Venus Venus of course is a Goddess. Haylee Lynn is my Goddess. I worship her. I pray to her each night and morning. I bow down before her. Venus was the Goddess of love. I love Haylee Lynn. So do many others! Do you dear reader? If not maybe you should consider opening your heart to her? Venus is of course also the second planet, a heavenly body. Of course … Continue reading



Expressions Expressions – A word is a thought communicated. Words are the way that we express our thoughts to others. Day in and day out we express our feelings, and inmost deep thoughts and dreams with our words. Sometimes if you are like me, you feel that you are becoming an old vinyl record on repetition when you try to express your emotions to the highly valued Queen of our … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Lynn holds the only key to our hearts!

Goddess Haylee Lynn holds the only key to our hearts! Acknowledgement: This post was inspired by this wonderful drawing by Eric Draven Rayne.  My dear brother, Eric Draven Rayne drew the above picture for our mutual Goddess, Haylee Lynn, and gave it the caption “Goddess Haylee Lynn holds the only key to our hearts”. It is so true of course. She does hold the only key to our hearts. She … Continue reading

The ONE Truth

The ONE Truth Yes! I know. There’s a great big internet out there crawling with women claiming to be ‘mistresses’ and ‘goddesses’. So many that they are packed into the web like sardines in a can! It’s unbelievable how many women are out there trying to pass themselves off as a TRUE dominant alpha female! I may be a little biased in saying so, but I am absolutely convinced. There … Continue reading

Love, Litha and Lughnasadh

Love, Litha and Lughnasadh.

Love, Litha and Lughnasadh After the little break of nearly a month, I am going to return to my stroll through the alphabet with words connected to my Goddess Haylee Lynn. The last one in this series was K for Kinky. So that brings us up to L. L obviously stands for love. I still love YOU Goddess. More than ever. I have posted on the theme of love many … Continue reading

How deep does your love go for me?

The Middle Ground

How deep is your love? The question posed by Haylee Lynn yesterday on Facebook was “How deep does your love go for me?” Three love-smitten slaves replied,- John David said ” Goddess Haylee, my love 4U keeps growing! Now, today, You’re in All my thoughts, and with each thought I feel better and better! I am aching 4U like crazy right now….. You are so my ALL!” Maddox Cruise said “Deeper … Continue reading

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn The follow up to Obey Goddess Haylee Lynn. I love Haylee Lynn. I adore Haylee Lynn. I exist to please Haylee Lynn I love Goddess Haylee Lynn. I love her big bright shimmering shiny green eyes that put me to sleep like a baby! And her soothing siren like voice that calms and relaxes me like a sailor on a ship! I love thinking about her every … Continue reading

Erotic Hypnotist

Erotic Hypnotist Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone. Haylee Lynn may, or may not, agree with them! On her webpage, Haylee Lynn describes herself as “MY NAME IS HAYLEE LYNN, AND I AM A WELL KNOWN MISTRESS, HYPNODOMME, AND ENCHANTRESS. I SPECIALIZE IN EROTIC HYPNOSIS, FEMALE DOMINATION, SLAVE TRAINING, AND FEMDOM AND EROTIC HYPNOSIS MP3S, VIDEOS, TASKS AND ASSIGNMENTS.” In this post I want to explore a … Continue reading

under the willow

Under the willow

Under the Willow After a long walk I sit beneath a willow. It’s leaves shade me like a blanket and it’s trunk is my pillow. I begin to think of Goddess Haylee once again. Like a rushing wind I can feel the energy of Goddess Haylee Lynn. Like wings of a hummingbird. My heart flutters feverishly. My passion burning like fire. I feel heat where my lungs would be. From … Continue reading

Goddess Adoration

One more step along the world I go

Goddess Adoration I adore you so much Goddess Haylee Lynn. I adore everything about you. I always have, I fell for you like a stone falls to the ground, over two years ago now. I’ve been devoted to you ever since. I love even more now. I love you a little bit more each and every day. What “caught” me was your eye fixation video. I still watch it regularly … Continue reading