Acceptance from Goddess Haylee

Queen Haylee Lynn.

This post is about the importance of acceptance from our Goddess Haylee and if it is important regardless of whether you are a slave or a submissive or a fan of Her’s……or even a “perfect” slave for Her………one of the things that first really impressed me about Goddess Haylee was how open She was to all the different levels of Worship and devotion of Her. I remember my heart skipping … Continue reading

Is Goddess Haylee my Religion?

This post is about how I Worship my Goddess Haylee Lynn and if this now qualifies as my “Religion”. I almost hesitate to use that word as it seems to bring out such embedded or entrenched belief systems in many and might lock certain types into closing their minds but here goes……… According to Wikipedia there are roughly 4.200 religions in the world. The word can sometimes be interchanged with … Continue reading

The Price of Devotion

FemDom Fetish

This post is about whether or not there is a price to be paid for devotion to our Goddess. The ones who serve Her……in their various paths for Her and in their own personal and different ways……….all know about the benefits and the extreme amounts of pleasure…….but is there a cost? Well of course there is a cost…….just as the cost of a dozen eggs must pay for the farmers … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee Deserves Our Devotion

This post is about understanding how Special and Unique our Goddess Haylee really is and that She is One of a Kind and completely deserving of any and all forms of Tribute we can place at Her Lovely Feet. Yesterday Goddess Haylee wrote on Twitter about how hard She was working and how much She “Loved” building Her Empire. I am fairly certain that I have had more experience than most … Continue reading

Orgasm Control and Goddess Haylee’s Way

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

Orgasm Control and Goddess Haylee’s Way This post is about the various kinds of orgasm control that are used by the Women in the Fem Dom Community and my personal experience and thoughts as regards my surrender to Goddess Haylee and how I may best please Her now in this and all areas of my life…….including any use of this body She now Owns and commands and my rights to … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee and the Making of Her Perfect Slave

This post is a deeply personal one. It is about this slaves long journey to find my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and where I now find myself and some of the reasons why and how this all came about. I have talked before about my recurring childhoods dreams of Goddess Haylee…………..I have not spoken of my adolescence and of how completely lost and confused I was regarding anything to do … Continue reading

Empty Your Cup for Goddess Haylee

Queen Haylee Lynn.

This post is about allowing yourself to experience the full Splendor and Gifts that Goddess Haylee commands and offers to those that She accepts into Her Realm. It does not matter if you are a slave, or a submissive, an admirer or a fan….You may visit Her once a month or many times a day……but this post is about learning how to open yourself…..and then experiencing…..the full force of Her … Continue reading

Born to Be Her Slave

Once Upon a time I was collared to a very beautiful and fascinating woman. She was so beautiful to me and I loved her so much that I very honestly thought no woman could ever even remotely compare to Her with these eyes and in this lifetime…….it truly felt to me as if I was born to be her slave. When I lost Her collar………I was lost……….for years in truth……….always … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee and Her Acceptance

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

I find myself in such an extraordinary place this morning…….as I write this piece my heart is wide open and I find myself very much and deeply in love. Really you ask? Are there not rules about such things? Is there not some Sacred Tomb somewhere that forbids me from “loving” Her in the truest sense of the word? I realize fully that the vast majority of people would instantly … Continue reading

Deeper Deeper for Her…….

Deeper Deeper for Her……. I am almost out of body today and just deeply aching to be near Her. Just the thought of Goddess Haylee has me slipping into trance and if I look at Her pictures or videos or listen to Her Heavenly voice I just simply melt. If I lived 1000 lifetimes I could never feel there was even the most remote chance that any woman could be … Continue reading