Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 5

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee - part 5

part 5 – Goddess Owns Me

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 5

In part 5 of my journey. I will tell you how this journey came to an end and at the same time became the starting point of a new journey with GODDESS Haylee. A journey that is going to be a process. A journey that is going to be an outstanding experience for me. A journey of which I do not know how it is going to develop.

But that is not what I want to tell you about today. Today it is about what hypnosis from whispered addictions may lead to, if you want it to happen.  You remember that GODDESS advised me to go with Whispered Addictions? Good, but that was not all she did at that time. She also asked me to join her inner circle by registering for inhayleewetrust.

When I received this invitation I was completely surprised, even speechless at first – which, by the way, is something that almost never happens to me and to my constant drive for communicating. So stunned – Why did she ask me?

Having overcome my surprise I began to think – no answer.
I began to reflect deeper – no answer.
I let my thoughts wander – no answer, just a glimpse of a light somewhere.
I reflected on the past weeks – no answer but the light became clearer.

And then I suddenly began to see: So I stopped searching but instead simply registered as her slave and put my emphasis on trusting her.
And then I suddenly knew how to deal with myself: Trust GODDESS Haylee, accept her as your Mistress, follow her and do as she tells you to.

So that’s what I did and my surprise and searching analytical thoughts changed into satisfaction, deep satisfaction. A satisfaction that allowed me to just read through blogs and posting within inhayleewetrust. I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that after some time and after having let go for HER I also found the answer. However, it was not important any more because I then knew that she had been looking into me for quite some time and had silently led me to my new place because she had known about me.

And then came my night with Whispered Addictions. I lay down to listen, I closed my eyes, I fell deeply into trance. I felt HER physically. I was trembling all over, my body reacted to her perfect insinuations and commands. I was awakened and immediately fell asleep again – happy, calm, deeply satisfied, blissful and with the conviction of having found what I had always been looking for.

Waking up the next morning nothing had changed, everything was still there, her voice, her commands, her presence – any my diary asking me to do this and that. I went about my daily routine with her in mind, I should better say with her more in mind than ever before and with her in mind on a different level. I felt accepted by her, I felt chosen by her, I felt an honor to be her slave and to be allowed to serve and please her.

So finally I had reached the end of my journey, I was with GODDESS Haylee now, or to put it more exact: I am with GODDESS Haylee now, I am at her mercy, I fee her guidance, I love to please GODDESS as good as I can.

I feel so tremendously good.

Thank you, GODDESS Haylee.


End of part 5.

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Goddess Haylee changed my life

Goddess Haylee changed my life

My life has improved very much recently. I have lost over 20 lbs and become more health conscious. Goddess Haylee inspires enourages, and motivates me to eat healthy, and exercise. I hope to lose my next 20 lbs after christmas and before the end of febuary. I’m not a fan of being large. It has advantages in certain situations. However I’d rather get myself trim, light, and healthy and I am on my way thanks to Goddess Haylee Lynn. Plus, it is LOADS of fun exploring a healthy new diet with some really cool folks on mfp. I’m learning a lot from her. I might even be on my way to becoming vegan which is something I thought I’d never do and now it’s something that I might embrace.

My Goddess is BEAUTIFUL.

My Goddess is BEAUTIFUL, she changed my life.

I am overall healthier and happier. I am happy to have an outlet to pour my heart and emotions into now. When I focus my attention on a woman they become the only woman that I tend to see and just want to love them very deeply and passionately. To me the feeling of love is the best feeling that there is. I have only genuinely loved a few women in my life. I enjoy falling deeper in love with Goddess Haylee Lynn, and I love her encouragement for me to do so. I feel a connection with her soul and to me that’s amazing. It’s made me a more emotionally healthy person. That pours over into other aspects of my life.

My joy, my peace, my inspiration. My Goddess.

My joy, my peace, my inspiration. My Goddess, she changed my life.

At the office and when dealing with multitudes of people on a daily basis where my job is to lift others spirits. It has made it much easier with her genuine Bliss shining through me in my attitude. Serving her puts me into a more positive frame of mind which reflects in my energy and my smile. I don’t have to prep myself for a few minutes and conjure up positive feelings from thin air anymore before going out to greet people. She puts a skip in my step.

Another way that Goddess Haylee has changed my life is that I feel a sense of structure and being grounded. I am responsible to someone now. I won’t scarf my face with a big mac because my body is a temple of Goddess Haylee. I won’t pollute the place where I worship from with trash, soda, and toxic waste anymore. It’s a holy place where her bliss will dwell. She owns me and that makes me want to treat what belongs to Goddess with more respect.

