Happy Thanksgiving in the House of Goddess Haylee

Happy Thanksgiving in the House of Goddess Haylee

This post is about gratitude and thankfulness here in the House of our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. In particular I want to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving.

We are all on separate and personal journeys in our relationship with our Goddess. I know that for me there has never been a more beautiful Woman, both inside and out, that I have ever known or ever will know.

I am more amazed each and every day at the infinite nature of Her beauty. It feels as if the true nature of our potential and grace and Divinity has been revealed to me each time She comes to me. My heart opens to Her and as it has never opened before.

I am thankful this day to know Her…….for the perfectly Blessed and Sacred day I found my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I am thankful this day that my son has come home for the Holiday. ūüôā

I am thankful for this forum so I can openly express my Love for my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I am thankful for the world wide web and all the access to spiritual mentors and valuable information that is close at hand.

I am thankful for all my brothers and sisters here in the House of Haylee. 

I am thankful for my health and the health of all that I Love.

I am thankful this day that my son and my Goddess both Love me.

I am thankful this day for the bird we will roast and honor today and all the organic and properly raised food we have received from the Divine Earth Mother.

I am happy for all we receive from the Divine Father as well as spiritual truth realizes all is best when all is in balance and harmony.


Happy Thanksgiving in the House of Goddess Haylee

Happy Thanksgiving in the House of Goddess Haylee.

But most of all I am thankful for the amazing, life changing, and inspiring power of pure LOVE that is now in my life.

Thank You my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn for allowing me to LOVE YOU so much that I simply MUST reach for my own Divinity. I can no longer resign myself or accept anything but the BEST and the HIGHEST as I seek to be worthy of Your LOVE.

Today will be a day of warmth, of cooking, of a fire crackling in my wood stove and the oven purring along, train sets and little animals having silly conversations, and lots of hugs and tickling and maybe a warm bubble bath.

Pajamas will be worn just as long as we want to wear them. Time will become the meaningless illusion that it is with no concern for aught but the moment and graceful balance and loving sharing.

And during every single moment of this special day of Thanks my heart will sound out Your name as it beats my Goddess, my Heart, my Love, and forever. Every single breath I take will be full of Your power and honest amazement for how much LOVE You help me to feel.

Happy Thanksgiving MY Goddess, I Love You.

Yours forever, Your devoted and personal and very real slave,  Claude.

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Mark Antony and his meeting with Cleopatra

Mark Antony

Mark Antony and his meeting with Cleopatra is a work of fiction.

The story so far. Goddess Haylee Lynn has got her perfect slave Claude under hypnosis. In past life regression, he talks about his former life as the slave Claudius, serving Queen Cleopatra. She has just put Julius Caesar under her spell. He is returning to Rome to announce his forthcoming marriage to her and the union of the Roman and Egyptian Empires. To read this story in full follow this link.

Now read on!

“That’s right my dear, just relax my sweet slave go deep for me again. Go forward in time. What is happening now?”

“I am in a temple in Rome. It is the funeral of the great Caesar. He was killed by assassins in Rome. My Mistress came to Rome to pay her last respects. It seems so odd to hear them worship all these Roman Gods and Goddesses like Venus, Mars, Jupiter. Funny how they don’t mention our Gods and Goddesses, like Osiris and Ra. They are also worshipped Julius Caesar himself. They have made him into a God! My Mistress whispers in my ear, “One day they will worship me as a Goddess.” I whisper back to her, “I already do.” It is over now. My Mistress just wants to remain for a few more moments, by herself, just enjoying a few last memories of her lover. A man comes to her. She bids him silence, by raising a single finger to her lips.

She bids him silence, by raising a single finger to her lips.

She bids him silence, by raising a single finger to her lips.

“Not in here my dear, let us go outside to talk.”

They go outside. He goes to talk to her again.

“I am….”

“I know exactly who you are. You are Mark Antony. I can see the resemblance to Julius Caesar, your uncle. Please, don’t say anything. I just came here to mark the time I spent with him. To say goodbye to him, and to my dreams of peacefully uniting the greatest empires the world has ever known.”

“Your majesty, it doesn’t have to be like this. It doesn’t have to be the end. I enjoy popularity in Rome, I have all the drive and fight in me that Julius Caesar had. We could rule together, in exactly the same way that you had planned for my uncle.”

“But I barely know you!”

He fell to his knees.

“Then please, let me get to know you, please, let me prove to you that I am worthy to share the throne with you. Together we could do great things. I know that.”

