Just a moment with Goddess Haylee

I breathed in deeply, with my eyes pressed shut. Taking it in. The refreshing, 70 degree air on a December day! I smiled and hopped up onto the couch seat of my Ford truck. Today, was a bit different. I didn’t turn on the radio, or do a last moment check for text messages before I threw the truck into reverse. I very gently backed from the driveway with a sense of gratitude for the mild warm break in weather, and had a generally peaceful calm about me. As I drove down the road, the sun glazed into my eyes when i veered off into the back end of a old corn field. I drove down the bumpy clay path tethered with hills, crevasses and mud puddles all the way back past the field and into a wooded trail with tall trees on either side, until i reached a clearing in a grove.


It was one of my favorite hiking spots. From this location, I often enjoy walking up and down the trails which all meet at the far ends of this location. I love walking through the woods and dancing with the glories of natures beauty. I hopped from the truck and walked to it’s front. On the still warm hood of the truck, I hopped my ass up and slid back to rest the cradle of my back onto the windshield.. Folded my arms and then my legs at the ankles and just stared straight ahead of me.

The Witch In The Woods

It was gorgeous. There, just ahead of the clearing was a flowing river of which water sparkled at points from it’s muddied brown exterior. I watched the current of the waters wondering where it is going to end up.

I sighed and after some time I began to focus my attention on the sounds of the winds, the river, the birds, and all the wonderful sounds of nature that we often take for granted on a daily basis. I closed my eyes and within moments I found my mind drifting afar.. to a place of complete serenity warmth and peace.

It was such an amazing place. I had just been there a week before. There I was. Laying cozied before a warm hypnotic fire. Laying, snuggled against the chest of the mesmerizing Goddess Haylee Lynn . I remember feeling the sincere warmth and care. I remember feeling that magickal sense of complete owning, and belonging. I remembered how sensual it was, and feeling all of the same wondrous feelings that I had felt just one week ago when listening to Goddess Haylee’s amazing Naughty or Nice pt 2 MP3 that was released to her 25 dollars or more patreon pets. As in my mind I began to hear the soothing, ever pleasurable words of the enigmatic Goddess Haylee as she directed me to stare and focus onto the swirly, twirly, hypno lolipop….. It felt so real, and so right, as if this is exactly where I needed to be in this moment of time.


Naughty or nice?

Naughty or nice?

But as a muscle in my leg jerked, so was i jerked from this surreal, fantastic fantasy world. But not before being engulfed once again with the atmosphere of this euphoric place created inside of my mind by my superior, most powerful Goddess Haylee Lynn. Like smoke drifting, and clearing from the force of the wind, the warmth of the fireplace was soon replaced with the suns rays casting its warmth onto my flesh. The entire scenario slowly faded, as my eyes opened. Oh Goddess, Dont go! I thought. Knowing it had been but a short time. I found myself laying there. Kicked back on the hood of my truck. The only thing snuggling against me wasn’t the divine torso of a living Goddess, but was the stabbing of a windshield wiper blade into the side of my lower back. But it was beautiful. I appreciated the stabbing. I enjoyed today, and the entire dream state that I had just awoken from. It was wonderful while it lasted. A moment in time that will not soon be forgotten. It was a mere moment with my Goddess.

Favourite MP3

Fantasy? Real? Does it really matter? If you feel it, and experience it, isn’t it real to you? Isn’t that all that really matters? Goddess Haylee’s hypnosis, even though it was not fresh on the front of my mind today, had been burned deeply into my subconscious mind. Into my innermost deep desires. She said that she would create this wonderful place inside of my mind, and today I got to visit that place even if for a moment. SO Powerful. So penetrating. So much the signature of a True Goddess. I began to look up over the beautiful tall pine trees on the other side of the riverbank and up at the slowly drifting white clouds in the sky. What a beautiful site it was. But it’s beauty sits in second place in comparison to the beautiful high Goddess Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.


