Scout Law, Promise and Motto

Scout Law, Promise and Motto I will return to my story shortly, in the meantime some other thoughts…. A day or two ago, I was heard a news item. It was about the Scout Promise which is taken by every Scout in Britain. It is “On my honour, I promise that I will do my best To do my duty to God and to the Queen, To help other people and … Continue reading


Spellbound This was originally written as a birthday present for Goddess Haylee Lynn’s perfect slave, Claude You walk into a quiet café. You don’t know why but you start to walk round it. In a quiet corner there is a lady reading to herself. You can hardly believe your eyes!! “Goddess is it really you?” “Ah Claude, I have been expecting you.” “Expecting me, but how did you know I … Continue reading

Claude’s promotion

Claude’s promotion This was originally written as a birthday present for Claude. It is your birthday once again, as Deputy Prime Minister; you are invited to the private Chambers of your Empress. You imagine that this will be just the routine “Happy Birthday”, but she has got something special lined up for you this time. You enter, and kneel before her. She bids you rise, hugs you and wishes you … Continue reading

The Prime Minister’s Dreams

The Prime Minister’s Dreams The Prime Minister went to sleep and had three dreams. In the first dream She was in black with a big spiral behind Her. She was saying “You need to focus more on me. You need to focus on me completely. Look at the spiral behind me. Look at how it turns and focuses your mind into the centre of the spiral, where I am. Listen … Continue reading

The Election

The Election finally came. On this island, like most English-speaking countries, the country is divided up into single member constituencies. Two parties have alternated in power, the right wing Freedom Party, with its support in rural areas and the left wing Social Democrats with their support in urban areas. A few key seats in smaller towns normally decide the elections. As well as us there was a motley collection of … Continue reading

Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Someone posted on the youtube video “Thoughts Washed Away” “Goddess haylee reminds me of the evil queen in the marina” and then corrected himself “In the narnia movie” I replied “Well there is something mystical and magical about Haylee Lynn,and she is extremely beautiful,but I wouldn’t describe her as “evil”,on the contrary she helps a lot of people with problems such as … Continue reading

Goddess, Haylee Lynn, You always make me feel right

I think it was very appropriate that Goddess Haylee Lynn was promoting a song called “You make me right”. In so many situations you make it right for me, and I am sure for a lot of your slaves. When I am nervous before making that big speech in front of so many people, I prayed to you and you calmed me, and I addresses the gathering focused and confident. … Continue reading

A benevolent dictator?

A benevolent dictator? I can remember discussing politics with a friend once, and his line was basically this. “Ideally the best form of government is a benevolent dictator. Put someone in charge who will run the country for the benefit of the people, who will look after the people. Unfortunately of course such a person is hard to find, and even if you did, power has a habit of corrupting, … Continue reading

Qualities of a good Haylee Lynn slave


Qualities of a good Haylee Lynn slave As some of you know, I haven’t got much work on at the moment – which is why I haven’t bought HER latest MP3 – but I will do as soon as things pick up. But it does give me time to exercise, to listen HER other MP3s I already have, watch HER videos and to blog for HER. Sometimes I apply for … Continue reading

Our most Wonderful Goddess Haylee Lynn

Arya's Beautiful Offer

This post is about being in the service of the most wonderful and Gracious Goddess who has ever walked Gods green Earth and about preparing myself to always be flexible and in a posture to PLEASE HER. Life can and will throw us the proverbial curve ball quite often. My original feeling about 2 weeks of denial was……..OK, it will be a challenge and something I have never done before………but … Continue reading