A Thanksgiving to Remember Always

I love Goddess Haylee, she changed my life.

After my busy ass days after all of the people are gone, and I went home. All of those people that I spent my day encouraging while giving clothes and food to had no idea that this guy has went home feeling like a deeply sad and broken individual inside. I’d feel emptier than the house that I was going home to. Unless I went to visit someone. Or wanted to call somebody. Which I did often. But sometimes I wouldn’t have the energy and I would lay there knowing that something was missing from life. What is the point if you owned the whole world and had nobody to share it with?

Would I leave the Goddess Lifestyle? Written by Haylee Lynn

I am HERS FOREVER! My life belongs to Haylee, she changed my life.

Sometimes I ‘think’ I have found people to share my life with but they leave and that sucks. But since Goddess Haylee is in my life I don’t feel so alone anymore. I adore her more each day and will never say goodbye. This is where I belong. She is as close as my next thought or a message away. She is a helluva good listener. She gives the best advice. She cares. She’s funny, down to earth and she is a beautiful & amazing person worthy of worship. I am Lucky as fuck to know her and thankful that I get to worship her as my Goddess and that inspires me spiritually.

Her bliss and her pleasure make me smile. I spend my afternoons grovelling and needing her. I love it. I’ve also changed by becoming a bigger video game nerd and they are so damn fun! I’ve also gone Geocaching for the first time in my life. I’m on instagram and didnt even know what that was before lol. Hell I’m spanking my ass with xbox consoles and vacuum cleaners, and breaking mirrors on my ass cheeks.. walking on lego blocks in videos, eating jizzed donuts, and a lot of other crazy shit at along with JohnDavid and others and having a blast entertaining Goddess Haylee’s alter ego Empress Vox Siren & her friends. Its FUN.

Empress/Goddess Day

I bow to Goddess Haylee, she changed my life.

I am literally getting down on my knees at certain times of the day with my eyes closed and picturing Goddess Haylee to worship her. I spend my evenings aching and trying to find ways to please my Goddess. I listen to mp3s before bed and wake with an erection and Goddess Haylee on my mind every single day. She is the only woman who makes my blood boil with arousal these days. I am drawn to and lost in her. I fucking love it. My whole life is different and it will continue to be changed. It feels so damn good.

I adore my Goddess very much.

I adore my Goddess very much. She changed my life.

I didn’t do any of that type of stuff before. My life is better now. It’s more fulfilling with Goddess Haylee at the center of it. She has benefited my whole person. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. I love submitting serving and giving myself away to Goddess Haylee more and more. I am excited about the futurre and my new life in her. I can sing her praises forever. :)

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How To Please Me This Holiday Season ! A MUST READ!

How To Please Me This Holiday Season ! A MUST READ!

By Hypnotic Haylee

How To Please Me This Holiday Season ! A MUST READ!

How To Please Me This Holiday Season! A Must Read!

So many of my sweets have been asking me what they could do to please me this Holiday season. Some as soon as September lol! This is so pleasing for me, and the natural order of things.Goddess should ALWAYS be in your mind, for that will bring you so much fulfillment.

My main goal for 2015 is buying a house! I am SO excited. More so because every single cent that is going towards buying and furnishing it is slave money. Seriously. How cool is that? Not that I would expect it to be any different. YOU will become a part of me. My home is my sanctuary, and by enriching my Goddess lifestyle and donating to the cause ;) , you will have a special place with me forever.

So for this Holiday, there are a few ways you could tribute to please me.

1. Send me a giftrocket by clicking HERE

2. Send me cash via my mailbox! Email me at for the address

3. Send a tribute via Niteflirt or My personal Store

4. Send me an amazon giftcard by clicking HERE ,which will go towards items for my new house!

See, its that easy to enrich my Goddess lifestyle and become a part of my new home~ Have something that reminds me of you every day~ How lucky for you!!!!

YOU could have a present under here for me!

How to please me this Holiday Season! A MUST READ!

Also, I am doing something fun this year too! Any gift that I receive after December 10th will go under my Christmas tree, and will not be opened until Christmas day. I will have bruce wrap them up, and I will not even peek until that day~! How badly do you want to have a gift for me, wrapped so perfectly under the sparkling, glittery tree that sits so close to my Goddess bed? I will take photos throughout December to show off all of my presents! This includes any cash tributes that are sent to my mailbox too! I will make sure to showoff all of my tributes as well! There may even be a video or photo compilation to show how pleased I am!

