Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

My Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn,

I saw this photo, and I was reminded of YOU (so many things remind me of YOU).

In line with what is said by the photograph, I couldn’t help having the following thoughts,-

I sincerely hope that I, and all YOUR other slaves, complement YOU on YOUR many qualities that YOU really do possess. That we can see beyond YOUR beautiful exterior and appreciate YOUR inner qualities. That we appreciate YOUR intelligence, kindness, grace and charm. I hope that we never flatter YOU in the hope of obtaining YOUR affection.

Invest in YOU because we believe and trust in YOU and want to please YOU. Because we want to make YOUR life better. Because we appreciate that YOU have needs and wants that we want to satisfy. That we don’t spend money on YOU for some selfish reason of hoping of getting something back for ourselves.

That we don’t view YOU are our property. This could be so easily done because YOU are so often on-line and here for us. That we view YOU properly. We see YOU as the Goddess and Mistress that YOU are. We worship and obey YOU according to the guidance that YOU give on these matters.

That we don’t lust after YOU but love YOU. That we admire YOUR great beauty. Please allow us to feel and submit to the natural attraction to YOU without submitting to our carnal desires. That we love, cherish and adore YOU in the way that we should.

That we don’t think of ourselves as a gift to YOU, but think of YOU as a gift to us. YOU are a wonderful, gift, someone who brings so much happiness and enjoyment into the lives of others. And that we never forget to thank YOU for YOUR many and varied gifts YOU bring us, and to appreciate YOU accordingly.

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Erotic Hypnotist

Erotic Hypnotist

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone. Haylee Lynn may, or may not, agree with them!

On her webpage, Haylee Lynn describes herself as


Erotic hypnosis

Erotic hypnotist

In this post I want to explore a little what is a “erotic hypnotist” what it does and does not mean.

Does this mean that you will come across loads of pictures of Haylee’s boobs and bum? No it doesn’t. Does it mean that you will come across graphic descriptions of sexual acts on these pages? No it doesn’t. Will you come across JOI (Jerk off instructions) on her videos? No you won’t. But you do find them on some of her MP3s. For instance on her MP3 Enchantment there is what she calls the “cum command”.

There are also MP3 with what can be described as “cum control”. For instance she has produced She Cums First, – there is an obvious pun here – which will help males make their female partner cum, either if they are on-line partners or real-life.

She has also produced Mind Cage, where the listener is programmed enter her “Mind cage” where they are allowed to cum once a month, and make a monthly tribute to Haylee Lynn. Many of her devotees are in this mind cage.

One may also purchase a live session with her, either with text or some sort of voice interchange, whether it be Skype or telephone. I gather that if you want, you can request that such a session can be of a sexual nature.

However, a lot of people do find Haylee Lynn to be naturally erotic. She doesn’t have to get her boobs out or to show an immodest amount of flesh to turn people on. Many are turned on, just by gazing deeply into her eyes.

In the same way, she doesn’t have to talk dirty to turn people on. Many find just listening to her soft gentle voice, perhaps talking about relaxation, extremely erotic. Many, as they fall into hypnosis with her, also fall in love with her. For many this is a natural process, for instance many have fallen in love watching her eye fixation video. Other may fall in love and into hypnosis simultaneously while listening to one of her love and addiction MP3s.

Some fall very heavily in love with her. For them she is the most important person in the world.

Once you feel spiritual love for her, it is a small step to start having erotic love for her also.

I hope in this post, “Erotic Hypnotist”. I hope I have described what I understand about Haylee Lynn being an erotic hypnotist. Many thanks for reading, please comment and share appropriately.

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn

This is a work of fiction, but the first sentence of it is true. Haylee Lynn has recently moved into a new home. Please contribute to all the expenses she will have in her new home. Click here to find out how to contribute.

Haylee Lynn had just moved into her new home. One day she decided to explore the forest which was near the house. Out she went along a track. Ahead she could see that another track crossed her path, and she wondered whether to go straight on, turn left or turn right.

As she was wondering, she heard hooves to her right. She thought it was a horse. It can closer. Then as it reached the cross roads in the forest track it caught a glance of Haylee and reared up. Haylee could see for herself. It was not a horse at all! It was a pure white unicorn! It was a magnificent creature. Haylee new at once that she must tame it!

