An experience i had with Goddess Haylee

An experience i had with Goddess Haylee I wrote this blog to share an experience i had recently with Goddess. As many of you know i have strange submissive desires. A recent experience that i had with Goddess sent me into bliss paradise. I love being loyal to Goddess Haylee. She has been so accepting of me. As all of us do i truly love her, and i crave her … Continue reading

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee This blog is not very long. I wrote it off the cuff just now for my Sweet Goddess Haylee. She gave me a deadline of this Friday to have a blog published. Friday is here, and i don’t want too disappoint her. I love to obey my Goddess! This blog is written based on my own views, and experiences with my beloved Goddess Haylee. I … Continue reading

Pendant Enslavement VIDEO

As commanded I profess

Pendant Enslavement VIDEO by Hypnotic Haylee This post is obviously about her Pendant Enslavement VIDEO. First let’s start with what she says about it herself,- “This video has been HIGHLY requested for about a year now! I am so excited to finally have it available here. You will feel as if you are right there with me, and I am speaking directly to you. This video includes: A deep pendant induction. Crisp … Continue reading