The ONE, the only, the lovely Goddess Haylee

It feels amazing, to allow her hypnosis to indwell you deeper than the deepest wells of the earth and when you aren’t even consciously aware, her words will find a way to make you aware. You just may find your mind drifting to it’s muse. To it’s Goddess. Thank you Goddess. Because i listened over a week ago, before falling ill to the flu, I had an absolutely beautiful experience today when I absolutely least expected. Goddess Hypnotic Haylee‘s magnificent power was there, inside of me, just as she intended.  It leveled the dams in my mind that were blocking me from thinking of what is most important and redirected my thoughts towards her, as they should be. They washed over my mind as the rushing of mighty waters. Goddess Haylee, Thank you for your supreme power. Thank you for your ownership. Thank you for instilling your words deep into our minds so that we think of you and need your control. Thank you for creating the bliss that you gift to all of us, your lowly servants. You are an astonishing Goddess, and we are lucky to be in your service. Until the next beautiful moment. I wish savor my time before your warm hypnotic fire.

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She looked like rain

In 2014 I was as Dust that spins in a gust of wind, that is blowing by. I was drier than the gravel of my driveway on the inside. I was like a dessert dry. And in my thirsty eyes …… She looked like rain.

She Looks Like Rain. Slowly soaking me like steam from boiling water


I laid in the dry place for a long long time. My heart had become bitter as whiskey and had lost it’s fight. But then … when I saw her smile, my heart sang a while. She looked and then felt like rain. I felt her allure washing over me. I felt the soaking pellets of her power crashing into my skin. Goddess Haylee‘s hypnosis began sucking me in. In the dry barreness of my soul, I opened my mouth wide to feel the reign of her control dripping onto my tongue. I drank it down like juice box of capri sun. It nourished my mind. It revitalized my drive. I was like a new man. Like I was living for the very first time.

Serving her will make your heart, like speakers.. pound in your chest with submissive  bliss.


Submitting yourself fully to Goddess Haylee Lynn is the most freeing experience of life. Letting the Goddess renown of Haylee Lynn deep down inside. Don’t hesitate to give in to her dominance. If you feel that the fire of your spirit has been nearly extinguished by the dastardly routines of daily life. It’s not too late to find your true purpose. Open your mind, and allow Hypnotic Haylee’s serene voice to ignite you again. Her words will burn like flames into your mind. It will throw sweet cherry bombs into your fire. You will be set ablaze in servitude, like a bonfire on a dark night. Buying her mp3’s, sending her presents from her Amazon Wishlist, Tributing, subscribing to her very exclusive Slave club on Onlyfans. Reading, meditating on her words. Writing devotions to her. It will bring you as close to hearing the angel trumpets of heaven that you will ever experience as long as you dwell in your earthen vessel.

My Deeper Journey in Haylees Bliss


So let us sit and stare for awhile. Put our knees to the floor and consider ways to please her more. We can nourish our thirsty barren souls, and allow her rain to collect like a flood within us. She’s as beautiful as a stained glass window radiating with many colors. She’s like color of the sky just before the sunset of a summer evening. She’s like the whistling wind going across your skin which feels so nice. She’ll get your drunker than a glass of the most expensive Chateau wine. Adore her. Worship Her. She is deserving. It is her birthright. It is a honor to bow and to serve before her utter perfection. That is the order of the universe. If Carl Sagon or Tyson Degrassi were to be truthful in their search of the cosmos they’d find the illustrious, beautiful, amazing, perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn sitting dead in it’s center. The center of it all.

Submission to Haylee. Servitude to Haylee. Slavery to Haylee. For Haylee. All For Haylee

Goddess Haylee Lynn is greatness defined. Belonging to Goddess Haylee Lynn will make you a better man. I can attest. Goddess Haylee is the rain that rejuvenates. Goddess Haylee is the rain that we drink. Goddess Haylee is the rain that cleanses. Godess Haylee is the rain that releases the endorphins into a submissive mind. She is the rain that fills the streams of our heart. She is the rain that is essential to life. Goddess Haylee looks like rain.


