The Women of the City

The Women of the City Pardon me for writing a second story today – but I may not be able to write the next couple of days…. Please read The Pied PiperĀ and Peter’s Story first. Peter continues his narrative…… And so a little community grew up around the piper. She cleverly found out all their strengths and weaknesses and duly employed them accordingly. Then after a while a young female … Continue reading

The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper Let me first introduce you to the ancient city. There were two things about this ancient city. Firstly the women ruled the men with their enchantment. Secondly it was overrun with rats. The men were enchanted by their women and did all the work. They were made to work hard. As they worked hard they died earlier. When a woman lost her husband, she became an elder. … Continue reading