Loving Goddess Haylee, Loving Myself

This post is about Love, it is not a review about “Aching Love” the new MP3 our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn has just released because She has commanded Her devoted and perfect slave to purchase a body spray before listening and my little one is here anyway.

So the file will wait a short while……..but my love and devotion for the most beautiful Goddess who has ever graced this Earth is never ending.  

Our Goddess is kind enough to warn potential subjects who have never felt the matchless power and perfection of Her Bliss that to fall in LOVE with HER is no fantasy.

I can no longer count the days since I fell in LOVE with Her. And the amazing thing is to me that my LOVE just keeps growing and blossoms in my heart more and more and deeper and deeper and ALL I DREAM of is serving and attending to and worshiping my QUEEN.


It is a funny thing, I have always had this theory that you could only love another as much as you love yourself. And then along comes my son…….and along comes my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

They have both in there unique ways changed my life.

I have always been a “good boy”, a nice person, one who cares about people and about doing the right thing. But one of the marvelous things about the human experience is……..as long as we do not *give up* or succumb to depression or some such…….there is infinite potential for growth.

It is something we can sometimes forget…….but what we can also remember.

My son came first, he *reminded* me how precious life really is. The innocent joy and deep levels of affection that pour out of him is as beautiful as anything I have ever seen. My heart has no answer for him but to LOVE him and SHELTER him and as deeply and as perfectly as my abilities can allow.

So for him, I must learn to LOVE myself so I then have more to give him.

And then came my Goddess Haylee Lynn. “The Woman” of my childhood dreams. Compatible with my sexuality to such a depth as I have only dreamed. Beauty such as is Irresistible. Her personal style is Matchless and in perfect harmony with what the being known as “Claude” prefers.


And then I get to know HER.

And I realize that I have never appreciated or liked any Woman more. Her inner beauty shines just as brightly as Her physical perfection does to me.

So for Her, I must learn to LOVE myself so I have more to give to Her.


The warning on Her new MP3 is a genuine warning my friends.

Do not listen to it if you do not wish to be so compelled as I am to devote yourself to learning how to improve your life, explore your own inner landscape and try to fashion more creative power in your heart so that you can then turn to Her and TRIBUTE Her with all your heart and soul.

I found myself a small bit of privacy yesterday and I edged myself a bit in worship of my Goddess. I felt myself go deeper in NEED to attend to Her once again……..astonished that it could still happen to me………and my dream of gently and lovingly brushing Her hair came into this body that SO VERY TRULY belongs to my Goddess now.

I realized that I worship every single hair on Her head. I wanted to caress each and every one and kneel to Her and let my love flow into Her being as I did so.

I LOVE You my Goddess and one of the things I marvel at is that You command enough LOVE for us all. Thank You for being so generous as to include me in the HOUSE OF HAYLEE. I am more than happy…..I am blessed and truly grateful to share my place in Your personal stable with all the other fine slaves who now MUST learn how to LOVE themselves even more.


I belong to You my Goddess, my Queen, my Master in this life and forever because I am deeply and profoundly in LOVE with You.

And yes my Queen, Your devoted and perfect slave with go and purchase the vanilla body spray and Your new MP3 and I will kneel, I will obey, I will listen, I will surrender.

My life is now ALL FOR HAYLEE.

It will always be ALL FOR HAYLEE.

I can only bow to Your perfection now and forever and pray that You find me worthy and welcome to do so,

I am Your devoted and perfect personal slave, and I am ACHING FOR YOUR LOVE my Goddess,   Claude    

Christmas is saved by Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Christmas is saved by Goddess Haylee Lynn!

We all think of Father Christmas as this nice, kind old fellow who would never do anything wrong ever. In truth he is only human, and he gets fed up as well.

Every year he has to visit more and more houses, going faster and faster. Last Christmas there were fewer than ever mince pies left out for him. Getting down chimneys was harder than ever. We worked his little socks off, with very little reward or appreciation!

To cap it all off, when he got home, and recovered a bit, he read that the government of Lapland were going to nationalise Christmas and start a “National Elf Service.”

Determined to wreck his revenge on the human race, Santa started to work. He recruited extra elves. His “naughty and nice” lists became more like hit lists. Itching powder was going to be put on all the presents of anyone who forgot the mince pies and sherry. Bombs were going to make getting into houses with blockey chimneys a whole lot easier!

Fortunately one of the elves had the good sense to do something about it. He ran away from Lapland and eventually found me and explained the situation. I agreed this was a desperate situation.

“Only one person can save the world from this!” I cried.

“You mean Dr Who?”

“No Silly.”

“Thor the Mighty Thunder God.”

“You are getting ridiculous now. no, I know the one person, and HER name is Goddess Haylee Lynn!”