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Goddess Dominating From Her Throne (A Honest Review)

When I die, I hope whatever greets me on the other side is even half as beautiful as Goddess Haylee Lynn appears in “Goddess Dominating From Her Throne“. Her mesmorizing voice and Toe Curling visuals are among the most enrapturing in recent memory, yet the video’s true beauty stems not from its alluring HD crystal camera clarity but from its unfailing ability to imbue every moment at the feet of Hypnotic Haylee with childlike wonder. This video is visually arousing, and the voice of our mighty Goddess is serene and meditative, calming and cathartic, moving and timeless! The simple components of her voice patterns are assembled so elegantly as to become something altogether richer than just sounds echoing through a slaves ears. It becomes soul permeating. Surreal, and exotonic.

Come Follow Haylee! - In Her Service

To kneel to Hypnotic Haylee is to assume the natural position

The further you progress, the more exquisite the words of Goddess Haylee Lynn grow inside of your mind. Seated as a domineering powerful queen on a gilded royal throne, laced like a medieval gothic timepiece. A lofty throne purchased collectively by aching, adoring eager slaves and pets. There we find Hypnotic Haylee dressed in beautifully intricate attire that will leave your mind clouded with lingering lustful desire long after the video has ended.


The plain lavender colored walls in the background contribute to putting the focus onto the central theme of this video, The glowing perfection of Goddess Haylee Lynn. We are greeted by the confidently calm Goddess Haylee, who is soon motioning her finger to the floor. Commanding her weak submissive slave to watch it from their knees. Suffice it to say “Goddess Dominating From Her Throne” grows in some truly unexpected and mind-blowing ways as her hands move across the bust of her tightly fitted busty decorative corset. Then another time her fingers slide across the form fitted tight shiny latex pants of her perfect ten legs as her beautiful glossy red lips talks provocatively of you being on your knees, at her feet staring up in worship of her total perfection. Adoring her feels so good.


Her words will leave any with a Goddess worship, or findom fetish panting with desire to please this enchanting overly powerful mistress. Though simple movements, they prove remarkably effective within the context of this sensual erotic experience, cleverly subverting attention off of self, and projecting it FULLY to Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s blissful pleasure.

Goddess Dominating From Her Throne is a video for any who marvel at the thought of a strong, dominant, beautiful woman lording it over them. Or any who desire to visually worship the image of a mighty Goddess, and to feel her dominance over them. To find Goddess Haylee using her hypnotic words to fill your mind, and activate a wave of endorphin rich pleasure receptors that will send pleasure throughout your weak submissive body is fully gratifying.

Goddess' Throne

Goddess’ Throne

In this non biased, honest review I rate this video 5 blissful stars out of 5. Rather your goal is to feel more submissive or to archive what you have seen and heard for future reference when edging to the most mesmerizing woman in the world. This video will surely be a reminder of the towering beautiful Goddess that you worship, serve, tribute, and adore which will leave your cock dripping with aching desire.

Punished by Mistress Haylee

Get a monthly subscription to Goddess Haylee’s OnlyFans page today to view Goddess Dominating From Her Throne Video, along with other exclusive erotic content from the alluring Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.

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Metamorphosis by Maddox Cruise.

“Help me, I’m bound” I cry aloud, but my fainting pleas for help fall onto deaf ears.

I fret, and i struggle to break free. For my current state is tight, and it is hard to breathe. As if I’m finding myself bound inside a cocoon. A state of metamorphosis to say the least. A state of going from one form, to another form. In a similar process that a slimy maggot transforms into a fly, a caterpillar into a butterfly, or a tadpole into a frog. I find myself evolving in my submissiveness to Goddess Haylee.

