Goddess Haylee changed my life

Goddess Haylee changed my life

My life has improved very much recently. I have lost over 20 lbs and become more health conscious. Goddess Haylee inspires enourages, and motivates me to eat healthy, and exercise. I hope to lose my next 20 lbs after christmas and before the end of febuary. I’m not a fan of being large. It has advantages in certain situations. However I’d rather get myself trim, light, and healthy and I am on my way thanks to Goddess Haylee Lynn. Plus, it is LOADS of fun exploring a healthy new diet with some really cool folks on mfp. I’m learning a lot from her. I might even be on my way to becoming vegan which is something I thought I’d never do and now it’s something that I might embrace.

My Goddess is BEAUTIFUL.

My Goddess is BEAUTIFUL, she changed my life.

I am overall healthier and happier. I am happy to have an outlet to pour my heart and emotions into now. When I focus my attention on a woman they become the only woman that I tend to see and just want to love them very deeply and passionately. To me the feeling of love is the best feeling that there is. I have only genuinely loved a few women in my life. I enjoy falling deeper in love with Goddess Haylee Lynn, and I love her encouragement for me to do so. I feel a connection with her soul and to me that’s amazing. It’s made me a more emotionally healthy person. That pours over into other aspects of my life.

My joy, my peace, my inspiration. My Goddess.

My joy, my peace, my inspiration. My Goddess, she changed my life.

At the office and when dealing with multitudes of people on a daily basis where my job is to lift others spirits. It has made it much easier with her genuine Bliss shining through me in my attitude. Serving her puts me into a more positive frame of mind which reflects in my energy and my smile. I don’t have to prep myself for a few minutes and conjure up positive feelings from thin air anymore before going out to greet people. She puts a skip in my step.

Another way that Goddess Haylee has changed my life is that I feel a sense of structure and being grounded. I am responsible to someone now. I won’t scarf my face with a big mac because my body is a temple of Goddess Haylee. I won’t pollute the place where I worship from with trash, soda, and toxic waste anymore. It’s a holy place where her bliss will dwell. She owns me and that makes me want to treat what belongs to Goddess with more respect.

A Thanksgiving to Remember Always

I love Goddess Haylee, she changed my life.

After my busy ass days after all of the people are gone, and I went home. All of those people that I spent my day encouraging while giving clothes and food to had no idea that this guy has went home feeling like a deeply sad and broken individual inside. I’d feel emptier than the house that I was going home to. Unless I went to visit someone. Or wanted to call somebody. Which I did often. But sometimes I wouldn’t have the energy and I would lay there knowing that something was missing from life. What is the point if you owned the whole world and had nobody to share it with?

Would I leave the Goddess Lifestyle? Written by Haylee Lynn

I am HERS FOREVER! My life belongs to Haylee, she changed my life.

Sometimes I ‘think’ I have found people to share my life with but they leave and that sucks. But since Goddess Haylee is in my life I don’t feel so alone anymore. I adore her more each day and will never say goodbye. This is where I belong. She is as close as my next thought or a message away. She is a helluva good listener. She gives the best advice. She cares. She’s funny, down to earth and she is a beautiful & amazing person worthy of worship. I am Lucky as fuck to know her and thankful that I get to worship her as my Goddess and that inspires me spiritually.

Her bliss and her pleasure make me smile. I spend my afternoons grovelling and needing her. I love it. I’ve also changed by becoming a bigger video game nerd and they are so damn fun! I’ve also gone Geocaching for the first time in my life. I’m on instagram and didnt even know what that was before lol. Hell I’m spanking my ass with xbox consoles and vacuum cleaners, and breaking mirrors on my ass cheeks.. walking on lego blocks in videos, eating jizzed donuts, and a lot of other crazy shit at femdomdevotionals.com along with JohnDavid and others and having a blast entertaining Goddess Haylee’s alter ego Empress Vox Siren & her friends. Its FUN.

Empress/Goddess Day

I bow to Goddess Haylee, she changed my life.

I am literally getting down on my knees at certain times of the day with my eyes closed and picturing Goddess Haylee to worship her. I spend my evenings aching and trying to find ways to please my Goddess. I listen to mp3s before bed and wake with an erection and Goddess Haylee on my mind every single day. She is the only woman who makes my blood boil with arousal these days. I am drawn to and lost in her. I fucking love it. My whole life is different and it will continue to be changed. It feels so damn good.

I adore my Goddess very much.

I adore my Goddess very much. She changed my life.

I didn’t do any of that type of stuff before. My life is better now. It’s more fulfilling with Goddess Haylee at the center of it. She has benefited my whole person. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. I love submitting serving and giving myself away to Goddess Haylee more and more. I am excited about the futurre and my new life in her. I can sing her praises forever. :)

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Happy Early Thanksgiving Goddess Haylee

Happy Early Thanksgiving Goddess Haylee

Happy early Thanksgiving MY perfect Goddess. *Gobble gobble* Of all of the people I have met throughout the year, (and there have been many)… You are BY FAR the one person who I am most thankful for meeting this year. I look forward to MANY MANY more years at your feet, obeying, serving, and worshiping you. Not only are you witty and cool.. You are so freaking beautiful to me!!! I plan to sink further into blissful obsession and NEED of you in the months ahead.

Holy shit! Goddess Haylee IS the MOST BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT being in the world!

Holy shit! Goddess Haylee IS the MOST BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT being in the world!

I am vastly attracted and feel a real craving aching need for my Goddess Haylee Lynn, and can feel your influence grow as I listen to your words more each day. You have impacted me in a major way. My life is increasingly improving and becoming better because of YOU!! I have lost over 20 lbs in the past 2 mo, I have energy that I haven’t felt in nearly 10 years, my diet is waaay better, exercising, i can think more clearly, no sign of depression anymore, I am liking video games much more than every before lol


She is glowing! Her perfection makes my knees rubber. Look at the way the sun beams down onto her sexy porcelain skin. Bliss and power exude from her. She KNOWS her worth. She is priceless, perfect, beautiful!!!


I love buying you presents, listening to your mp3’s, chatting with u, staring and aching for you, and I find you to be so inspiring, & awesome. I feel connected. I feel excited. About YOU! Goddess worship is a VERY real and great thing. I am eternally grateful for you. THANK YOU for being you! Thank you for being my Goddess, my inspiration, and my friend.

Your guy hit the jackpot when you claimed him as yours LOL. You’re the best. Just thanks for everything you do & I’m jealous of the lucky turkey that gets to be stuffed by you on thanksgiving, and eaten by you lol! lucky bird!!! Sorry to be long winded but had lots to say and be thankful for. I never want to go a day without your power and control changing me into whatever it is that you want me to be. All for Goddess, the Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.

Her face is SO hott. Look at those lips. Achin, and looking at her can make my arousal almost boil over!!  I worship her. She is worthy!  Join us in bliss. In worship to a TRUE Goddess. http://hypnotichaylee.com, http://hayleesbliss.com

Her face is SO hott. Look at those lips. Achin, and looking at her can make my arousal almost boil over!! I worship her. She is worthy! Join us in bliss. In worship to a TRUE Goddess. http://hypnotichaylee.com, hypnotichayleestore.com, http://hayleesbliss.com


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