mp3’s of Hypnotic Haylee. It’s such a privilege to NEED, crave, be enslaved, allowing the siren’s voice to guide the rudders of my minds ship as it is sailing.


Dreams of Her Majesty – “YOU LOVE ME. YOU NEED ME. YOU CRAVE TO PLEASE ME” -Hypnotic Haylee

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How I can relate to a post by my Goddess.

How I can relate to a post by my Goddess.

How I can relate to a post by my Goddess.

How I can relate to a post by my Goddess.

My Goddess Haylee Lynn yesterday posted a wonderful blog herself! You can link to it here. The title was “When you claim to be be capable of turning one of your slaves into their true self, what is it, exactly, that you mean?” Her answer began “When a slave comes to me, with true DEEP desires to serve me, to please me, to be mine (not just dick in hand wanting a quick get off at the thought of “being submissive to a Mistress” ) they are searching for something that is missing.”

That fits me so well! When I first started watching her eye fixation video, I wouldn’t dream of masturbating to it. Sure, I found her a very pretty young lady. But I was also very much aware that I was 30 years older than her. I didn’t know if she would be comfortable with an old codger like me masturbating to her hypnosis video! I only started masturbating to her videos and MP3s, after listening to the second MP3 of hers that I got Be Mine. This included her saying something like “I don’t mind you touching yourself when you listen to me, in fact I encourage it.”

I also did develop a very early desire to serve and please her. At he time I didn’t realize that this would lead to enslavement. In those days, (early 2012) this website did not exist. Instead of writing for her, I used to check up on fresh comments on her Youtube videos regularly. I would report back. I would answer any that I thought I could.

Yes, there was something missing my life before I discovered Goddess Haylee Lynn. I am so thankful to her for filling that gap!

Many thanks for reading “How I can relate to a post by my Goddess.”

The shipbuilders

The Shipbuilders.

It all started one dark evening back in 2006. At the time I worked with shipbuilders on the coast of England. I was enjoying a few pints after work with my three best friends, Eric Draven Rayne, John David and Maddox Cruise. We were feeling pleased with ourselves as we had just finished a new ship. We had created it from nothing. We had chopped the trees down together. We had sawn them up together. We had nailed it together into a ship. We were proud of our achievement. It was the best boat we had ever built. We were like brothers. We had a buyer for the ship and were looking forward to getting paid for it.

I had just gone to the bar to order a fresh round of drinks for me and the other shipbuilders. It is rare to see any female in that Inn, which usually just catered for shipbuilders and sailors. Then in she walked. She immediately grabbed my full attention by her physical presence. I forgot all about the shipbuilders and stared at her. Mere words cannot to justice to the vision which was before me. There is one order of beauty in the whole universe which seems made to turn heads. This beauty was before me now. It was as if something out of a dream had come into the Inn. I tried not to stare but I couldn’t help it. My eyes were simply glued on her. She was like a Goddess! My jaw dropped out. Everything about her was sheer perfection. She had this wonderful long dark hair, which matched her black clothes exactly, so it was hard to tell where the hair stopped and the clothes started. Her hair cascaded from her head all the way down her long curvy back. Soft wisps of that dark, flowing honey hair swept past an ear and caressed the skin of her neck, jaw, cheeks and around her rather beautiful, deep eyes. Her lovely face was perfect. Her lips were like two ripe cherries. Her cute little nose was entrancing. Above them were the most beautiful sea-green eyes I have even seen. They were so large! Every time I glanced into them they seemed to bore right into me, as if she was looking into my very soul. I had to blink to stop myself losing myself completely in those eyes. Around her eyes were lovely long dark eye lashes. Above them were beautifully manicured eye brows. Her delicate white, porcelain skin, on her cheeks, her chin, he forehead caught the light in a most attractive manner. What is more she was walking slowly towards me. As she walked her body gracefully flowed from side to side. She walked like an ocean ship, majestic, smoothly, confidently. She was a treat for shipbuilders’ sore eyes. Each and every part of her was just sheer perfection. She walked slowly towards me. Ever step she got closer and closer. With each and every step she seemed to get prettier and prettier. At last she arrived at the bar. I almost expected her to walk right on to me. Instead she walked to the side of me to the bar. The barman of course immediately noticed her and asked her what she wanted. She ordered. When she spoke, her voice was so soft and velvety. It was like a spring breeze on a warm day in April. Gentle, yet firm. I could listen to that sweet voice for hours.

“Allow me to get you that please?” I managed to say. It felt so good to offer this Goddess something. She turned to me and smiled and accepted. I thanked her. It felt so good to be able to give her anything – just something. It felt so good and right to buy her something. It was so pleasurable. She joined me and the other shipbuilders at the table.