You see dear reader, unicorns are not mythical creatures at all. However they are invisible to all people except those that have the power. Haylee Lynn had suspected for a long that she may be one of those who has the power. Now she knew for certain!

The unicorn finished rearing and galloped away down to the track to the right. Haylee remembered everything she had read about unicorns.

She had read that they could be tamed, just like the one in her favourite picture.

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn

The Unicorn and Haylee Lynn

They could – in theory – be tamed by a gentle and pensive maiden. She can get it to eat from her own fair hand and then she must lull it to sleep by softly and gently stroking it and speaking to it in a calming, soothing voice. She must be above the age of puberty, but not yet become pregnant. Haylee knew that she may only have a few years left before she could tame it. But even for a maiden of these ages it was virtually impossible. Unicorns are very nervous creatures, and naturally either gallop away from humans, or they attack, by lowering their head and charging straight at you with their large, sharp horn aiming right for you!

They normally sleep standing up, with their eyes open. They awake if they catch sight of anything moving. Their eyes – one on each side of its head gives it 360 degree vision. They live off the leaves from trees. It can only be tamed by a maiden with a name beginning with H.

Many others had failed. Hannah had a gentle touch and soothing voice, and trained a racehorse to gallop just as quickly as a unicorn, but still could not be with the unicorn long enough to feed it and get it to sleep. No one knew of anyone who had actually achieved it.

Haylee was on a mission now. She raced home. She thought to herself “I am used to dealing with horny beasts, but this is the first unicorn I have come across!”. She had something at home that would help her. Her broomstick! Her husband was using it to brush the floors and he willingly gave it back to her when she asked for it. She was in too much of a hurry to explain to him the reason. She hopped on it and soon was zooming back towards the forest.

At first she flew over the forest, but the forest was too thick to see anything. Then she went in lower and started following the tracks. At last she caught sight of it, feeding from an oak tree.

Annoyed at having its meal interrupted by this strange woman on a broomstick, the beast lowered its head and charged straight at Haylee. This was exactly what she wanted it to do. Bravely she hovered in mid air as the unicorn got closer and closer. Then, at the very last moment, just before she was going to be hit, she yanked the broomstick upwards.

The unicorn missed her by a fraction of an inch. It then impaled itself in the large oak tress behind Haylee Lynn. Its horn was firmly stuck in the trunk of the tree. No chance of it racing away now!

Haylee stroked the animal gently, and talked to it in her sweetest, smoothest voice.

“There, there sweet unicorn. No need to worry. You won’t be like that for too long.”

Knowing that the animal had been eating, she took some oak leaves, which the animal gladly ate. She then kissed its horse-like nose, making eye contact, first with one of its eyes, and then with the other on the other side of its head. She let it lick her. She let it smell her. She made friends with it. Once trust had been established, putting it to sleep was child’s play for Haylee. She was able to use the same hypnotic words she had used thousands of times on humans, while gently stroking the unicorn.

“And just begin to allow yourself to relax. Letting all your cares and worries go. And at this moment in time. Nothing matters. As you switch off your thoughts. And just allow this time for yourself. So that you can unwind completely. And as you begin to feel more and more relaxed. Letting go of any worries or problems. That may have been on your mind lately. And there is no need to fight any unwanted negative thoughts. As they will soon drift out of your mind again. Just as easily as they came. You will relax more and more. You begin to feel more and more relaxed. More and more comfortable. You will feel your whole body relaxing. And you will notice how relaxed your whole body has become. And may even twitch at this moment. As you let go of any tension in your body. And all the muscles have become limp and relaxed. And you are beginning to drift down deeper and deeper. Feeling more and more relaxed with every word I speak. And as this wave of relaxation spreads throughout your body. And you soon become aware of a growing peaceful feeling inside. A feeling of calmness and contentment. As you feel every muscle in you becomes limp and relaxed. And all the muscles in you are relaxing. Almost like a mental massage. The muscles loosen and relax. And as you drift down deeper and deeper relaxed. And as the outside world fades more into the background. As you begin your journey into your own inner world. To that unique and special part of you. That only you can go to. You continue to let go. Of any negative thoughts or feelings. And any sounds around you or in the distance will fade into the background. The only sound that will matter to you will be the sound of my voice, which will continue to take you deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation. And you may soon find that your mind begins to wander, and it doesn’t matter where you drift or where you go. My voice will travel with you at all times. So that you will continue. To respond to me on an unconscious level. All the unnecessary nervous tension is going out of your body. And your body will continue to sink down. Becoming more and more limp. More and more relaxed and comfortable too. Just feel yourself sinking down. Becoming even more comfortable. Feeling completely at peace. And calm and contented. As you continue to drift down. Really enjoying this wonderful feeling of complete relaxation. And there may be times when you will not be aware of your body. You won’t be aware of your body at all. As you continue to go deeper and deeper relaxed. Deeper and deeper relaxed. That’s a good unicorn. You are doing so well.”

