Adore Goddess Haylee

Adore Goddess Haylee

Adore Goddess Haylee Adore Goddess Haylee by Terry For Haylee and Forever Slave. Our Goddess, Haylee Lynn, recently posted this photograph on her Facebook page with the comment “I’m amazing. Adore me. ‪#‎femdom‬ ‪#‎femaledomination‬ ‪#‎irresistible‬ ‪#‎goddess‬“. Haylee Lynn is amazing. She is adorable, and we do adore her. We are deeply under her spell. We are not the only ones. Eric Draven Rayne replied to her “YES YOU ARE AND … Continue reading

Knots around my heart: Horror story

Knots around my heart: Horror story. “Please take the rope Goddess Haylee! Use it to tie knots around my heart.” I say in a pitiful pathetic tone. The immaculate perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn looks down at my submissive needing frame while I’m on my knees. She smirks, she smiles and she snatches the rope from my hands. How lucky I am to feel her long gloved hand pull me up by … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve with Jessica and Tom

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

My dear Goddess,  i am making no New year resolutions, setting myself no goals, i want nothing for myself, i just want to see YOU, Haylee Lynn, Goddess be successful, i want YOU to be able to move into that new house that YOU wants, i want to see more and more people fall under YOU sweet spell, i just want to be able to please YOU and thank YOU … Continue reading

The Trapeze Artist


The Trapeze Artist “I don’t know what I am going to do Haylee. We have a sell-out show tonight, but you are the only one fit to perform. Everyone else has gone down with this dreadful bug. I guess I’ll just have to cancel the show. Such a shame. This one is sold out, but we have sold hardly any tickets for the other shows we are doing her.” “No! … Continue reading