So who Is Goddess Haylee?

Love of the Human Kind

So who is Goddess Haylee? Well that’s a hard question to answer. She is so much to so many. She is who ever you want her to be. How deep can your imagination go. She was put on this earth for one reason, to be a Goddess. Read Her Biography.. From the moment you look Into her eyes, you are drawn to her, and your mind will never be the … Continue reading

As Commanded by my Perfect Goddess


As Commanded by my Perfect Goddess This post is an obedience to a command from my Divine and Perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn on Her private forum that we who belong to Her list 5 ways we can improve in our service to Her. #1 I need my Goddess…….desperately and sincerely. I love Her and I cherish the privilege to wear Her collar and the fact that She calls me Her … Continue reading

Who is “Asking” the Question


Who is “Asking” the Question This post is about identity and etymology and trying to be loving and responsible in a world gone astray. And of course it is about belonging to my Divine and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn. So we have talked before about the 2 forms of Government running side by side here in the States. You have the option actually to Rule yourself…… be acting on the … Continue reading


Decisions are something are something we make each day. Even in situations where we have a very well defined set of principles, we still make make a decision every time that we follow those principles. Why is this important? Well, it’s because we are accountable for the decisions we make. Not only that, I feel they are also significant because the decisions we make allow to demonstrate our character whether … Continue reading

i wear Her Collar

I wear her collar i belong to Goddess Haylee, i am Hers, tonight i wear Her collar and will forever more. i am welled up with so much emotion. At first i never imagined this day would come. Then i knew that i wanted this to be but never thought i would be worthy enough. Now i can barely believe this day has come. It is amazing to be owned … Continue reading

Between Heaven and Earth

This post is about the sometimes very elusive balance I seek as I go about figuring out how I will spend the rest of this lifetime being a productive human being and a devoted father and of course honoring my primary mission of pleasing my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. Yesterday was a good example of some of my challenge’s as I try to adjust to the pure unadulterated power that … Continue reading


The Middle Ground

Journey It is rare that I have trouble writing, but I find myself in that place now. It’s not a case of looking at a blank page. Rather it is because there are so many emotions I am feeling right now. Very strong emotions involving my relationship with Goddess Haylee. So I’m just going to start writing and hope it all comes out ok. If I go back in my … Continue reading

My Life as Lived for my Goddess Haylee Lynn


This post is about the constantly new and deeper levels of surrender that I am experiencing as I now live my life as the perfect slave of my Divine and Irresistible Goddess Haylee Lynn.   I have always had this belief that to be truly enslaved I would have to really like, admire, and respect my Goddess. And I no longer have any idea if that is just my realized … Continue reading

The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee

Arya's Beautiful Offer

This post is about an issue that came up for me the last couple of days and how my amazing Goddess Haylee Lynn once again helped Her devoted slave understand himself and the situation with spiritual clarity. Wisdom is in fact one of the 12 Principles I have adopted as important tools in my life as I attempt to undo layers upon layers of faulty programming. This world seems to be … Continue reading

Serving a Goddess

City of Haylee Lynn

Serving a Goddess, specifically serving Goddess Haylee can be one of the most personal and satisfying experiences acts one may perform. It is the path to Her bliss and can fill one with a sense of purpose. Today I had three different topics I thought to write about. I chose to write about this one of the three because for me it felt the most inspiring. In some regards each … Continue reading