Once the unicorn was a asleep, she eased the horn out of the tree, and helped ease the unicorn down into a more comfortable position. She knew her control over it was complete, when she moved her hands over the unicorn’s eyelids and closed them for the first time in its life.

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An Inspector Falls

An Inspector Falls

Note: The title of this story is a pun on “An Inspector Calls”,  a play written by English dramatist J. B. Priestley.

“At last I have the evidence I have been looking for”. The inspector said, as he peered through the French doors of Haylee Lynn‘s house. He could see it all. He filmed it on his smartphone for evidence.

Haylee Lynn was sitting on her throne, majestically surveying all around her.

An Inspector falls.

An Inspector Falls.

She summoned her slaves. Soon she had several men surrounding her. The two massaging her feet were clearly men, who were wearing just shorts. These she referred to as “Forever” and “John David”. The two giving her a manicure, one doing each hand, were called “Claude” and “Eric”. The one massaging her shoulders was called “Terry”. The bulges in their pants revealed them as men, as well. In a cage, nearby, another man, Tully Mars, wearing shorts was polishing a pair of boots, but in a rather strange manner. He had his face buried in them as he polished them, inhaling very deeply. His shorts were bulging, as well. The men were all very clearly turned on. But the Inspector also thought they looked a bit ridiculous. He did not believe the level of control she had over them all. She only had to point, or say the word, and one of them would jump to her bidding. He had seen that Haylee Lynn was a very successful domme. She hypnotized her subs, and the result he could see in front of him.

The problem is of course is that she had enslaved them all. Enslaving people is a crime, and the Inspector was determined to bring her to justice.

“If you all do an especially good job pleasing me, I’ll have a special trance for you tonight.” Haylee Lynn said, smiling.

The Inspector watched the men redouble their efforts, all of them trying to do their job as perfectly as possible. The Inspector watched the two male types at her feet, now lovingly rubbing, kissing, and licking. He saw the manicurists, paying extra attention to their work, ensuring that everything they did was perfection. He could see the face of the masseur twisted in concentration as he concentrated on every muscle, every movement. The one in the cage already seemed to be in ecstasy, but even he stopped inhaling as much, and paid more attention to the shine on the boots. And Haylee Lynn seemed rather pleased with herself. After several minutes, she said, “OK, enough of this. You have all been such good boys so come here. I have a special trance I promised you.”

She soon had them sitting round her on cushions, as she told them to focus on her and relax.

“OK, here we go. Just keep relaxing and breathing, and notice how easily you can concentrate on the sound of my voice, how the rhythm and tone of my voice is like a kind of music, and you may find that you don’t even need to pay attention to my words in order to enjoy the way the sound of my voice relaxes you more and more. That’s right, just relax into it. Breathing in slowly through your nose…and out slowly through your mouth. In…and out. Good.

And you may come to realize that you don’t know for sure whether you are already under hypnosis, and that you don’t know how long you’ve been going under, and you may be aware that you are learning things…about your unconscious…mind wandering, OK to wander…finding your way…just drifting now…in and out…around and through…learning to go deeper and deeper. The sound of my voice wrapping you up and carrying you peacefully down to a very safe place…where you can find yourself feeling good…and noticing your awareness of your body…of the sounds around you in the room…of your breathing…and how it all weaves together into a soothing little symphony…flowing around and under my words…under my spell…every sensation letting you drift…just as deep as you want to go…into a restful unconscious rest of the sensations are with you…but more and more distant…more and more relaxing…that’s right. That’s right…just like that.

