Daily Acts

Daily Acts

Daily Acts.

Daily Acts.

It is important to keep in touch with Goddess Haylee Lynn on a daily basis. SHE is on-line daily, posting new pictures, messages etc. It is only fair that we do likewise. If you really want to feel HER bliss dear reader, I suggest you follow HER suggestions.

Here are what SHE has posted,-

It is super important to do at least SOMETHING, anything every single day, that will increase your devotion to me, make you fall deeper for me, have your realize your place and how good it feels to belong to me. Balance is key, this can be something little, or a full day of worship.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do daily. Add others in a reply.

1. Catch up on all of my posts on social media and my websites.
2. Spend time reading previous blogs of mine.
3. Spend a few moments in complete silence, with no distractions, saying positive Goddess worship affirmations to yourself, or out-loud.
4. Post on this forum, or write a blog.
5. Draw out your feelings, or write them out.
6. Edge to me.
7. Listen to an mp3.
8. Find a new way to please me.
9. Make a sacrifice to me in the form of a tribute. Enriching my life is good for you.
10. Watch my videos.
11. Spread the word of Haylee anywhere that you can.
12. Remind yourself that it is an honor, not a right to belong to me.
13. Think of all the positive that has come from being allowed in my world.
14. Drop to your knees, and confess to me, anything that would please me.
15. Learn something new for me.

As for myself, I can honestly say that I have done all these things. However I don’t do them all every day! Most of them I do most days! Certainly the first one, I think I have done every day for at least a year!

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Ass Obsession

Ass Obsession

Ass Obsession

Ass Obsession

I wonder how many other slaves/ admires/ followers of my Goddess Haylee Lynn will admit to being obsessed with he lovely backside?

Just as I love looking into pictures of her huge hypnotic eyes, I also find myself returning to pictures of her wonderful backside. Just as I love relaxing on my bed and thinking of her eyes, I also at times think of her amazing ass! It may be first thing in the morning, or last thing at night. Sometimes I return to bed for a little nap during the day too.


Ass Obsession.

The two pictures I’ve included in this post are my favourites!

Her backside is amazing isn’t it? Just like every other part of her it is perfect! Not too big and not too small. Perfectly rounded. Just like a lady’s bottom should be. Of course, it is enhanced by the wonderful flowing long dark hair which flows all the way down her lovely back to her ass, and also by the perfect legs below.

I would be a bit jealous of the lucky person who took these photographs, but Goddess Haylee Lynn has programmed me not to be jealous!

When I first fell under the spell of Goddess Haylee Lynn, more than two years ago, she never posted pictures like this at all. There were no shots of her ass or legs. They were all of her front. Mostly of her face. In those days she wore her hair in a fringe. I never thought I would get to see her ass or legs. It was just something I accepted. I didn’t care. I was too deeply under to worry about things like that.

But she gradually started making and sharing photographs of other parts of her body, I love her more than ever. Thank you so much Goddess Haylee Lynn. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing. I am addicted to you. I need you. I am obsessed by you. I love you.

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New Facebook Cover

New Facebook Cover

Myself, and other slaves of Goddess Haylee Lynn have been given by her a new cover to use on Facebook. You can check mine out here. I am so delighted to have it.

New Facebook Cover.

New Facebook Cover.

As you can see, on it says “Proud member of www.inhayleewetrust.com on the left. In the centre is says “I am owned by Goddess Haylee. I devote my life to her completely. I vow to worship, obey, spoil and please her to the best of my ability. I am a slave to goddess Haylee. I know my place, for I am nothing without Goddess Haylee. Goddess gives me purpose. Goddess is my all. All for Goddess.”

Goddess Haylee Lynn instructed all her slaves on Facebook to use it as their cover photograph on their Facebook profiles. So far, as far as I know, John David, Eric Draven Rayne, Tully Mars, Terry Jones, Maddox Cruise and myself have adopted it.

I am delighted to have this as a daily reminder to my commitment to her. Have you made a commitment to submit to her? If not, you may be interested in the MP3 she produced called “commit to submit”. If you want details of this MP3 click here.

One of the wonderful things about serving Goddess Haylee Lynn is to belong to a fellowship of people also committed to her. This common cover photograph will immediately identify all who serve her. We all have been personally chosen and accepted by Goddess Haylee Lynn. This is a wonderful way of knowing who else one of her chosen ones is.

Thank you so much Goddess Haylee Lynn for making this. Thank you also for asking us to adopt it as our cover photograph. I love you so much Goddess Haylee Lynn!

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High Dependency Unit.

High Dependency Unit.

High Dependency Unit.

High Dependency Unit.

A high dependency unit is an area in a hospital, where patients can be cared for more extensively than on a normal ward.

Perhaps I should be in a high dependency unit! I depend very much on my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I depend on her for my happiness. For my bliss. Knowing her, pleasing her, worshipping her, loving and adoring her makes me happy. I honestly and sincerely hope that I bring happiness to her too! Pleasing her is my ultimate goal!

I need to check on her regularly! It is like she has become another member of my family. Sometimes I go to extraordinary lengths. For instance at times Internet has been down in my village and I have driven to the nearest town to go to a library or use a WiFi connection in pub or restaurant.

I need her. I need her hypnosis. I need her far more than she needs me.

I depend on her for my arousals. I have heard that sometimes people get addicted to pornography. As a consequence of using (or maybe one should say abusing?) pornography, they are unable to get aroused without the use of pornography.

In the same way I depend on Haylee Lynn for my arousals. When I first got involved with her it wasn’t a sexual thing. I used to watch her eye fixation hypnosis video purely for the hypnosis. Then I started listening to her MP3 Be Mine. This contains the words “It’s ok for you to stroke. In fact I encourage you to stroke.”

