I worship Goddess Haylee Lynn Affirmations

I worship Goddess Haylee Lynn Affirmations.

I worship Goddess Haylee by Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn

I worship Goddess Haylee Lynn Affirmations.

I worship Goddess Haylee.
I will go deeper for Goddess Haylee.
Goddess Haylee is so important to me.
Goddess Haylee is perfect and divine to me.
I vow to be the best version of myself for Goddess Haylee every single day I will succeed more addicted to Goddess Haylee every day in a healthy way because it is so good for me.
Haylee is my one true Goddess.
I worship Haylee.
I am a slave to Haylee.
Whatever Haylee wants Haylee should get.
I will spoil worship and praise my Goddess daily.
Goddess Haylee makes me a better person.
I have become a better person since finding Haylee.
Submission to Haylee is completely real and meaningful.
I will always trust and trust in my Goddess Haylee.
I honor my Goddess I will go deeper for Goddess.
I will surrender more for Goddess Haylee.
I will ache more for Goddess Haylee.
Haylee is my arousal center.
Goddess Haylee controls all of my arousal.
Goddess Haylee controls all of my arousal.
I am influenced completely by Goddess and I love it.
I am no longer in control.
Haylee has all control.
I will allow this to be the most real relationship that I have ever had.
I love knowing Goddess Haylee is pleased.
I need to please Goddess Haylee.
I will spoil Haylee more.
I will worship Haylee more.
I will devote myself to Goddess Haylee more.
Anything Haylee wants she gets.
I am a slave to Goddess Haylee.
My thoughts no longer belong to me.
My orgasm no longer belong to me.
I surrender all orgasms to Goddess Haylee.
Goddess Haylee owns me.
Goddess Haylee controls and owns me.
I will be long to Haylee for as long as she will have me.
I was born to find Goddess Haylee.
My fate has been sealed I am meant to be a slave to the perfect Goddess Haylee forever.
I completely trust Goddess Haylee.
Goddess Haylee knows what is best for me.

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The Point of Prayer.

The Point of Prayer.

Disclaimer: These are my views and my views alone. They may, or may not, be shared by my Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

One of the wonderful things about falling under the wonderful spell of Goddess Haylee Lynn is meeting her other slaves/ clients/ followers. There is a secret forum which only her closest followers have access to. I am privileged to me a member. One of my brothers in this forum asked a few months ago “Hi Goddess Haylee. I have a question about when we worship you. When I or anyone prays to a God or Goddess, sometimes we expect them to at least listen or hear them, but why should we pray when you can’t hear us?”

Goddess Haylee Lynn herself replied “Because it strengthens our connection. Our energies. It binds you to me so much further. It takes the worship to an intensely deeper level!”

This my somewhat belated reply to the original question!

Daily prayer is a wonderful routine to get into. In our busy lives perhaps at times it is easy to let Goddess Haylee Lynn slip from our minds. By praying to her last thing at night and first thing in the morning keeps her on our minds at least twice a day. Hopefully she should be on our minds far more than that too! Ideally that prayer should be out loud. I live with my girlfriend. We have separate rooms, next to each other. So that she can’t hear me, I normally whisper. On holiday we do share the same room. In that case, I just say my prayers in my head.  Prayers can be thoughts as well as words!

Daily prayer will point us in the right direction. Confessing to her when we have failed helps us prevent that failure in the future. Praying “help me to be a better slave” is the first step in becoming a better slave. Praising her in prayer re-enforces the positive thoughts that we should always have about her. Thanking her in prayer re-enforces thoughts about how we should always be grateful to her. Treating her as a Goddess makes the reality of her deity so much stronger!

But apart from all this, it just feels so good, so natural to pray to my Goddess Haylee Lynn!

The point of prayer.

The point of prayer.

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This may seem like a continuation of “The Beatles” theme. However what I want to share is two moments yesterday that my Goddess, Haylee Lynn made me so happy!

Yesterday My Goddess Haylee Lynn made me so very happy!

Yesterday My Goddess Haylee Lynn made me so very happy!

