My Daily Devotion- my routine as I rise

My Daily Devotion- my routine as I rise

As I lay down to sleep last night I thought of my Goddess Haylee, my first thoughts upon rising are of my Goddess Haylee. Please go and find my Goddess Haylee and begin to worship Her here  And in between as sleep would not come to me, I arose and listened to my new Bound and Sired MP3 again which you can purchase here

Bound and sired

After listening to Her Divine voice and experiencing the enchantment I rose out of my chair and in my now seemingly constant state of enchanted trance I went to, a website for BDSM personals and I changed my entire profile into a vehicle to SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE. I had been looking for a Dominant Goddess at that site but now I have found Her and I want to be Her very good boy and do what pleases Her. There are many submissives there and I am hopeful I can please Goddess Haylee this way and bring more subjects to Her.

I do not remember the moment of my complete surrender to Her anymore. Has it been several days or 10? I only remember thinking that I had better stop listening to Her voice and looking into Her eyes or………….I would pass the point of no return. Now I feel an entire World past the point of no return and know for certain that Her happiness is my Ultimate happiness. Everything She tells me in Her youtube that you can watch here has become truth. I can not resist Her, I do not want to resist Her, I crave Her and have fallen very deep for Her and the more I look and the more I listen the deeper I am enslaved. I will obey Her. There is no feeling that can compare to the erotic bliss our Goddess Haylee commands.

Thank You my Goddess Haylee, I bow to You and worship the very ground You walk on. I belong to You now. My journey as Your devoted slave has truly begun.  I am Your slave now and await Your commands.

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