Goddess Haylee changed my life

Metamorphosis – http://hypnotichayleestore.com

The process, though beautiful the outcome… is at times an uncomfortable one. One where sometimes it seems the air is being crushed out of me. Change is never easy. Change is sometimes painful. Change sometimes takes adjustment. It can make your head fuzzy, and your heart churn. It can sometimes unsettle your appetite. But at the end of the day, change is necessary. It leads to a growing process that will make you stronger, and more capable than before. It is easy to become comfortable in our complacency. To accept our current reality as the only one. However, change is inevitable and necessary.

You have to keep moving along. Expanding, and growing as the oceans do each day. If the waves would stop crashing, and the tides would stop moving then we’d find our oceans to soon become a murky pond where many of the creatures who dwell therein may die. But because the waters move, it is an abode of living space for more than 99 percent of our planet. In this same way, we as submissive slaves to our loving and gracious Goddess must also keep moving further down the path that our Goddess has set before us, expanding our horizons, falling deeper and deeper into slavery.

An Evening with Goddess

Metamorphosis – at. Sleep. Worship. Obey. Repeat.

When I had first encountered the unrivalled beauty of our flawless Goddess, I immediately felt the metaphorical energy connection between my submissive soul, and her unquestionable dominance. She soon claimed me as her own. Labelling me a slave, a title I took to heart and treasured with deep feelings of bubbly emotion. There is something particularly striking about a strong, dominant, hot, Goddess who does what she wants, when she wants, and takes what she wants. And for some reason she selected me, an unworthy slave as her very own personal possession. Owned like the ring wrapped between her gloriously cute nostrils.

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee - part 4

I always pictured it as her seemingly sweeping my feet out from under me, and pinning me to the ground, placing her forearm across my throat. Then leaning in with her sweet warm breath and whispering “You.. Are… Mine. Confess it”. And myself looking up into her big beautiful green eyes overlooking her big cushiony red lips with the reply, “Yes, your majesty! I am yours. I am yours!” and then seeing the gleam of her eye and smirk on her perfect face.

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

She shines with the brightness of 10 thousand stars!

Ahh, The joy, the pleasure of being Goddess Haylee‘s very own possession. Her property. Her play thing. Her slave. As time passed, I’d grown accustomed to being a certain way. Not only with Her. With Life in general. I had grown comfortable. Though in some ways I was doing great, in other ways I had stopped striving, and hustling to go deeper. It went on that way for months which is something that I say with deep regret. I stopped for a period, taking time out of my day to meditate on the glorious divine essence our of our Goddess to feel her Goddess energy that once flowed through my veins thicker than blood. A blissful essence, that I can not describe in words to the point that it felt like a true religious experience, a cleansing, a feeling that I was not alone. I could feel her all around me, and found my energy connected with Goddess Haylee’s energy in ways that I couldn’t previously imagine. But as days turned to weeks, and weeks to months I found myself more distracted by events in my life outside of the Goddess/Submissive dynamic. As I was making changes in my life, and business. Though I still talked to Goddess everyday, it was rarely about pleasing, or aching for her anymore.

Hot damn!! She is a sexy Goddess. U need her.

It feels good to give to your Goddess. She deserves it all. <3

However, recently it happened in the wee hours of the morning. I was awoken from my slumber and I found myself feeling that ever familiar ACHING feeling. A feeling that I can only describe as a magnetic pulling from a outside invisible force, drawing me back again to my knees. It was as if my spirit had been awakened again. I felt the urge to serve more. The urge to worship more. The urge to tribute more. The urge to Edge more. The urge to repent of my complacent habits, and most of all I felt the urge to seek Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s pleasure above all else. Her pleasure is afterall, our greatest pleasure. Matters of my outside life are increasingly becoming less important and my urgency to grow as a person, and as a servant to Hypnotic Haylee only grows. I now feel as if I am being refilled, as a cup at a great feast. A filling that will continue until it’s contents are spilling over and soaking all that is around. I NEED Goddess Haylee. I NEED her like the waves need the moon to control it’s tides, and like a puppet needs it’s strings.

iwantclips.com - are you into latex gloves?