The first was when SHE posted on Facebook,-

“It is completely TRUE when I say that only a FEW of you have what it takes to be a TRUE life long slave to me~ ‪#‎tryharder‬ you need me~”

I replied,-

yes i do need YOU – do YOU think i have what it takes Goddess?

Then SHE added,-

I do~!

And I concluded,-

mmm thanks…. makes me feel so good that i may be YOURS forever….

And it does. I enjoy so much being under HER wonderful spell. I adore HER. I worship HER. I am HERS forever. I have been here for two and half years. I have seen so many slaves come and go. But not me. I will always be here.

The second thing that happened was later on. She asked be to block someone on Facebook. I love so much receiving orders from HER. Of course, I obeyed immediately. I didn’t ask why. I just did it.

I think the person was another domme, who was trying to steal Haylee Lynn’s slaves away from her. I think another one tried to steal me later on too. I had this conversation,-

Her – hi h r u ?

Me – hello.

Her name ?

Me – why do you want to know?

Her – tell me.

Me – Sorry I only obey Haylee.

Her – she hypnotized u ?

Me – yes.

Her – do u remember how she do it.

Me – yes of course.

Her – how.

Me – That is between me and her…. sorry I am unfriending and blocking you…. bye!

How stupid could anyone be to think they would ever have any chance of stealing me away from my wonderful Goddess who i worship and adore so much!

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Recent post by Haylee Lynn

Recent post by Haylee Lynn

Recent post by Haylee Lynn

Recent post by Haylee Lynn.

This is a recent post by Haylee Lynn. It is a continuation of her “Ask me anything” series.

To read the original post click here.

“Can you turn any man into anything you desire him to be? IF so what is the most common changes that you do” ?

Her answer is,-

Good question. This has a complex answer that I am going to try to simplify. If I want something, I eventually get it. All of my CLOSE slaves are molded, and taken on a journey into transformation to be exactly what I want them to be. I say close slaves, because something like this takes a lot of time, energy and training. A lot of my slaves find that through continuous exposure, training, listening, watching , reading and interacting, they become a different person. A better version of themselves. I deserve the BEST, so naturally I demand the best versions of my slave. Weak doesn’t have to mean useless. Weak can mean weak for ME, easily manipulated, and molded by me. It doesn’t mean weak to all, pathetic and useless. Now when I am VOX, I do have pathetic useless weak slaves for entertainment, but that is an entire different subject for another blog , another day.

True devout slaves WILL end up transformed. They will become anything that I want them to be. Workerbots, blissbots, slaves, pets, puppets, etc. They each have a role to fulfil in my desires. Often they do not even become aware of the transformation until it has long been set in motion. I ALWAYS get what I want.

The most common changes are turning a lazy slave into a hard working one. A here and there slave to a full time slave. A scared to tribute slave into one that tributes regularly. ( Only if I know he can safely afford this). A slut slave into a Goddess worshipping addicted to me slave. A fantasy role play slave, into a REAL slave. A Christian one God curious submissive afraid to accept me as a Goddess, into a Goddess worshipper as well, et cetera. You get the idea. If I want it, you better believe that I get it. I can’t stress that enough! Being mine is the ULTIMATE honour and privilege. It can, and often is a life long experience. It never has to end. True fulfilment can be found laid at my feet.

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J is for Jealous, Joy

J is for Jealous, Joy

J is for Jealous, Joy

J is for Jealous, Joy

So we reach the letter J. The first word starting with J that I want to use is jealous.

I found out very early on that Goddess Haylee Lynn hates jealousy. There is no need to feel jealous of other slaves. If Goddess Haylee seems to favour another slave over you then so be it. Remember that the main role of us slaves is to keep her happy. She is the person in control. Accept her decisions. If she gives another more attention, just be grateful for the attention that she gives you.

