High Dependency Unit.

High Dependency Unit. A high dependency unit is an area in a hospital, where patients can be cared for more extensively than on a normal ward. Perhaps I should be in a high dependency unit! I depend very much on my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I depend on her for my happiness. For my bliss. Knowing her, pleasing her, worshipping her, loving and adoring her makes me happy. I honestly and … Continue reading

Onto Magenta Island.

On Receiving Gifts from Goddess Haylee.

Onto Magenta Island. Please read Haylee’s H-Men, Road Runner is tested, and Battle near Haylee’s House first. So the four heroes thought about the best way to cross to Magenta Island, as they decided to call it. Eventually they decided that they would fly across, with Wolfman and Rainbow Girl riding on Terry Dactyl’s back. Soon they were all soaring through the skies. Then…thump! They hit a protective force field … Continue reading

Search for Haylee Lynn

The Search for Haylee Lynn.

Search for Haylee Lynn The story so far. Haylee Lynn has been attacked by the evil Magenta and her clones. The H-Men have come to Haylee’s house to help her, but find it deserted.  “We’ve looked everywhere, she is isn’t here.” Cried Rainbow Girl in desperation. “If they have harmed on hair on the precious head of my Goddess….” Started Fire-man. “Easy brother”, said Terry, putting a reassuring arm round … Continue reading

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn The follow up to Obey Goddess Haylee Lynn. I love Haylee Lynn. I adore Haylee Lynn. I exist to please Haylee Lynn I love Goddess Haylee Lynn. I love her big bright shimmering shiny green eyes that put me to sleep like a baby! And her soothing siren like voice that calms and relaxes me like a sailor on a ship! I love thinking about her every … Continue reading

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn My Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn, I saw this photo, and I was reminded of YOU (so many things remind me of YOU). In line with what is said by the photograph, I couldn’t help having the following thoughts,- I sincerely hope that I, and all YOUR other slaves, complement YOU on YOUR many qualities that YOU really do possess. That we can see beyond YOUR beautiful … Continue reading

Erotic Hypnotist

Erotic Hypnotist Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone. Haylee Lynn may, or may not, agree with them! On her webpage, Haylee Lynn describes herself as “MY NAME IS HAYLEE LYNN, AND I AM A WELL KNOWN MISTRESS, HYPNODOMME, AND ENCHANTRESS. I SPECIALIZE IN EROTIC HYPNOSIS, FEMALE DOMINATION, SLAVE TRAINING, AND FEMDOM AND EROTIC HYPNOSIS MP3S, VIDEOS, TASKS AND ASSIGNMENTS.” In this post I want to explore a … Continue reading

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn This is a work of fiction, but the first sentence of it is true. Haylee Lynn has recently moved into a new home. Please contribute to all the expenses she will have in her new home. Click here to find out how to contribute. Haylee Lynn had just moved into her new home. One day she decided to explore the forest which was near the … Continue reading

An Inspector Falls

An Inspector Falls Note: The title of this story is a pun on “An Inspector Calls”,  a play written by English dramatist J. B. Priestley. “At last I have the evidence I have been looking for”. The inspector said, as he peered through the French doors of Haylee Lynn‘s house. He could see it all. He filmed it on his smartphone for evidence. Haylee Lynn was sitting on her throne, majestically … Continue reading

Social media and other sites

Social media and other sites This post is about Social media and other sites. For those of you who perhaps are just taking a passing interest in Haylee Lynn and want to find out more, or want to make contact with her, this will give you some pointers. For those of you who are already committed to her, and want to promote her more, this will also give you some ideas … Continue reading

me and YOU

me and YOU This blog, “me and YOU” is about describing the relationship between me, YOUR humble servant and slave and YOU, my wonderful Goddess and Mistress, Haylee Lynn. i love YOU, i worship YOU, i need YOU, i belong to YOU. i love YOU. i love everything about YOU. YOU turn me on, and no one else and nothing else does. i adore YOU. YOU are so perfect. i … Continue reading