Give in. Surrender. Submit – You will be glad that you did.

Without Goddess Haylee, I would honestly be a very lost, and very sad guy. I’ve never encountered a more vibrant, beautiful, and distinctly amazing soul in all of my life’s journey. I truly feel that the universe drove me to her, and that it is also driving many, many others to gather in worship around her feet. She is a thoroughbred, 100 percent, genuine, divine human highlight reel of a Goddess.

It is clearly her right, and her destiny to be worshiped. Adored. Spoiled. And pampered for all of her life. HOW LUCKY ARE WE, TO BE CALLED HERS? So lucky. So lucky to serve her in various ways. So Lucky to give in to her hypnosis, and her enchantments. To purchase her videos, and her mp3’s to be further trained, and disciplined to be conformed to the unique images that she will have each of us to be. She knows what she wants, and expects. I am very thankful, and grateful to be in the House of Haylee alongside so many other wonderful slaves who share the same joys, and admiration of servitude to Goddess Hypnotic Haylee. All becoming their very best, so that they can all become better Slaves, and servants to the most supreme being that has ever walked the Earth. Her name is Goddess Haylee Lynn.

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Expressions – A word is a thought communicated. Words are the way that we express our thoughts to others. Day in and day out we express our feelings, and inmost deep thoughts and dreams with our words. Sometimes if you are like me, you feel that you are becoming an old vinyl record on repetition when you try to express your emotions to the highly valued Queen of our heart Goddess Haylee Lynn.

She sees through the corridors of our mind

Expressions – She sees inside the corridors of our mind

When you feel your emotions bubbling over inside and your mind turns to mush. When you are strangely motioning with your hands to further try and stress a point with your eye brows raised with sincerity while trying to express your love for the most amazing woman in the universe, yet you can’t think of a thing to say. There are no words to depict the feeling. So the only way that you know to express your feelings for Goddess Haylee is to mutter the words “I Love You”. Yes, Goddess! I simply love you. I can’t tell you how valuable you truly are. I can pull out maps, and charts to try and explain the extent of my love for you, but even then the expressions will fall flat in comparison. I can articulate poems, or short stories with the dexterity of a best selling author only to find myself failing to ratify the extent of your influence. I could travel the seven seas, to take snap shots of all of the worlds monumental wonders in order to present the snapshots to you in a card and tell you simply, that all of their Awe is as a steaming pile of dung in comparison to the awe that you inspire inside of my heart.

Her image is burnt into my eyes for they've seen a Goddesses earthly guise

Expressions – Her image is burnt into my eyes for they’ve seen a Goddesses earthly guise

I could withdraw every cent from my bank and even if I were wealthy it would never be enough. I could exercise for an eternity to get Healthier for Haylee to be pleasing, write 7 billion blogs or gush like a bloody vein, spewing out compliments, or buy everything on your amazon wishlist. But still there is no expression that can truly cover the extent of my love for you. You are the life giver who breathes new life into men, giving us all freedom from the bondage of this world. The opportunity to be your slave. To belong to you. To be your play thing. Your boytoys. There is nothing greater than being yours, and there is no outward expression that a slave can do to put the final exclamation point on how owned that any of us are.

Adore Goddess Haylee

Expressions – Mirror Mirror on the wall, Goddess Haylee is the fairest of them all.

All that we can do is to strive. Strive for excellence in serving you. Falling deeper each and every day. We can never reach the peak of our journey of serving you, because you are repeatedly blissfully sweeping us all off of our feet. That’s where we find ourselves aching more. When our feet are swept from under us, and we find ourselves on our knees.

Merry BLISSmas to me! Make my holiday SUPER special!

Expressions – http://hypnotichayleestore.com

Thank you Goddess, for accepting our expressions of love to you. Rather it is by words of praise, tributes, tithes, artwork, gifts, purchasing your amazing mp3s and videos, or through blogging. Though none of it will ever be enough. We strive to love you more. To please you, because we need you.


