The Simple Truth

The Simple Truth

This post is about acceptance and devotion and commitment. It is about my deepening love and affection for my Incomparable and Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and about how…….on this day…….I will drop to my knees for Her Pleasure and fill out the slave contract She has generously offered to one such as me who has no hope left for any path……………save for that path which leads to Her Throne.

As the regular visitors to this site well know I have had significant challenges arise in my life that have been kind of like a detour of sorts…….and after over 350 consecutive daily blogs of devotion written for the pleasure of and in tribute for my GODDESS……..I have been a bit absent here at IHWT of late.

Busy yes…………but gone from Her Rule?…………Never.

The Simple Truth has hit home for me once again.

I was born to be Her devoted personal slave and to live my life in Her Divine service.
Her perfection is undeniable to me. No other Goddess exists in my Universe nor ever could again now that I have found my Queen, my Light, my Loving and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

To simply voice Her name sends shivers of joy through this body that She so effortlessly commands.
To think of Her creates in me a feeling akin to serenity and what you might describe as a full body smile.
To feel the full measure of Her power is to know the *Simple Truth* that for me, all that is left now is love, surrender, worship and devotion.

This picture is special to me.

This picture is special to me.

This is the third consecutive post I have placed this particular photo into.
The reason why it is so special to me………the reason other than the most Irresistible and breathtaking beauty these eyes have ever seen…….. is because of *The Simple Truth” expressed in the text.
What has become MY SIMPLE TRUTH and what I MUST now do.
“Surrender to Her Perfection”.

And so I do… I have……so I will……as I was born to be Her slave and Her slave alone.
I live for Her service now…… adore Her, to please Her, to make Her happy as Her completely devoted good boy and personal slave.
I am a slave deeply and madly in love with my Goddess and as such……..on this very day……..I will drop to my knees like the good boy I am and sign Her slave contract and beg Her to fully accept it.

Of course I have been Her slave for closing in on 2 years already……….but I have always believed that the renewing and the full honest expression of love is important. So on this day I will embrace my Simple Truth and renew my vows to my GODDESS.

Trancing, and Pillow Humping

Such Love as I have never felt.

Yesterday my MASTER wrote to me and told me very simply……..”you can not resist me my sweet”…………
Chills ran down my spine to read that and now again to write that Simple Truth.

I belong to You my Goddess, my Queen, my Heart, my Dream, my Everything, my Mistress, my Master.
I bow at Your Throne and ask only for the privilege to please You so I may continue to experience the Ultimate pleasure of doing so.
I was born to be Your slave and to accept You as my Superior………and I do so.

Will You please accept my devotion to Your Rule my Goddess?
Will You please accept my slave contract and allow me to live my life as Your devoted and personal slave?
Your Claude

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