Rebecca and James’ story

Rebecca and James’ story Please let me share my story with you. It all started a couple of years ago. I was 25 at the time. I had completed my degree, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism. I was unable to start work immediately as I was pregnant. The father disappeared and I was left to raise my daughter alone. I started working on a local newspaper, when my daughter … Continue reading

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn This is a work of fiction, but the first sentence of it is true. Haylee Lynn has recently moved into a new home. Please contribute to all the expenses she will have in her new home. Click here to find out how to contribute. Haylee Lynn had just moved into her new home. One day she decided to explore the forest which was near the … Continue reading

The ayes have it

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

The ayes have it “The ayes have it” is a political expression. In some parliaments, the speaker will ask those in favour of something to say “aye”. If it is clear that there are more members saying “aye” than “nay” or “no”, then the speaker will say “The ayes have it.” Of course, there is a pun here, because with Goddess Haylee Lynn, the eyes have it! There is something … Continue reading

ASMR Hypnosis Beginners Bliss- Be More Positive.Guided Meditation. Hypnosis ASMR -Soft Spoken

beginners Bliss

ASMR Hypnosis Beginners Bliss. Be More Positive. Guided Meditation. Hypnosis ASMR -Soft Spoken. For those of you who don’t know, Haylee Lynn has a couple of Youtube Channels. I have written before about her main Youtube channel. So today I am going to start looking at her recordings on the Haylees Bliss Channel. I am going to review “ASMR Hypnosis Beginners Bliss. Be More Positive. Guided Meditation. Hypnosis ASMR. Soft … Continue reading

Next Step

Next Step Please read “Hotel California”, “The Night” and a “A Haylee dream within a Haylee dream” first. Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Grateful4Haylee for mentioning The Mind Cage. His mentioning it inspired me to write this. “I am glad that I have made a good start to enslavement.” I said. “So what is the next step?” “The next step?” replied Goddess Haylee Lynn. “I guess the next step is to put … Continue reading

Hotel California

She stood outside Hotel California.

Hotel California Acknowledgement: This story is inspired by the song “Hotel California” by The Eagles. The cool wind blew through my hair as I  drove along along the dark desert highway. I smelt the warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air. I was driving from Sacramento to L.A. The sun’s almost set, and I haven’t seen a car in almost an hour! As my eyesight began to dim, … Continue reading

Tommy’s story

Tommy's story.

Tommy’s story Tommy’s story is A work of fiction. Tommy nibbled his marmalade toast thoughtfully. “How am I ever going to stay in contact?” he thought. He had been a follower of Haylee Lynn for years now. His wife was a secretary, who work 9am to 5pm. He worked shifts in the local factory, and he would watch Haylee Lynn’s YouTube videos, listen to her MP3s and generally worship and adore his … Continue reading

The “I love Haylee” Television Show

Happy anniversary Goddess Haylee

The “I love Haylee” Television Show A work of Fiction Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Eric Draven Rayne for producing the pictures which inspired this blog. “I love Haylee” was one of the longest running and successful situation comedies on television ever, being popular on both sides of the Atlantic, and indeed, worldwide. It starred the beautiful, adorable, Haylee Lynn, played by herself, and her husband Bruce, who was … Continue reading


Court This is a continuation of the story started with Intruder and Terry Jones. Please read these first. Basically Haylee has foiled an intruder into her house by hypnotizing him! It was about a week later that Haylee Lynn received a phone call. “Hello this is Mark Robinson, Pensylvanian State, Director of Public Prosecutions. May I speak to Haylee Lynn please?” After confirming her identity he explained that the intruder couldn’t remember … Continue reading

Terry Jones

Terry Jones A work of fiction. Please read Intruder first. Haylee Lynn met an intruder in the middle of the night. She hypnotized him and turned him over to the police. Now read on! It was in the middle of the afternoon, on the next day, and Haylee Lynn was just rising after the excitements of the previous night. Then she heard her phone go off. “Who could this be?” she … Continue reading