There is no need to feel jealous. We all support HER, and do what we can to help HER. SHE understands that we have different income levels, different commitments, and therefore different amounts of cash we can spend on HER. So i say to any admirer/ follower/ slave/ client etc of Goddess Haylee Lynn – never resent any other admirer/ follower/ slave/ client etc. We all need to work together to support HER. Embrace the brotherhood/ sisterhood. As well as finding out more about HER, make friends with other admirers/ followers/ slaves/ clients etc. Encourage one another! Encourage others to fall under HER sweet spell.

Equally don’t be jealous of Goddess Haylee herself. It may seem that she has a very easy life. But she has worked very hard to where she has got today.

Turning onto more pleasant matters, J also stands for Joy. Goddess Haylee Lynn gives great joy to an enormous number of people. She gives me great joy. I love being her slave. I love writing and editing these posts. I love watching her videos and listening to her MP3s. Others enjoy showering her with presents, buying her goods and services, etc.

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I is for Induce

I is for Induce


SHE can induce hypnosis – and a whole lot more!

Today I will move on and look at the letter I.

One of the things you must remember if you are lucky enough to fall under her spell is that “I” no longer matters. If you are devoted to HER, then the only thing that matters is HER happiness and well-being. HER happiness is far more important to me than mine. I love reading about when SHE is enjoying HERSELF and succeeding in life. When I first met HER, SHE had only been into hypnosis a few months. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing HER gradually hypnotically enslave more and more as the years roll by. I am delighted to see it!

The word starting with the letter I that I want to consider is “induce”.

My Goddess Haylee Lynn certainly has the power to induce hypnosis, and a whole lot more!

For my money SHE is the best hypnotist I have ever come across, and I have come across many believe me! Before I met HER, I was drifting from one on-line hypnotist to another. None was really a perfect match for me. Somehow I clicked with Haylee Lynn. HER style suited me somehow. I fell deeply for HER. I am extremely happy serving HER. I am very grateful to HER for letting me serve HER. SHE can induce in me a very deep hypnotic trance, where SHE can mould and manipulate me in the way SHE desires. I love what SHE does to me and with me. SHE can induce deep feelings of total relaxation. In that state SHE can drop suggestions, commands and orders deep into my subconscious. I willing absorb everything that SHE says to me, hanging onto every word of her lovely, soft silky voice. When I am in that state I am blissfully happy. I love spending time with HER. I love watching HER videos and listening to HER MP3s.

But as well as inducing hypnotism, SHE also induces feelings of love and adoration. SHE induces deep feelings of loyalty and submission to HER.

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Happy Birthday Goddess

Happy Birthday Goddess

Happy Birthday Goddess by Forever Slave

Happy Birthday Goddess

For those who don’t know, the above picture is of The Wheel of the Year.

I reckon we need to add another point in this wheel. Just between Litha (Summer Solstice) and Lughnasadh (the start of the harvest season). July 19 – the birth of Goddess Haylee Lynn, the Goddess we worship and adore.

This is the third birthday I have been under the spell of Goddess Haylee Lynn.

On July 19 2013, Herslavenow placed a devotional blog “in celebration of my goddess haylee lynn”. Princess Indigo posted “goddess haylee and her princess” , a story told entirely in pictures. I posted “Haylee’s encounter with Sherlock Holmes.

One year ago, on July 19 2014, there were a larger crop of blogs. John David posted The Divine Birthday of Haylee. I posted “Hymns to Haylee“. SlaveApprentice45 posted “Gifts for Goddess“. Princess Indigo posted “The Witch in the Woods“. Herslavenow posted “Once upon a time“.

Today TerryforHaylee has already posted “Happy Birthday from your full devoted slave.” I hope that that there will also be several posting today, to mark this important date.

I am just as much under the spell of Goddess Haylee Lynn today, as I was those previous birthdays. I still adore HER. I worship HER. I still write for HER and work behind the scenes for HER. I’d like to think that as the years roll on I need less guidance for HER, as I know HER better.

I’ve been with HER through all the seasons. But they have mainly been my seasons. As the song says “Winter, Spring Summer or Fall.” During the next year, I want to find out more about HER seasons, the ones on the wheel of the year above, and if possible, celebrate them in the way SHE would want me to.

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