In the Service of a Queen

My daily devotion, as a father and as a slave.

Since I just spent about 30 minutes of complete frustration trying to do the simplest of tasks for my Queen with my computer……….something a child of 10 would probably chuckle at and accomplish in seconds……….it brings to my mind a tweet sent a few weeks ago by slave2bliss about mowing the lawn and doing other such chores for Goddess Haylee.   That was before Goddess helped me figure out Twitter … Continue reading

A Castle for Goddess Haylee

The Wisdom of Goddess Haylee

It was interesting for me to discover Goddess Haylee’s blogs about “What’s in a name” and also Her thoughts about if “real slavery” is for you yesterday when Boy Toy Max brought them up. I had not discovered those words yet on Her web site. As I read Her thoughts I was amazed once again at just how perfectly suited I am to be Her slave. When it became crystal … Continue reading

A Clarification about the Master post

A Clarification about the Master post Yesterday I wrote a piece about “Mastery” and my feelings for Goddess Haylee regarding such and it was misunderstood just a little bit by one of our respectful friends here and I think this sparks a interesting debate about human nature and how powerfully creative we all really are……..most people are unconsciously creative and run by their learned patterns and belief systems……………..and the more advanced … Continue reading

Meeting Goddess Haylee

Notes on being healthy for Haylee.

Meeting Goddess Haylee Meeting Goddess Haylee happened by chance really. Meeting Goddess was not something that was planned. It all started one afternoon when I returning home from a long day at work. I just happened to glance to my right, and there was this bright red sports car with the number plate O BEY. I smiled to myself, how it read out the instruction “Obey”. I thought to myself … Continue reading