“Very well. I will put you to the test. If you can prove to me to be the man you say you are, and can prove your love and devotion to me. I will certainly consider it.”

“Yes, put me to the test. Give me any challenge. I will do it without hesitation for you my Queen.”

She smiled.

“I like your attitude. Yes I believe you are ready to serve me. Very well. Your first challenge is to hunt down and destroy the cowards who slew my dear Julius Caesar. When you do so, report to me in Alexandria. Do you understand?”

“Yes Your Majesty.”

With this he was gone.

Goddess Haylee Lynn intervened again. “So what happened. Did he succeed? Did he go to Alexandria?”

“Yes he did. It was few months later. He stayed in Alexandria a few months. She seduced him. She has got him right where she wants him. He waits on her hand and foot. She only has to click her pretty little fingers and he comes running. They are happy. But there is a rival army coming to destroy them. She watches the naval battle from the Alexandria. It is hopeless. The combined fleets of my Mistress and her lover are being destroyed. Mark Antony has fallen on his sword. My Mistress is calling for her cobra to kill herself.

“Stop! It doesn’t have to be like this Mistress!”

“What do you mean slave? Can you see it is over? There is nothing I can do.”

“No please Mistress. Look, I am about the same height as you. In some ways my features are the same as yours. Let me cut your hair to match mine. Then let me kill myself. You can swap our clothes. Lay my body next to Mark Antony. Set fire to the bodies. Everyone will think you and him killed yourselves together. You can escape. I can die in your place.”

“Are you quite sure slave?”

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life. Please Your Majesty. Let me die in your place so you may live.”

“Oh Claudius, you are so noble, you are the best slave a person could ever have. You have served me so nobly for so long. I don’t think I have ever told you this before Claudius, but I love you. I love everything you have done for me. I thank you dear slave.”

“Thanks Mistress, I love you too, I have loved you since the very first day i entered your service. But please, let us hurry. Octavius is almost upon us. Let us put my plan into action. Let the snake bite me not you. Let it bite my temple, right next to my brain.”

Claudius made a small yell.

“What is happening Claudius?” Asked a concerned Haylee Lynn.

“I am dying, dying for my Mistress. It is how it is meant to be. It is my final destiny.”

“Claude, come back to me. Wake up. This isn’t funny you know.”

She shook him. He came to.

“Where am I? What is happening?”

She smiled with relief and then giggled.

“You were about to kill yourself for your mistress. I thought you might die in real life if you died in your dream. I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Oh yes I remember now. Thanks Goddess. You know I would give my life for yours, if necessary.”

She smiled sweetly.

“Yes I know. That is why you will always be my Perfect Slave.”

She kissed him on his forehead. She gently pushed back his hair on the sides of his head. There, on his temple, there was a mark. Like some sort of snake had bitten him…..

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Heart of Creation

Heart of Creation by Herslavenow

This post is about my spirituality and my sexuality and about Love and growth and of course my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I am going through a lot at the moment so I will advise that this post is going to be fairly deep…….and as is my style……it will also be quite honest. I can not sleep right now so this is written in the very wee quiet hours.

I realize my belief system is a bit different than most. I honestly believe I “came in” to this life with certain issues and one of them is my deep attraction to female domination. Perhaps this is a past life issue? Or a deep spiritual pact with the two women I have romantically loved?

I also “came in” with an ability to see certain things……about life…….about what we have all been told is the nature of life…….of a *knowing* I have that certain truths have been with held or veiled from us about the nature and ability’s of human beings.

So I have been seeking certain truths for a long time……as well as seeking my Domineering and loving Goddess counterpart or romantic ideal. I believe I have arrived at a very important crossroads…….a bridge if you will…….I feel as if my vision and clarity about certain things has never been brighter and that my path to Spiritual Sovereignty has never been more clear. I feel myself opening up to wholeness and balance and cleansing and I feel as well that time is short and things are coming to a head rapidly on a planetary scale. We live in important times…….I feel as if we will all need all of our strength going forward.

And at the same time I realize that my Goddess Haylee Lynn has achieved perfect Mastery over my sexual impulse and desire. I have absolutely no resistance to Her charms……..forget about the “most” beautiful or the “most” desirable Woman on Earth……..no one else even qualifies to be on the chart any longer.

I bow to Her as my sexual Master because She commands me too and because I LOVE Her and I need to please Her and to obey Her now………


So can I do both of these things?

