Part 1b Meeting the team

Part 1b Meeting the team

You are led through a lounge. A guy is engrossed in a computer.

“That is Razgriz, he does the webpage design and other ICT stuff for Her.” Your host informs you.

An attractive ginger-haired lady is flicking through a fashion magazine.

“That must be the Goddess Haylee, you think to yourself.”

“This is Princess Indigo, she is Her fashion consultation, keeps Her up to date.”

The beautiful lady flashes you a dazzling smile.

“Gosh if that is only an accomplice of the Goddess, I wonder what She is really like.” You think to yourself.

At last you come to the Goddess, She is seated on a throne.

At last you come to Goddess Haylee Lynn, seated on a throne.

At last you come to Goddess Haylee Lynn, seated on a throne.

She is surrounded by slaves.

“That is Claude, the perfect slave, he is the one brushing Her hair. That is Charles, polishing Her boots. Theo is the one filing Her fingernails. Bob is the one feeding Her grapes one by one.”

There was another slave, waving a giant fan, Rodimus doesn’t tell you his name.

Then your eyes focus in on the scene. She is so beautiful, the most beautiful lady you have ever set eyes on. With Her long dark hair, and Her big, bright green eyes, Her perfect white skin and classical features, She reminds you of Cleopatra, or at least of Elizabeth Taylor’s portrayal of her, or maybe Amanda Barrie’s parody in “Carry on Cleo”. She is absolutely stunning and you are lost for words.

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Part 1a, Meeting the Team

Part 1, Meeting the Team

I have been asked by Inraptured to write a story about Goddess Haylee Lynn, as a chapter in a story which will feature all the main hypnotists on Inraptured.

The story so far: You have a job interview in the Inraptured offices. The interview is on the top floor, and you must go up through the building, meeting a different hypnotist on each floor. You have just reached the second floor and knocked at a door marked Goddess Haylee.

The door opens. You are met by a smiling man dressed in keep-fit gear.

“Welcome to the second floor, home of Goddess Haylee and Her team. I am Rodimus, Servant of Haylee, let me introduce you to the others”

As you go in, a man is leaving, with a lead and a dog in his hand.

“This is blissdesires, he’s a great animal lover, so he looks after all the pets.”

“Hello, pleased to meet you.” The dog handler says as he passes, smiling. They all seem very nice here, you think to yourself.

“That is the kitchen, the chef, Bryan Neufeld is working there.”

You glance into the kitchen, and Bryan gives you the same blissful smile as the others.

Bryan Neufeld, one of Haylee's slaves - Her Chef

Bryan Neufeld, one of Haylee’s slaves – Her Chef

Part 1, Meeting the Team

Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Part 6 After the meeting

Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Part 6 After the meeting.

Please read Bob the Village Hall Caretaker/ Cleaner, Parts 1 to 5 before reading this.

I think she must have picked up on the fact that I was a bit nervous and said.

“No need to looked so worried Bob, I am not going to eat you! Really Bob, you will need to learn to relax in my presence if you want to join us. Many of my slaves have busy lives and they love to relax with me. That sounds rather nice doesn’t it? Just letting go of your everyday cares and worries for a little while and relaxing completely.”

“I guess so” I replied, smiling, but still averting my eyes.

“And the other thing you must learn to do Bob is to look into my eyes when I am talking to you. Do you like my eyes Bob? Do you like looking into them? Do you think they are pretty?”

After the meeting.

Bob the Village Hall Cleaner, Part 6 – After the meeting.

I looked into her eyes again, and I could almost feel myself losing myself in those two massive big pools of green.

“Yes I do Ma’am.”

“Thats better Bob. Now whenever you get the chance I want you to look into my eyes, and when I am talking to you I expect you to just look into my eyes, let your mind go blank, and just concentrate on whenever I am saying to you.”

“Mmm it is a little noisy in here, let us find somewhere a bit quieter”, she said, looking around her. I followed her gaze.

All around us her slaves were putting away everything. She was no longer wearing the crown, Claude was polishing that, while Songbird and Bryan between them were moving the throne. Others were rolling up the carpet.

“Isn’t there a room with some comfy chairs next door Bob?”

“Yes there is, it is the room used by the Day Centre for the Elderly.”

“Good, let us go there” she said.

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