I worship Goddess Haylee Lynn Affirmations

I worship Goddess Haylee Lynn Affirmations

I worship Goddess Haylee Lynn Affirmations. I worship Goddess Haylee. I will go deeper for Goddess Haylee. Goddess Haylee is so important to me. Goddess Haylee is perfect and divine to me. I vow to be the best version of myself for Goddess Haylee every single day I will succeed more addicted to Goddess Haylee every day in a healthy way because it is so good for me. Haylee is … Continue reading

The Point of Prayer.

The point of prayer.

The Point of Prayer. Disclaimer: These are my views and my views alone. They may, or may not, be shared by my Goddess, Haylee Lynn. One of the wonderful things about falling under the wonderful spell of Goddess Haylee Lynn is meeting her other slaves/ clients/ followers. There is a secret forum which only her closest followers have access to. I am privileged to me a member. One of my brothers in … Continue reading


Testimonial by John M.

Yesterday This may seem like a continuation of “The Beatles” theme. However what I want to share is two moments yesterday that my Goddess, Haylee Lynn made me so happy! The first was when SHE posted on Facebook,- “It is completely TRUE when I say that only a FEW of you have what it takes to be a TRUE life long slave to me~ ‪#‎tryharder‬ you need me~” I replied,- … Continue reading

Recent post by Haylee Lynn

Recent post by Haylee Lynn

Recent post by Haylee Lynn This is a recent post by Haylee Lynn. It is a continuation of her “Ask me anything” series. To read the original post click here. “Can you turn any man into anything you desire him to be? IF so what is the most common changes that you do” ? Her answer is,- Good question. This has a complex answer that I am going to try to … Continue reading

J is for Jealous, Joy

I love my eyes. But I love the eyes of my Goddess Haylee Lynn even more.

J is for Jealous, Joy So we reach the letter J. The first word starting with J that I want to use is jealous. I found out very early on that Goddess Haylee Lynn hates jealousy. There is no need to feel jealous of other slaves. If Goddess Haylee seems to favour another slave over you then so be it. Remember that the main role of us slaves is to … Continue reading

I is for Induce


I is for Induce Today I will move on and look at the letter I. One of the things you must remember if you are lucky enough to fall under her spell is that “I” no longer matters. If you are devoted to HER, then the only thing that matters is HER happiness and well-being. HER happiness is far more important to me than mine. I love reading about when … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Goddess

Happy Birthday Goddess by Forever Slave

Happy Birthday Goddess For those who don’t know, the above picture is of The Wheel of the Year. I reckon we need to add another point in this wheel. Just between Litha (Summer Solstice) and Lughnasadh (the start of the harvest season). July 19 – the birth of Goddess Haylee Lynn, the Goddess we worship and adore. This is the third birthday I have been under the spell of Goddess Haylee … Continue reading

Daily Acts

Daily Acts It is important to keep in touch with Goddess Haylee Lynn on a daily basis. SHE is on-line daily, posting new pictures, messages etc. It is only fair that we do likewise. If you really want to feel HER bliss dear reader, I suggest you follow HER suggestions. Here are what SHE has posted,- It is super important to do at least SOMETHING, anything every single day, that … Continue reading

Ass Obsession

Ass Obsession I wonder how many other slaves/ admires/ followers of my Goddess Haylee Lynn will admit to being obsessed with he lovely backside? Just as I love looking into pictures of her huge hypnotic eyes, I also find myself returning to pictures of her wonderful backside. Just as I love relaxing on my bed and thinking of her eyes, I also at times think of her amazing ass! It … Continue reading

New Facebook Cover

New Facebook Cover.

New Facebook Cover Myself, and other slaves of Goddess Haylee Lynn have been given by her a new cover to use on Facebook. You can check mine out here. I am so delighted to have it. As you can see, on it says “Proud member of www.inhayleewetrust.com on the left. In the centre is says “I am owned by Goddess Haylee. I devote my life to her completely. I vow … Continue reading