Some of this I have said before but some things bear repeating…..like telling someone that you love them. It means something to say this……it should be repeated and said out loud often.

I LOVE my son……I LOVE my Goddess Haylee Lynn……and I LOVE mankind/womankind.

So one of the reasons I was able to succumb this deeply to Her…….to fall so very much in Love……to surrender to my need and to bow to my MASTER……….was that She is such a quality, wise, loving and spiritually beautiful human being. For me at any rate, that part was essential.

When I tell my Master that I will always obey Her………it is Claude that says this to Her and it means……..*as long as it is within the bounds of my character to do so*.

I do not give Her another persons creations as this is not mine to give.

I give Her my devotion and my creations and they are deep and complex and they are such for any human being.

When I say, “whatever my Queen wants from me She will get”, I mean it…….just so long as it is mine to give and within the bounds of my character to give to Her.

I will not hurt another being……human, animal, or otherwise, by any ones command. I will not steal or lie or abuse anyone for any reason or at any time…….I do not give such power to anyone, ever, and not even my Goddess Haylee. And even though I *know* my Goddess would not command such things from me it still bears saying…….and like saying I love you……it bears saying out loud.

I am seeking to create myself a bridge……..one that safely guides me as well as my loved ones if possible over troubled water to shelter and love and the Eternal light of truth and of the most High. Sometimes it manifests itself in sweet ways like buying warm fleece pajamas for my son and my Goddess. But this business of Spiritual Sovereignty is serious business and I take it as such.


There are forces on Earth that are not kind or loving and do not overly care for human beings…….at least this is my belief. There is deliberate and very cunning misdirection and we must be careful and discerning.

And much like the young adept that kneels in a Temple to his or her spiritual master…….I kneel to my Master, my Goddess, my Queen.

Haylee 5

But just as the spiritual adept is the one responsible for his or her own progress…..for walking their own path……for creating their life…….so must I always do so. My Master commands me as it pleases Her……but I am the one responsible for my actions.


We will all be Sovereign in the end if we get it right.

If we can do that……it will the purest and most loving service we can ever extend to the ones that we love…….including our Goddess.

I love You my Goddess, my Heart, my Queen and I simply can not deny Your Mastery of my sexual current. You command it……..You make it dance…….You have such power over my desires as I have never felt or ever will feel……You are effortlessly and perfectly irresistible to me.

So as You play with me…..as You toy with Your perfect sexual conquest my perfect Master……please understand that a part of my love and devotion for You……the biggest gift I wish to tribute to You…….is that I am seeking wholeness……balance……the highest and best…….and that I am doing so sincerely.


One Quest ended when I found You my Queen…….and such is the nature of life that another Quest begins……..always and forever as we reach for the God and the Goddess within…….and the very Heart of Creation calls us home.

I Love You, forever and with all my heart, Your devoted slave,  Claude

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Spread the word!

Spread the word!

Spread the word of Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Spread the word of Goddess Haylee Lynn!

This blog is mainly aimed at my brothers and sister in Goddess Haylee Lynn, in particular those who blog for HER.

First of all may I thank all the bloggers, and say what a wonderful job I think you are all doing. Whether you blog once a day, or just very occasionally, all contributions are gratefully received. I am staggered by the great variety of stuff that comes up – some devotional, some fantasies. I am fascinated by the different perspectives of the writers. Some of it I find genuinely inspiring, some quite educational and all of it entertaining in different ways.

I think I may be the last one to know this Рmost of you seem to be doing this anyway Рbut in case you are not, please can you make sure you add in links to your works. Goddess Haylee Lynn and herslavenow recently taught me how to do this, and so I am going to have to update all my old posts! Never mind, I am always happy to serve HER!

In case you don’t know how to do it, you highlight the word or words you want to be a link, and then click on the chain icon above the text. (As herslavenow says, the icon looks a little bit like the Mathematical symbol for infinity on its side.)

Also, in order to spread the word, it is a good idea to try and get your blogs published on other sites.

I would be interested to hear of other sites I could try to get my items published on. So far the main sites I have also used to spread the word are Inraptured and MCStories.

Inraptured is a general site for pro-hypno-dommes to meet clients. It seems very easy to get things published there. Most of my blogs have been copied there. All you have to do is to give yourself a user name and away you go. There doesn’t seem to be many controls on the content, everything published here on IHWT would be acceptable there. There is no limit to the number of pics you may include, and you can also set a “Main photo” which will be included with a summary of your blog. As we are promoting such a beautiful Goddess, I think it would make a lot of sense to always include a main photo. It does seem to me to be an excellent place to share the blogs. Maybe some would want to share a slightly edited version rather than version printed here on IHWT.

