Z is for Zach Part 10

Z is for Zach Part 10 by Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee.

Z is for Zach Part 10. Z is for Zach Part 10 is a work of fiction. Please read Z is for Zach Parts 1-9 before reading Z is for Zach part 10. The next day at breakfast the conversations between my parents was interesting to say the least. My dad started it off. “You know darling, I met this Haylee Lynn girl last night. You know I was very … Continue reading

Hypnotic Kiss

hypnotic kiss

Hypnotic Kiss This has happened to all of us. Whenever we’ve experienced something so unimaginably beautiful or overwhelming rather it’s a song, a person, a speech, a touch, or a highly emotional kiss our brain is triggered by strong emotional stimuli that is capable of sending a literal shiver down our spine. It releases a cocktail of hormones, one of which is dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure hormone. Some suggest … Continue reading

First Kiss


First Kiss Please read Finally – I meet HER first. After months upon months of being nightly hypnotized by Goddess Haylee Lynn on the phone, he finally has got to meet HER. She was seated in a high backed black leather winged chair. She was wearing a red corset that accentuated her cleavage. Sheer black silk stockings were attached to the garters of the corset and visible above the top of her … Continue reading