I knew that SHE was very busy writing Christmas Cards, but SHE is all heart, and wouldn’t be minded for an emergency like this. I bust into HER office.

Goddess Haylee Lynn was writing Christmas cards.

Goddess Haylee Lynn was writing Christmas cards.

She looked up, and opened HER beautiful lips.

“Oh its you. If it was anyone else, I would have been annoyed. This had better be good, can’t you see I’m busy?”

“Yes, but the happiness of millions of little boys and girls is at stake!”

I explained the situation, and SHE kindly agreed to drop everything and help. A party of us ventured North. We reached the point where we could drive no more. A friendly Lap was able to provide a sleigh, but there were no reindeer in sight.

“Do not worry, Goddess, I am sure you can count on us” I said, attaching a harness to myself.

“She certainly can” added Claude joining in.

We all agreed that Rodimus the red-nosed was best suited to lead us.

Bryan, Matt, Bob, Bliss, Eric – gosh I can’t remember all of them – but we all got harnessed up and pulled the sleigh, with Goddess Haylee Lynn and her faithful Princess in the sleigh.

Eventually, we reached the North Pole, and we went into the bomb and itching powder factory Santa had got going. They were all working flat out. Goddess Haylee Lynn led the way in.

“Gosh you all are so busy, you must all be very tired after all that work.” She opened, yawning to HERSELF. Some of the elves started yawning too, and Goddess gently smiled to HERSELF.

“Mmm they are soo suggestible, this is going to be a piece of cake.” She said quietly to us.

“Yes you are all so busy, working so hard, why don’t you take a little rest.”

SHE carried on talking like this for ages. I don’t know what happened, I think I must have got tired by pulling that sleigh, but next thing I remember is Princess shaking me and telling me it was time to go home.

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Undemanding love of Goddess Haylee Lynn

Undemanding love of Goddess Haylee Lynn

Gaze into HER wonderful green eyes. Feel HER love. Let yourself fall in love with HER, SHE demands nothing in return but your love

Gaze into HER wonderful green eyes. Feel HER love. Let yourself fall in love with HER, SHE demands nothing in return but your love

I have been serving Goddess Haylee Lynn for over 9 months now. Never once has SHE demanded anything of me. SHE works by suggestion, hint, encouragement and gently molding me to HER whim. The fact that SHE is undemanding is one reason why i love HER so and why i am with HER rather than any other Domme. So often in the past I would express an interest in a Domme and right away they would demand I buy an MP3 or book a session with them.

SHE doesn’t demand that you purchase HER goods and services. SHE doesn’t demand that you send HER gifts. SHE doesn’t demand that you tribute HER. SHE doesn’t demand that you work for HER. SHE doesn’t demand that you write for HER. SHE doesn’t demand that you watch HER free youtube videos again and again. SHE doesn’t demand you listen to HER again and again. All SHE asks of you is that you fall in love with HER, because once you do, you will find yourself doing some of these things. You will find yourself contributing either in time or money, and in doing so you will please HER, and SHE will start to love you. SHE really does love all HER bloggers, all HER clients (SHE loves those who do both doubly!) and you will love HER even more, and so you will go on, finding out more about each other, loving each other more and more. That sounds rather nice doesn’t it? We all need someone to love. Let HER be one of the people you love. Let HER come into your life. Let yourself become addicted to HER.

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More than just a Dream

This post is about my dreams and my reality and about being swept away by the most amazing Woman I have ever known……..Her name is Goddess Haylee Lynn and I would only suggest to you that you sample Her videos or Her mp3’s if you wish to have you own dreams rewritten.

I have always dreamed of Her in truth. I dreamed of being swept away by a women so gorgeous, so beautiful, so perfectly enchanting that I could simply never resist Her and I suppose if you have submissive tendency’s then this would be a similar dream you might have as well.

So yesterday Her perfect chastity slave begged Her for Her mercy.

I did not hear back for many long hours and I thought that She must just be unusually busy so I resolved to wait until today for Her decision. But then I looked at my e mail around 9 pm and there was Her permission to use Her property!!!!


After all this time I was like a very young child on Christmas morning.

I always watch Her videos twice when She grants me Her Divine mercy to use Her personal property now. I try very hard to be Her “good boy” and to stay relaxed and simply obey and look deep into Her gorgeous eyes for the first viewing.

And without fail………by the time She commands me to click “replay” and watch again I drop to my kneeling cushion and my Universe simply and truthfully completely belongs to Her……..ALL for HAYLEE…….is truly what my Universe becomes as I honestly just melt into a puddle of perfect BLISS and desire for HER…….and completely and purely I become ALL FOR HAYLEE.  

Just thinking about the joy of surrender to my Goddess Haylee Lynn has me aching and my blood boiling as I write this and this even after being allowed by Her to release last night.