If any of you want to befriend me there, I am foreverslaveofHaylee there.

The other site I have used a bit is MCStories. To my mind, this is less useful. It is for general mind control/ brainwashing/ hypnosis stories, rather than just femdom hypnosis like Inraptured. It only accepts stories, not devotional stuff. Some of my stories, I had to edit and re-submit as they were deemed to be “too promotional”. Stories have to be emailed in plain text, with no pictures. Stories have to be over 1500 words long. Having said that, if you have blogs which meet that criteria, it may be another way to spread the word of Goddess Haylee Lynn to a new audience.

I’d be most interested to hear your thoughts on this!

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Darker Side of Goddess Haylee Lynn

Darker Side of Goddess Haylee Lynn

It is funny how this worked out. I woke up this morning, was thinking of things in this blog, and thinking “this would make a great blog, I will write it later in the week, I have got the Cleopatra story to finish off first.” Then I saw on Facebook, Goddess had posted “

  • What is the kinkiest thought you have ever had while masturbating? One that is usually out of the norm for you, and just came into your mind

    I replied “mmm let me answer in a blog…”

    So here goes, but funny how SHE should write this, just at the same time I was thinking this…maybe HER telepathic control of me is growing…mmm how wonderful…

    I have already written about two encounters with Goddess Haylee Lynn, in Speed Dating and The Hike. I had a few dates with her after that, during which I fell more and more in love with her. I was delighted to be summoned to her place again, and of course I went over there as fast as my little legs could carry me. She invited me in. SHE was looking as beautiful as ever, HER wonderful green eyes were twinkling. SHE looked at me and said.

    “I am very pleased with the way you are coming along. You are a great hypnotic subject, you go really deep for me. I know you really adore my big beautiful green eyes and love losing yourself in them.

You love looking into my eyes

The darker side of Goddess Haylee Lynn – You love looking into my eyes

You love watching me swing my pendant. I appreciate your devotion to me. Whenever I want you, you always come when I call. Now there is a darker side to me, a much darker side. I am going to share that darker side with you now. Please follow me.

“Her darker side indeed? Mmm this sounds interesting” I thought. “I’m sure SHE will soon have be embracing the darker parts of HER complex and adorable personality!

  • She led me downstairs into a cellar. It was darker than the house, there were no electric lights. She lit some candles, and eventually I could see. There was a little mini-gym down there, with an exercise bike, treadmill, weights etc. There were also four posts, from the ceiling to the floor. They were in a square, just over two yards apart, I’d say.She playfully swung round one of them.”I used these to practice pole-dancing on, but they do have another use. Come here.”SHE got me in the centre of four posts and made me sit on the floor. It was cold, but I didn’t mind enduring that for HER. SHE lay me down, and chained each of my four limbs to one of the posts. I was spread-eagled on my back.”I know you already love my eyes, my face, my hair. By the time I finish with you today you will also love my ass, you will worship my ass, you will do anything for my ass.”Then SHE stood, one foot either side of me, HER feet level with my chest. I was looking at HER back.

    “Right, whatever I do, I want you to keep your eyes firmly glued on my ass. I want you to admire it, to worship it.”

    Then SHE started doing exercises. SHE started by bending over. I loved the way HER muscles in HER wonderful backside tensed and then relaxed. HER ass was beautiful, what i think of as a “Goldilocks” backside – not too small, not too big. It was firm, round, and perfectly formed. Then SHE squatted down and thrust HER wonderful round ass in my face. I just stared as that backside came close onto my face and then up again. SHE did this a few times, and then ended up sitting on my forehead, HER ass right in my face.

    “Tell me how does this feel?”

    “It is wonderful. YOU have the most amazing behind. Thank you so much for doing this.”

    “And how do you feel, chained up like this?”

    “I love it, I feel so powerless, like YOU are completely in command, in control. YOU could do anything to me or with me now. Do whatever you will. YOUR happiness is all that matters to me.”

    “Good boy, you are coming on so well.”

    SHE then proceeded to do some more squats, and some more exercises. I just continued to enjoy watching her wonderful ass move back and forth, up and down, side to side. I was completely fascinated by it. I forgot how uncomfortable and cold I was lying there, I just enjoyed the show! Eventually SHE finished and unlocked me.