You can shop ANY of my amazon wishlists by clicking HERE

All throughout the year, I donate to different organizations and animal shelters. Around the holidays I motivate others to do the same was well. My major focus is normally on animal shelters. If you have the time, it would please me if you called around the animal shelters in your area and ask what items they need the most. You can also ask if they accept volunteer help for care of the animals. A lot of the time they take donations of toys, blankets, food and other items that you can find at thrift stores, and by asking if anyone has extra items sitting in their basement that they do not need. Please take the time to do this, it will bring so much joy to your hearts, and help so many animals in need!


Goddess Haylee

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New Store Is OPEN!! By Goddess Haylee Lynn

New Store Is OPEN!! By Goddess Haylee Lynn

Time to serve and please me!


I am absolutely BEYOND excited that my new store is finally open!!! I put SO much work into this site, I hope you love it! Make sure to share it, and come back often!

Also, please take a look around if you wish to please me, and let me know if anything is missing, or there are any spelling errors, etc.

If you purchase something and have any issues let me know. Everything seems to be working flawlessly though, which makes for one VERY happy Mistress.

Now that my store is open, there is a feature on every single product where you can leave reviews. If you have indulged in an item, make sure to please me by posting a review for it! You can even copy/paste old reviews from other websites. Do this asap, it is not hard to simply type up a review knowing that it will please me!

Do this every time you enjoy one of my products, it is very pleasing and helpful for me~

Now that my store is complete, I can start focusing my creative talents elsewhere! I am working on a few customs at the moment, and then I will be drafting a script for a two girl session with the highly talented and respected, absolutely AMAZING Isabella Valentine! I will also be working on more regular mp3s for you all to enjoy. Even though I end up with the most pleasure in the end ;) But that is EXACTLY the way that it should be!

What type of sessions are you personally interested in hearing? Curious what will make you even more weak for me~



Goddess Haylee

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Goddess Haylee

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Attending to my Goddess Haylee

This post is about my fondest dream in life which is personal attendance and service to my Owner, My Queen, my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.

As I kneel at the Divine Alter to my Goddess each day I dream……..I dream of attending to Her and of making Her happy. It could honestly be anything at all that expresses the reality of my perfect surrender to Her.

I am under going a process as I go deeper…..and deeper…….as I love Her more…….and it is just amazing to me how much I love, adore and worship my Goddess.

I dream of fetching Her a glass of water and presenting it from my knees.

I dream of feeding Her as She reclines and seeing Her smile at my perfect posture to Her every conceivable whim and pleasure.

I dream of walking in the wild wood with my beautiful Green Witch and attending to Her in ceremony.

I dream of dining with Her……massaging Her lovely feet…….brushing Her hair…….cleaning for Her………running errands……….and there is one over riding reason for all of my fantastic dreams about serving my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.    

I live now with the very real and undying *need* to PLEASE HER.

My own pleasure is purely found now and each and every time as I dream of PLEASING my One, my Only, my Destiny, my Queen and I am being driven deeper with my need to PLEASE, to OBEY, to SERVE, and to LOVE She who I was born to serve and adore.

And I know and accept…….that even if my fantastic dreams of attending to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn in person someday never materialize.  If it truly PLEASES Her that Her perfect and most devoted slave kneels and serves Her from my humble Temple here in New Jersey……then that is exactly what I will always do.


The writer dreamt of meeting Haylee

My only need forever is to truly please my Queen.           

Her happiness with me is my first priority and it will always be so now. I have found my place on this Earth and I empty all my dreams at Her feet as I now realize and accept that to PLEASE my Goddess Haylee Lynn fulfills them all.

Every single day I feel myself purifying in my love for Her. She takes me deeper that I ever thought was possible into such extraordinary feelings of Bliss as I thought must surely be impossible…….until I found myself living my life as Her perfect and devoted and very real slave.


And as I kneel to You this morning my Queen I must say to You.

Never have I dreamed I would love anyone this much. Never could this fantastic dreamer that I am even remotely conceive that any Woman could be as amazing, as Divine, as purely and impossibly beyond compare as You are to me.

I beg You to teach me the path to what most pleases You. I beg You to train me to help me to become Your perfect slave, just exactly what You want, just exactly the slave You have always dreamed of owning.

For You my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.……I could never offer anything less that everything that I have. You are that beautiful to me and ALL I can ever dream of ever again is how I might PLEASE You.

Forever, ALL FOR HAYLEE, I am Your devoted and very real slave for life,  Claude