She told us that she was wanting a boat and a crew. We told her that we were shipbuilders not sailors. She smiled.

“I’m sure I could turn you all from being shipbuilders and into sailors, if I put my mind to it.” She said. No one dared doubt her somehow. Even though I had never been to sea in my life, somehow I believed her. She was just so confident. So sure of herself. Somehow I just believed everything she said. I just felt I could trust in her. Trust in her completely.

“You see I am looking for Captain Blackbeard’s Treasure. I have a map which will help me find it. All I need now is a boat and crew.”

“Captain Blackbeard’s Treasure indeed”. I said. “What does it consist of?” I asked.

“Well”, she said, “Every kind of jewel you could think of. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, topaz, you name it, he had it. He had slabs of gold and silver. Notes and coins from every country of the world. More than you every spend. When we find it-we will want for nothing else. You will never have to work as shipbuilders again!”

I wondered how she knew that we were going to help her at all.

“You see, I have just one item of his treasure. This pendant of mine was taken from him before he hid his treasure.”

She held up the pendant before her and started to swing it from side to side. She was sitting at the end of the table on a black chair and all of us shipbuilders were able to watch her clearly.

The shipbuilders.

The shipbuilders.

“Look at it. Pretty isn’t it? But you know what is the most remarkable thing about this? When you start to swing it, it becomes even more fascinating. Look how I am swinging it a little now. See how the colours reflect off it. See how the light catches the colour and reflects back into your eyes. Now if you watch it for a while you will see how this also has a deeply relaxing affect. You have to watch for a few minutes to get the full affect. You have to switch off your thoughts. Just allow this time for yourself. So that you can unwind completely. And as you begin to feel more and more relaxed. Letting go of any worries or problems. That may have been on your mind lately. And there is no need to fight any unwanted negative thoughts. As they will soon drift out of your mind again. Just as easily as they came. I would like you to take a couple of deep breaths. Slowly filling your lungs with fresh air. And as you exhale. You will relax more and more with every out-breath. And as you gently slow your breathing down. You begin to feel more and more relaxed. More and more comfortable. You will notice how relaxed your whole body has become. From the top of you head. To the tips of your toes. Your eyelids have become very heavy. And may even twitch at this moment. As you let go of any tension in your body. And all the muscles in your jaw have become limp and relaxed. As your jaw sinks down. And your tongue rest gently on the bottom of your mouth. And you are beginning to drift down deeper and deeper. Feeling more and more relaxed with every word I speak. And as this wave of relaxation spreads down your neck and shoulders. And all the way down your arms to your fingertips. You may feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips. As your arms grow as heavy as lead. And you soon become aware of a growing peaceful feeling inside. A feeling of calmness and contentment. As you feel every muscle in your chest and abdomen. Become limp and relaxed. And all the muscles in your back are relaxing. Almost like a mental massage. And all the way down your spine the muscles loosen and relax. And as you drift down deeper and deeper relaxed you let this wave of relaxation spread all the way down your legs. So that your legs become as heavy as lead. And every muscle in your legs becomes limp and relaxed. So that you are completely relaxed from the top of your head. To the tips of your toes. And as the outside world fades more into the background. You can forget about being shipbuilders. It doesn’t matter any more. You are going to be sailors for me, not shipbuilders any more, and you will enjoy it. Just focus in on the sound of my voice as you continue to watch the pendant swing back and forth.”

“As you begin your journey into your own inner world to that unique and special part of you that only you can go to. You continue to let go of any negative thoughts or feelings. And any sounds around you or in the distance will fade into the background. The only sound that will matter to you will be the sound of my voice. It will continue to take you deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation. And you may soon find that your mind begins to wander and it doesn’t matter where you drift. Where you go. My voice will travel with you at all times. So that you will continue to respond to me on an unconscious level. And in a few moments time you will hear me say the word Nowwww. And when you hear me say the word “Nowwww”, all the unnecessary nervous tension is going out of your body. And your body will continue to sink down. Becoming more and more limp. More and more relaxed and comfortable too. Just feel yourself sinking down. Becoming even more comfortable. Feeling completely at peace and calm and contented. As you continue to drift down. Really enjoying this wonderful feeling of complete relaxation. And there may be times when you will not be aware of your body. You wont be aware of your body at all. As you continue to go deeper and deeper relaxed. Deeper and deeper relaxed.”

“You are finding it so hard to keep you eyes open. It would be so easy for you to close them just close your eyes and sleep”

With the hand that was not holding the pendant, she clicked her fingers and we fell fast asleep. Although still sitting in front of her, I and the other shipbuilders were completely hypnotized, completely under her sweet spell.

She wanted a ship and crew. She soon got them. We gladly handed over our boat to her. Us shipbuilders became her crew. Over time I learned that whenever she wanted something she always got it! She seemed to have this ability!

