Goddess Haylee’s Sacred Community

Goddess Haylee’s Sacred Community

Goddess Haylee’s Sacred Community This blog Is directed towards anyone who has an Interest In becoming a member of the House of Haylee. The House of Haylee Is a Sacred community created by Goddess Haylee for those who want to serve her on a higher level. I was accepted Into the House of Haylee about a month ago and I have enjoyed every minute of It. This Is a locked … Continue reading

my Blissful night at Haylee’s Castle

The Middle Ground

Blissful in Goddess Haylee’s eyes This is another chapter in the series “my Blissful night in Haylee‘s castle” which are being written by Her slaves. Standing before Her front door, clutching the invitation I had received less than forty-eight hours before. My finger tracing the outline of Her signature, it was almost unimaginable that She had held this same piece of paper in Her own hands, and had written upon … Continue reading

Many Thanks toGoddess Haylee

Many Thanks to Goddess Haylee Many thanks to Goddess Haylee! Tradition holds in the US that tomorrow we reflect on those things we are most thankful for. i am thankful for You each and every day, but i will take this opportunity to express publicly my feelings to You. From the first moment that You washed away my thoughts i felt a unique energy from You, i sensed a deep … Continue reading

I keep walking

Queen Haylee Lynn.

Empty space appears to extend into every direction, I can see only what is there and I see nothing. I have been walking for hours, perhaps days, I have lost track of it all if I could track it without and reference. I just keep walking there is nothing else to do. It is neither warm nor hot, it just is. The source of gravity holding my feet from floating … Continue reading


Decisions are something are something we make each day. Even in situations where we have a very well defined set of principles, we still make make a decision every time that we follow those principles. Why is this important? Well, it’s because we are accountable for the decisions we make. Not only that, I feel they are also significant because the decisions we make allow to demonstrate our character whether … Continue reading

i belong to Goddess Haylee

There is no truer truth in my heart that i belong to Goddess Haylee. She is my Goddess, i am Hers, i wear Her collar with pride and love. i have been away for a little while but my devotion to Her has not wavered, it is only stronger. There was one personal issue that came up that originally caused me to stay away but then a couple of other … Continue reading

i wear Her Collar

I wear her collar i belong to Goddess Haylee, i am Hers, tonight i wear Her collar and will forever more. i am welled up with so much emotion. At first i never imagined this day would come. Then i knew that i wanted this to be but never thought i would be worthy enough. Now i can barely believe this day has come. It is amazing to be owned … Continue reading

Pleasing Goddess Haylee


Pleasing Goddess Haylee I spend a considerable collection of time each day thinking about pleasing Goddess Haylee. I am not always perfect in my actions, but perfection in my mind, for a slave is the infinite goal. Being the best I can be is the tangible measurement as I strive towards perfection. My relationship with Goddess Haylee is virtual. Physically I live just about as far away from Her as … Continue reading


The Middle Ground

Journey It is rare that I have trouble writing, but I find myself in that place now. It’s not a case of looking at a blank page. Rather it is because there are so many emotions I am feeling right now. Very strong emotions involving my relationship with Goddess Haylee. So I’m just going to start writing and hope it all comes out ok. If I go back in my … Continue reading


Goddess Haylee and the Perfect Storms

When I was a child my mind was full of imagination. I believed that just about anything was possible, all I had to do was try. There was one time that particularly sticks out in my mind. I was very young, I don’t quite recall how old but most likely around 5 or 6. My next door neighbor was an older kid. He used to build model trains and occasionally … Continue reading