Thinking for Me

Thinking for Me “It is so easy to let my Mistress Haylee think for me,” is one of the lines from Commit to Submit. Of course that is not he only place where Goddess Haylee speaks of thinking for me. In the introduction to Thoughts Washed Away she speaks of the “pleasures of letting another person think for you.” And it is so easy and so pleasurable. At some point … Continue reading

Many Thanks toGoddess Haylee

Many Thanks to Goddess Haylee Many thanks to Goddess Haylee! Tradition holds in the US that tomorrow we reflect on those things we are most thankful for. i am thankful for You each and every day, but i will take this opportunity to express publicly my feelings to You. From the first moment that You washed away my thoughts i felt a unique energy from You, i sensed a deep … Continue reading

What it means to put your Goddess’ pleasure first

good boy My own peculiar Universe

What it means to put your Goddess’ pleasure first What does it mean to put HER pleasure first? The first thing you have to do is to find out more about HER. You need to know the sorts of things which make HER happy before you can give them to HER. To my mind, i concentrate on putting HER first. i find that capitalising and pronoun relating to HER is … Continue reading

Pleasing Goddess Haylee


Pleasing Goddess Haylee I spend a considerable collection of time each day thinking about pleasing Goddess Haylee. I am not always perfect in my actions, but perfection in my mind, for a slave is the infinite goal. Being the best I can be is the tangible measurement as I strive towards perfection. My relationship with Goddess Haylee is virtual. Physically I live just about as far away from Her as … Continue reading

The Path – Meditation Bliss – Part 2

Sacred words of Goddess Haylee.

The Path – Meditation Bliss – Part 2 This is part two of a fictional story dedicated to Goddess Haylee Lynn. If you haven’t already, please read part 1 first. As commanded he rose to his feet and followed Goddess Haylee up the stone steps, instinctively remaining several steps behind Her. He did not need to think about walking, he only obeyed, floating in his pace, following his Goddess. He … Continue reading

The Scent of Bliss

For as long as I can remember I have been deeply influenced by scent. A beautiful perfume that captures my attention of the aroma of incense and scented candles which cause my mind to drift to magical places. I do especially love candles. The scent of bliss. It was a wonderful surprise for me to learn that Goddess Haylee also has a love for candles. I saw and purchased some … Continue reading

Serving a Goddess

City of Haylee Lynn

Serving a Goddess, specifically serving Goddess Haylee can be one of the most personal and satisfying experiences acts one may perform. It is the path to Her bliss and can fill one with a sense of purpose. Today I had three different topics I thought to write about. I chose to write about this one of the three because for me it felt the most inspiring. In some regards each … Continue reading

Happiness in Service to Goddess Haylee

FemDom Fetish

I have been thinking a lot about my service to Goddess Haylee. I have though of and tried a few different things to spread the word of Her bliss. However I had this nagging feeling that I wasn’t stretching my creativity. There is a sense that I have, which tells me that the burden is on me, I should not have to rely on Her to direct me in everything … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee’s Bliss

I crave her bliss, Goddess Haylee’s bliss. I don’t fully understand what the bliss is, but I do know that I need it. I know this because it comes from Goddess Haylee. My nose is pressed up against the glass, gazing through and want so badly to be inside. I dream and fantasize about her bliss. I think about her brainwashing me, scattering the small pieces of my mind and … Continue reading