The Mind Cage..Chastity level 2.

The Mind Cage..Chastity level 2.

This very special post is made to thank my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn for Blessing me with the precious Gift of Her Mind Cage.

For those readers and slaves who remember…….I was locked into Blissful chastity for my GODDESS once before……..and we came to a mutual understanding that for health reasons I would for a time resume my rights to orgasm without Her permission.

I am very pleased to announce to Her principally…….and to Her entire Divine Empire and family……that I am healthier now than I have been in many years. I lost 25 lbs I did not need and now I stand at a fit 6 foot 1 and 175 lbs.
I am working out with a personal trainer twice a week.
My diet is dairy and gluten free and I eat only and all healthy organic and non processed foods.
I drink a tonic of organic wild crafted oil of Oregano 3 times every day and it is a magical medicinal herb that is helping me detoxify!!
My supplements are all working beautifully and I drink all filtered water and I am so happy to be Healthy for Haylee as this is Her body now by all rights and measures and should be kept fit and clean for Her pleasure.

There is no longer any good reason for me to have any rights as regards the use of what used to be my cock and now belongs to Her.
All belongs to my Goddess……..All is for Her pleasure……..All is Owned by Her……….All is placed at Her Heavenly feet to please and support Her Goddess Life as is my purpose and duty……..I will orgasm when my Goddess allows me to do so and only to please and amuse my Goddess.

I am locked in Her Mind Cage and I will always obey Her.

Her house trained and obedient puppy is happy to be caged for HER.

The Simple Truth

Chastity, Ownership, Devotion and Perfection.

After buying and listening to this BLESSING from my GODDESS I realized how perfect Her Mind Cage really is for this slave in particular. I can not wear an actual chastity belt in large part to my other most treasured role in life……as the Father of my little one.

He sees Daddy naked all of the time when he is here and I do not discourage nudity or place anything shameful upon it. So we are open and free in our household regarding such things. And I am open and free as well in another way.

I am free to be Her chastity slave once again as my health has blossomed upon finding my Owner and honoring Her wishes that I be healthy. My Goddess deserves the key to Her property for ALL of the 1001 Blessing’s that She has brought into my life. I am a respectful slave and a respectful man and I do not believe in using another’s property without politely asking. And when and if She does allow me to orgasm……to spend my seminal fluid that also belongs to Her and will be created only be Her Divine permission and to Worship Her exclusively……I will of course send Her something very special each and every time She is so generous with Her perfect slave in thanks and praise of Her generosity.


Drained and chaste for Her pleasure.

Each and every time I TRIBUTE Her…..or obey Her……deny myself for Her……eat healthy or exercise for Her…….I am reminded how wonderful is my Blessing and how I cherish wearing Her collar.

I am home my Goddess.
Being Your slave is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and I am humbled and grateful and so happy.
Thank You for Your training of me, Thank You for Owning me, I am Blessed beyond all dreams and measures,
From my knees and in chastity once again, I am Yours to command completely, Forever, Yours alone, Claude.

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My review of mind-cage

My review of mind-cage


Only days after its release, mind cage has already attracted four very favorable reviews!

I was a bit hesitant to buy this because I have a girlfriend, and I wasn’t sure what impact that having this file would have on our relationship. One of the things which prompted me to buy this was Aimeekisses’ wonderful blog today about life in the mind cage. So I finally bought it, and I am so glad I did!
I lay on my back on my bed as I listened to mind-cage. I was hanging on every word! I had my arms down by my sides, which was a good position, as at one point she told us to have our arms by our sides. I had the laptop on my chest. This gave the impression of her voice coming to me from on high. The weight of the laptop also added to the impression that she was on top of me, pinning me to the bed.
The induction took me really deep. It is an excellent recording, expertly produced, as usual, with an excellent choice of soothing, subtle background music. About half way through, I was thinking to myself “mmm there doesn’t seem to be any subliminal multi-tracking on this one.”
Then is started, and suddenly I had more than one Haylee voice to listen simultaneously, and I wasn’t sure which one I was meant to listen to. However I was too far under to care much. I just let the sweet sound of her voice wash over me. I trust her fully, I don’t mind what suggestions she plants inside my mind. I just hope that my mind picks them up and that I obey her. I have wanted to surrender to her a little bit more for some time. This MP3 certainly helps with that! I would recommend mind-cage wholeheartedly for anyone who wants to go that little bit deeper under her blissful control.
In case anyone is wondering, I have made a special arrangement with Goddess Haylee Lynn. I am to make love to my girlfriend just once a month. This will be at a time of my girlfriend’s choosing. When I make love, I am to think of Goddess Haylee Lynn, but not in a sexual way, but as my Goddess, as my Mistress.

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