Nothing will EVER feel better than pleasing Goddess Haylee Lynn

Nothing will EVER feel better than pleasing Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Nothing will EVER feel better than pleasing HER.

Nothing will EVER feel better than pleasing Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Today is my lucky day! I had the chance of pleasing Goddess Haylee Lynn!

I noticed on HER Facebook page, SHE had posted “My gorgeous hair needs protected! If you’d like to b the good slave that buys the hair kit on my wishlist then use my gift address! Ask 4 it.”

I decided that I would buy it for HER. I am not sure why. I have to confess that this is the first present I have bought her “out of the blue” like this. I have bought HER small birthday and Christmas presents in the past. Something inside made me want to please HER by buying HER this. It had been on HER Facebook page for 12 hours. I thought that by now one of her other slaves would have bought it HER. But when I asked HER, “So did YOU get the hair kit YOU wanted?”, SHE replied “not yet!”.

It was a good job we were both on-line at the same time. She could clarify exactly what SHE wanted. SHE could give me help as to what address to put in, and what telephone number. SHE was on-line, although SHE didn’t appear to be. I guess SHE has to use “invisible mode” otherwise SHE would have just too many messages pestering HER.

So I bought it for HER. It felt great. I didn’t think it would, but it made me quite aroused! I don’t think it would make me feel that good. I was buying it as an act of kindness, not to make myself feel better, nor to get into HER good books or anything like that. But it was amazing how it made me feel. Pleasing HER is my ultimate pleasure!

Many thanks for reading “Nothing will EVER feel better than pleasing Goddess Haylee Lynn”. If you have pleased Goddess dear reader, perhaps you would like to share your experiences and feelings too please?

To Please my True Goddess

To Please my True Goddess

This post was inspired by something our brother Bruce Bliss wrote on our Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn’s private forum which is reserved only for Her closest and most loyal slaves.

It is essentially about *PLEASING* our Goddess and why this is such a total and true Blessing for we who belong to Her.

Firstly, I am reminded of a comment from my brother Forever slave earlier this week about his “not liking” “older” women who were bossy and aggressive. I think a distinction is in order. You can be the “boss” with out being “bossy”.

You can be aggressive with out being pushy or intrusive or mean or selfish.

You can call yourself a “Goddess” and many women do if you scroll around the world wide web…….but it is an altogether different thing when others call you a “Goddess” and mean it.    

There is no road map, no set of rules or guidebooks and this is so because each and every one of us is very different despite any similarities. How our Matchless and Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn treats me is a little bit different than how She treats Forever, or Bruce, or Bliss Desires, because each one of us is different and brings Her different feelings and gifts to lay at Her gorgeous feet.

So who might qualify as a “Goddess” to some……might not to another.

This is fine of course, To each their own.

But to me anyway, once I found Her……..once I surrendered to my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn…….my over riding need and mission is *To Please my True Goddess*.  

And the better I get to know Her, the more enslaved I become, the more I love Her, the more I care about Her and the more I *need* to please Her.


It is what is done by a slave for his or her True Goddess………..pure and simple.


I like making people happy……it is in my nature to do this……but for my special two……..when I make my son or my Goddess happy……..this to me is the Ultimate.

I am not a jealous person really……but I am human and I feel just a tiny bit of jealousy to be perfectly honest that I can not do some real housework or some such for Her even if just once in a great while. To just fetch Her something or feed Her from my knees or massage Her lovingly or to brush Her lovely hair is like the most fantastic dream I have in me.

Feelings for Goddess Haylee

Yearning always to please my Goddess.

But even my most fantastic dreams of Goddess Attendance for Her in person have to take a back seat now to my duty. You see…….I belong to a True Goddess…….and She is Blessing me by training me that nothing is more important than my Sacred Duty *TO PLEASE MY TRUE GODDESS*.…..and always and in ALL WAYS.

So……if it pleases Her that I serve Her from afar…….then I bow reverently and obediently and say “Yes my Queen” and I mean it.


If She wants me to write for Her I bow to my Her and I say “Yes my Goddess” and the joy of pleasing Her comes into me as I blog.

Whatever my Goddess Haylee Lynn wants She will get from me and this is a true statement because there could never be a greater pleasure for me personally than to please Her whom I bow to and serve.


She is “The Woman” of my dreams…..the most gorgeous and seductive and irresistible yes……but also the most interesting, intelligent, fascinating, worthy, and altogether lovable Woman I have ever met in my life.

TO PLEASE MY TRUE GODDESS has quite honestly become my Ultimate Pleasure in life. No brainwashing required. 🙂

All that was required for me personally…….was to find Her and to remember whom I was born to serve as I have done in lifetimes past.

I am Her perfect and very real devoted personal slave,    Claude

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