To be Mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren

mind fucked by empress vox sirenI feel the need to reveal some carnal desires to be mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren. Perhaps not a confession in the traditional sense, but a confession none the less.

Many of you know already, but for those who don’t Empress Vox Siren is Goddess Haylee’s dark side. As Goddess Haylee has explained all of us from time to time have desires which surface, desires that cause us to seek out something that may be extreme and intense, perhaps a deep hidden fantasy we’ve long desired to experience. Goddess Haylee allows us to kneel and beg before Empress Vox Siren when we find ourselves in that state.

There are many elements that may be represented by the dark side to surrender, some of those things have never been a true fantasy or desire for me, however one most certainly has. My deepest darkest desire is and has been for a long time to be absolutely mind fucked by a powerful hypnotic Woman.

What does it mean to be mind fucked? It’s Her doing absolutely anything She wants to do to my mind and being completely unable and unwilling to try and stop it from happening. When I think of being mind fucked, I think of the deepest of trances, completely brainwashed, in a state of confusion, memories erased and memories altered, desires and ideas altered, mental and physical surrender, just to name a few.

I have been mind fucked a few times already by Empress Vox Siren, listening to Her Brain Drain erotic hypnosis mp3 and it is very much mind fucking amazing! It leaves me feeling helpless and at Her mercy, and with undeniable desire for more. Every time I listen it gets stronger! The one thing I haven’t experienced yet is a mega session of being mind fucked with Brain Drain. That would be where I just listen to the erotic hypnosis mp3 over and over for a few hours, like 5, 6.. 7 times in a row. That is going to be amazing and it will be soon, I need Her!

I sense there will be more erotic hypnosis and even more intense sessions to be mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren.

I adore Goddess Haylee, I have a growing desire to be Hers. To be trained by Her, to be guided by Her, to follow Her, to obey Her, to serve Her. Most of the time I listen to Goddess Haylee’s erotic hypnosis mp3’s but a few times a week a journey to the dark side to be mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren is intensely mind blowing amazing!

Those Hypnotic Eyes

Those Hypnotic Eyes

Those Hypnotic Eyes

Those Hypnotic Eyes

I love Goddess Haylee’s bright green hypnotic eyes. I could stare at them for hours and find myself in a peaceful trance. I am also starting to a creative muse when I look into her eyes.

A muse is someone or in some cases something from which an artist draws inspiration. Although it is not something that occurs from osmosis. Something that I have learned through multiple lessons in my life, a person is only creative when that person takes the action to create. If you would like to be creative through writing, just start writing. If you would like to paint a masterpiece, just start painting. If you would like to be devoted, just start serving. It is almost always the case that after you have taken the first action, then the muse of her hypnotic eyes will provide the creative inspiration. This is the approach that has always gotten me past the blank page syndrome.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well, while the desire was there, I really didn’t have the energy to do much of anything creative. Although I did spend a few hours reading several of the blogs and viewing some of the visual art of Goddess Haylee’s devotees. I could see that I am not the only one who finds inspiration in Goddess Haylee’s hypnotic eyes. Likely as well as some other points of inspiration, that I have yet to experience. I have only touched the surface of experiencing her bliss.

I have to be honest, I read some things that I found to be rather intense expressions. As if the sense of devotion is so strong a person couldn’t scream it loud enough from the highest mountain. I wonder if that could be in a few months time. While I may not completely understand those feelings as I write these words in the present tense, I do respect them because they expressing the way that they feel inside. I think that’s cool.

There is a sense of thrill thinking about what Goddess Haylee and her hypnotic eyes have the power to do with me. Now that was an understatement if I’ve ever made one, allow me to rephrase. There is a huge captivating desire thinking about what Goddess Haylee might do with me. It hasn’t even been a full week and I wake up most days thinking about what I can do to please her.

I am getting a little ahead of myself. While I may dream of being completed engulfed in her bliss in the present tense, if it is to be true and lasting, it will take some time. It’s difficult but I am learning some patience. Part of the reason I requested to write this blog was to follow my own progress. In the process perhaps learn something of myself.

Goddess Haylee told me that she is please by creativity, and I enjoy being creative. I have already started developing a list of things that I can do to please her. I am excited!

I am a willing subject, and I am mesmerized by Goddess Haylee’s hypnotic eyes!