I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel. She doesn’t wear any wings. She wears a heart that can melt my own. She wears a smile that can make me sink. She gives me presents with her presence alone. She is everything I could wish for. I give kisses to her lovely feet from my knees, a place where I am at home. I marvel and blush when she calls me her own.

Is this real life?
She is my Goddess Haylee Lynn. She is so busy changing the world, and just one smile changes all of mine. She’s got a way of touching my heart like nobody else knows. She’s a divine Goddess from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She’s everything I want and everything I need. She’s every single love song and in every book I read. Every minute we share together is a minute I’ll always hold tight. She’s my Goddess, like an guiding angel in the morning, afternoon, and night.

Goddess Haylee changed my lifeTo me she is perfect, and I am lucky to be a pet that’s close. She’s quick to give an attitude adjustment right when I need it the most. She’s that light in the sky that is shinning brighter than the rest. Goddess Haylee’s that one ounce of encouragement I need to do my very best.

More than just following ordersShe’s the candle’s flicker in a room otherwise dark. She’s lit my soul on fire for her from the very start. She’s the one I feel at peace with when I sing a song. She’s the one who captivates me with all her witty charm.

Happy Early Thanksgiving Goddess HayleeShe’s the most expensive, most precious, priceless work of art. She’s the one, I swear, I’ll serve, need, and entertain until death do we part. Like sweet honey suckle her name rolls from my lips, and each time it causes a swivel in my hips. She’s absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, my Goddess, a angel from above. Goddess Haylee‘s the reason I write this poem to try and express my love.

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Acrostic Poem for Haylee

Acrostic Poem for Haylee

Acrostic Poem for Haylee

Acrostic Poem for Haylee

Hi Dear Reader? I guess you probably know what an acrostic poem is? It is a poem where a message is spelt out by the first letter of each line. Now I am not very good at this, but here is my example,-

I am yours, I think of you night and day.


Longing to hear what you have to say.

Order, commands or just a simple suggestion.

Very soon you have me moving in the right direction.

Every slave has to do his or her part.


Haylee I love you from the bottom of my heart.

You had me hypnotized right from the start.

People turn to you, for your gentle guidance.

Now I am yours, I offer no resistance.

Opening up my eyes to your lovely bliss.

Till now I never had felt like this.

I will obey you, I am under your wonderful spell.

Command me and I’d do it ever so well.


Haylee I am yours, more and more each day

As I fall deeper under your sway

You are the path, there is no other way

Loving every word that you have to say

Each and every night to you, I will always pray

Every little act of worship makes me want to stay!


Sorry it is not very good really. So here’s the challenge. Make your own acrostic poem for Haylee. Post it as a comment, or if you enjoy blogging rights, post it as a blog on here – remembering of course that a blog needs to have a minimum of 300 words. It can be devotional, like my poem attempts to be, or you can tell a story or whatever you want. It doesn’t have to rhyme like mine does. Let your creative juices flow, to please Hypnotic Haylee! Enjoy!

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