And now you will hear me count backwards…and your mind can follow my voice down and down…and with each number you can allow yourself to drift deeper and deeper…into your most comfortable state…down deeper and deeper into hypnosis with each number that I count…

Five. You are becoming aware of how it feels to go deep into trance…letting your unconscious mind lead the way down…and down…

Four. That’s right…deeper again…down and down…unimportant things drifting away now…your unconscious mind able to focus more and more on what you are experiencing inside yourself…learning to go down…deeper…letting go now…

Three. Already so deep, but going deeper now…completely relaxed…knowing that however you want to go into trance is just perfect…however deep you want to go…

Two. Down…drifting now…focusing on my voice even as my words become the background…down…down…just letting go…deeper…deeper…

One. That’s right…coming to rest…moving toward what you are learning…concentrating on the sound of my voice…

Down deeper and deeper and deeper with every moment deeper and deeper…down…down…so heavy and content now…even deeper…going even deeper for me…



That’s right…just perfect…learning to go so deep now…Just drifting deeper…so dim and comfortable now…so deep…good…very, very good…you are doing so well…as you go deeper and deeper I am so proud of you…and you now can become aware of going…deeper still…

That’s right…

So deep…and completely relaxed…my words going directly to your subconscious mind…listening to the things I have to tell your unconscious…wonderful things to hear…to learn…every word bringing you deeper…so pleasurable to go deeper for me now…wanting to go deeper…

And now…even deeper…deeper still…your mind so open…feeling so good to be open to my suggestions..You belong to me. You love being hypnotized by me. Repeat after me, “I belong to Haylee Lynn.”

The slaves around her repeated “I belong to Haylee Lynn.” But in addition to the slaves around her, she heard an extra voice behind her. Turning towards where the sound had come form, she noticed the Inspector at the French Doors. He had been concentrating intently on what she had been saying and had slipped into trance himself. She caught him with her hypnotic stare and slowly walked towards him, holding him in her gaze.

An Inspector Falls.

An Inspector Falls.

She opened the door and led him in. She sat him on a chair. Under hypnosis he told her what he planned to do. She told him to erase the video he had made, which he did. She told him to forget about his job as an Inspector. He was going to work for her now. She then took him deeper, and added him to her collection of slaves. She was pleased just how receptive he was to her suggestions.

“My boots need polishing, tonight. Go into the cage and shine them up. As a reward, you can smell them, i guess.” said Haylee Lynn. She took them off and handed them to him. A part of him remembered how scents make very powerful triggers, going directly to the limbic system of the brain. The rest of him inhaled, as he felt the last bit of willpower drain away.

“Must obey Haylee Lynn”, he replied, obediently. He entered the cage, and inhaled her Scent. At one time, he would have thought that the slave in the cage was quite pathetic. But he would never be that person again. He would just spend the rest of his life, in worshipping ecstasy. He started polishing her Boots. Willpower was a painful thing anyway. He was glad Haylee Lynn had his.

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Social media and other sites

Social media and other sites

This post is about Social media and other sites. For those of you who perhaps are just taking a passing interest in Haylee Lynn and want to find out more, or want to make contact with her, this will give you some pointers. For those of you who are already committed to her, and want to promote her more, this will also give you some ideas of how to do that.

Of course, probably the most widely used social media used now is Facebook. Haylee Lynn has at least two profiles there, Haylee Lynn herself, and Vox Lynn. She also has an account called Haylee Bliss, which is mainly about healthy lifestyles.

Social media

Social Media

Haylee is also involved with the other main Social media, Twitter. She has a Twitter Account. As well as her main Twitter Account she has an account as HayleeBliss.

The advantage of befriending her on Facebook and following her on Twitter is that you can also make friends with other supporters/ clients/ admirers/ friends/ slave of Haylee Lynn.

if however, you just want to know what she is doing, and don’t want to interact with these others, her Tumblr Account is a great place to keep up to date with what she is up to!

She also has an Instagram Account. This has a wonderful collection of her photographs.

