Dreams of Her Majesty

Dreams of Her Majesty

Dreams of Her Majesty. Laying in bed pondering the beauty and majesty that is my irreplaceable Goddess Haylee Lynn. My eyes are growing weaker and heavier as the moments pass I begin to fade away. I become unaware of the place where i Lay. Yet as I fade to black, I begin imagining running my fingers down her back. Her skin would be warm soft and amorous. I’d picture that … Continue reading

Indwelling Habitation

Indwelling Habitation. Did you know that your mind could be in-dwelt by a awe inspiring, all powerful Goddess? That you can actually become a tabernacle to Goddess Haylee Lynn. A tabernacle is defined as a dwelling place for the divine. In ancient times travelling armies would erect tents where they would place inside their particular Idol, or image of the god or goddess where they would enter into to bow … Continue reading

In my twilight

In my twilight

In my twilight The year is 2055, in my twilight years, much has changed since my younger days. I have long since traded in my mask worn during worship BDSM rituals to Empress Vox Siren for a cane that I use to get around with. I grasp one arm onto the table of the corner booth and plump my ass down hard onto the padded couch. *Ouch*.. Fuck. I bumped … Continue reading

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical

Hypnotic Eyes Video Review

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Transcends. Verb. Meaning to rise above, or to be superior to. Transcedental. Adjective. Meaning based on intuition rather than experience; supernatural or mystical. I sat comfortably and quietly attending to my thoughts of the incomprehensible power of the greatest of the world’s wonders. Her name is Hypnotic Haylee Lynn. The undisputed (in my mind at least) best erotic hypnotist, spiritualist, and divinely dominant woman in … Continue reading

The Central Thing

Married to Goddess Haylee Lynn?

The Central Thing. Feel free to blame the bump on Copernicus. Until Copernicus came along in the 1500s, we earthlings enjoyed centre stage. Fathers could place an arm around their children, point to the night sky, and proclaim, “The universe revolves around us.” Ahhh, the hub of the planetary wheel, the navel of the heavenly body, the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue of the cosmos. A man named Ptolemy’s second century finding … Continue reading

It’s Swim Day!

Haylee's Hobbies 1 - swimming.

It’s Swim Day! It is now morning. I gain consciousness, and before I could wipe the sleepy out of my eyes, my lips became upturned and I had one thing on my mind. SWIMMING! That’s right. Swimming is such a great way to unwind, and you will always seem to feel better afterwards. I sat up in my bed, the springs made a weird sound that I only occasionally hear … Continue reading

Tending Her Garden

tending her garden. Posted on June 16, 2015 by maddox

Tending her garden It was a lovely Summer day with the heat bearing down like molten lava and little waves of heat can be seen moving across the air. Sweat beads poured down my face as I walked across the royal Goddess Garden in Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s back yard. My hands were blackened with dust and remnants of plant guts from pulling weeds away from the luscious green vegetation of … Continue reading

under the willow

Under the willow

Under the Willow After a long walk I sit beneath a willow. It’s leaves shade me like a blanket and it’s trunk is my pillow. I begin to think of Goddess Haylee once again. Like a rushing wind I can feel the energy of Goddess Haylee Lynn. Like wings of a hummingbird. My heart flutters feverishly. My passion burning like fire. I feel heat where my lungs would be. From … Continue reading

Goddess Send Your Energy

Goddess Send Your Energy Goddess Haylee PLEASE take every part of me. Send your energy and make me into the slave that you want me to be. Goddess I’m hungering and thirsting for you. Goddess Haylee I’m LONGING for YOU in desperation and aching need. Because Goddess you are all that i want. Come like the wind and blow away all resistance, because you’re what my life was meant for. … Continue reading

I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel. I have known an Angel. She doesn’t wear any wings. She wears a heart that can melt my own. She wears a smile that can make me sink. She gives me presents with her presence alone. She is everything I could wish for. I give kisses to her lovely feet from my knees, a place where I am at home. I marvel and blush when … Continue reading