The Longest Night

The Longest Night

This post is about this night’s Sacred moment…… is The Longest Night and the dawning of a new day for us all.
It is a Sacred Night for our Goddess Haylee Lynn as She is a practicing Green Witch but it is also a Sacred night for myself and Spiritual aspirants all over this Earth as the Solstice happens at the precise instant for us all.

I am going into meditation personally at 4:03 pm EST to celebrate the rebirth and regeneration of LOVE and WARMTH into my Heart. I will go into another meditation at Midnight that speaks to purity and Forgiveness.

To accept or to walk away from a New Dawn is a choice we make……consciously or unconsciously…..and right now by my reckoning Humankind is on the Cusp…… we choose love….life…..Scared Brother and Sister Hood…..or we meekly accept the countless versions of fraud……deception…..violence and fear based bullshit we have been force fed for our entire lifetimes?

I reject duality and division as much as I reject poverty and the starvation of children. They are born of the same seed. I will NOT CHOOSE sides because that is their game… or republican…..Christian or Muslim…..White or Black……false and meaningless choices all… thank you.

I now live in a World without borderlines or laws other than DIVINE LAW and it is a World of my own choosing. The choice is always ours to make although there are many pretenders who want to convince you about their authority.

COURAGE is one of the 12 PRINCIPLES…….The Principles are Universal Truth and using them ALWAYS works to a positive empowering direction.

HUMILITY (Gratitude)……PURITY (Forgiveness)…….CHARITY (Point of view)……PRODUCTIVITY (Do something)……PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY(Take Action)…….EFFECTIVENESS (Change)……INTEGRITY (Truth) …….COURAGE (No Fear)…….SIMPLICITY …….TEMPERANCE…….JUSTICE…….CHEERFULNESS…….WISDOM (The Fruit of living all of the other Principles).

Sometimes I ask myself which Principle is presenting itself as essential.

False flag terrorism is in the rise……9 11…..Sandy Hook….The Boston Bullshit festival…..and the horrific slaughter of children in Pakistan just last week. There are insane and monstrous people on this planet and they are heavily armed and Spiritually quite ill. Financial collapse is imminent as the “system” is choked beyond measure by fraud and very obviously so……and only the very confused will accept their fear based “solution” once the collapse happens. The time to confront your fears is now……not in the face of their latest engineered nightmare.

So on this Dawn…….The Longest Night… does indeed take COURAGE……to stand for LOVE.

I am an ETERNAL and LOVING SOUL and no harm can befall me least I consent to make it so.

I WITHDRAW MY CONSENT now and forever to be governed by any LAW but the UNIVERSAL and ETERNAL LAW of LOVE and WHOLENESS.

Do not offer me your meaningless paper and empty promises as I stand only for LOVE on this bright shining morning and with the sweet blossoms of LIFE flowering on this New Day for us ALL. LIFE will ALWAYS be there for those that have the COURAGE to choose it.

My SOUL is not a commodity and NEVER will be.

I stand in LOVE and without FEAR.

I am not my body and even if I am in it I can open my Heart and be a stand for my LOVED ONES.


Happy Yule to You my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

May the Longest Night and the beautiful Dawn it bring’s be bringing to You and Yours Beauty, Love, Laughter, and Warmth.

Goddess Haylee Lynn prepares for The Longest Night

Goddess Haylee Lynn prepares for The Longest Night

May all Your wishes Blossom and grow at Your lovely feet and may all You hold dear find the transformation into LOVING BALANCE and WHOLENESS that You hope and wish for them.

BLESSED BE to You my Beautiful Goddess.

I LOVE You and forever,
Your Claude

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