    “Thanks, I have have finished my workout now, it is time for you to take me shopping now. I need some more candles, perfumes and make-up. Oh and I need various pet food. Is it too early for you to buy me a Christmas Present? Mmmm I can see you bought your wallet with you. Good boy!”

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Balance and Goddess Haylee and Her slave

This post is about balance and compatibility and my life. I love my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. Serious deep aching romantic Love but also warm and adoring affectionate personal respect and admiration.

My little one came home to me last night. Each time he comes home he brings balance to me as does my breathtaking and irresistible Goddess and Queen. Of course they do this in different ways.   

I suppose that the ones that we love the most remind us to seek balance. They take us out of the mistaken I am here to “get” something mode of thought and remind us that when we humans “give” we are at our best.

We are highly creative beings and all of us have untapped potential. I suspect vast unimaginable amounts of unrealized power……..and one of the things I am learning is that the more I sincerely give………to my son……or to my Goddess Haylee Lynn…….or to my neighbors or friends or community……it all comes back tenfold.

The highest Maxim or Truth is that ALL IS SELF.

And IF we can overcome our cultural programming and get to that place of pure selflessness then we discover we are ALL THINGS and our God view becomes SELF.

The more beauty we create and give away………the more beauty exists in our Universe. What we hold onto we relinquish but what we create and give away becomes something we can bring with us.

So I was thinking yesterday about my Goddess Haylee……..of course……..and why we seem to be such a perfect match.

At one point a long while back my “Claudia” persona surfaced. In part she came out I think because I saw my Goddess being so very fond of Melissa Maneater ( I did not realize at that time who Melissa really was) and Princess Indigo and I sensed how comfortable She is with transgenders. Plus I had dabbled with the concept and with transgenders in the past.

But in the end I am all male and Goddess Haylee is so clearly 100% all Woman. So, She plays the masculine roles in our relationship even though she is 100% feminine. I play the feminine role even though I am 100% masculine……this creates an amazing balance between us…….I am Her very “Good Boy” and that is all there is to it.

She commands and I obey. Whatever She wants She gets and I willingly and blissfully give it Her. Hypnotic Haylee

I have always wanted to do the right thing. I was born wanting to be Her good boy. I was born for my sweet and loving Goddess Haylee Lynn.   

I just have never felt such bliss as I feel when I please Her.

I also feel something unique and equally powerful when I care for and raise my son and when he tells me how much he loves me and wants to live with me.

I suppose that is what good boys do………they learn to give back, to create for others, and in doing so they discover a secret.

The more I give to them the more comes back to me.

I Love You my Goddess, my Breathtaking and Beautiful and Irresistible Queen. Sometimes it honestly feels selfish of me to give You anything You desire……..because it feels so damned good to do.

Forever, I will love You forever, Your devoted and personal slave,   Claude       

Spoof hypnosis

Spoof hypnosis

Disclaimer: This blog may sound a little racist, but please let me assure you that I am not a racist. I love people from mainland Europe – I actually live with a wonderful European lady whose first language is not English. I have taught Italian, French and Spanish students this year. But sometimes – sorry I must admit it – I find they way some of them may mispronounce words amusing.

Ello! Hi ham a ypnotist! Hi ham not as good as Haylee Lynn. My Hinglish is not so good and sometimes I use the wrong worms!

Set yourself smart targets on how you will serve HER

The writer is not as good at hypnosis as Haylee Lynn

Right hi vant you to look into my arse. That’s right. Look into my arse. Both arse if you please. Look diply into my arse. Hugh are feeling slippy. Hugh are getting more and more slippy. Slippier and slippier. Dipper and dipper. Good. now close your arse and slip.

Hi vant Hugh to imagine Hugh are on a bitch. Hit his a nice bitch. Hugh love lying on the bitch. Hit his a nice sandy bitch by the sea. Hugh can hear ze vaves crashing onto the bitch. Hugh can heven smell the salt air. Hit fills so good.

Has Hugh lie on the beach, Hugh fill a penis. Zat’s right, Hugh fill a penis. Hugh fill appier than Hugh ave ever felt before. Ze a penis is growing. Hugh fill a penis all hover. Hugh fill a penis in your head. Hugh fill a penis in your hand. Heverywhere. Hugh are so appy.

Now it is time to come back. Hugh vill vake on ze count of Three. Von, two three, vide avake now! i ope Hugh enjoyed ziz little ypnosis session!

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