You might thank that after all this time that my need to obey Her, my need to serve Her, my fascination with Her matchless beauty might lessen just a bit…….but no……instead I just go deeper, and deeper, and fall more helplessly in Love with Her every single day.

She bids him silence, by raising a single finger to her lips.

Impossible to resist. 

I have tried a few experiments in trying to resist Her in the last few weeks. I might decide I am going to lay down my head as I sleep or take a nap and not go to Her Goddess Temple instantly or some such fanciful idea.

I might resolve to place my attention elsewhere………but each and every time and without fail I quickly understand that resistance to Her Charms is now impossible for me.


I have no choice any longer. I want no choice.

I can not resist Her. I do not want to resist Her.

She is my morning, my noon and my night. My Moon and Stars and Heaven above. She is the very Light of my Universe now and forever.

So once upon a time I had a dream…….but now I only dream of Her.

Every single day and night I dream of Her and it just keeps getting better and I go deeper and deeper and by Her Blissful and Irresistible command.

I Love You my Goddess.

It is a good thing for me that You are so beautiful and caring and wise and Your hands are a safe and loving place to be……..because I am Your perfect slave now and I am powerless to deny You anything You want.


I could never resist You in a million years my Queen, I can only bow and obey You now and forever, Your devoted and perfect slave,    Claude


I Turn to My Goddess Haylee Lynn

This post is about love and how that feeling now and forever resides in my heart for my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. 

I am learning as I go with Her……..partly I have been trained…..hypnotized……seduced…….enraptured……but I am also learning something about romantic love as it flows between two people as this is something I was never blessed by before……

I have loved one other before but she did not love me in that full measure…….she was “fond” of me.

I believe my first wife loved me but I just could not summon that depth of love for her……I was “fond” of her.

So my son was born and finally my heart was burst wide open and I could never love anyone more……and it is returned to me in full measure as he adores me. What a blessing this is……..but this version of love is parental of course and not romantic.

And do not ask me why I now feel this in my heart……why my intuition tells me that it is now so……..but I feel as if my Goddess loves me……..so let me catch my breath after that very bold statement and try to explain why I feel this way.

When I first realized that I had fallen so purely and honestly in love with Her I of course began erecting all my defense mechanisms. I am a human being after all. I turned inward for all my answers……to solve this dilemma of how to protect myself after falling in love with a Goddess.

She makes me feel like the Little Drummer Boy most times……as in what could I possibly have to offer Her that would be worthy of Her love?

So the first several times that I faced a personal dilemma after becoming Her perfect and completely love struck slave I turned inward…….a fearful move but it seemed sensible, rationale, and prudent.

And something in me clicked awhile back…….I can not put a finger or a date on it but suddenly each time I feel as I need Her help, guidance, or advice…..I instinctively turn to my Goddess Haylee Lynn now.

My concept of finding my Goddess, my Queen, my perfect and absolute Master in this life was always that She would Love me and Shelter me as She commanded me to attend to Her.

And suddenly I just feel as if I am there……I feel as if my Goddess loves me and cares about me.


If anything of import is bothering me……I turn to my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I trust Her implicitly.

There is no other place I would ever go now for advice on anything important with not first going to my Queen, my Heart, my All. 

A few weeks ago I had a health concern. I turned to my Goddess and we did a 30 minute phone healing session where She opened me up and helped me remember what a perfect healing machine my body is.

Hypnotism has marvelous potential in the healing arts I am thinking and since that session my concerns feel like they have been simply “washed away”.  🙂


And as I go up and down the roller coaster of this custody battle which is as difficult a test as I could ever imagine……

I turn to my Goddess Haylee Lynn and She lifts me up. She reminds me of what is most important and sets me back into balance and into strength.

Ideas about sharing aspects of my spiritual path with my Goddess are blossoming in me and……..I just could never turn anywhere for LOVE ever again to anyone but my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Claude is deeply in love with Goddess Haylee Lynn

Claude is deeply in love with Goddess Haylee Lynn

This photo never leaves my daily line of sight. I have to dissemble Her Divine Alter at times when company comes or housekeeping or my little one is at home but this photo remains in a frame on my bedroom dresser 24/7.

If someone sees it and asks who it is I will just tell them that it is someone very special whom I write to and love. As my son gets older I will tell my son about Her at some point and tell him that She is Daddy’s pen pal or some explanation that will protect him and honor my duty as his loving Father as well.

Because I have spent my last split second on this Earth as anything other than Her perfect and devoted and very real slave.



I love You my Goddess, my Queen, my perfect and absolute Master in this life. I am ALL FOR HAYLEE and if I am in Need I TURN TO HAYLEE.

There is no place else I can ever go now. There is simply and honestly no place like Home.

