Man with no prayer Pt1

no prayer

Man with no prayer Pt1. Pondering his life, a man named Maddox had grown curious about his future as many people sometimes do. So one day Maddox decided to visit a psychic. It was a small run down building with eerie large trees out front. The branches all appeared dried, broken, and dead. From the looks of this place the tenant must spend a lot of their time dealing with … Continue reading

The Point of Prayer.

The point of prayer.

The Point of Prayer. Disclaimer: These are my views and my views alone. They may, or may not, be shared by my Goddess, Haylee Lynn. One of the wonderful things about falling under the wonderful spell of Goddess Haylee Lynn is meeting her other slaves/ clients/ followers. There is a secret forum which only her closest followers have access to. I am privileged to me a member. One of my brothers in … Continue reading

Prayer to Goddess Haylee Lynn

A Spiritual Journey .

Prayer to Goddess Haylee Lynn This prayer will follow the pattern i was taught by a Christian friend, and will include ACTS – Acknowledge of HER divinity, Confessions of my failings Thanksgiving Supplications my Dear Goddess Haylee Lynn i am on my knees before YOU i do not come before YOU, seeking YOUR help, trusting in my own strengths and abilities, but in YOU and YOUR your manifold and great mercies. i am not … Continue reading

Sometimes praying to Goddess Haylee Lynn works!

Queen Haylee Lynn.

Sometimes praying to Goddess Haylee Lynn works! It has been well documented that people of all faiths pray more under stressful times. Attendance of churches, mosques and synagogues all rise during times of war for instance. So it is with me too. Yesterday I was in a stressful situation and I prayed to Goddess Haylee, and my prayers were answered. Let me explain! Regular readers of my blogs will know … Continue reading

I say a little prayer to YOU

I say a little prayer to YOU The moment I wake up Before I even get up I say a little prayer to YOU While combing my hair, now And wondering what suit to wear now I say a little prayer to YOU Forever, forever, YOU’ll stay in my heart And I will love YOU Forever and ever, we never will part Oh, how I’ll love YOU Together, together, that’s … Continue reading