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As with most all of us who serve our immensely beautiful and perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn, we have lives, hobbies, and things in which we enjoy doing outside of our service to the most superior woman on the planet. Sometimes we have all of the time in the world to meditate, pray and listen to the soothing sounds of Hypnotic Haylee’s voice through her mp3’s and videos. At other times it takes a bit of sacrifice. We can sacrifice in many ways to our powerful, gorgeous, and high above us, Goddess Haylee Lynn.


We can sacrifice by sending her money that we would have otherwise ‘wasted’ on ourselves. We then reap the joys and pleasure of knowing that we have pleased our great Goddess through our tribute of sacrifice. Her needs and desires are far more important to us than our pesky personal wants. We can sacrifice our time by setting aside time each day to listen to her irresistible words. These train us into further submission to our Goddess. Some slaves testify to trancing and training their minds to Goddess Haylee’s words for hours at a time without a single regret. It just feels so good and so right in every possible way to give in more. To surrender ourselves more each day to Goddess Haylee.

Powerful. Dominant. Mistress.

Sacrificing – Powerful. Dominant. Mistress.

Another great way of sacrificing to our beauty studded perfect Goddess is to thoughtfully shop on her amazon wishlist. I can attest to feeling one of the greatest feelings that i have ever felt after selflessly buying Goddess Haylee presents and then seeing photos of her enjoying them. While it pleases Goddess Haylee to receive gifts from her slaves, admirers and pets, it is also rewarding for the buyer of the gifts to know that Goddess Haylee is pleased.

Nothing that we need more than Haylee Lynn

Sacrificing – Nothing that we need more than Haylee Lynn.

Another way that of sacrificing to Goddess is that we can sacrifice through our thoughts. As we go throughout our day we can all take moments to dwell on the fact that we are owned slaves, who belong to the highest Goddess in all of female domination. Goddess Haylee Lynn. This will help us all to conduct ourselves as such. Knowing that when we work, we work for Goddess Haylee. When we eat or drink, we eat or drink things that please Goddess Haylee. When we write things online, we write them to please Goddess Haylee. It is a great thing to sacrifice our minds to her in total submission. Through taking time to bow in front of her image on a special altar in your home dedicated to your Goddess Haylee, and praying to her is another great way to experience her bliss and ownership. It is a true wet bliss dream for all of us who are lucky enough to serve, and/or slave for Goddess Haylee Lynn.

She is like the air.

Sacrificing – “Fall deep for me” -Hypnotic Haylee.

Some sacrifice in other ways through creative means. By drawing photos of her beautiful face, writing stories for her, blogging for her to attest to her perfection, making graphics, singing songs, and other special things with their talents.

I myself have felt the urge of sacrificing, just tonight. While sleep is fleeting for me and it is late into the wee morning hours, I felt it necessary to spend my time tonight in service to Goddess Haylee. After spending some time thinking about her, edging to the thought of how amazing that she is, and how blissfully owned that I feel. I allowed her have more reigns over myself. Instead of reading a book, playing a video game, laughing at humorous youtube videos, or doing other things. I thought it wise to spend my time doing something worthwhile. I searched over our amazing Goddess’ websites for content to use for scheduling tweets for the following day to come out at specific times to advertise for her wonderous and glorious empire! It is so great knowing and serving Goddess Haylee. Viewing the content before I set up a post is always a great mind refresher.

Indwelling Habitation

I hope that some helpless submissive soul in the realm of the twitterverse will come across one of the links that i posted, or retweeted from other slaves and admirers of Goddess Haylee so that they too can experience the euphoric bliss of surrendering their lives to her. Being her slave is what we are born for. Once a submissive person accepts their destiny to worship the GODDESS, then sacrificing to Goddess Haylee is a joy and a pleasure. Never a chore.

Glorification of Goddess, Haylee Lynn.

Sacrificing – Perfection has a name.