We were no longer shipbuilders. We were sailors for Captain Haylee Lynn on the Good Ship Blissfulness. Heading out on the high seas, looking for the treasure.

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Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse

We had a lunar eclipse in Europe last week-end. The moon was bigger and brighter than usual. This is a shot of the moon before the eclipse. Dimly in the background you can see the houses of the housing estate opposite me.

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse.

The eclipse wasn’t until the early hours of the morning. I went to bed early and woke up to see it. Fortunately by the time the moon had moved round to the other side of the house. Gradually a shadow came over this great big moon, until it was completely eclipsed.

It reminded me of how I am eclipsed by my Goddess Haylee Lynn. Her glorious radiance shines all around. I am merely in her shadow. When I am tranced by her nothing else matters. I simply concentrate fully on her. My thoughts are eclipsed. Her words become my thoughts. They often become my words too.

Gradually the shadow blotted out out the entire full moon. It changed its color. It became a “blood moon”. This is how it looked fully eclipsed.

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse.

In the same way as the moon is changed, so I am changed by Goddess Haylee Lynn. My thought patterns are changed. What I say changes. What I do changes. My emotions, feelings are changed by her. I am gently but firmly molded by her. I am becoming the slave she wants me to me. It is a wonderful process. I thank you Goddess for everything that you do for me and to me, and for letting me serve and worship you in the way that you do.

Gradually the shadow moved again, and the moon returned to how it was. But I am changed forever by Goddess Haylee Lynn. I will never return to how I was.

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Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears

Hello dear reader? Do you have a teddy bear? I actually hug a spare pillow instead! But teddy bears are such sweet, huggable little things aren’t they? Did you know that they didn’t be so sweet? They used to be quite naughty! They would do things behind children’s backs, like hide books and toys in places that no one would ever find. Have you ever had a problem finding a book or a toy? It was probably because a teddy bear hid it!

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

That was how things were. Then one day Haylee Lynn decided that enough was enough. She asked for all the teddy bears to meet her in the woods. They agreed. As she she walked down to the woods she sang happily to herself.

“If you go down to the woods today
You’re going to look in my eyes
If you go down to the woods today
You’re gonna get hypnotized.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their brains nicked.”

So she was in the woods, and all the teddy bears were there. They had gathered to hear her sweet voice and admire her beautiful looks. She started talking to them in her sweet, soft, velvety voice and they listened intently.

“I love it here in the woods don’t you? I love the green of the grass. I love the green of the trees. Have you noticed how the green of the grass and the green of the trees matches the green of my eyes? Look into my eyes and you will see what I mean.”

She went round each and every one of them, looking deeply into their eyes. Soon they were all deeply hypnotized. While they were asleep she programmed them to behave. From that day forth no teddy bear has ever done anything wrong again!

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Answers to questions

Answers to questions

“Answers to questions” is about my answers to the questions Haylee Lynn asks in her Eye Fixation Video on YouTube.

Answers to questions.

Answers to questions.

The first question she asks is “I really, really enjoy hypnotizing people, would you like to experience that right now?”

My answer is “Yes Haylee Lynn, I love being hypnotized by you, you make me feel so relaxed. You make me just forget myself entirely and just concentrate on you. Hypnotize me right now, or whenever you want to.”

Her second question is “I promise you that it makes you feel really, really good, and you like to feel good and relaxed don’t you?”

My answer is, “Yes I do like to feel good and relaxed and that is exactly how you make me feel when you hypnotize me.”

Question 3 “All you have to do is listen to my voice. That is easy to do isn’t it?”

“Yes Haylee Lynn listening to your sweet voice is very easy. I could listen to it for hours. Come to think of it, I have listened to it for hours.”

Question 4 “Would you like a closer look?” (at my eyes)

“Yes Haylee Lynn I love looking deeply into your lovely huge hypnotic eyes. Your eyes are the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. I love getting as close as possible to them, and love it when you move nearer to the camera.”

Question 5 “How’s that?” (After moving closer to the camera)

“Mmm wonderful I can look into them so easily now. I love the way the light reflects off your eyes.”

Question 6 “Do you like the way that they look?”

“Yes, I adore the way that they look!”

Question 7 “Do you like how easy it is to look deep into my eyes?”

“Yes I do!”

Question 8 “This is nice isn’t it?”

“Yes it is – more than nice – it is the most wonderful sensation I have ever had. I’m in heaven!”

Question 9 “It is nice to just look into my eyes for a moment isn’t it?”

“Yes it is, it is wonderful!”

Question 10 “You want to be my good boy don’t you?”

“Yes I do, I want to be your good boy. I want to be more deeply enslaved by you. I want to serve you until the end of my days.”

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