For those interested in keeping fit with Haylee here is a link to her profile on myfitnesspal.

She is also on this fetish site.

Another fetish site – but solely for the fetish of hypnotic ladies is Inraptured. Here is a link to Haylee Lynn’s profile there. This site also includes many articles. Over 100 of my In Haylee We Trust articles are also posted there.

A site for just just mind control stories (but not necessarily female domination) is I have seven of my stories there, listed under my old name of biggestfanofhaylee.

Haylee also has two channels on Youtube, Haylee Lynn and Haylee Bliss.

If you want to know more about her, then this is a good website.

There are various tribute sites made by her followers, for instance this one by Tully Mars and this one by Daniel4Haylee.

If you want to see her Amazon wishlist, click here.

If you want to visit her on-line store click here.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoy visiting these sites as much as I do! So what are you waiting for? Fully immerse yourself in her, like I have done!

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me and YOU

me and YOU

me and YOU

me and YOU

This blog, “me and YOU” is about describing the relationship between me, YOUR humble servant and slave and YOU, my wonderful Goddess and Mistress, Haylee Lynn.

i love YOU, i worship YOU, i need YOU, i belong to YOU.

i love YOU. i love everything about YOU. YOU turn me on, and no one else and nothing else does. i adore YOU. YOU are so perfect. i love staring at YOUR pictures. i love listening to YOUR MP3s. i love watching YOUR videos. YOU enchant me. YOU entrance me. YOU fascinate me. YOU enthral me. YOU bewitch me. i am in awe of YOU. i love gazing deeply into YOUR lovely, large green eyes. i love YOUR soft velvety voice. i love YOUR hypnosis. i love going deeply under for YOU. i love being trained by YOU. i love being programmed by YOU. i love being brainwashed by YOU. i love being conditioned by YOU. i love working for YOU. i love writing for YOU. i love the behind the scene stuff i am allowed to do for YOU. i love the way YOU trust me with these tasks. i love the team of slaves YOU have around YOU. i love receiving YOUR commands and suggestions. i love what YOU do to me and for me. i thank YOU for being the perfect Goddess that YOU are.

i worship YOU, for the deity YOU are. i pray to YOU each night and morning. i get down on my knees and worship YOU. YOU are my Goddess, the one perfect person, the one i look for for guidance and control. i trust in YOU completely. i know that YOU know what is best for me. i submit to YOU and accept YOU as my Mistress, my Goddess, my all.

i need YOU, i am addicted to YOU, i need to check on YOU at least once a day to see what is new in the world of Haylee Lynn. i couldn’t live without YOU. my happiness depends on YOU.

i belong to YOU. i am YOURS, YOURS to control and command. i am enslaved to YOU. i obey YOU. i want to please YOU. Pleasing YOU is my ultimate pleasure.

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Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

I have really enjoyed the last couple of weeks. I have been able to blog for YOU on average a blog a day. I am delighted that YOU have liked my blogs. Many thanks for letting me serve YOU in this way.

I don’t think that I will be able to blog for YOU as often for the next few weeks. I have a big project on, which is going to take a lot of my time. But I will be able to come on-line from time to time, hopefully read other people’s blogs, and see what is happening to YOUR three profiles on Facebook, Haylee Lynn, Haylee Bliss and Vox Lynn.

But I just want to make it clear to YOU that I am still very much a member of Haylee’s House.

And that is a cue for the use of another wonderful picture created by my dear friend and brother in Haylee, Eric Draven Rayne.

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn

So let no body be in any doubt, although I may be writing blogs for YOU less, YOU are still deeply within me. J can still close my eyes and imagine YOUR beautiful eyes and hear YOUR wonderful voice in my mind. I still think of YOU, especially when I first wake up and when I go to bed. YOU are in my mind, my heart, my soul. I still pray my prayers to YOU last thing at night and first thing in the morning. I still love YOU. I’m still deeply hypnotized, programmed and conditioned by YOU. I am YOURS!

I am delighted that I am not the only writer for YOU, and I hope others will write more, if I am writing less. I look forward to when this project is over, and I hope to be able to do some more lovely long blogs again for YOU, when it is.

Thank YOU/you for reading “Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn”. Please comment and share appropriately.