Haylee’s friend

Emerald Eyes that Entrance and Enslave

Haylee’s friend Haylee’s friend A work of fiction. It was a couple of days after I had gone to stay with Goddess Haylee Lynn. It was the evening. I had cooked her evening meal and cleared it away. She was on the sofa, watching her TV programme. I had massaged her feet and had nearly finished painting her lovely toe-nails, when the door-bell rang. “Would you get that please?” She … Continue reading

Amazing Foot!

Tribute Goddess Haylee

Amazing Foot! A work of fiction. It was a normal day, and Haylee Lynn had dropped into town to do a few chores. First up she had to drop into the bank to pay in a cheque one of her slaves had sent her. While queuing up to be served, suddenly a couple of masked men armed with shotguns burst into the bank. Haylee Lynn and the other customers and … Continue reading

Types of Slaves

Types of Slaves Disclaimer: These are my views and my views alone. They may, or may not be shared by Goddess Haylee Lynn. There are many different types of slaves. For instance I have been in schools and heard teachers say things like “Oh send a slave with it.” What they mean is “Send an obedient student you can trust with it.” I met in real life a Domme, about … Continue reading

Eydie Gorme RIP

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

Eydie Gorme RIP Singer Eydie Gorme, who had a hit in 1963 with Blame It On The Bossa Nova, has died in Las Vegas at the age of 84. It can be found on youtube it you want. I would have been a little boy then. The lyrics on that song were,- I was at a dance When he caught my eye Standin’ all alone Lookin’ sad and shy We began … Continue reading

First Skype session with Goddess Haylee Lynn

First Skype session with Goddess Haylee Lynn Today I had my first telephone experience with Goddess Haylee Lynn! I had indicated a few days ago that I wanted a session with Her and tomorrow (Monday) had been pencilled in. The only problem was that there had been a bit of confusion about the time – I had agreed to a time of 4pm, thinking that She had meant 4pm my time, whereas … Continue reading

Worship of Haylee Lynn

Queen Haylee Lynn.

Worship of Haylee Lynn In my previous post, “My love for my Goddess” I wrote about how very easy it is to fall deeply in love with Haylee Lynn. I would ask you to read that blog before reading this. In my case this love very quickly turned to worship, and I have made videos showing this worship, initially using the name Biggestfanof Haylee and later the name FoeverSlave ofHaylee. … Continue reading

Haylee Lynn on Youtube


Goddess Haylee Lynn on Youtube I am sure you will all be aware of Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s videos on Youtube. You may not be aware of the videos I have posted there to support, promote, entertain or generally please Her. This blog is about both Hers and mine. I am sure most of you will have seen this wonderful video, published on 12 November 2012, the famous eye fixation video. … Continue reading

Two for the price of one, Part One

I am Lost to Her

Two for the price of one, Part One Synopsis: I take a friend to get hypnotized by Haylee Lynn and end up getting hypnotized too! Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not live in America, and I have never been in a homosexual relationship! I was always very fond of Timmy. I remember seducing him and converting him to my way of thinking. I remember the first time … Continue reading

10 top tips if you want to be enslaved by Goddess Haylee Lynn

10 top tips if you want to be enslaved by Goddess Haylee Lynn Synopsis: i give my own personal tips about how to be enslaved by Goddess Haylee Lynn Disclaimer: This is my own personal view, based on the little i know about Her. Religiously following these points may, or may not, lead to your enslavement. Background: The last four months leading to my enslavement have been the best of my … Continue reading

What is Goddess Haylee Lynn to me exactly?

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

What is Goddess Haylee Lynn to me exactly? by Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn. In my bio blog i said that Goddess Haylee Lynn was “My Goddess, My Mistress and so much more.” In this blog I want to answer the question, what exactly what do i mean by “So much more” She is of course, my hypnotist, my mesmerist, my enchantress, my sorceress, i am deeply under Her sweet spell. I listen to Her MP3s … Continue reading