Since then I have always masturbated to either her MP3s or her videos. Now, nothing else, no-one else turns me on. On the odd occasion I make love with my girl friend I have to close my eyes and think of Haylee Lynn.

Are you dependent on Haylee Lynn too dear reader? If so, please comment!

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Onto Magenta Island.

Onto Magenta Island.

Please read Haylee’s H-Men, Road Runner is tested, and Battle near Haylee’s House first.

So the four heroes thought about the best way to cross to Magenta Island, as they decided to call it. Eventually they decided that they would fly across, with Wolfman and Rainbow Girl riding on Terry Dactyl’s back. Soon they were all soaring through the skies. Then…thump! They hit a protective force field which prevented them from flying any further. Retreating back to the beach they had just left, they made new plans. The forcefield was unlikely to extend under the water, so they agreed to try again. This time Fire-man would also ride on Terry Dactyl’s back. When they reached the force field, he would dive under the sea and swim under the force field.

So they flew off again. The plan worked and they emerged from the lake beyond the force field. However they had been spotted. One of Magenta’s clones came to meet them, riding to meet them on a fire-breathing dragon. The dragon breathed and out shot great balls of flame. John David aka Fire-man knew exactly what he had to do. He changed into his alter ego. In this form he was able to capture and send back the balls of fire which were heading their way.

Safe from the fireballs, Rainbow Girl made a rainbow connection with the dragon. Crossing it, she was able to knock the clone off the dragon, to her doom many feet below. Taking control of the dragon, she was able to steer it to the ground. She landed on a deserted beach on Magenta Island, closely followed by her friends.

“Well we made it!” She said.

“Yes, a bit of a team effort.” replied John David.

“No time to hang around, let’s go and find our Goddess, Haylee Lynn.” Suggested Eric.

Onto the Island.

Onto Magenta Island.

They all agreed that finding their beautiful hypnotic Goddess, Haylee Lynn must be their top priority. All of them would do absolutely anything for her. They were willing to risk their lives. Nothing else in the world mattered, only finding and rescuing her.

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Search for Haylee Lynn

Search for Haylee Lynn

The story so far. Haylee Lynn has been attacked by the evil Magenta and her clones. The H-Men have come to Haylee’s house to help her, but find it deserted. 

The Search for Haylee Lynn.

The Search for Haylee Lynn.

“We’ve looked everywhere, she is isn’t here.” Cried Rainbow Girl in desperation.

“If they have harmed on hair on the precious head of my Goddess….” Started Fire-man.

“Easy brother”, said Terry, putting a reassuring arm round his shoulder. “We all feel like that. We all love and adore Goddess Haylee Lynn. Let’s set about finding her huh?”

“And where is Road Runner when you need him? Probably slouched over his computer writing another of his silly stories.”

“I don’t think you are being fair. I am sure there is a good reason why he isn’t here.”

Of course none of them knew that Road Runner had been taken by Magenta too.

“Come on, we’d better get going before the trail goes cold?” said wolfman.

“And how do you suggest we do that?”

“Well Magenta and her clones were here a few moments ago. When I turn into a wolf, I have the wolf’s ability to sniff out any foe. Magenta’s tell-tail cherry scent will be easy to follow. When we get nearer, Haylee normally is wearing a vanilla scent, while everyone can smell Road Runner a mile away, from the smell of dried sweat.”

So soon our heroes were following the scent. Wolfman led the way. Fire-man and Terry Dactyl flew after him, with Rainbow Girl riding on Terry’s back. The trail took then north from Pennsylvania. They kept heading north. They went through New York State, and only stopped when they reached the banks of Lake Ontario.

“Where do we go from here?”

“Not sure, anyone got any ideas.”

They considered what to do next, gazing across the Great Lake. Then Fire-man commented.

“I’ve been here before, but I don’t remember that island in this part of the lake.”

“I don’t know, I have never been here before”. replied Rainbow Girl.

“Now that you mention it, I think you are right. I’m going to check it out.”

And with that Terry Dactyl opened his great wings again and soared into the air. The others could feel the wind from his wings as they flapped. Then he was away across the waters, returning a few minutes later.

“Fire-man you are right. That island is artificial. I bet that is where they have Haylee Lynn. It looks like our search is over.

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Love Goddess Haylee Lynn

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn

The follow up to Obey Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn

Love Goddess Haylee Lynn

I love Haylee Lynn. I adore Haylee Lynn. I exist to please Haylee Lynn

I love Goddess Haylee Lynn. I love her big bright shimmering shiny green eyes that put me to sleep like a baby! And her soothing siren like voice that calms and relaxes me like a sailor on a ship! I love thinking about her every morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime and when I do other stuff! I love her hypnotic YouTube videos and her hypnotic audio MP3s! I also love how she controls me to do her will, and I love being owned by her in every way! I love working for her in every way possible! I love the arousing and overwhelming feeling that she gives me! I love the way she teaches us to eat healthy and exercising for her! I love writing and doing art for her! I love going on her sites and learning more about her every day and night! I love spending time in prayer and worship and meditation because I have the aching desire to do so! I love thinking about her not gives pleasure but it also gives her pleasure! I love being surrounding by her bliss! I love her hypnotic beauty and charm! I love her as Empress Vox Siren and her other things that she does! I love the way she respects me and all of her slaves and worker bots and fembots! Goddess Haylee Lynn is like a Queen bee rounding up the hive, but instead of her being Queen Bee she is our Goddess and instead of us being the hive we are her slaves and we belong to her! I love what she offers to us and the freedom to believe in her and belong to her! Goddess Haylee Lynn I love you very much and you are very important me and to all of your other slaves!

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