Tommy’s story

Tommy’s story

Tommy’s story is A work of fiction.

Tommy nibbled his marmalade toast thoughtfully. “How am I ever going to stay in contact?” he thought. He had been a follower of Haylee Lynn for years now. His wife was a secretary, who work 9am to 5pm. He worked shifts in the local factory, and he would watch Haylee Lynn’s YouTube videos, listen to her MP3s and generally worship and adore his Goddess Haylee Lynn, when his wife was at work. How on earth was he going to do that now that his wife was retired?

Tommy's story.

How on earth was he going to maintain contact with his beloved Goddess, Haylee Lynn, now that his wife was retired?

“A penny for your thoughts dear”, said his wife. “Gosh you are pensive on the first day of my retirement. Do you wish I was still at work Tommy?”

“No of course not.”

“Well you don’t seem very pleased to see me.”


“Maybe you would like me to go for a walk, so you can spend some time with Haylee.”

What??? Tommy was stunned. So she knew all abut his love for Haylee. And she said nothing? Why? Didn’t she mind? What was he meant to say or do? Deny it? Apologise? For once in his life, Tommy had no idea what to do.

“So you know?” Tommy eventually managed to say.

“Of course I know. I’ve known all along.”

“But how?”

“Oh Tommy, we have been married for years. I know you better than you know yourself. You can’t keep anything secret from me. Computers have memories. You talk in your sleep.”

“And you don’t mind?”

His wife stroked her chin thoughtfully before replying. “If I were completely honest, I’d say yes, there is part of me which wants you all to myself. But also, I love you Tommy. I want you to be happy. Haylee obviously makes you happy. Besides, there have been benefits for me.”

“Such as?”

“Well for instance, who do you think bought you “She cums first?”

“That was a gift from Haylee.”

“That’s what Haylee and me both wanted you to think. I paid for it. You should know that Haylee never gives anything away, unless it is a reward for services rendered.”

Tommy was dumbfounded again. The idea that his wife had actually been communicating with his Goddess behind his back stunned him.

His wife continued. “To say nothing of the the phone sessions.

“The phone sessions?” repeated Tommy.

“Yes, I paid for those as well.”

“But why?”

“Well just think about about what she does to you in them?”

“Well she hypnotizes me.”

“And then what?”

“She makes me more submissive to her, makes me love, worship and serve her.”

“Yes, and?”

Tommy thought hard, but eventually the penny dropped and he answered.

“And she makes me more obedient and submissive to you too!”

“You got it at last buster!”

Tommy smiled at his wife. “I suppose I should thank you really.”

“Yes you should. And there is one thing I want my little hunny-bunch to give me, in return for all I’ve done for you. Come on sweetie.”

She stood at the kitchen door, beckoning him with her index finger. He had learned to love it when she took the lead like this. He put his piece of toast down and obediently followed her up the stairs.

“And don’t forget Tommy, I come first”, she said, as she led him to their bedroom.

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