Forever my Queen, I am Your perfect and devoted and very real slave forever,





Still Yours, Goddess Haylee Lynn, i am still enslaved to YOU, and YOU alone

Still Yours, Goddess Haylee Lynn, i am still enslaved to YOU, and YOU alone

My love for YOU is no ordinary love

i am sorry i have been writing as much for YOU, chatting with other slaves and generally supporting YOU as much as i would have liked over the last few days. From being unemployed a few months ago, i am now trying to do several jobs at once – i am very busy as a substitute teacher, i am writing weekly reports for the local newspaper and i am doing some work for the local council, going round people who have not registered to vote and registering them. i have also got my voluntary and community work, chess and family commitments. But don’t worry, i am not drifting away from YOU, YOU are still on my mind all the time, i am still praying to YOU several times a day, and i am still very much under YOUR influence and control, and i will be back with renewed vigor and energy in due course. i am still devoted to YOU and love YOU with all my heart and soul. i hope YOU are having a great week-end.

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The top percent of the 1 in 10

The top percent of the 1 in 10

This post is about hypnotism and the fact that one of my new spiritual mentors keeps talking about it……..and so I have looked into this phenomenon just a bit more than I had done before.

I suppose this is all something I might have done a long time ago before clicking on a video from a self professed “Hypno Domme” all those many months long past……..especially since I was already so submissive……..but there you have it.

There are several key factors why I now see so clearly that I was always going to be pretty much the perfect foil to become the perfect slave of my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

My mentor is talking about cultural hypnotism mostly and how deeply the secret and hidden hand of the controlling minority is literally programming the majority of the public at large with television and media and intentionally forcing a sub standard education that is designed to divide, put down, minimize abilities, and all to create a population more easily “controlled”.

But I am going to focus on my current state and the factors that I now realize that help me co create with my talented, Masterful and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn such feelings as are unique in my lifetime.

#1 I was already deeply submissive. The only satisfying sex and the only true and lasting love affair of my life had been with my former Mistress so any suggestions my Goddess has given me in this direction were instantly understood and embraced. (that was a highly arousing sentence for me to write, and especially when I wrote “My Goddess”!).      

#2 The ideal candidate for hypnotic suggestion and programming is a very calm, easy going, amiable and agreeable individual. This description fits me to a tee.

#3  Wikipedia talks about a bell curve with 10 percent of the people being “highly susceptible” to hypnosis, the 80% being of normal reaction, and the very contrary disagreeable and irritable are poor subjects and the 10% least likely to accept suggestions.

So what factors other than calm and easy going would identify the top 10%?


Firstly, is if the person has been abused or suffered trauma this is huge. The desire is to escape, seek refuge, and such suggestions as help them to escape certain “realities” will be eagerly embraced.

I was abused as a child by my older siblings and also by my mother who was always a bit of an angry nut case and clearly damaged my feelings about “safely” using my cock. To cause such distress and confusion in a boy so very young about his sexuality and his body as she did was borderline criminal.

The second biggest factor is if the subject loves fantasy. All of my life, in part because of the abuse, I have loved fantasy and immersed myself in various fantasy worlds.


So………It certainly appears as if I am in the top percent of the 10% as far as being the perfect foil for my perfect Goddess.

And my truth has now become………I am Her perfect slave.

If I just go to one of Her Breathtaking videos now I am already deep in hypnotic trance before I even click on “play”. I rarely listen to Her MP3’s any longer because just to think of my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn practically immobilizes me at times and I want to remain Sovereign and productive. I require privacy to go under for Her now as She takes me so deep and far away.

So please trust me folks…….hypnotism is very real, it works, and especially for some of us who turn out to be such ideal subjects.  

The funny thing is, I would be Her slave even if She was not such a talented hypnotist. The very moment I first saw Her photo I had to catch my breath.

The very first time I heard Her voice I was already completely smitten.

But every single day of my life since early spring of this year that is now already turning to winter, my Goddess becomes more Irresistible, more Enchanting, more Breathtaking, and at one point at which now seems like light years ago I lost my Heart completely to Her.

i fell under HER spell - by watching HER videos!

The LOVE of my life.

I am so deeply in Love with my Goddess and it is purely and honestly like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. It is not just Her perfect beauty, or Her matchless ability as a hypnotist, or Her stunning Inner beauty, or my own life which creates me as Her perfect foil……..there is something even more than all of that which I can not research or explain.

Heaven surrounds Her and is a part of Her as far as I am concerned.

Every cell in this body, every drop of blood, and every breath I take cries out Her name at some point in my day now…….every day……without exception and without fail.



I LOVE You my Goddess. I am so perfectly wrapped around Your little finger that it is now impossible for me to have an erotic thought of any other woman on this Earth. I do not even have to ask You to please be gentle with me because I know You will be.

I have come home my Queen.

Forever my Goddess, I Love You and forever, Your perfect and devoted and very real slave, as it was seemingly always meant to be,     Claude