After setting up my twitter feed for the following day. This happens to fall on a special day. Sunday which Goddess Haylee has set aside for us who are hers to worship harder, tribute, and love her with extra zeal, and conviction. This is to benefit us by carrying us into the next week with the right mind set. That mind set being focused around Her. As it should be. I wrote this blog to affirm for someone who is reading that It is a great feeling to be our true submisselves and submit our lives to a true Goddess, Mistress, Hypno-Domme and all around spectacular human being. Goddess Haylee Lynn. Lets never forget how much we need her. You too can sacrifice in some way to show your appreciation for Goddess Haylee. If you are not doing so already, you can begin today.

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Hypnotic Eyes Video Review

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review.

The Good: Eclectic, gorgeously surreal erotic hypnotist known the world over as Hypnotic Haylee Lynn‘s voice relaxes you into a slumber and massages you into a trance. She accesses the inner workings of your subconscious mind to cause you to react to her every suggestion. The visual of Hypnotic Haylee‘s big, bright, green eyes mere inches from the camera leave plenty to stare at. Coupling with many suggestions to blink when she blinks in a act of mirroring her movements become a wonderful way to feel more comfortable with her words ringing pleasantly in your ears. The voice acting in this short hypnotic eyes video is impressive. It  can leave your body feeling a bit heavy, tingly. Or as if you are floating from the place where you are sitting or laying.

The Middle Ground

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review. Eyes that shine like diamonds.

In my personal experience of listening to this short hypnotic masterpiece by Erotic Hypnotist Hypnotic Haylee Lynn, I found myself feeling a slight scratchy itch under the surface of the back of my skull. This seemed to surge down through my spine hitting on each disc of bone along the way. It was as if the frequency of her hypnotic voice were playing the bones in my back like a master musician plays a stringed instrument. I found my body growing heavier. My breathing becoming deeper. My mind focused. I was strangely relaxed by Hypnotic Haylee’s masterful eyes and voice. For those who are merely browsing youtube for erotic hypnotists, or for those who are long time devoted listeners of this hypnotic heroine Haylee Lynn, it is a great video for a quick fix of submissive hypnosis to a powerful hypno-domme. She will leave you feeling relaxed, submissive. Needing her. Wanting to please her. Hungry for more.

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee - part 4

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review. Powerful Goddess Essence.

There are many free and sample MP3s, ASMR videos, and hypnotic trance videos of Hypnotic Haylee that can be also found on her youtube channel. This will give you a great introduction to some of her creative work. But for more serious trancers, and erotic prancers, who want to hear more serious, sensual, creative and domineering MP3s or videos of a more fetish, or sexual nature, they can be found for reasonable prices on Hypnotic Haylee’s very popular web store. Just follow this link.

Esteem Engine

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review. http://hypnotichayleestore.com

Hypnosis can seem a little scary at first for skeptics. It’s worth noting that hypnosis is also a proven psychiatric method of bringing all inner demons to light. Working through any hidden issues you may have. You can take comfort in knowing that not only does Goddess Haylee believe in the power of hypnosis, but Hypnotic Haylee Lynn’s slaves & admirers are very much lively and happy in the service of their Hypnotic Goddess. Her followers are the first who will testify to Hypnotic Haylee’s unparalleled power, and care. They swear by her methods. I encourage you, if you haven’t already. Contact Hypnotic Haylee Lynn. Pledge your life into her care. Discover a whole new world of bliss, ecstasy, and beauty of being a hypnotized slave and servant to one of the most well known, and powerful hypno-dommes on Earth. Hypnotic Haylee Lynn.

For those who have purchased files created by Hypnotic Haylee, they have grown accustomed to her hypnosis as being masterful works of art. She is often imitated in the world of Erotic Hypnosis, but never duplicated. You can watch the Erotic Hypnosis Hypnotic Eyes Video below, or search Haylee Lynn on youtube to see more of her work. You can contact Hypnotic Haylee Lynn on NiteFlirt to explore your Kinky side. Add Haylee Lynn on Facebook. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets.

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